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Global Warming Is Starving the World's Reefs Faster Than Ever

The risks to coral reefs are accelerating largely due to human activity, with rising water temperatures meaning they now have about 80 percent less recovery time between bleaching episodes than just three decades ago, according to a report in the journal Science.

Trump Seeks to Open Most U.S. Coastal Waters to New Drilling

The Trump administration is proposing to open almost all U.S. coastal waters to oil drilling, including those off California and Florida where activists have fought for decades to spare delicate ecosystems from oil spills.

Blizzard Triggers a 60-Fold Surge in Prices for U.S. Natural Gas

Natural gas surged to 60 times the going rate as howling blizzard conditions stoked demand for the furnace fuel across the U.S. Northeast.

U.S. Sanctions Five Iranian Entities, Signals More Measures

The U.S sanctioned five Iranian entities for their work on the nation’s ballistic missile program and signaled that more punitive measures lay ahead in response to the Islamic Republic’s suppression of anti-government protests.

Russia, Turkey Warn US, 'External Parties' Against Interfering in Iran's 'Domestic Affairs'

Many countries in Europe have come out against the U.S., Israel Saudi Arabia’s aggressive support for the violent opposition protests in Iran.

Iran arrests European citizen ‘leading rioters’ – report

An unidentified European citizen has been arrested amid anti-government protests in western Iran’s Borujerd county, Tasnim news agency reports citing a local official. Head of the local Justice Department Hamidreza Abolhassani asserted that the person was “trained by European intelligence services and was leading the rioters.” The nationality of the arrested individual has not yet been disclosed.

Sessions Ending Obama-Era Policy That Ushered In Legal Weed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding an Obama-era policy that helped states legalize recreational marijuana, throwing a wet blanket on the fledgling industry during what should have been a celebratory week.

Emmanuel Macron: French president announces 'fake news' law

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans for a new law to combat so-called fake news.

Poverty In Latin America On The Rise After a Decade of Decline

There was a decade of decline before poverty rose in 2015 and 2016.

Trump Bannon row: Lawyers seek to halt book's release

Lawyers for US President Donald Trump are seeking to stop the release of a book containing damaging allegations about his administration.

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Trump dissolves voter fraud commission claiming states did not play nice

US President Donald Trump has decided to dissolve the voter fraud commission, months after calling for the investigation based on his unfounded claims of illegal voting in the 2016 election.

Trump Steps Up Efforts to Check China Influence in Latin America

The Trump administration is pushing back against China’s efforts to boost its economic ties with Latin America, as the rivalry intensifies between the world’s two largest economies.

White House Bans Staff From Using Personal Mobile Phones at Work

The White House is banning its employees from using personal mobile phones while at work in the West Wing, despite concerns among some staffers that they’ll be cut off from children and other relatives trying to reach them.

Pennsylvania man 'mistakenly arrested and injected with drugs'

A man who was arrested and allegedly injected with drugs used to treat anxiety disorders in a case of mistaken identity has launched a lawsuit.

Thank you NewsAnon, have a Ritsu

The link is wrong, it's the same as "Trump Bannon row: Lawyers seek to halt book's release"


Tense New England Police Encounter Confirms National Police ID Database

An example of how police are heavy-handed even in affluent, low-crime areas.

The Duality of the Southern Thing

The Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones race for Senate was the perfect embodiment of the two sides of Alabama.

UBI, work and unions


Too Terrified to Enter an Arena of Ideas? The Debate Over Cornel West's Critique of Ta-Nehisi Coates

When the history of resistance to oppression is written, it will be replete with the names of people who, at great personal cost, resolved to tell the truth.

Meanwhile the MAGA-pedes at /the_donald/ are calling the Iranians "shitskins" and "mudslimes", and either supporting the protests, or a full-fledged invasion.
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Also we seriously need to start geo-engineering. Otherwise it's only going to get worse from hereon.

Hooboy how long until anti-imperialist sentiment is literally illegal in Frogland?

I guess that wasn't real socialism

oops, I just requested one of the mods to change it.
here's the correct source.

Pic related. One of the thread highlights.
Remember: If you support the ziocons, the "jews" lose.
t. pol

Even with geoengineering shit isn't going to get better unless we cut fossil fuel emissions. Fossil fuels cause way too many problems for so many different reasons.

Isnt macron hated?

Yes, the drop in public approval ratings under his presidency is unprecedented

I demand sauce on the pic

Yes, 1968 will commence against under Macron, I know it.

During the next election, you think melenchon or some other leftist will get into power really easily?



I mean I would heavily prefer a revolution, but im just asking out of curiosity

did you just get a new phone user or is that how you save your images?

inb4 "but it's not REAL foreign involvement!"
If only this applied to Dolando Turumpe.





EH my knowledge of French politics is above par, but not superb: but I think it's certainly possible. One major stumbling block is reconciliation between La France Insoumise and the PCF: Melenchon during the legislatives demanded the PCF submit to FI in order to stave off challengers or use his face (he was rather popular in the presidential so having his face on PCF candidates would help him). The main thing FI victory relies on is the collapse of FN coming through: while the party is tear apart at the seems between its post-fash northern branch and its national populist southern branch, it is still not quite yet broken. There is also a possibility of Les Republicans coming back with a "Macron is socialism, let us deal with this." However, a LR return might not be that damaging: it is quite possible both will dick over Le Republique En Marche (Macron's Party) . Regardless this is for 2022, we have a lot of time until then: for example a Corbyn victory compelling the Red Left all over Europe.

That's how Samsung phones save them…

From what I read (admittedly on Twitter, but still), this was just a ploy to get voter info for voter caging efforts
Voter caging is where an entity sends direct mail to voters (typically voters in an opposing or unfriendly group), compiles a list of letters returned to sender and then uses that list to strike those people from the voter rolls. Repubs often provide these lists to poll watchers to try and prevent people on these lists from voting. Once the states tied it up in the courts, where was no point in continuing the commission which had no mandate except to collect voter info and provide it to the federal government

I know that a lot of people here dislike elections as reformist/bourgeois, but the fact that reactionaries pour so much effort into trying to rig the system shows that there's value in at least forcing them to discard any pretense of preventing voter fraud or caring for the voting rights of citizens.

That is an intense new round of extreme simon says. Guess I'll have to add that to the mental checklist of what to expect when the pigs decide to start a game up with me.


Let's not forget this fake news scare started with our good friends, the American media. High overlap with the people who cried for Silicon Valley to "moderate speech" on their platforms.