Drumpf BTFO


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Steve Bannon wrote a book and completely did a 180 on Drumpf, outing him and many things including Russian. But all his opinions based off of his involvement with him.


I thought the pic was a meme type of thing. I got it from 4/pol/, the Holla Forumstards over their are saying Steve Bannon wrote it so I just figured.


It was written by Wolff, but Bannon provided him with the worst of the dirt.

Here's some claims from the book, apparently (I haven't actually read it)
It's the sort of thing you pretty much figured if you're not a trumpcuck who think he's some hyper-competent alpha because he's a loud, prickish billionaire.

Now we know the reason why Holla Forums likes him so much


What sort of black ideology is this. Is it literally McDonalds=America=Clean? I'm baffled.

well, I guess Graham was right, you don't actually have to be smart to know how to invest

It's because he's afraid of being poisoned and since McDonald's food is premade he thinks it's unlikely he'll be poisoned.

Imagine how uncomfortable it must've been to explain to Trump that people compare his hair to pee.

Being scared of being poisoned is such an archaic thing to be scared of, is he some kind of medieval despot? What's he gonna do next, have Donald Jr and Bannon murdered so there aren't any male heirs to the throne?

I really hope this shit is recorded and released one day. I want to see interns with dead eyes tucking him into bed and then presenting with one of those hotel platters with a bigmac on it while he casually rambles about classified state secrets in some attempt at small talk.

America needs a cultural revolution ASAP.


Baby Boomers getting older and fatter.

I never asked for this. My people did, though.

fucking americans

It isn’t that bad. With Trump’s incompetence the DPRK will be have South Korea in No time.



if you think things are bad now, just you wait user

t. Holla Forums

He's pretending to be the biggest retard alive so the jews don't suspect a thing when he issues order 66.

All of the shit coming from the book makes me think of Charles II.

Trump is babbling idiot, the book.

But… didn't everyone already know that?

Au contraire, Trump's response to Bannon's statements have been pretty amusing.

I just found out this morning that he's serving him a goddamn cease-and-desist letter.

This is like something out of a cartoon.

Doesn't this mostly suggest that he is indeed being subverted by the reptilians?
He's undeniably a racist and puts a lot of pride in his wall project, but some suits that apparently had Obama in their pockets need his help enacting liberal immigration policies?

>bimbo accelerationism
s o o n

It's more akin to the archetypal, clueless goofy character that joins some evil organization, tries to help but ends up wrecking the entire place.

I want to believe.

I'm sorry, I forgot the first part of the passage

Now I'm imagining a Trump Pinky and Bannon Brain. Fuck you.

You forgot this one:

I dunno, the president of the United States money laundering for Russian mobsters seems like something most people should care about if only because it's completely batshit crazy if true

It's quite the drama.

Well that explains this face when the results were coming in on election night

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it's bumplocked bruv


why is this thread bumplocked? its pretty funny

They undid it

Barron Trump makes more sense to me now.


Pfff, they all do it, it's faux outrage. This is what the Clinton foundation was built on/for.

Which is quite amusing considering all the Ben Garrison comics that draw Trump as a macho man which makes his opponents piss themselves

He's literally /yourguy/ now, without him Kurdistan would have never been a second Israel if it weren't for you guys

The fuck are you talking about

Yeah, but how many of them got caught?

if you read up on the russian revolution you find that the only reason the bolsheviks come tonpower is because czar nicholas was an incompetent moron.

fixed it for you


All you need to know is contained in this article.

> if you read up on the russian revolution you find that the only reason the bolsheviks came to power in 1917 is because czar nicholas was an incompetent moron.
Fixed that for you. There was enough bullshit going on for revolution to happen sooner or later. Czar couldn't prevent kulaks causing artificial famine in 1916, Czar couldn't prevent massive layoffs by Capitalists later. Empire was doomed either way.

Nah. There couldn't be any other government, other than some kind of Fascism/junta - which would've imploded real fast, if White-controlled regions are any indicator of their competence.

Where the book previews are coming from.


Also, throwing more fuel on the fire, Trump issued cease-and-desist letter to Bannon and is suing Wolff and his publisher to prevent the book from going to print.

Given that it's currently at the top of Amazon's pre-orders, I don't think that will go anywhere.

Fair enough. Though as to the latter point, it's anyone's guess what could have happened if they had managed to get Russia out of the war sooner, before the state and discipline in the army had totally collapsed. Peace at any price was really the unsung masterstroke of the Bolsheviks.

more proof average americans are sick of career politicians

which democucks will instead whine about rural and uneducated populations and racists and maintain faith in their system

Who wants to bet the democucks embrace Bannon after this book, flip on his personality and start to see him as some sort of developing media mogul who got caught up on a rollercoaster of confusion

they're bottom feeders with no principles, of course they are

Actually, reading through the book, it gives credence the Russia idea.

According to the book, Trump was not planning to win the presidency. He was just in it to create an empire on being a martyr to crooked Hillary. With that in mind, there's no reason for him to avoid Russian help. The collusion wouldn't come out after the election and it would've only benefit him by making Hillary look even more horrible, thus making his loss more powerful.

Unfortunately for him, it won him the presidency.

Not with this shit, man.

/ourguy/ confirmed?


Bannon has spent too much time in the MSM bubble if he actually thinks that Dems would lose by going farther left.

I wonder how movies half a century from now will depict the 2010s

Get a load of this faggot

Spencer is a zionist so this makes sense. Kind of weird how he's pulling the generational idpol angle considering that Trump is THE penultimate boomer.

Or maybe he IS a Leninist after all?

The Dems would never embrace Bannon. He called himself a Leninist. And the Deus hate Lenin five-hundred times more than they hate Trump.

Do you have a source?

So this.. whatever it is, is canon?

Bait harder comrade, the "alt left" and "maga" give it away.

Wolff isn't a Jewish surname.




Make Israel Great Again!


Honestly it really speaks to how shitty she is lmao. Even Trump didn't think Trump would win and she still lost


The entire DNC thing was rigged against bernie to the point where the DNC essentially functioned as a giant money raising appartatus for the clinton foundation. With that being said, not only did Bernie, who was a semi-obscure senator, almost beat hillary but he also went on to be one of the most popular politicians in the US. THATS how much hillary sucks.
Not to mention the fact that she literally couldn't beat someone who said "grab em' by the pussy I dont even wait"

When's the earliest someone could post a pdf of the book?


It was going to be released on Tuesday, but thanks to Trump, you can read it TOMORROW.

Give whoever drew this shit for the New Yorker article a medal. Ten medals

We're living in a reality television program by accident

Late Stage Capitalism can certainly be entertaining sometimes



Imagine being a pro-Trump white Nationalist whose Twitter icon is a Roman bust.

No. It's an episode of "Always Sunny In Philadelphia".

Trump is totally Dennis aged 60 years

Nice post.



Was he ourguy on the inside all along?

when ann coulter is the voice of reason you know you're in trouble
Literally a kindergardener
this is totally believable tbh
again, totally believable.
Trump really is the new Reagan-an incompetent senile figurehead whose only talent is pandering to a crows so that the neocons and generals can run the white house through him.

Sounds like Nazbol praxis.
I dig it

once as tragedy, again as farce

How the fuck did people actually fall for the 3D chess meme and all that shit? Trump won not through master manipulating, he just got lucky because he tapped into a base as stupid as he is. His base are fat mcdonalds eating FOX/reality TV watching lazy angry reactionary white trash just like him. They supported him because he IS them, just rich and powerful. He legit could have shot someone and he wouldn't lose voters.

Not only that, but hillary sucked and trump at least tried to be pretend to be anti-establishment, meanwhile hillary did not.


If Bill was able to run they would probably win, he was always not only a good politician but good at getting the Bubba vote. Hillary was too awkwardly bourgeois to even make a fake at being anti-establishment. If Bill had been running he would have at least made a fake attacking rich republicans and other right-wing "fat cats"

Just watch his response to questioning about the Bohemian Grove. Classic.

I can't get past this line

I don't believe this at all. Yes, Trump won through sheer luck, but it's not because there's a huge block of voters that like him. I'm certain most of his support in 2016 were Anti-Hillary voters, and even then Hillary trounced him in the popular vote.

No, it's literally because Trump bumbled into the "fix" Republicans have in the presidential election: The Electoral College.

At the very least that block got him nominated. In the election the anti-Hillary vote and 2 party system convinced the GOP and some Bernie supporters.

Why was this cycled?


Article by the guy who wrote the book. Amazing stuff.

Sup liberal.
This ignores that a good portion of people in the Midwest who supported Obama and then voted for Trump (not to mention the"berniebros"). It was mostly disaffected white people voting for change like they did in the past 2 elections, not the same Democrat who has a little bit more feminism this time around.

