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Meanwhile the US literally gets fucking ignored by most of SEA, reduced to sitting in the corner and jerking off conspicuously

Was Trump secretly Lelouch all along?

If you lose, you win!


so much for the enemies of human happiness

pic related was never more appropriate


Uphold Juche thought!

That man takes credit for nearly literally everything.
Just on Tuesday he took credit for 2017 being the safest year in commercial air traffic with zero recorded deaths when the report was about world-wide safety. The US had been without fatalities for years and all the improvement had happened beyond his limited reach.
Yet he went and did it. On purpose or by mistake, that's none of my business.

I wouldn't give a shit about his nonsense, it's worthless spectacle for the time being after all, but sometimes I do enjoy trough rabid pleasure the guilty treat of seeing the world being so fucked up and crazed enough for me to quell my creeping suspicions regarding my own personal insanity. I can't be completely deluded to blame the world for all the suffering it sees if it's actually and truly off its own rails, now can I?

"DOTARD DRUMPF" sorry I only speak American


And the Stock Market too

hanging out too much with his ISIS buddies

why not "dootard"
c'mon, that's infantile

it's almost like Marxism Leninism works and that Stalins foreign policy unlike khrushchevite "warming up" actually shows results
iran, venezuela, cuba and others should take a close look at this and learn something for once

Isn't this really a matter of the regime? All he did was say he's interested in diplomacy, and they aren't even Marxist-Leninist. If would have been a victory for Juche if they achieved world Communism but they haven't even achieved unification of the Korean peninsula yet.

I actually wonder if North and South korea are both realizing that Trump is basically going to get both of them annihilated if he continues his moronic ways unopposed.

Confidence in America has dropped 71% in South Korea since Trump got elected. Trump is just as bad as Obama and worse in many ways, but one way he's good is that he is absolutely RUINING international perceptions of America, and thus killing America's ability to overtly manipulate politics.

american's were already good at destroying others perceptions of them.



Re-unification is on the cards lads



Now if you guys want a reunified Korea, you'll have to remove the 8 goddess cult-controlled government officials and un-brainwash the calitalist-cuck citizens.

The five lines of this I could read without a paid membership were very enlightening.


i managed to get the full article w/o paying for anything. her you go

you gotta be kidding me m8erino

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…….you're kidding right?

Does this mean Kim is a Lolbab?

That's a weird way to spell nuclear deterrence.

no its the mighty power of nuclear powered Juche

tell me, where did it come from and who is handling it?
the ML spirit of Juche. without it there would be no nuclear deterrence. without it a nuclear deterrence wouldn't know where to aim it.

Don't you think Gaddafi, Hussein and the Taliban would still be in power if they had access to nuclear weapons before the US displaced them ? Would Assad still "have to go" if he had a few ICBMs with thermonuclear heads before the Arab Spring erupted ? None of these guys are MLs, they just have different interests than the West.

Isn't Juche separate from ML? And I didn't say that "it's not a victory until they achieve *the* victory", it's just that that's what a victory is.
What steps is the DPRK taking to genuinely achieve socialism, and not just using the guise of it to justify the actions of the Kim state? It doesn't seem they are doing anything that much different from a couple decades ago, and it's taking them awfully long to show signs of progress.

Also, what is the truth about North Korean living conditions, particularly in regards to food? Their undernourishment seems to indicate mismanagement of government.

Why did the Stalinstache poster deleted all his posts ? Was it BO ?

fuck me I didn't mean to post the whole screencap

pic related, literally Trump

the talks are just to improve relations, reunification won't happen so long as the South is governed by US puppets

Having a socialist system of production for use, socialized means of production and workplace democracy, etc. doesn't count as a step to "genuinely achieve socialism" to you?

Please inform yourself. North Korea has only less than 20% arable land. Out of that, they still manage to import less food than the agricultural rich South Korea (which imports 90% of their food) and is put under massive sanctions.

So, what are the reasons for the North Korean food problem? Pic related shows the import of fertilizers from the USSR collapsing and the food production in North Korea - notice a pattern? Furthermore, the sanctions on oil are prohibiting them from using big agricultural machines and - more importantly - running chemical factories to produce phosphate to fertilize the bad soil. Release the sanctions the DPRK is the most self-sufficient country in terms of food in the world.

