Where is the next revolution going to be?

as we have seen in the news, the current state of the world is unstable and unsustainable, now the question is, which country is going to be the first to suffer from the contradictions of capitalism so hard that it falls into communist revolution?, i don't mean "the goverment gets overthrowned" i mean full on everything gets nationalized and the gollotines get sharpened by porky blood, hard mode is only countries capable of defending themselves, and that are not gonna get Kronstadted by everyone at the same time


Define revolution, if you mean the next place to have a random mass uprising; not a clue, if you mean the next to be a DotP: Nepal.

the MoP get sized, DotP gets stablished

The new Red Army is me and Greenlandic Communist on a snowmobile armed with wiffle bats and lutefisk

Well not sure about MoP getting seized quite yet but Nepal will be a DotP soon. A Corbyn government will try to seize the MoP, to quote McDonnell "Day one of our labour government will see the bank of england put into the hands of the people"; now if this gets crushed by porky, doesn't go far enough or fails utterly remains to been seen. As for the rest of the world, Turkey is on the verge of coming undone so we could see some action there.

What makes you say that?

Their Marxist-Leninist and Maoist parties suddenly made a peace pact, won the election with an absolute majority not only in the national but in 6/7 of the regional assemblies, their opposition are a non-leninist marxist dem soc party, a socdem regionalist party and a soc dem party. Nepal basically was an absolute monarchy until quite recently, in 2011 the monarchists tried to coup to restore absolutism, they overthrew them and now there are like 7 different marxist parties trying to run the place. but yeah, the country is now run by an alliance of MLs and Maoists, the country is defo red.

Are you saying that parlimentarianism is going to lead to the DotP?

I am saying that the Leninists and Maoists now have uncontested control of the state apparatus and can bend it to their will.

let's see if they actually do that and aren't just edgy socdems

Parliamentary reformism won’t fix anything!

oh shit, what were their promises?, will they try to nationalize anything or maybe take control of the army?

I'd say a poor agrarian country. Or perhaps Greece or somewhere in South America if things really go south.

yeah but can they deal with India.

this is what communists forced gulag prisoners to eat

Didn't India actually have some revolutionary potential? I mean maybe not any time soon but that's what I had as the impression

I'm literally friends with half the sitting parliamentarians of Bermuda, If you guys are in, where in to.

forgot shig bosting flag:DDDD

Yes, though Naxalites have been on the retreat (but recently getting more Chinese support), and the Indian communist party hasn't been making electoral gains. The ruling party in India is now straight up fascist.

Hello! I now have trip!

Spain, Portugal, Italy, or Greece.


Can us Quebec folk come too?

Saudi Arabia will collapse, and who the hell knows what will result from that.




South Africa

Atlanticist gang is getting tired, night
remember no fucking pacifica revisionists allowed

I find this incredibly unbelivable

One day…

Yay I'm there!

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Once climate change melts the polar ice caps, the two floating islands of garbage in the North Pacific gyre will be all that's left.

I'm pretty sure unless we all die from Heat death first that places in the artic and Antarctic circle will be habitable. Also

Trashmanhumanism truly is the only valid ideology. DeVito will lead the way to our salvation only made possible through the holy land of the floating garbage islands.




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Also it’s got mountains which are good for guerrilla combat.

Balkanization of USA would be wonderful thing. But is it even possible? I have heard about some nationalist agitations in california and texas, both, I believe very economically strong states.

Kinda. You could break the coasts and the South off real Easy. But the Rockies, Great Plains, and Midwest would all still remain as “Middle-Merica”

Iran obviously

A civil war in Saudi Arabia would just result in the entire country being made uninhabitable from all the dumbass princes spending all their money on private armies that carpet bomb the entire population. Its the closest thing to Ancapistan currently and will soon collapse.

I always thought it would be funny if mexico became a communist country because then im pretty sure every politician in americas head would explode like the dude from scanners and the McCarthyism would be ratcheted up to over 90000.

I think someone posted in a thread they did a poll where they asked would you support a revolution in your country and the top countries were all southern European.

Would be funny if europe got split into two and southern europe became the new soviet union

in the woods

Here’s a map of a future left block in Europe. Sorry for not making it red. My computer is having problems with colors.

Or even like this.

why include hungary, but exclude poland, czechia and slovakia?