Trump is Old Snake, Bannon is Liquid Ocelot

Hillary kept on fucking up and giving Trump lots of lucky breaks. That's the only reason Trump won.

Gorka is Volgin

|||New Yorker|||

Don't forget Teeth are a symbol of Reptiles, David Icke told me so.

Well, he is eating and indulging so showing his teeth expresses that.

No he's an unfunny Chapo meme.

No you're a joyless asshole.

Again, no. Did you see how many fuckers were vying for the Republican nomination? 10. That ridiculous number diluted the Republican vote, allowing Trump to gain momentum. He was further aided by Marco Rubio staying in the race. Rubio should've dropped out, but instead he split the opposition vote between him and Ted Cruz, allowing Trump to coast into the nomination.

2016 was a perfect storm of complete fuck ups.

Didn't seem to hurt Obama.


If all this is true (especially Trump not actually wanting to win) it backs up the theory that Trump is actually trying to get removed from office









Trump is doing what he thinks will get him the most praise from well to do people. I don't think he wants to end up in a prison cell.

top kek

I shouldn't say 'removed' but maybe to the point where he can step down and look like a martyr?

I don't think anyone wants to end up in a prison cell.


Anyone have dox on Rebeka's grandkids yet?


Seems like Trump admitted Bannon is a Leninist by his "rather than simply seeking to burn it all down" quote

Bannon will burn down the GOP. That's what he wants. He doesn't care about Trump or even nationalism, he just wants some fascist theocracy to emerge.

Is this late stage capitalism's end game? Turning presidential politics and all parlimentary politics for that matter into a literal reality tv show


I know, I know I've let you down
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I know we can't forget the past
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Because of that, it's killing me inside

You might as well call Trump himself an unfunny Chapo meme. The revolving cast of characters in this shitshow isn't THAT big

Looks like this little right wing populist surge is all but dead.

Funnily enough one of the things that lends to the 'Trump didn't actually want to win' theory brought up in this new book, was the reported plans he had for launching a new TV channel


Wasn’t the song that played when he walked out on election night “I did it my way”?

Alex Jones turns on Steve Bannon, "He looks like he has organ failure, have you ever seen him? He's like a big pustule, a big goblin"



So the Democrats literally allowed Trump to win because it would behoove them more than having a candidate of their own party follow a Democrat

kek, both parties have been so fucking cucked to shit by the corporate sector its insane

Why do these dumbfucks keep siding with Trump when it's clear he doesn't actually give a fuck about their agenda? If they were consistent I'd expect them to side with Bannon.


Of course.

I'm sorry for Bannon, imagine having this kind of Zionist sellouts for allies.


Oh shit forgot the image anyways everyone know Jones is peak controlled opposition

More fuel for the liberal rumor mill.

Nah it's all true

I know it's lib to compare Trump to fascism but the wannabes still have to submit to a daddy figure to really keep their fantasies in line, and it's never the guy in the shadows


To give credit where credit is due, Michael Moore was the first to seriously claim Trump's run was a publicity stunt. And he predicted Trump's ultimate win when everyone was calling Hillary a lock.


Info wars is aligned with the Mercers. Makes sense.

Naw, he's a snake in the grass. the right can keep him.

can you link proof to a financial connection?

Bannon is nazbol now.

The Mercers are aligned with Trump in the Trump-Bannon split. Infowars.com is also aligned with Trump.

Bannon is a Leninist. He has made both liberals and the right look like retards. This makes he far-left look good.


Not that I'm not grateful for Bannon fucking shit up but I'm pretty confident his idea of Lenin is "real bad guy from Anastasia", especially since he called himself a Leninist in the same interview he called himself Darth Vader and Voldemort or whatever.

Bannon's not an actual Leninist, he's only comparing himself to Lenin in a revolutionary sense. He sees himself as tearing down the new order and replacing it by leading masses of the working class, but the government he wants is some kind of theocratic paleoconservative thing.

Is there anything more pathetic than petite bourgeoisie fucktards like Jones and the people who unironically watch his shitty show?

Wasn't there a section that said Trump uses Just For Men?

yeah in that section it said ivanka mocks him too. lmao

This scares me shitless. All of this is just so surreal. It's like we are living in the end times of the Roman republic or something.


I mean the shit we all see on TV/twitter is crazy enough, with that in mind the behind the scenes had to have been just total fucking chaos. Nothing is unbelievable to me anymore.

Zizek said Trump was the accelerationist candidate for a reason.

It's so true. He is basically Reagan but dumber and more irrational. We're all fucked.

First as tragedy then as farce.

heh. Clinton lost an election to someone who didn't even want to win.



I thought that "he uses hair club for men" would be the highlight of all this



You thought you would be spared from the effects of accelerationism? No. You and everyone else will join the revolution. There Is no escape.

I cannot imagine the terrible future that awaits us when Barron becomes president/

trump is literally really stupid and according to the book, "semiliterate."

like, he's an actual idiot. this isn't a pejorative, but descriptive.

and he's the president of the united states.

Australia elected a guy who ate an onion like an apple

Good thing the united states is run by pentagon/cia/5000 special interests and not the president.


They keep on ratcheting down their expectations. By the end of the year they will be unironically supporting and shilling for generic center right policies.

All throughout the election season I kept trying to tell them they were wasting their time and just falling for another CIA psyop. I was constantly called a shill, even when I brought up Trump's Pizzagate-tier connections with Clinton and Epstein.

Half a century from now, there probably won't even be a society able to do that. If there is one, they'll look back at it the same way we look back at the 1930s.

not even a meme, but bernie had more of a chance but the dems just fucked themselves. Oh well, this shit is hilarious.

I dont want to be that guy, but the legislative agenda of the freedom caucus isn't centre right.
It's more than enough to say that they'll be shilling for a corporate austerity agenda where 75% of tax cuts go to shareholders and 25% goes to funding automation or outsourcing.

I'm already skeptical of this

(If you think I'm joking, I saw a Holla Forumsyp in 4/pol/ proclaim today that Trump's tax bill already makes him the greatest president since Reagan)

Nothing edgier than being the average grandpa

Being a boomer is the new counter culture.

this is "nazis are socialist cuz their party is called Not Socialist" tier



This is going to be so underrated.

Wake up Mr. Freeman…. Wake up and smell the ashes…..

fake but i laughed regardless.

these are both true, I rescind the qualifier "only".

It is my understanding that Nicolas' habit of waiting until the last minute to make decisions did not help him during the rapid fall of his empire.

Rubio and Cruz are from opposite wings of the republican party, literally everyone hates Ted even his kids. Rubio was trying to screw trump as much as cruz.

Imagine a bunch of SS guys hastily making a transmission tower out of lawn furniture and one of them with a nametag just saying "Gorilla guy"

The president still holds a lot of power since i think they always thought anyone that got into that office wouldn't be anything more than a puppet. Trump is literally too dumb to become a puppet.

He totally didn't want to win

This. I'm not sold on the "accident" angle.

its even worse, bannon has clearly modeled his own ideas on propaganda fed to him about russian communists.


Because they sucked
Mostly at rallies, probably to create his future consumer base for his TV channel
Publicity stunt
Publicity stunt
Do you really think it would hurt him financially in any way? He could make it all up in a heartbeat with his TV channel. Not only that but before 2015 he was a nobody, a fading icon of '80 business. And I think Trump ego is a little bit too big to let him fade into obscurity

Politicians in Russia are poisoned literally all the time still


Damage control, I think he's having a stroke.

Were we watching the same election? He spent the least amount of money than any other candidate. It was surprising to everyone that he'd poll and perform so well. Rallies and saying controversial shit gave Trump plenty of free airtime

Could he name it something anymore stupid?

Why does he look like he's about to cry?

>click on the video suggested about women (youtube.com/watch?v=_ZxRrldjRBQ)

its funny how they used to fuck with Bannon and now they dont.

All in the span of a fucking day

Never trust these rats for your life

niggers in the south are pretty obese it seems.

How long till he an heros Or will he do some weird shit like self-circumcize himself or chop off one of his ears first?



Was he right all along, Holla Forums?



Is this what happens when you OD on the Spectacle?


We're all gonna make it comrade

Mmm my favorite

Wake me up inside
(I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)


Felix is Prophet

Felix is Prophet

Felix is Prophet




I want to believe, fäm. The dialectic never stops.

Oh my sweet lord, lmao

top lel. Well done.



Nobody denies he wanted to be their candidate, though the other contenders were shit.
[citation very much needed]
[if before election] oh wow a man showing off endured a 4 hour flight for a PR stunt he must really have MEANT it.
[if after election] does the book not claim that on the night he decided actually he'd make a fine president so it was all fine.
1. This is a standard setpiece of any election campaign
2. A rally is a great place to be even when you lose, see the Scottish referendum for how to use it as a jumping off point to your acceptance of defeat and then building up for your future plans (i.e. TrumpTV.)
Sai Tayshun Kneaded
Trump doesn't sell things, he sells his brand name.

