What country in the 1st world has the largest chance of revolution

i know its looking bleak atm, but with the coming economic crisis i think class consciousness could spread.

And charts like this (theatlas.com/charts/B1OSMoxkb), and videos like this (youtube.com/watch?v=CoxsDkB-rWU&t=) give me hope for thee future.

Also in my country (Denmark) the most left party (The Unity List), has seen steady increase in support ever since it was founded.

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Im not really sure. France would probably be my first guess. The brits might if the whole 'corbyn hiding his powerlevel' meme is true.
Then again,The US might if there is an economic depression or maybe an extremely unpopular war.

Greece maybe. The problem is, the more revolution becomes likely in the 1st world, the more it resembles the 3rd world anyway (increased poverty, joblessness, etc).

Greece, definitely Greece.
Poland too, but that is if you count Poland as 1st world and if you count fascist revolutions as revolutions.


I'm pretty sure any armed conflict within poland will just wipe out the entire popluation.But hey, wastelands are cool!

I'd say France, Britain or Greece. Although Portugal could possibly be the one too. Maybe. But this shit is pretty hard to predict.

I thought Greece had a growing far-right movement going on?!

Revolutions occur almost universally out of desperation. Anywhere where the 1st world is losing ground there is potential. Anywhere with a culture and history deeply rooted in the USSR or in enlightenment values also have a more significant chance.

I think lots of places are incorrectly ruled out because of leftists failure to adapt rhetoric to the situation, preferring to recite old phrases and words which have now completely lost their meaning than reflecting off the culture of the people. Also a failure to adapt policies. For example if you wanted a revolution in burgerland, despite being in decline for decades if you framed your discussion in terms of class struggle, communism, socialism, nationalizing the means of production, establishing a worker state, etc. you're going to fail.

Your propositions have to be along the lines of things which burgers are comfortable with, for example saying something like you're reducing taxes by having local ownership of natural monopolies, or establishing independent self sufficient organizations to help reduce cost of living, like a non-profit healthcare provider, or a credit union, or a housing cooperative, at a local level. Even something like a citywide job grantee has historic presidents in burgerland. In burgerland this has to be constantly balanced with increased liberty of the people if you want any chance of not being red baited.

Out of countries in your chart, I'm going to say Czech Republic. Simply because It is not a first world country


I think britain, shit seems like it is on the edge here: a push will set this whole country off like a firework.

Also Corbyn isn't hiding his powerlevel, his Chancellor is a Marxist.

If britiain goes socialist or syndie and legalizes marijuana, I'm fucking moving there instantly

This is actually the upside of being from burgerland, since it was literally founded by the first 18th century enlightenment revolution there is a sense of progressive history that even conservatives must play to. America might be the most liberal country in the world imo but then again it seems like Germany has been giving us a real run for our money lately.

It will be fail, just like may 68 in France.

Actually I would like to revise my statement: It will be the UK or France, the UK if there is significant price inflation for any reason, France if Macron cracks down on the unions any harder.

I think one of the Southern European countries. Spain, Italy and Greece have all long traditions of strong leftist movements and outright revolutions, considering the constant drain of the EU on them and the general apathetic nature capitalist is assuming in Europe I think there is a good chance of something happening there.

Just checked OP's links and they actually confirm what I said. First time I feel better by reading links after posting my opinion.

Speaking of Italy;
TL;DR: The two communist legacy parties of the old PCI, a decently sized trade union party and various duel state structures have organised into a party and are getting training from momentum: the group with arguably the best praxis in the west atm.


Capitalism will collapse, it's a matter of when not if. The hegemony will expire soon and the reality of the crushing debt most Americans have and stagnant economy while the rich get richer will be felt materially soon enough. We are one major collapse away from it all breaking down. Once the brainwashed boomers die off and they gut the SS/Medicare, the youth will rise up. Young people already are majority anti-capitalist, it's going to crumble.

Greece if you count Greece as ever really being first world. Of the big names though, US, UK, Germany, France, etc only the UK seems to come up with a semi feasible left populism, and living here, everybody by now knows its going to shit. We have not one but 5 constitutional crisis going on, Northern Irish/Welsh/Scottish/English/British, this directly after not properly recovering from one of the largest recessions ever and smashing all the public services, the true cost of which we are now really beginning to get the full brunt of with spiralling violent crime and homelessness and so on. I'm Scottish so its much more left up here so my outlook is different, but in London as well, the average person is struggling and pissed and its worse than it was even 2 or 3 years ago, shit just keeps getting more expensive and the minimal wage increases simply don't cover the inflation, all the services getting shitter, etc you could talk about almost any facet of our society and its fucked and getting worse, healthcare, mental health in particular is whack, no youth jail in the country is deemed safe even by Tory standards.

