FBI arrests white supremacist (Holla Forums associated) of terror attack on Amtrak train in rural Nebraska

Source: journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/nebraska/fbi-accuses-white-supremacist-of-terror-attack-on-amtrak-train/article_82f0860e-3c75-5a66-ab0c-a2e3a3c16aab.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

The aut right and al qaeda are meeting their success rate of, trying and failing

an endless parade of winners from Holla Forums and /r9k/

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Shia LeBeof?

What an alpha young man.


Anyone know how credible this is?



It's a local news story as of now



It's Holla Forums. Why would it not be.

That explains the lack of other articles as of now, cheers.

Holla Forums just keeps losing & losing. Sad.

God dammit OP don't bait me with something as juicy as that

I read another article where it said he did, w/e

it's all bullshit.
I refuse to believe that amtrak actually goes through nebraska




Apparently, they do.

Post that link please

my high ass

Amtrak needs an overhaul. Such a shit tier transportation system for the U.S.

Amtrak is fine for what it was designed to be: a way to preserve rail service for rural Republican communities. If they want better they'll vote for it.

At any rate the parts of Amtrak that could actually stand to become actual transit are slowly being converted into that; Amtrak is in a decades-long NEC overhaul and are slowly cobbling together a Southeastern Corridor through four diffferent southern state DOTs. Meanwhile California is building their own train via Prop 1A, even though it'll take ten more years.

lmao everyone hates alberta

Canada has VIA which is like Amtrak but slightly better.

I am so angry. We have to stop this. I feel more sympathy toward trains than I have ever felt toward any human being.


Getting into fedora territory there.

Fucking Looney Tunes.

Remember how Holla Forums tried to pin the December 18th Washington train derailment on Antifa sabotage when the damned thing actually went off its rails due to unsafe speeds?
I remember.

They talk the talk, yet they keep finding themselves having walked the walk, too, despite their continuous verbal projecting.

Verbal? What an odd choice by myself. "Literary'"', "textual", "typed" or "written"'' would've fit more accurately.
It's not often you find them speaking about things with an actual human voice, now do you?

…is that real?

>_ also stated while WILSON was subdued he (WILSON) continually goaded _ and other staff members by telling them, “I’m the conductor, bitch” while exhibiting what _ referred to as drastic mood swings.
He a gud boy. He jus wanted to be a conductor n shit.

Yeah the guy was clearly crazy from reading that.

I remember too, funny how it all comes full circle sometimes.

He just wanted to Choo Choo ;_;

fuck off m8

I know, I'm being that person. But if anyone but a white supremacist did this, if a radicalized Muslim did this, we wouldn't hear the end of it.

But the tactics of these two groups and their goals seem to be nearly fucking identical

Yeah, fucking attempting to derail a train with explosives and shooting anyone who survived, especially the "black shitskins", sure is pure ideology to charge someone for doing that!

The only thing keeping these people from actually acting out their plans is their vast capability of stupidity and over sight, be it the failed subway bombing in New York, or this dipshit

My, oh my. Momentary insanity doesn't seem to make the cut as defense in this case, looks like he's been a bad, bad boy for some while.

Sorry. I was just wondering my own odd choice of language aloud as it surprised me on hindsight.

It's almost like media and online communities are specifically tailored to reactionary retards.

That's impossible. I could never believe that!

How else do you link the East and West coast together.

No shit. You have to ship in large amounts of fertilizer to rural areas, and large amount of grain out of them. The most efficient way to do that is with trains.

Obviously, when radical muslims commit terrorism they actually succeed.

lol someone tried identical shit in a New York subway and it ended up the same way


It's been a whole lot of nothing.


wew you got me xd

Why am I not hearing about this?