Remember when right-wing media talked about Wolff's unprecedented access to the White House? It was back when they still thought he was going to make a pro-Trump book. Whoops!


How much do you wanna bet that if Trump actually came forward, said that it was all a publicity, that he never wanted to win, and basically told his base that they can go fuck themselves, that they STILL would be defending him and call it le ebin 34232D chess from the god emperor?

Will he still be in the White House for the Curse of Tippecanoe, or does he have to get elected for a second term?

kekking hard


Here ya go, fam.
(cover unrelated)

It's even covered in the book. His own staff had to haggle to squeeze even a dime from him.

strangely, it always makes me feel good about myself to hear how mediocre as a person the president of the USA is.


My grandma always told me the president always makes mistakes ;)

She was Vietnamese though

Beat ya to it.
And I got dubs and I posted sum fuckin' dinosaurs.

It would complete his "Darth Vader" metaphor to turn on the emperor for sure.

I mean, they look alike anyways.

This is true. Good job on ya

Already first page in

Also apparently Rupert Murdoch fucking HATES Trump. Like, HATE HATES. LOATHES. However, it also says that Ivanka and Jared left an impression on him. Rupert Murdoch "especially liked" Jared.

Steve Bannon hated Jarred, I wonder if this is one of the reasons. It seems to add up.

I think this quote is more on the nose than the author realizes.


Who are them?

was all about. Or, as his friends would observe, mindful themselves not to be taken in, he simply had no scruples. He was a rebel, a disruptor, and, living outside the rules, contemptuous of them. A close Trump friend who was also a good Bill Clinton friend found them eerily similar—except that Clinton had a respectable front and Trump did not.


They won't.

So much for the great businessman myth.

this song is beautiful. what's the context?

The Broadway play they expect to fail is a Nazi musical called "Springtime for Hitler".

It's from Springtime for Hitler - which was the musical that thew titular producers were producing.

Don Jr. basically admitted it last year. I can see not caring about it, but there's more evidence for than against.


I MAY not BE Dale EARNhardt, but I SMASHED into the FUCKING WALL because I COULDN'T turn LEFT


I wouldn't say they went out of their way lose, but they certainly didn't factor winning into their plans. It's clear from the book that most of Trump's problems are because they didn't count on succeeding.

Pick any basic concern and the answer's the same.


Bob and Rebekah Mercer, Billionaires who fund the Tea Party and the Alt-right. Rebekah in particular is an ideologue in the highest order.

No wonder Holla Forums likes him.

Something about this passage makes my skin craw.

If Gamergate had any capability for self-reflection, this should be their response.

Bannon used GG like a two dollar whore.


What is it

Between Milo's book and this, I think Gamergate's history is set in stone. The sad part is, we wrote the most damning section of it ourselves by being exploited by Bannonites.

That gamers were used, actively infringed upon by outside forces seeking to enrich themselves at our expense. It's something we've already known, but seeing it print really let's it sink in.

idea: this is the primary relevance of GG to the outside world, even if it was tangential internally to GG.
Wish I could think of an analogy to help make that point clearer, but it's surprisingly hard despite this being a relatively common situation.

Daily reminder that Milo was just as much of a faux gamer as Anita. It was a sham from the beginning.

Yeah and crackers in the south are obese too


I'm 100 pages in and I'm not surprised by any of this. This basically makes sense.

It calls out Trump and Bill Clinton as being friends that turned sour, and they used to have jocular conversations about women they were having affairs with.

Besides Clinton, Trump would talk about fucking people's wives, and even lying about fucking other people's wives when he got too old to actually pull it off.

The surprise is for the liberals and conservatives, user.

Part of the problem with Hillary is something I rarely see brought up, I only see her appeal brought up. She won the popular vote by a margin, but the DNC managed to make the wife of a man who was almost impeached for fucking too much in the white house and lying about it their Candidate

And that makes people's skin crawl

I have a feeling after this Trump will have the same problem good old Bill had with the public on the right, with the left. Possibly, both the right and the left will go in the future to joke about that one time Donald Trump got elected president and nobody could stop hearing about how much he sexually harassed people and lied.


I used to think Bush Jr. would be the prevailing example of a stupid president but then reality outdoes itself by coming up with Trump
Also I really think Bush would have made a fantastic comedian, he has a gift

Like the antifa was used to deal with the alt-right and then was thrown away to more bipartisan etablishement collaboration.

Low status angry males exist to be exploited. Be happy it's peace time, or else "exploited" would mean "sent to war grinder".

She also lost badly in the 2008 primary to a political nobody named Barack Obama.

But, let's be honest, there wasn't actually a DNC in 2016. It was all just part of the Clinton machine, a machine that fell apart when she lost.

What the fuck does this mean? If it makes poverty, say poverty, please refer to class analysis, not r/The_Donald Biology Astrology.

George W Bush is a primary bastard will burn in hell but I will say this

I really can't see him sexually harassing anyone at least on the scale of a Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. I just don't see him being that stupid or craven for poon. If he did shit like this he would have at least owned up to it.

If only he owned up to fucking Iraq and went to prison.

It means low social status. Your money gained throught bitcoin means nothing if you are a fedora neckbeard that everyone shun.

Gamers have no social capital, they are the definition of low status.

Nice spooks

You're trying your hardest not to say, beta, or incel, and get called a hideously stupid dumbshit for not knowing how class and personality and health and all these things intersect.

But you're failing because you still think like one, and worse, you still post like one.

Yes there is people more pathetic, gay frogs.

Imagine actually feeling some kind of nostalgia for the Bush years what a world fuck me.
But yes if the nuremberg laws still applied he'd of been hanged

wew george

I unironically miss that era. Early 2000s were objectively better than now.

Trump's one dying dream was for everyone to know him as "The News Bitch" and he fucked up too hard and had to settle for being president. It's a tragedy on par with any Shakespeare

C'mon, user. social capital is a concept from Pierre Bourdieu's body of work.

eh, in the early 2000s there was a suicide inducing "what if this is it?" resulting neoliberalism. a disengaging possibility that we really had reached the end of history, where no real ideologies could punch-through the reality distortion field – what if the face of the future really was Tony Blair's cunt grin over burning desert sands for all eternity?

at least that has ended.

We have to live in this nightmare.
Jesus Christ. This man is as stupid as he looks, somehow even stupider.

Fixed it for you.

The Internet used to at least be an escape from it all. Now it's the exact same as everywhere else.

I suppose no one gonna condemn what they actually beneficiate from. But I understand, at the end, you don't win by catering to the unpopular, but by influencing power centers. I think that was what what Bannon really lacked in his vision, and his incapacity of building networks is what made him so seducing to the GG autists.

It's really something isn't it

In stead, we now get the haunting feeling that what you described may have been a pinnacle and we are careening towards the abyss.

Reddit red libs pls go.

Can you imagine Rudy Giuliani on the supreme court?

He's destroying Earth's climate at a time where we are on a metaphorical edge of a cliff, shifting how future society will behave politically, act politically, and in far future ramifications, interact culturally; and worse yet, how the biome of Earth globally will not be able to recover and adapt in a world this filled with climactic change not seen since the end of the Ice Age; another period of mass extinction.

He might as well be if Mel Brooks' wrote the sequel to The Producers, The Antichrist

All this book is giving me reminders: Fuck we live in hell, but hey, it could have been worse

Like China, India and Russia wouldn't still pollute in droves. Hell, even Germany are coal lovers because "muh bad nuclear power".


It doesn't matter what they do, because we aren't talking about them, if we were talking about them, we could have this conversation.

Right now, Trump is enacting policy worse than them.

Because the President of the United States used a White House lawyer to threaten the publishing of the book he claims is fake, but The Mercers and him are lambasting Breitbart and Bannon, and this is all causing a crisis about how the office of the presidency and the executive branch cannot just stop the publishing of a book

So the event in which this book's context lives is still a matter of Trump making a truly remarkable legal spectacle about something he claims on Twitter he cares nothing about.

That and the US President shouldn't be given special status, he should be mocked at any given opportunity.

This book is probably true as well, given the previously mentioned freak out that cost Bannon a fortune over night.

I think that's what made him such an effective campaigner. He had nothing to lose so he went full retard with the racism and misogyny rhetoric, creating a spectacle no one else in the GOP had the freedom to do because they are career politicians and that shit destroys the long term future of the GOP.

Which is why the GOP establishment were abandoning him in droves in 2016. They fully expected him to lose and drag the party down with him.

But instead, he won, and opened a whole new Hell they had not planned on.

