Disparages immigrants

Remind me why we support this reactionary again?

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For all those reasons and more.

didn't happen
working class people who support or fall for right wing talking points must by sympathized with or you're failing as a leftist
didn't happen, he said gender must be abolished if anything
everyone with a platform more than your circle on twitter does the same, I guess they're all reactionary

in summation, go have to go back


wow how reactionary

we don't, he's shit tbh

Lacanian intervention requires some common universal sympathy, not for the imagined or symbolic order that it combats, but with the subjects who are its' affect
He quite literally divorced the idea of enlightenment values from their historical context in a philosophical critique of an essentialist conception of Europe and its values
nope, just noted that sexual or subjective multiplicities do not bridge the basic antinomies of the logic of capital. Thus, the dismantling of such a totalizing system of thought can not spring forth from sorties into psycho-sexual obscurantism, as the post-modern partisans of theory are wont to do
the only one that is mildly correct, and you manage nonetheless to appear errant, you assume that we all view the actions of antifa through a common aperture, but this is clearly not true so I'd recommend you say more. Of course, I doubt you would as opaque platitudes seem more your custom.


He promotes cultural imperialism through his lectures and articles. I don't see why Holla Forums allows discussion of this reactionary, why don't we unironically talk about Hitler too?

Zizek may be a handwaver and pseud but hes certainly no right winger, just an academic marxist who read too much lacan


Also literally nothing wrong with talking about Hitler.


He's a fucking trot, isn't that enough?

I have only ever heard him mention Trotsky in passing, he's much more a Leninist/Hegelian/Lacanian than a Trot.

Leftypol is anti-zizek now? What happened?


I'm sick of Zizek's Holla Forums fanboys like you.

Fucking lol'd. I'm sure the mods will rule in your favor here. Enjoy your stay, newfriend.

Your concern is duly noted

Nice try Plebbit

At worst he said we should throw out the idea of the noble savage because "poverty does not make noble people", which is accurate
Theres nothing wrong with understanding how and why someone got to where they are, in fact I would say its mandatory to understanding the systemic problems in capitalism
He said europe has provided some of the most important historical philosophical developments, which is true
Proof? Criticizing the idea of gender doesn't count.
He criticized the use of obscene violence committed without direction or purpose


No, we don't. It's just that over the recent past months there's been an uptake of anti-Zizek nerds.

lol, source?

back to Holla Forums, faggot

He criticizes Stalin for retarded liberal reasons i.e. 'he was an ebul dictator who made the USSR a totalitarian hellhole'

he has always been a faggot and that you still suck him off after he promoted SYRIZA and it has shown that these cuckdems went into coalition with nationalists to continue EU austerity should tell you everything you need to know about this cuck

You could've just written "is practical and realistic instead of an armchair ideologue", instead of listing individual instances of his pragmatism.
And yes, that is why we support him. Because an installed lefty system, even with compromises, is much better than your perfect utopia that doesn't and won't exist outside of a book.

We should try to accomplish SOMETHING, something possible, steps towards the ideal, rather than just drawing that ideal and gawking at our work, ignoring reality.


Not sure why you started that rant, but you go girl!

the faggot Zizek wouldn't know communism if it knocked his door down and took his toothbrush

SYRIZA is left, and not in the american sense of the word. They are our guys, the circumstances just don't allow them to act.

this entire post is cuckdem realpolitik bullshitting at its finest, if this faggot doesnt get banned then there is something seriously wrong on this board.
you cant ban imperialism apologetic liberal faggots while allowing them when they spread anti worker rhetoric excusing treacherous scum that continue EU-Imperialist policies in their actions

go fucking kill yourself you liberal cocksucking bitch

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That doesn't make him a trot you braindead faggot. Just call him a liberal instead and spare us from your pseud takes

wow, totally not mad this little libshit



maybe should the BO know how their mods are working with liberal imperialist apologists like you spamming little faggot, have a little purge in their ranks

Not the other user, but I'd like to pose an inquiry: Do you know what Žižek had to say about the Greek referendum? I've naught more to say on the essentialism or pragmatism of Stalin, but I'd like to know exactly how it is you've managed to so far distend yourself from reality that Žižek has become an imperial apologist and a liberal

probably a bunch of liberal shit.
zizek is a liberal doing liberal shit and saying some things that I've also heard liberals say.

Since you're prob new, is a great example of why not to engage with tautology-stache

Then I, by equal virtue of the logic you've just advanced, and my unassailable conviction to disagree with you, say that you're a red-plastered bureaucrat who is more concerned with representation of capital than its abolition……just for the sake of argument, of course. What I, of course, mean is that, being that we clearly don't have the same conception of a common empirical happening, are not going to reach any manner of discourse (let alone conclusion) if you refuse to enunciate what it is you're trying to say.

Or we could call each other names, all the same to me.

reported, just saying

Sorry guys I'm just false flagging. I should let Stalin defend himself.

i very much remember that he continuously promoted SYRIZA, that SYRIZA did exactly what was to be expected of it and that he still supports them, just as you libshit faggots do.

if you really need a reminder on what's going on in greece you are obviously just shitposting to spam the thread further off topic.

t. phil greaves

Stalinstache of all should appreciate the difficulty of building a socialist society when faced with extreme imperialist suppression.

are you retarded?
the stache guy was false flagging, i didn't accuse you of samefagging.
the reading comprehension of you guys, truly amazing but not surprising.

not one fucking time you actually adress what is said, instead you keep pulling shit out of your ass

you keep pulling shit out of your ass just to have a reason to spam up the thread with utterly retarded contrarianism.
go fuck off to your new liberal welcoming board.