Poland was one of the few countries in the former Eastern Block who benefited from the fall of communism. Where Hungary suffered from it.

Ukraine is Nazi, Crimea isn’t Ukraine.

How Poland benefited? Or, more importantly, how Poles benefit from maintaining status quo? Czechoslovaks also suffered from dissolving of former socialist republic. I doubt you can break v4 so easily.

Only are in wonderworld of Russian propaganda. In reality there is almost revolutionary conditions. If revolution in Europe began Ukrainians perhaps support euro trend.

the entier polish idenity is based on

1. jesus
2. pope john paul the 2nd
3. that time nazi germany and the soviet union split them in half but plucky polan survived


There was an infograph that showed what percentage of the people were better off after the collapse of the USSR. Poland was the highest at like 52% Everyone else was below 40%

Stop being dumb. They are.

Revolutionary conditions require revolutionary movement. AFAIK there is only Borotba which seems to be still quite far away from having sufficiently developed core.

That was an opinion poll, actually. You need to account for Polish narcissism, and being showered by EU money. :^)

Poland should’ve been pushed back, but they shouldn’t’ve gotten East Prussia. East Prussia should’ve been an independent country.

Fuckin judeo-bolsheviks, mang.

More like Deutscho-Bolsheviks

The next revolution

I always knew Bookchin was a Romefag.

It doesn't matter what poles think about soviet union. What matter is how they live, and how better is possible for them to live.

So why are they still doing liberal capitalism?

Behold, the Socialist Republic of Carribea

Because they're Marxist only in name, just like China.

Almost none of the Caribbean countries like each other.

Bin non, gros. On a notre propre révolution à faire, nous autres.

That'd be interesting.

I'm going to be honest here, the left bloc is going to be a retarded mess of a coalition between various strands of leftism.
Catholic Left in Italy, strands of anarchism scattered in France, or Northeast Spain, Market Soc in former Yugoslavia, unironic NazBol in Romania (maybe). Irish Marxism in 32 county Ireland. It will be either the largest sign of Left unity in existence or be a massive shit show of infighting. There's just some areas which are only really compatible with certain forms of socialism unless you invade them which in the case of Poland creates an extremely reactionary movement that will seize every opportunity it can to get the victim card.

looks like a weird Rome

Turns out the Roman Empire was just preparing the terrain for communism .

Socialism with SPQR characteristics.

The new government hasn't even been formed yet.


This is my most liberal estimates, god damn the world is depressing

Here's my projection

I think its time we cut that lost cause, it may be further gone than, dare I say it, America.

Wait, why Georgia?

why burgerstan and Russia?

America is on the verge of collapsing, and Pavel might be able to achieve something. Still, is there something I don't know about Georgia?

Isn't Georgia one of the most soviet-nostalgic countries though?

American will have small guberment secessionist and/or fascist take over twice before any socialist do.
The communist party of the Russian federation is more nationalistic or reactionary than leftist.

The youth of the party hate United Russia and their shitty bootlicking leadership though.

but the "communist" party is offering a real alternative.

*is not

Quality shitpost

French people have strong leftist tendancies + revolutionary traditions

They’re getting Le Pen in 2021.

The sooner leftists stop romanticising the French the better.

Nah, the second round of the election will be Les Republicans vs France Insoumise (or whatever comes from it), putting a tenner on it now.

What if I'm a French leftist with an actual praxis?

Maybe we are, most likely not.

Revolution will succeed in Turkey and Russia. Russian and Turkey will invade Georgia. Deport Georgians to Kazakhstan and settle the land with Abkhazians, who as an ethnicity are loyal to the red flag.

Because in the future the only viable form of socialism will be nazbol because future politics will be dominated by Neoreactionary Technocrats. As such in order to succeed socialism must be reactionary as well. Hence why America, Britain, Turkey, Iran, and Russia will be socialist.

This is the only correct answer.

Not in my revolution.


I'm all for the British royal family getting removed, but I'd prefer it to be by nuclear fire, so the rest of the Anglo swine go with them.

Poland lost, total theft of MoP, destruction of society, debt, we are "foreign owned country", the usual. But we barely have left side parties anymore, the only postsocialist times one was ultracapitalist and doesnt matter anyway. There is a small one now, but theyre just jews covering all bases, nothing more.

Anticommunist sentiment is strong, but people still want gov to organize everything.