This doesn't seem right, he may not be a billionaire but even his critics put his fortune somewhere in the hundreds of millions.
This passage make me question the rest of the book.
There's a lot of cognitive dissonance surrounding Trump. I think even Marxist don't EMOTIONALLY understand the staggering amount of surplus value someone like Donald Trump has. I worked for the DoD as a contractor for years, and their resources are crazy vast, it's like a parallel economy. Manhattan, which is where most of Trump's real estate empire is, is the capitalist capital of the world. He wealth is probably just has unfathomably vast in terms of use value.


Instead of what? There is literally no one else in the fucking establishment that would behave differently. I doubt even The Sandman would do better. Dawg, shit will have to get a lot worse before they get any better. If it's too worse to recover from, at least we tried, instead of continuing the unending decline.

Besides, you still forget that the US is ONE the major poluters.

Essentially in the "campaign" portion of the book, everyone Actually Rich and Powerful just didn't assume he could make it because while he was also manipulative, he was so comically manipulative and postulated his wealth so much higher than it actually was, that he never got anything effective done; they considered him to be something of a "Clown Prince" that wears his motives on his sleeve. Someone who's too stupid to actually get shit done because he doesn't care about wiping away his tracks, which if this book has veracity, Roger Ailes was constantly warning him about before he died, which annoyed Trump because he thought he wasn't doing anything wrong, probably because Ailes was warning him what he would do would effect his legacy beyond his death; which Trump is terrified by.

It really isn't.

There would be. It wouldn't be much, it wouldn't be enough, but Trump is truly diving into making the climate go as fast as possible. We can argue who would, who wouldn't all day. But I don't think there's universal opinionated equal among the richest boomers of the world when it comes to the climate, Trump is particularly noxious and is so during a time when we need policy that is the most restrictive, because we're on the brink's brink of possible future catastrophe.

Besides the point, "If" doesn't matter. What only matters is what is currently occurring.

He went bankrupt nine times.

Out of dozens of companies, this doesnt mean shit in the world of big money

No it wouldn't. And it wouldn't pull the veneer of properness the way Drumpf presidency did.

If the "if's" don't matter, why the fuck did you even bring up possible side realities?

Regardless his net worth remains in the 100s of millions. From what I understand the bankruptcies helped him since bankruptcies still work as they were intended with porky. Your debt is wiped away and you get to keep your assets. Your punishment is that you don't get credit anymore.
The fact that he went bankrupt so many times bolsters this. How'd he go bankrupts 9 times, if he wasn't actually at least retaining his assets through each intineration.

Trump isn't big money. He obviously isn't.

If you want to see how Trump actually manages his financial stability, I suggest you take a look at Atlantic City the last 30 years. Now he's heading into his 80's, and it's going to be incredibly worse.

DC bookstore sold out of 'Fire and Fury' 20 minutes after midnight release

Hard copies of 'Fire and Fury' sell out immediately at Portland bookstores
this is gold

For all people say Trump is a PR genius, please point them to this.




Too bad this wasn't released later in the year. It won't have any affect on electoral politics. It's just spectacle.

It is though, his father was a slum lord in one of the boroughs and Trump leveraged that and his fathers connections into real estate into Manhattan.

This is what I mean when I say Marxists don't emotionally understand how much 100s of millions is. Having that much money makes you a legit porky, you're just on the bottom of the porky ladder.

"Muh Everything is Spectacle" fuck off, this board is spectacle, everything is

How does one "emotionally understand millions"

Wonder what Breitbart is doing right now

Dumping like a sinking ship

Are you kidding? This is kicking off the Republican civil war. The GOP will tear itself apart well before primaries.


If the book says this, it makes it all the more suspect for me. The "Actually Rich and Powerful" are well aware of "The Southern Strategy" which is all Trump was employing during his campaign minus the dog whistles. There's no way they didn't at least entertain the idea he could win, because the GOP has been winning with the Southern Strategy for generations.
The bit about Rodger Ailes makes no sense either, he had Trump on Fox nonstop for all of 2015 and 2016. Trump would have been a non player in the election had it not be for Ailes. More and more I get the feeling this book is just sucking the dick of triggered millennials and conservatards that Trump is "le BIG DUMMY who will fall!" Wouldn't suprise me if the lawsuit Trump filed is part of the spectacle and he's actually getting a cut of the book sales.

Nothing says "This means nothing, liberals" like the Mercers throwing their money off Bannon and Breitbart and trying to make a rival website with Peter Thiel in the last 48 hours

I'd guess it's primarily intended to prepare ground for Trump's impeachment.

Not all of them were on board with Trump, and not all of them weren't. Trump had few friends, but he certainly had powerful ones that shaped politics.

Friends like Sheldon Aidelson, and Roger Ailes were behind Trump 100%.

Rupert Murdoch however, loathed everyone in his family except for Kushner.

I mean it makes sense to me.

Like I said I worked for the DoD. I saw first hand their industrial capacity. I thought I understood what that amount of money was but I really didn't until I saw it first hand.
I give you an example. 10 years ago I was on the DREN (Defense Research and Engineering Network) it's an ALL FIBER nationwide network. The DREN is like 1% of the US internet. I was living in a future a decade ago that STILL has yet to come to pass for the average person.

You missed the point, Ailes WAS TRUMP'S ALLY, and he kept telling him "this might not be good, you shouldn't do this" because if anyone is obsessed about legacy it would be both Trump and Ailes.

The difference is Ailes was smart about it until he slipped dick first and tried to tell Donald not to repeat his mistakes, but then he died, and Trump wouldn't believe it because the idea people would loathe him forever past his death fucking terrifies him according to this book.

That makes sense. All of this is plausible.

In fact it goes out of its way to say Trump's biggest hurdle going forward in his presidency was the fact Ailes was discredited and subsequently died. Without Ailes, somewhat the brains of his entire election, he had really no guidance for personal scandal.

Pledge uncritical support to Donald "Manchurian Candidate" Trump.

Here's the even sadder part about the DREN (Defense Research and Engineering Network), it was built in the late 90's! Before Clinton left office he passed this huge subsidy to AT&T and MCI to build fiber. 100s of millions of dollars worth, they build the fiber network but then the 2000's IT bubble popped and the abandoned ALL OF IT! The DoD simply came in and bought all the unused fiber for pennies on the dollar and called it the DREN.

I'm going to take it with a grain of salt, we all know Trump is porky, but compared to the Porky's around him except for a select few who "got" his appeal and invested and helped him like Roger Ailes, he was who they always recognized him to be.

Which the book goes out of its way to describe as "Clown Prince". But as soon as he went into office, all the people who mocked and gossiped about him immediately went rank in file to flood into his disoriented Administration.

Drain the Swamp my ass, it said he would offer anyone and everyone a job from the financial sector. And in his early presidency, that is what he saw. In fact early in his presidency he was surprised and happy, optimistic, "Let's get shit done more than Obama, Bush, or even Clinton", the problem was he only knew Real Estate and failed to accomplish much without Bannon, who was mocking him behind his back. The administration slowly turned into arguments, screaming and gossip, between people who wanted influence and/or money for differing reasons for differing outcomes, with no clear goals. That is the last year. That is what happened.

Basically all of the book lines up with reality, and it doesn't make me doubt it one bit.

As this presidency has shown, people are capable of miscalculating the odds of something. Even Rupert Murdoch.

Can you clarify this point, I don't get it. You asserted Alies didn't think trump would win. If that was the case why did he have Trump on Fox for all of 2015 and 2016? Alies always used Fox to control the GOP. Why would Alies put so much resources in promoting a presidential candidate he didn't believe could win.

Breitbart is done. Mercer cut off funding and no one advertises there. Now they're trying to create a competitor network.

I had to post this edit.Post more Bannon-Lenin memes.

The book goes on to say how the faults in the beginning of the administration were met with denial, everyone knew this would end badly, but as long as they recovered connections it would be fine.

They both underestimated his win, and overestimated their capability to shape a stubborn Trump into ACTUALLY making policy that would appeal to the public while being manipulative enough. Basically, Trump is fucking terrible at scheming, strategy, beyond appeal to a group of people; and when this was brought up, he would throw a fit. Which lead to more fits. And more, until the White House was a complete war zone of furious screaming and firings.

Past the first two months in office, the Trump administration went FUBAR beyond what FUBAR is capable of describing. It wasn't a downward spiral, it was a descent. People fired this way and that.

The book covers all of it, motivations, money, strategy, back stabbing, all of it is covered and parallels reality.

Could this book be embellished and exaggerated. Sure, I mean of course. But there's too much accuracy within it, and too much of a response against it, leading Bannon and his influence on Breitbart to be blacklisted from the White House when he was so close even after firing, and the Mercer's pulling funding and going to Thiel to make an 'alt" Breitbart of sorts in the past 48 hours. And the legal threats.

