Socialist Militas

Does anyone know about any good socialist/leftist militias in Burgerland. Specifically in the New England area. Also on a side note is AK-47s or AR-15s the better assault rifle.

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Make your own rifle out of pipes

don't do this if you like having a face and hands

Better dead than lining the pockets of the imperialist bourgies

nice try FBI

Its pretty strange that most socialists don't like the military much, but you do :/

stop posting this video

I'm guessing Redneck Revolt is your best shot. Somewhat IDpol, but at least they got guns.

What kind of bullshit video is this.
Present your own arguments instead of just reposting your mix-tape.


People in the military often come from working class backgrounds and most revolutionary movements were composed of soldiers who pissed off at the status quo. That being said, just cause we sympathize with some troops doesn't mean we support their choice of fighting imperialist wars


It’s not really a choice, no more than it’s a choice for a Chinese prole to support and perpetuate capitalism by working in an iPhone factory. In the US poor, vulnerable young men full of ideology and desperation are literally lied to by recruiters, duped into 4 years of servitude, and then sent overseas regardless of their will to do so. Saying “lol just don’t join the army” is bootstraps tier “just start a business” moralizing. A prole who has his arm blown off in Afghanistan is no different than one who has it mangled in a factory machine.

Pretty sure New England has enough liberals they don't need more

I wish polyps would lurk for 5 minutes before sperging out.

Hahahaha. No. If you ever want to see a militant shenanigans, it'd have to be down here in the South or Mid-West. Vermont is a joke, the green mountaineers are long gone and the syndies that are there don't do much. Redneck revolt is the best you're gonna get here in burgerland, sadly. At least they do more than just brandish weapons, and give loads of clothes and food to the poverty stricken out in the Appalachians.

I'm covered for both distance and in house fighting, imperialists can't touch me

Unfortunately, the military is the only way a lot of young people in this country will ever even get the chance at higher education, or acquire the vocational skills to get a skilled labor job.
Some of them are most definitely worthy of contempt, but the sad truth is most of them really don't have any other way to possibly get out of a lifetime of poverty and low paying, low skilled jobs.

anyone else actually have a war era soviet mosin? Shit feels good in your hands

Oh, and don't get me wrong when I said "sadly." They're absolutely great folk, model militants as they go beyond toting guns (which everyone here should get into learning proper firearm use and safety) by helping the rural poor you never hear about, or are dismissively regarded as white trash by the ignorant, with food, clothes, healthcare, hygenics, gardening, and, sadly but necessary (in no thanks to our government), needle exchanges. I just wish there were more out there.

Yeah, I own a lot of them.
I bought a couple of crates of them back in the 90s when Eastern Europe was offloading them for quick cash, kept the ones I wanted and moved the rest on.
I have some from it he imperial era, early SU, and WW2 through the Cold War.
The latest dated one I own is a m44 dated 1948, and one that was scrubbed of its markings and refurbished for use in arming various revolutions and insurgent groups.
They're very ruggedly built and handle shit weather conditions well.

That isn’t where I fucking live though.

Half there stuff is good, the other half is pure idpol.

"""vanguards""" will the be the first against the wall

It's america dude, illegal guns are the easiest shit, easier than drugs

Prepare to get vanned, bucko.

It's not hard

Redneck Revolt is pretty based

Man the larp is heavy there but to be fair the other side is just as larpy

Stop posting your shit videos.

I bought a rifle from a coworker for a dollar, where do you fools live that.makes it so hard to get a gun?

Connecticut gun laws fam, Sandy Hook did do a number on the 2nd amendment here.

Vermont as virtually no gun laws. It’s not a far drive there from Connecticut.

New Jersey

I mean on one end. Yes its larpy, but its like the good larpy

it's okay to LARP if you give people free food and medical attention tbh