Oh interesting. I have someone that I can vote for in the coming assrap-I mean elections.

Hvilken planet bor du på, makker?

This tbh, I am from prime toryshire, live in Manchester: things are on edge. I come back to my home town and a lot of shops are closing down. Up north, things are getting bad, it feels like Russia in 1915 (ofc it isn't THAT bad, I mean comparatively), things have started to go to shit, but they aren't severe yet, but they will get bad soo. One inflation shock is all it will take for things to get really bad, I just hope we don't come out the other side in fascism, a junta or worse.


I think the US is more in danger of a fascist revolution tbh. Too many preppers and gun nuts and racists who'll gladly comply. UK is more likely to go left in the event of a collapse.

I actually can't tell if that's a "i don't care" thing or not considering Greenland has presumably not been at the stage where the police are completely militarized like say in the US. Also

On that note: Is Greenlandic independence actually viable? If so, would it still be cucked to the US or nah?

Anywhere austerity is pushing people to the brink.

I'm pretty sure Greenlandic independence is possible, but probably not any time soon. Most people in Denmark that I've met online don't want to get rid of the thing that makes them big on the grounds of either "most of our landmass comes from here" (nationalists) or "the country needs to become self efficient first" (social democrats). There's also the random people who want Greenland to become a protectorate of sorts which is free but part of that dumb economic Nordic union of social democracy circle jerking

Maybe Ukraine

That's classified as second world user. Everything that was in the Soviet Union is Second world.

Poland too?


In your opinion, would it make things better? I mean I just to support ScotsNat because I thought only an independent Scotland could be socialist: now it seems the whole UK is waking up so things may go that way.

Yeah wont that be just fun.

No one said it was going to be fun: you think I want the very fabric of my country collapsing around me? It is happening whether we like it or not. The words of Rosa ring true once more: we have a choice between socialism or barbarism.

Yes even Poland. With the exception of Eastern Germany (since it got absorbed by west Germany) everything that was part of Eastern Bloc is second world, with some exceptions to this rule being Cuba, Vietnam, China, North Korea, and a rogue state in Africa. Basically everyone that directly opposed the US during the Cold War was second world, countries that directly allied with the US being first, and countries that dealed with both the US and USSR (or China) or neither were classified as Third World. Colonies of allied US countries also were classified as first world till they broke away at which point they could be considered first or second world.
Because of this weird conundrum, countries like Chile were upgraded to Second world status when figures like Allende got elected then upgraded to first world then demoted back down to third.
When the Soviet Union dissolved the changing of a countries status basically stopped so countries like Greece and Greenland are first world while countries like Chile are third world. Of course as a country joins NATO it will eventually get reclassified as first world once its "developed enough"

Greece isn’t first world though.

But what I shall do? I live in Ukraine and things already totally crap without any new crisis. what will happen when new crisis began even God didn't know. :

That's every single war that's lasted more than a year since Vietnam. The U.S. is too classcucked and Liberal to even consider revolution.
t. Burger

The thing is that crisis is coming, whether you like it or not…
Honestly user I've read into the Ukrainian left and I have no idea what to say, the fact UIA dogs get treated like heroes all while the US pours money into you and Putin tries to lop parts is really fucked and there is not really any great solution.
Also, what are the KPU like?

The US will have good material conditions for revolution in the future however there is one big problem you’re forgetting. The US military. The US military is highly corrupt, especially the higher ups. If the US military were to collapse I could easily see American Generals leading a military junta and becoming an imperialist puppet to either China or the EU.

What the actual fuck…

At last in Ukraine is still possible change things in revolutionary way, thats perhaps almost impossible in authoritarian porkey ruled russia. Thats reason the local porkies and global capital cunning and speculate on things like holodomor.


I mean the holodomor stuff is mostly just porky's reaction to the rise of the left: why do you think the "Victims of Gommunism foundation" (which was founded by an adamant support of Pol Pot btw) is sponsoring all these statues everywhere?

How much traction does makhnovizm have in Ukraine? I know he is a national hero and on money and that, but do his ideals have any real traction.

Makhnonovism had great potential to restoring class struggle in Ukraine. After all Ukraine had great history where cossack struggling against polish, russian and turkey bourgeois and slave owners.
Because spreading half truth its actually cheapest tactics. But it have side effects - Nikita Kruschev traction almost like a hero in Ukraine, and even far right now use almost socdem rhetoric.