While Trump is saying everything is fake.

It makes a case that this book is actually, for the most part at least, telling the truth. There wouldn't be the need for such a reaction if it really was "fake". There is truth in this.

Yeah no, after this I'm not believing a word of this book.

He's not wrong. Those huge fast food chains, especially McDonald's, have cleaner kitchens and food than any local joint, because they're deathly afraid of lawsuits caused by the weakest food poisoning. This would be a good thing, if only it didn't involve liberal use of chemicals in the food.


I don't see why this "STUPID" on Trumps part. He won, they didn't, and he won in SPITE of them. These childish characterizations of Trump being retarded are tiresome. Huburis =/= Stupid.

I'm drinking in the afternoon, excuse me. Ailes was behind Trump 100%. It was Murdoch who had no faith in him or his family. He just warned Trump about the mistakes he was making that would cost him his legacy, and from Ailes' long lasting influence in American politics, he wasn't wrong. He shifted the Trump campaign into hyperdrive.

But then the sex scandal happened, and not long after he died.

Without Ailes, Trump didn't have a political mentor to help organize his thoughts and administration. This was bad. The only thing keeping him together during the Administration, according to this book, was Ailes. Telling him what he didn't want to hear. The closer he went to the election, the less Trump wanted to hear about it.

Rupert Murdoch was one of his primary enemy in media, going so far as to bring him into the post election party since he never believed hims saying "You gotta look at Rupert, you gotta stay for Rupert."

This is classic Trump.

What do you want more, the responsibility of being a president, or a media empire with Ailes? Being president was never in Trump's MO. He was just surprised and happy he won at first, which slowly over a year devolved into angst, fury, despair, and screaming, and firing.

Here's a Wikipedia article about the DREN.

Why? He invested almost no money in it and stood gain a lot from it. He would be the messiah of the right.

The Dilbert guy is a notorious dumbass but stupid people think he's smart because he draws office humor and was in le MENSA meme.

That's also covered in the book. All his detractors were stunned, scared of what this change might bring.

Nonetheless they were first in line to get into the Administration because they wanted Washington connections. They met in Trump Tower to metaphorically kiss the ring. He hired who he thought could "do the job" which was basically anyone he knew in finance. Whether they believed him or not.

This totally matches up.

C’mon Bannon join the left.

I'm sorry but I've worked with Porkies, this is simply not how power works. I don't know why Bannon was fired, but damn he was a huge liability from a PR standpoint and was pretty much let go at the exact most opportune time. You really think that was just a coincidence?


It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Trump who leaked the Hollywood axces tapes.

You realize by left he means Democrats, right?

Clinton wouldn’t’ve done jack shit in terms of helping the environment.

This has never happened before.

tbf 4/pol/ is all boomers now

Jarvanka was out to get him on day one. His interview with Robert Kuttner sealed his fate.

Trump has always relied on other people throughout his business history.

Already starting? It's been a slow burn, but it is happening. The man's administration gets worse by the month.

Boomers, Redditors, Neets, sharing what they feel best.


She wouldn't. But what Trump is doing is somehow LESS THAN JACK SHIT

We can critcize the President of an Imperial power all we want. In fact, Kim shares most of our criticisms

It's not just Holla Forums. I was on /gif/ the other day to see if it was still shit (it was), and some boomer had a long post about different fleshlights. It was obviously a boomer based on his humor and shit. 4chan is LITERALLY just facebook now.

Is he more likely to step down or get impeached, or finish the term

I'm not one to make predictions, but he's too stubborn not to fight tooth and nail on any of these options.

Two terms

You know, Bush did it, but the popular vote still counts. And with him losing elections, I don't see it.

I don't think he expected his trolling train to turn on him as well. KEK.

The Democrats are going to lose seats this year bruv

Scratch that last part

He hates the job though and if more revelations like these come out I don't think he'll be able to take it. Don't forget the likely Alzheimers.

If the democrats run hillary or someone akin to hillary trump is probably going to win

Bush did it because he was a war president. You don't vote out a war president.

The problem is that nobody expected that war to last 17 years.

I'm not cheering on the Democrats, I'm just saying a second Trump Term is unlikely. We're only 1/4th in and people are getting universally tired of him.

The one thing Bush had going for him was terrible war. Trump just seems to bathe in malice for the working class that helped elect him. It's not a sound strategy

Yup, white people have been screwing themselves over to serve their white supremacy spook since the founding of this nation.

You can scratch out ALL OF IT. He's fucking done.

Meanwhile werid Twitter is busy posting fake portions of the book in order to trigger Trumptards. Don't they realize how badly this bullshit backfires? It's why they "lost" GG.

The neocons are going to work their magic this year.

Oh give me a break with this engineered Gamer Gate nonsense. Nobody here even believes it anymore. It's gone.

If trump will be in even deeper shit he will declare war on some country, be it Iran, NK or anything else. He will find a casus beli just to keep his ass safe from impeachment just like Bill Clinton did with Yugoslavia

Weird Twitter are just crptyo-fash bullies still butt-mad that Trump's election is a non stop validation of their impotence.

Can you imagine if Trump got replaced with someone actually competent, or God forbid, charismatic? It would be a complete disaster.

Spreading fake shit to make duh ebil conservatives angry only helps to reinforce their beliefs in the end (especially now that fake news is a legit meme.) You are literally giving then ammo.

I don't think he will. Trump is a legit porky, his hubris is genuine. He literally cannot pay attention to anything that doesn't enrich him. All the Warmongers I've seen were stupid spooked by nationalism and it's obvious they derive a huge part of their identity from it.
Trumps not like that, to his credit. You see how he shit all over McCain without a second thought and also over the Muslim gold star family. That's wasn't some lapse of judgement, he just doesn't give a fuck about nationalism.

Then you seen nothing, american wars arent caused by nationalism, they are caused by idustrial-military complex.
And everybody would back trump on possible war, industry, senate, both dems and reps would back him on that, and most of all it would be him that would benefit the most from this.

What fake shit?

t. Butt mad he was never a Goon

Which Trump also doesn't give a fuck about.
I think you underestimate Trump, I'm certain he love attention, but this idea that he's compulsive about it I feel is just a fairy tale liberals, and "Leftists" that are really just crypto fash, tell themselves. They will not unequivocally denounce the capitalist system that brought Trump to power. They really still believe poor people are powerless because of a personal failure and not because a porky like Trump stole all their surplus value.
Trump has been spending more time getting government money flowing to his real estate holding then anything else. A War wouldn't benefit Trump at all.


I think what he means by "goon" is that the guys was never apart of this forum somethingaweful. I think.

I feel like you are using Cheney as your template of what a warmonger is. Cheney personally benefited from war, like 1 to 1.
That one to one enrichment is what Trump in interested in, not this abstract idea that a war would help his class.


bro apart from like maybe dril who even gives a fuck about weird twitter anyway

Reminder that Hillary’s campaign/DNC worked to ensure a relatively extreme candidate (Trump/Cruz/Carson) would win the GOP nomination

How? She's boring as fuck

A small correction: he won because the mouthbreathing demographic is bigger than he expected and media incompetence.

Mememagic: it just werks.


I'm happy we're under a trump presidency and not a fucking Ted Cruz presidency, although the president liking porn on twitter would've been great

Someone gets mad, every time it gets mentioned.

Why would they? When Trump inevitably leaves office as the most unpopular president in history, the same cunts whose incompetence got him elected will ride into town as if they were their saviors, and America will believe them.


How were the bush years ever real?

It's a consequence of him being a wimp. After reading through the tl;dr article, I am tempted to say that he was Russian Trump, but that would be unfair to Trump. Yes, I'm serious. At least in some aspects, Nicolas managed to be worse: unlike Trump who at least tries winging it somehow, Nicolas pursued path of least resistance and relied on someone else making decisions for him.

I doubt it, if anything people will just stop voting and check out altogether, give up on politics.

Hot take: American politics will be ☭TANKIE☭ GANG by the end of Trump's presidency

if enough working class people are checked out and their lives keep getting more and more miserable, they'll be driven to desperate shit. Desperate enough to join a paramilitary gang. I fully expect left and right paramilitaries to fight each other in the streets for the duration of the 2020's.

I have noticed this too. There are pictures posted there unironically now that I am 99% sure come from facebook. Its depressing

I cant fucking wait, it will be even a better entertainment than syria

It will be a very low level civil war, America's urban planning means people are as isolated as possible



How could that happen? The whole problem of Late Capitalism is that the ruling class doesn't have a grip on reality. Partially evident by how everyone thought that Trump couldn't win.

I wouldn't be surprised if (in fact, ~80% certain) the next president manages to be worse than Trump.


Oh wow.
Does he has Autism?

CWC was the first thing that came to my head reading that.