There is naught to engage with, your "substantive" critique of Žižek as some bulwark for academic liberalism falls flat, precisely because you've no ground to stand on. You don't understand the sniff man, you refuse to dialogue in an honest manner, and you've clearly no interest in doing so.

Continuing EU austerity? Can you elaborate on this please, and maybe provide an alternative action they could've taken?

further shitting up the thread i see. do you think you can just spam until an argument or mod comes to your help?

read the program of the KKE
good to know that continuing EU imperialism is the stance of anarchists tho.
no surprise there but it's rare you openly admit to it like this.

You are actually completely the same caricature as a Holla Forumsyp right now, big surprise.

Didn't the KKE engage in a coalition with Syriza? FUCKING LIBERAL SCUM ☭TANKIE☭ EXPOSED!

I've heard that SYRIZA tried to make good on their promises but were undermined by EU imperialism, particularly the Germans. That's why trying to resolve the problem without putting a hard-Grexit on the table was foolish, you could only escape that debt by being prepared to burn bridges anyways.

The EU is an imperialist institution that can't be reformed imo–it even says explicitly in its constitution that its members must be capitalist states.

you posted a tautology and I called it one - which isn't a strawman, fedoralord

not new, just rarely stray from theory threads. Oddly enough, not too many ☭TANKIE☭s or stalin stache there :^)

oh, they did?
no. they did not.

or you just go back to your libtard board

if you just keep quoting stuff that supports what i say then we have an agreement that you may continue like this. much better than the retarded whining you spammed before.

we are in minority here, whenever we post about theory regarding the SU and praxis it gets flooded with you tards shitposts.
when i engage in other ones and end up as one of the few ones actually delivering quotes rather than just spamming opinions without ever backing anything up my posts get ignored. i'm well past trying to educate liberals by putting effort into posting.

We do not require the alt left! The alt left may jump off of a bridge! Bye bye alt left baboons!

some other stalinstache and ☭TANKIE☭ flag mates probably left them by now too, but they extensively did so until last autumn.
there is only so much liberal shitposting you can take before saying "fuck it, i'll just shit on you".

Burn in hell baboons!

Trying too hard now mate.


Oh, guess I didn't catch you in the threads on Tukhachevsky or AgriKom or the rest, since you were too busy hand-wringing at liberals

Based mods

AFAIK, he isn't any kind of Marxist (other than, possibly, Cultural).

You do realize there are many people here, and some don't share opinions on things? Some of us never held Zizek in high regard.

How is punching Nazies an "obscene violence committed without direction or purpose"? I mean, I'm not fond of antifa (to put it mildly), but at least they are punching Nazies (I'd prefer more permanent solutions, of course).

Zizek went full Liberal there (IIRC he even praised Gandhi).

Since you don't know a lot, you should probably stop there.

This is a (You) for you.

Can you make any reasonable argument for him not being a Marxist, since he at least considders himself a Marxist?

hahaha what

majority of posts responding to him, that is

Well you got half of that right. He definitely is not a Marxist - and too many people are naive enough to take him at his word rather than figure out what he means by communism, Marxism, etc. He's using the words very differently than how others do.

Aha, can you give examples of this subversion?

The most obvious example would be when he calls himself a Stalinist, but we know he's very critical of Stalin as a leader. So clearly he means something different by it than unironic mustaches on leftypol. Another would be when he calls himself a Leninist, but he'll qualify it by saying: "in what precise sense… blah blah… I like the Lenin who after defeat studied Hegel… and so on".

He's using pretty basic terms in ways that are untraditional. You can find plenty of videos of him arguing against having a stateless, moneyless society - he makes it clear that it's not what he wants.

I think a pretty concise video where he explains why he calls himself a Marxist is this one: youtube.com/watch?v=awrpUP7GmaU

Indeed, he himself goes slightly into that in this clip
He clearly is a stalinist that attempts to push a stalinist narative in a liberal world through jokes and sarcasm.
Aha, so either you're misrepresenting him here or Zizek runs off a tangent as he is prone to do. Neither proves anything.
I have watched probably hundreds of videos of Zizek, and the closest I can think of would be his statements about not wanting to dispose of his trash himself. Well, I stand with our supreme leader on this issue.
Well, first we need to understand the circumstances, he was not talking to a communist crowd, but Google. Second, he makes the same point he has made many times, that a new Leninist party will not emerge in modern times, we need a more international movement now that capitalism has been globalized.

Would you mind elaborating on this? If possible, start by identifying the ever-evasive meaning of "Stalinism". It mutates every time I see it being used. Today it seems to mean "pretentious way of using Stalin's poster".

Reported for revisionism

Also transgenderism is first world problems

No it's not bitch.

Biggest number of trans murders happen in Brazil. A lot of third world countries have been pushing forward with trans rights even before the global north's trans movement started making gains too.

Sick of you gringo cunts trying to pretend your spookmeister prejudices are okay because the faceless hordes of the third world somehow agree with you. Kill yourself.