Thirdly, what about their allocation system? In another thread I've calculated the availability of food in North Korea and their average calorie intake with other countries taken population into account, and apparently, their food distribution system is one of the most efficient ones of the planet, no food gets wasted or unproportionally distributed. In short, your claims are all wrong.

Additionally, that graphic also debunks the claim that the "nomenclatura" didn't care about feeding the population by the beginning of the 90s or "fucked up". You can see they've realized that the collapse of the Soviet Union would have a massive impact in terms of nutrition, so they actually increased food production to a maximum before the famine, which began in 1994, but in the end the lack of fertilizers and pesticides together with sanctions in place could not be compensated. Notice how the food production goes up again once sanctions were partly lifted in the deal with Clinton (although the US never followed up on their promise well oil).

promise to sell oil*

Yeah man I don't get why they don't just import like South Korea lol what a bunch of stupid Com- Norks lol resist lol

Uh dude the conglomerates are FUCKED in the South. The Seoul “government” is HATED by the people of the occupied South rn.

Moon Jae-In the SK president is heavily in favour of reunification. In the late 1990s he spearheaded the sunshine policy of increased co-operation with NK. One of his campaign promises was to improve relations between the two Koreas. He was Anti-THAAD deployment and delayed it for about six months. I'm pretty sure the guy is crypto socialist. Just now they've already agreed to stop the military drills during the Olympic Games, as long as SK can get a good pretext and make the talks look like a huge win for them by ensuring no more missile tests or nuclear weapons test (NK he completed their tests completely) then they could implement many pro NK policies and scale back US forces in the region at the same time. You gotta think diplomatically/geopolitically on this issue to see it fully. 82.6% of South Koreans are interested in reunification! If even half of this can be achieved you would get tears of joy in the streets of Seoul.
let's not forget about this affair

still 6x more popular than SK

This was the US strategy all along: make the prospect of war so real and so bad that the DPRK would be forced back into talks where they could be told to cut their nuclear program. So far everything is going Trump's way, since now Kim either accepts all the US demands and backs down or he leaves the talks and things ratchet up even further.

He is doing this now as news that China and Russia have been selling Kim oil only broke just last week. Kim engaged in talks before Trump could sanction either of them, Kim is burning his credibility so the CEOs of Roseneft and Sinopec can have enough time to move their money out. Shows who controls the money in the DPRK, and that even Kim will kneel down before capitalist demands.

That's completely fucking wrong. There are more US troops in asia right now than at any period since the end of the Cold War, and they are actively involved in coordinating the defense of Korea and Japan should Kim attempt a first strike. In particular, the US military is coordinating reconnaissance activities of Kim's missile tests which occasionally fly over Japan. And if one wants to believe conspiracy theories, the USS Jimmy Carter is recovering all the spent rocket stages and dummy reentry vehicles Kim is dropping into the Pacific Ocean.

Make no mistake, American involvement in the region is at an all-time high and this is a thing the governments of Korea and Japan lobby for.

Notice how all of this can be blown away by one NK missile test, especially one that results in loss of life (say one accidentally crashing into Japan rather than the ocean). The foundation for this is extremely fragile and they need tangible results for a US pullout. And by "tangle results", Kim would have to completely dismantle his nuclear weapons (either with the US or let China take it over) for the US to even begin considering a withdrawal from the RoK, which is costly for the US government to maintain and a distraction on American foreign policy in general.

What I'm trying to say is that all of this could be entirely blown to pieces in an instant. Literally so, say if one of Kim's generals turns out to be a ☭TANKIE☭ and declares war on Korea himself, the US would move to completely destroy the DPRK in that scenario. It's an extremely fluid situation and won't become more stable until Kim disarms.


lmfao you are a fucking retard, DPRK is NEVER going to give up its nukes, EVER. long live DPRK.

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You are such a fucking brainlet it hurts. The reason that SK is working so hard for reunification now is because the the North has nukes. Do you think it's some sort of coincidence?

Fucking hell brainlets get my goat. I feel like screaming at my laptop.

They already fucking are ☭TANKIE☭s, how did you not realize this when they decided to build nukes? Kim is the biggest ☭TANKIE☭ of all time.

kek, I have never seen Holla Forums in such a level of agreement that someone is a brainlet.

Which is weird, because North Korea already offered to dismantle their nuclear program, but in exchange for US no longer flying B-52's right outside their airspace. US refused ofc.

You really think the US gov is just going to kill off their biggest excuse to indirectly manhandle SEA and cockblock China?

Yes. Yes, I do.