Wyatt Koch will be our next president and it'll be exactly this, he's like CWC if CWC was actually rich

This was Bannon's strategy ("The
new politics was not the art of the compromise but the art of conflict"). He relied on Trump not just on ideological character, but also in his influence onto media outlets, in a certain feedback loop: a mogul being reciprocal to the information disseminated to the populace, and spreading their own political motive at all costs, no matter how ludicrous, pic related (This is perhaps why Bannon thought of Trump as being tied to the collective unconscious of the country, however, it was due to his reliance on the media cycle, the constant interconnection of media influence). The circumstance of post-truth was only a foundation to this phenomenon, only indicating the forthright radicalization of any individual possible, left or right ("Bannon would argue that he knew exactly how to build a Breitbart for the left") ("That was the way to crush the liberals: make them crazy and drag them to the left").

This is all conjecture, however. I would say, had this scenario occurred under the campaign of a competent candidate, we'd be fucked even more than now.

In the grand Trump dumpster fire, you forget that the Republicans are actively hiding out from their constituents. I'm sure this year won't change things.

I don't know. Is repetition a condition of autism? Because Trump does that. A lot.

Near the end of the book, Wolff says the staffers believe that his rambling and repetitions are actually increasing, much to their alarm. It might be a sign of Alzheimer's.

He lacks basic understanding of cause and effect. He doesn't understand why gossiping to strangers would make that gossip appear in the newspaper the next day. He also doesn't understand why the media dislikes him or why the political machine doesn't accept him when he's made his entire campaign off mouthing off to the media and toppling the political machine.

Picture unrelated.

What in the name of all that is holy is this?

the decay of empire

in short, he lacks self awareness and he is not capable of understanding his surroundings.
I think its fair to say, that he might be possessed by the ruthless demon of Autism.

That section floored me. He just assumed the everyone would be fawning all over him because he was President.

The worst part is that a lot of his staff had the same assumption. Reading Kellyanne Conway throw hissy fit, with shit like "We won! They lost! It's not fair!", when Sally Yates informed them about the Flynn tape just drove home that the WH is run by idiots.

I mean his kid is autistic and autism is genetic…

no wonder Holla Forums and kekistan love him so much. truly one of them.

How long can the bourgeoisie keep running reality when their brains are broken and their connection to reality is severed?

Or maybe he is just old and senile


This isn't twitter kid, have some dignity.

what the fuck is that image

drumpflet detected

At this point its passed the cringe threshold to ironic humor. Even Holla Forumstards use it now.


Come on dude, even people here don't use that shit. It's just retarded American humor

Tbh i use it ironically and find "drumpf" pretty funny

im retarded?

That's not what the Bush years were actually like, though. The guy was an unsubtle wannabe crusader who dogwhistled the kind of batblind evangelists who Trump has pandered to directly.

He also had daddy orchestrate 9/11. So people remember him more positively.

Elaborate please

Senile people do behave like children sometimes now that I think about it.
Could be Either.
I just wish he demises the American empire from the inside out faster.
It only took Gorbachev 6 years to tear the USSR apart.

mmm I was referring to the neocon propaganda of the administration rather then the actual reality of it.

its already one year and he (might) have three or seven more years to do so. Hopefully he'll do it. Considering the fact that an economic crash will happen and the trump administration wont do anything about it, not all hope is lost.

That seems to be his entire driving force. No matter who he's talking to, he, perhaps instinctively, will immediately try to endear himself to them by agreeing with everything they say. You know how he can say completely mutually exclusive statements without missing a beat? It's all a matter of pleasing the crowd to him. He's a pathological sycophant.

You expect your readers to like you just because you offend your enemies? Delete entire chapter.

user, the only people who both A) saw through his bullshit and B) voted for him, were a few porkies with something to gain from him. All the untold millions of others were just plain idiots who got scammed. They somehow couldn't tell Trump was dimwitted, unscrupulous and not in full control of his mental faculties. Like you, I can't understand how someone can not see that, but that and the disturbing number of such souls is a fact we have to accept.


I think he will barely survive this 3 years
I mean being a >prez by accident is a stressful job and i doubt drumpf will want to keep it

His family's old name was actually Drumpf, though.

It's imperative that, wherever possible, we expose the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧eternal Kraut🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

'Wilhelm, Hitler, Ed Gein, Kissinger, Merkel, 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Drumpf🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧' - what do they have in common


Bush was possibly one of the only guys to hold the White House while unironically believing in an interventionist God. And maybe he didn't - but he played to it a fair amount. So the rhetoric with regards to his wars was filled with "I spoke with God," and "God is on our side" shit - and conservative Christian Americans responded to it. He had the minimal political clout it took to occasionally say things like the now-infamous "religion of peace" comment (which was played up a lot more in 2016 by the media), but he also kind of downplayed the US's alliance with countries like SA most of the time - or at least the nature of their activities and beliefs. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan weren't really holy wars, but they still were given heavy religious overtones nevertheless.

Incest is a shit-tier fetish.

Oh wow, he managed to compartmentalize support for both Bannon and Daddy.

There's also Spike Lee's Bamboozled, which might be a shameless rip off, but hey, it has minstrel shows. If nothing else, they're a welcome respite from Hitler.

Holy shit, he actually is self-aware.

Still right about everything.

No way. I could believe everything about that book, except for the accidental presidential victory. That's just too much, more Spectacular than the Spectacle itself, more fictional than fiction. It was literally the overarching plot of a South Park season, for fuck's sake. I absolutely refuse to believe that.


People run in the primaries to promote themselves all the time. Trump just took it a step further.

Wolff played you like a damn fiddle. Mark my words, Trump will win his lawsuit, this book reads like some High School burn book.

It probably isn't. Being president has massive benefits for a buisness man, what with being able to influence law they way they can. But even if he lost he still got a fuck ton of publicity. I think he was ready for either, a little before the election's end trump announced his own channel or something. basically no matter what happened he still got something out of it. That is unless he continues down a path that fucks up everything so much that no one trusts him anymore, then hes fucked, which is fine by me.

Becoming the world’s most reliable source of news.


Trump is a "normie". That's the joke.

I doubt it. He almost never wins the libel suits he pursues, I'm not even sure he's ever won one.

Trump is a multi-millionaire perhaps billionaire that seized the reigns of power without even trying, and using the government to directly enrich himself as we speak. He's the furthest thing from a normie.

Anyone who isn't an incel is a normie. Lurk more.

Fucking boring, get a new line asshole

I don't think so. The complete anarchy of the transition lends credence to the idea that he didn't actually plan to win. Hell, I don't think he planned to win the nomination.

He just rode it out to it's conclusion, not fully realizing that it might lead to the presidency.

in your heart you know it to be true

maybe he didn't expect to win, but it was still potentially beneficial to him. theres no big businessman who would pass up an opportunity to influence both law and potentially the world.

Yes, this is you right know. Mr. Smart.

You forgot that America has a lot of rural villages. These villages control huge tracts of arable land. These are also the places where the civil war would play out, preventing them from exporting food. This would cause a large famine, both in America and abroad.

Welcome to reality. We also have Scientology.

That argument is valid until one remembers how Trump recently posted about "bigger button" he has. On twitter.

Less, actually. First two years his policies were somewhat tame.

Those bankruptcies were part of his porkish scams. Pic related.

Does Trump strike you as the kind of person who would pass up an opportunity to feed his already gargantuan ego?

I can understand aiming for presidency but still reaping benefits if he loses. But hoping to lose and winning because he underestimated the imbecility of the American people? It's just too farcical. The odds are just infinitesimally small, it's like an astronaut falling from space, surviving the re-entry somehow and landing on a pile of swan feather pillows or some shit. It just doesn't happen.

Let's say it's 1 A.D. What are the chances of you being born?

Wikileaks and secret CIA documents aren't the only proof you need. He has the testimony of Bannon and other Trump officials gave him many hours of interviews.

Now, maybe they are feeding him bullshit idk

My point was, your greentext
is ridiculing a person who does believe that "shit" was made up for money. But it is clear that you wanted to go into the opposite position. Which speaks for your intelligence.
In the context of your post it should have been

How quickly you've forgotten 2016. Everyone and their mother was sure Hillary was going to win. All the polls said she would win. There was no indicator, save Bannon's crazy ravings, that said Trump was going to win.

Trump, like everyone else, got caught in the Hillary haze and got fucked because of it.

Why would they undermine their own administration? Unless, its some Adam Curtis hyper-normalization type shit.

I wonder whats going on in this timeline.

This denial.

If Trump was bluffing, then he is a moron. You don't bluff if you know that your bluff will be called. That's basics. And DPRK has literally no reasons to bend to the pressure. Consequently, Trump was doomed to gain nothing and lose his face.

