Are you a proud Cultural Marxist Chad or Orthodox Marxist Virgincuck?

Are you a proud Cultural Marxist Chad or Orthodox Marxist Virgincuck?

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

No thanks, I'm not a revisionist liberal pos

Hillary sure is my comrade, and should be yours too if you call yourself a leftist, privileged white cis hetero male



no, it's only you

all marxists are ☭TANKIE☭s

lol no

No you're just a faggot who deserves anal rape

The chad's points aren't even postmodern/poststructuralist, they're just normie liberal stuff, but I suppose that's the joke?

typical ☭TANKIE☭ trying to take away my anal freedoms

Jordan Peterson makes memes now?

Human Rights are a social construct

pretty sure that meme is trying to be ironic and mock conservatives

Pretty sure the virgin is going to live a chaste life and Chad will die of AIDS

Thank Marx someone here is using xis brain. I though I was the only sane postmodernist here.

This is like the new version of "the nerds end up being bullies boss in the end". Nah my man bullies and chads succeed and you stay a sad loser.

Both of these stereotypes need to die, but I'd prefer to hang with Chad here I think.

It’s a reference to Foucault my dude, who most definitely did die of aids. [spoiker]I know Foucault wasn’t a Marxist but I didn’t make the joke[/spoiler]

Nerds who succeed are usually the cruelest bosses…

unless we rape your means of production

Cultural Marxism is far-right propaganda. It doesn't exist.

More like your food supply doesn't exist lmao


Preferably swinging from a rope