If Trump was NOT bluffing and actually will follow through with his threat (go nuclear), then he is absolute irredeemable retard. There is no reasons to do it, while consequences will be catastrophic even by the most optimistic estimates.

Occam's Razor.
You're making a lot of assumptions in order to defend Trump. Some are very implausible. Like, why would they be paid a cut of the sales if they just say what the reader wants to hear anyway? Wolff could have made it up himself and not have to share anything.

Explain the gigantic legal reaction and subsequent Mercer desertification of Breitbart and Bannon because it's """""fake""""". Want to make an alternative to Breitbart with Peter Thiel now because it's "fake". Threatened cease and desist because it's "fake".

No this is real. Welcome to the desert of the real

Gonna reach the end of the term with terrible popularity but his campaign will work its magic again and he'll get 4 more years.

Look into your heart, you know it to be true.

A Leninist in the White House? Finally!

Of course they don't, it was precisely this kind of hubris that got them to help Trump get elected. And that same hubris ensures that they will never own up to that.

Obviously, lack of faith in the reigning system is conducive to social unrest. But what if this lack of faith breeds only apathy? People just keep voting in lower and lower numbers, but were conditioned their whole lives to see no alternative to the scam of liberal democracy, so they just trudge on with their lives as alienation mounts?

Granted, America has a higher chance of seeing shit like this than any other developed country, but still, first world countries don't have revolutions. Even if it can no longer even be considered a first world country, the people will not revolt, so long as the decay was slow enough. As a general rule, people can tolerate the most awful living conditions, so long as they consider it "just the way life is". It takes a sudden and long drop in living standards or the system's legitimacy or etc. to trigger serious rebellion.

hmmmm yes delicious

user, the problem is the exact opposite: they write reality, then convince people it's true. Hypernormalization. They're fucked if they fail to convince us, which is why media and culture are a fundamental strategical part of modern class war.

Oh like you never babbled on about how much pussy you grabbed last month.

Has a genetic component, but the cause is still unknown. Fun fact: an old substance called suramin seems to temporarily cure it.

Suck it MAGAfags

saw flag, didn't read



Fucking brilliant

I confess I don't understand your riddle, Prince of lies.

I know man, his victory was a surprise, that much is believable. Cue the "Dewey Defeats Truman" pic. It's the winning without wanting to that defies belief.

This is just too much, man. I mean I know we live in an age of horrible wonders and I hardly blink at the absurdities the news show on a daily basis, but there's such a thing as too ridiculous. An insane nitwit becoming the most powerful man in the world without even wanting would be the biggest flub in human history.

There's plenty of bombshells there that they would try to SHUT IT DOWN, I'm contesting only one.

I'm afraid to say it

But the boomer Photoshop geniuses are at it again, and don't like Trump that much anymore



I actually thought Trump would win, although I assumed he'd carry the popular vote.


You missed an option.

Why can't we just laugh that this book is probably true

Because for some reason a lot of leftists on here unironically bought into the "4d chess" meme too.

While the odds to win lottery "are just infinitesimally small", someone will win - despite odds of such an event (for this specific individual) being "infinitesimally small". I.e. you can't judge veracity of something on just how improbable something is, unless you take into account the entire situation.

From our point of view, absolute and total majority of Capitalists are degenerate retards - which is why it is common for them to engage in a behavoir that cannot be described as anything but farcical (i.e. it's improbably rare for us). However, it is Capitalists who are primary shakers and movers of our society - which is why chances of some retarded bullshit to happen at the highest level are quite high.

And "president by accident" is hardly the most improbable thing.

Reality check: we've been practising those "flubs" for thousands of years.

Practically every single feudal who inherited title did it by accident - by being born to correct parents. Hardly anyone asked if heir wanted the crown and resigning was rarely a good idea.

Trump blew this book up with legal threats, making it arrive four days earlier and sold out like hot cakes; a book that makes it look like he has the mind of pizza rat, because he wanted that to happen

The Wolff says that he has audio of the interviews.

Explain the blowback of legal action and the Mercer's making Breitbart a desert, pulling funding, and making a """new Breitbart""" with Peter Thiel

There is no reason to do this over just a fake book. They could point out what's fake and what isn't.

They haven't. Just like everything that's true, they say "IT'S ALL FAKE, ALL OF IT IS FAKE"

This should give you enough proof its real.

Yes, he most certainly does.

Stop it with this pseudo intellectual argument

Bannon made Trump. There's a reason why he seems like such a loser nowadays. Without Bannon at the helm he can't do shit.

So that means everything in it isn't true if NPR said the sky was blue would you stop believing it?

Why would they dump so much investment they have in Breitbart and Bannon for what they could prove is false! That doesn't make any sense!

If it is false, this is the boy who cried wolf too many times for me to ever believe him when the words "fake" come out of his administration's mouth.

Whenever that happens I'm going to assume it's true.

Because muh 4 dimensional chess muh fugga

Honestly though this probably won't do much to Trump other than make him very angry. It's not like being a racist grandpa is an impeachable offense.

If his response to Charlottesville didn't get him impeached, nothing will, short actual criminal activity or shitting his pants on live TV.

It'll definitely go into the textbooks about his administration and all the trivia sections about American presidencies, and that's what scares the shit out of him the most probably.

Because he hasn't proven an ounce of it false, he's all but confirmed it with threatened legal action (Trump's favorite hobby when things don't go his way) over a book publishing and suspension of funds from donors.

If it was fake he could have pointed out what's fake, what's real. But apparently he confirmed everything Bannon said is real, while simultaneously claiming every sentence in the book is fake.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. The more he does, the more he tarnishes the post death legacy of his life. Which, mind you, the book points out is not something he gets as angry about, as he gets pants shittingly terrified about.

It is a hilarious fucking book though.

out of those two it will be shitting his pants on tv, and posting about it on twitter, he can't get caught on anything because it's so dumb it creates enough plausible deniability to kill the chance of conviction.

I predict they'll get him on either Obstruction of Justice or Money Laundering.

And notes. And witnesses.

From his own reports, the book was the product of an 18 month con job on Trump, which included publishing articles favorable to Trump. It's a ruthless piece of journalism.

again, plausible deniability, and there are enough republicans that will side with him to avoid a definitive conviction/impeachment

I don't think there's much plausible deniability when they're already investigating Trump's bank

*Bank Accounts

I wouldn't be surprised if passages from this become required reading in high school history classes in a decade or two.

but they won't get the conviction, he's not going down, he has a fanbase, unlike other white collar criminals like Bernie Madoff

Even Nixon had a bigger fanbase

Nixon was a genuinely tragic figure though

Trump has a small fanbase of failson boomers and alienated young "men" that is spread out across the entire country. They are politically irrelevant to the GOP, especially if Trump's antics start costing the GOP seats.



He is not a fucking tragic figure, no US president aside Lincoln was a tragic hero.

No deniability, however the House GOP could just not institute impeachment proceedings. It would be political suicide, but they seem on that way already.

And even if gets impeached, the Senate GOP could vote not to remove him from office, which they probably would.

The point is, Congress won't be getting rid of this fuck unless his health forces the 25th Amendment, and even then they won't do it unless his brains are oozing out.

Plus, why does it matter if he's tragic or not? And what in relations does that have to do with Trump's probable money laundering?

It's the structure of what happened itself, not the sympathy you have for him. Macbeth is anything but a sympathetic figure in my eyes, even with how uncomfortable he is with his crimes.

I'm drunk, that's why


Is this What peak damage control looks like?

I mean, once he starts forgetting what happened the other day? Or they charge him on Obstruction of Justice or Money Laundering? What if by that point they both are happening simultaneously? There are angles to this presidency that are such pure batshit that I don't know how long they can make this last.

At what point does this fucking become Weekend at Bernie's

There's nothing tragic about Nixon


Who is this guy, and why does he look like the oily creepy guy who crushed on me in community college

Just say ugly, sweaty

his rise and his fall were caused by his reactionary paranoia, by definition it's tragic

This. We would literally have communism right now if it weren't for Nixon. Fuck him.

Sorry, but I'm just imagining some boomer struggling to work photoshop while muttering "This'll own the libs".

I didn't know cycling past my house when we were friends waving if I could come outside like this was an 80's teen romance wasn't creepy, or at least, very unsettling

Nah lol

What is it with the right and the inability to use photoshop. You know exif data shows up right

It looks like all the EXIF data except for colorspace shit has been scrubbed


Well it's probably real

It was probably made by a boomer. They have appropriated the nu-male meme to mean "literally anyone younger than 40 who has facial hair." It's just another way of whining about the kids. Also 90% of Holla Forumstards look that way.

It’s the Holla Forums meme. Basically, they found these pictures of some irrelevant nerds celebrating getting the Nintendo switch for Christmas and this ties into the whole soyboy meme since these were grown men happy to receive a game system instead of siring 6,000,000 white babies

Soyboy would be effective if they didn't already look like everything that is that. First Nu-Male, now Soyboy.

But they all look like that. That's just how men who use the computer too often look.

Don't forgot bugmen. There's no way that term wasn't coined by a boomer.

Whatever happened to just calling people nerds

It would hit too close to home. Those terms are primarily used by nerds to distinguish themselves from other nerds.

Also remember bannon was saying the strategy was to go from people thinking Trump was hitler to thinking trump was stupid to thinking he got some good stuff done to thinking he was the GOAT.

So we are definitely at the point of thinking hes a moron but its also the time when people think hell fire mueller and demtards are telling everyone how theyre going to take to the streets and execute a coup if he does it… In the meantime trump is talking about a bipartisan immigration deal….

The real question is why would bannon do this when he just bred a bunch of trump sycophants over the last year? Sure, he has hubris, but maybe he does just have his own ambitions which involve broadening his appeal and credibility. If hes still working with trump then this whole charade is impressively meta

I mean, that nose…

Where we're going we don't need no Damn encyclopedias or no history

Bannon isn't associated with the campaign anymore. Trump fired him for unknown reason and now the Mercers have abandoned him as well.

You mean the one where he's once more demanding the WALL? He's also making Marijuana illegal again and opening an investigation on Clinton too.

He's fucked.

America's greatness is only created and upheld when buying weed means parking in a Burlington Coat Factory instead of a Willy Nelson's Weed and Cafe


now this I can get behind

Now we know Bannon didn't take his dismissal that well, lol.

I grant you it doesn't look good. What trump has is that folks are afriad hell start WWIII, if he makes ppl scared not to comply then he can get his way. But that takes firing mueller probs and some grand romantic gesture (liza).

Otherwise I think all he has is sudden willingness to cave on anything, giving folks an interest in keeping him in ajlnd out of jail. Part of the reason people think muellerust do shit any second is it so crazy to have him and trump on the same earth same second

We've been collectively fantasizing about nuclear annihilation since the Manhattan project, why would we stop now? Why would we interrupt it?

Can't believe you're all falling for the umpteenth hysterical anti-Trump story. There's no proof of any of this, the Russia hacking story, the money laundering now this and exactly nothing has come of it.
Trump sueing isn't an admission of guilt, that's what grown ups do when they are wronged.
I still don't understand how mercer abandoning bannon fits into any of this.

It's far too consistent this time, and the reaction is far too clear.

CNN seems to really hate him

That consitency is what's weird. Like the books says everyone in his family and cabinet universally thinks he's unfit. But this information is only leaked from anonymous sources and Bannon?
It would be coming from more places than that if true. The truth is probably more mundane, he's probably in over his head but delegating a lot of deecions and power to experts on his staff. He's droned a ton of people but other than that his administration has really fucked up in a material way, just in these splashy spectacle ways that I half suspect he exacerbates on purpose.

*hasn't really

W- Waitasec guys. What if this is a gambit by the GOP to impeach Trump and replace him with someone who's actually competent?

That makes the most sense. People lined up way to quick behind this book. This is really fishy.

According to the book John Bolton almost became secretary of state, hadn't it been for his mustache.


Yeah I remember them talking about that. It was him and Romney they were trying to push.

God bless his mustache. The only part of him that ever did anything right.

This is like that time the guy who played the arm in twin peaks got pissed at lynch so he started slandering him like mad but it all read like bad fanfiction.

Where is this image from ?
Seems interesting

I think he's referring to BET xD

Yeah, even just as egregious is that it seemed somewhat innocent enough at the beginning when Milo took an interest, he beguiled us and is doing the same to his fans

And his own fucking party turfed him out of office because he's a stupid, gaffe-prone nutter who was only good at saying "No", and they knew we'd throw them all out if nothing was done. The Liberals/Nationals survived the last election by the hairs of their arses but it won't happen again a second time. America might as well be in a different time dimension because the Dems are hollow cucks with nothing to offer, almost guaranteeing there'll be a second term of Trump.

This has already happened throughtout the past two years tho. In fact, it was a fundamental part of Trump's victory.

Also already happened. Nevar 4get DNC's shillary.


fukken incredible

Not necessarily. Dunno how lottery works there, but here at least it's perfectly possible, if indeed very unlikely, that no one ever wins the lottery form now on.

Well yeah, that's the thing, I'd say I'm doing this better than you folks.

Consider this: the lottery is played by tens of millions of people, and the odds of any one person winning, altho low, can be calculated with precision, and it's indeed minuscule. But then, what are the odds of a demented oaf becoming the most powerful person in the world by accident? Well that would be 100% honestly, but the odds of that happening to an egregiously bad one by accident? First, you only have 2 contestants instead of tens of millions, but more importantly a) the number of variables is absurdly larger, b) these variables have an enormous number of possible states other than simply "drawn" and "not drawn" like a lottery number, and c) the interactions between a and b makes this mean that the odds of winning the presidential election by accident make the odds of winning the Powerball look as good as that of the sun rising in the morning.

And the feudal thing is a bad analogy. It wasn't specifically Lothario Knut Braganza & Hohenzollern who won the crown, but the king's first born (or whomever qualifies first by the shithole's succession's rules). Those are distinct entities or qualifications or what-have-you, and needless to say, the odds of the latter getting the crown are very high indeed, because pretty much all he has to do to win is exist. In that vein, Cruz running instead of Trump would have had completely different chances of winning, by accident or not, than Trump did, whether he run his own way or somehow behaved exactly like Trump did.

It is, but people are keeping a lid on it. You don't go around advertising that the leader of the free world is suffering from Alzheimer's. They didn't do it for Reagan, they aren't going to do it for Trump.

His brains would have to be leaking out of his ears before they dare suggest he might have a mental condition.

….Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star…..
….to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!
kek :)

Mention not the one who must not be named.

< if we use this specific type of lottery and increasingly improbable odds
It's called nitpicking.

I think I didn't explain it properly: my point is that you are ignoring the odds of event that is equivalent to "retard PotUS by accident".

As a caveat (separate point), odds of "retard PotUS by accident" are not as low as you think.

You are overcomplicating things.

There are four relevant probabilities:
1) chance to get retard as a PotUS
2) chance to get PotUS by accident

#2 is a combination of:
2a) someone to be running for president without intention of winning (which is quite common).
2b) for president candidate to become nominee unexpectedly (which is quite high due to inadequacy of Liberal narrative).
2c) for president nominee to win unexpectedly (which is still high due to inadequacy of Liberal narrative).

Assuming #1 as 60%, #2a as 80% (i.e. 4 out of 5 don't actually expect to become president), both #2b and #2c as 40% (2 out of 5 cases resolve contrary to Liberal expectations), we get 7.68% chance to get "retard PotUS by accident". Probabilities can be lowered or increased, but chances aren't "miniscule".

The vast majority of feudals who inherited their title were both aware of that fact and generally had years of experience doing similar things ruling smaller areas before they inherited their title upon a parents' death. Despite how shit it was as a system (doubly so for the inbreeding it caused) it wasn't like nepotists during that time went around with no accountability nor knowledge of governance and then just ended up ruling a kingdom.

This is an even bigger "flub" because now some 500-odd people were directly involved in picking a man who, from the outset, very obviously had no skill or experience in the position and was a blatant stage act from day one. Said clown-leader now also has the capacity to cause millions of times more damage than anyone since Ghengis Khan.

Trump's meltdown is a cornucopia of salt.

I guarantee he'll pull a Reagan amnesty deal

The dude was president of Princeton

The fact that Richard Spencer and Alex Jones sided with Trump over Bannon shows they are controlled opposition. If this was really about building an ethno-state or destroying the establishment or whatever Bannon would be the clear horse to back.

Spencer and Jones are just sheepdogs to bring a new constituency into the Republican party.

Trump winning the US election is the best thing to happen for the world in decades. If the burger left can't capitalize on this they will never accomplish anything.

Holla Forumsyps don't even care about economic issues. They just want someone who will stop non-white immigration. The Republican's show no intention of doing this so in there eyes they aren't really right-wing despite their market fundamentalist agenda.

True, but irrelevant.

Whom they expected to lose. He was (and still "is") absolutely irredeemably "unelectable" - according to Liberal narrative (in non-US terms; i.e. in which even Republicans partake in) where world is controlled by opinions.

So? How did you expect "productive forces" (our technological aspect of civilization) enter into conflict with "property relations" (social framework)? Only by said property relations messing things up big time.

This is the true outrage right here.

Anyway, your reactionary ass must be happy, it has now been proven by anecdote that the republic doesn't even have to collapse for us to have Caligula as a leader anymore. The bad emperor-problem has been relegated to a universal.