Video offers rare glimpse of hardline ideology from presumed next leader of Cuba

Video offers rare glimpse of hardline ideology from presumed next leader of Cuba

He also accused the U.S. embassy in Havana and those of Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom of participating in “subversion” activities and providing support to the opposition.

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here it is from gusano herald

like how they try to turn his simple slideshow presentation into some kind of sinister leak

and the video from the "dissident" rat, with plenty of editing. full translations are welcome

Him being hardline isn't a good thing per se, him cracking down on dissidents doesn't help anyone: what decides if he is good or not is actual socialisation of the economy.

thats good I guess

The best thing will be the original unedited video


This - I don't really have high hopes. On an impulsive level, this sounds good - it's better than him coming out as a pro-US guy or something. But "rah rah, I'll crack down on media" bears no guarantee of being anything more than an offer by a political figure to ensure their own position.


Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Miguelism with Castroite characteristics
(We need to make Cuba take the cyberplanning pill)

Please can anyone link such video??

Oh wow how fucking wonderful
Instead of going full Chinese Porkism Cuba will just stay with Tito Tier Dengism-Lite

Will the subversive media meme ever end? I know Canel is probably right but politicians railing on the media is fucking tiring. I'm so sick of having paranoia sold and used by politicians tbh.

If a leftist revolution succeeds in the US one of the most satisfying things will be seeing all the gusano scum who fund these things be sent to Cuba to face trial.


Why is the Church trying to train "entrepreneurs"?

Because Cuba is State-Capitalism
Small to Mid sized Businesses exist all over the place

Because they want Cuba to become capitalist again,as the revolution , took most of their porperties as well as their influence over the population.
Don't want to insult your views but nearly every church anywere is shit

I just want the narrative to end, it's tiring, much like nuclear annihilation and love triangles.

are you trying to imply media isn't subversive?


No, but actually trusting people would be a nice change, I'm sick of being paranoid.


Socialist governments tend to dislike capitalist shills.

I feel that you missed the point
But it isnt though

the absolute state of left anti-communists



leftcoms to the wall.

Except that im not saying that
Cuba is Capitalist
The US is Capitalist
I wont pick a Side on this conflict as both sides ultimately work in favor of capitalism

The Church openly encourages dissidence in socialist states. This is hardly shocking.

Especially scum like Luis Posada Carriles

Leftcoms in a nutshell

Can you name me one corporation based in Cuba and its CEO? Is the Cuban government extracting the surplus-value of the working citizens?

W r o n g

The Cuban gov has been issuing licenses to open private businesses for years now they dont even claim not to

The Catholic Church is human filth

the church was so buttmad about the Cuban revolution the Pope excommunicated Fidel

They also use the joint venture formula to attract foreign investments. An interesting article at Granma:


Just found a Vid explaining it
Its a bit liberal (vox) but gets what im trying to say across

What is the difference between State Capitalism and "regular" capitalism? Is the state not heavily involved either way? What use is it calling it State Capitalism then?

Imo State-Capitalism is a economic model like China or Cuba where capitalism exists but with extremely strict regulations unseen in western democracies
But even China does not fit this at thsi point and is basically just Capitalism

Fucking leftcoms are no better than trots

Wow 1 of 5 businesses are Capitalist leaving 4 out of 5 socialized. Totally not even close to socialism. #invadeCuba
#hilldawg #accelerationism

Why don't Cubans celebrate Halloween?


Guys I just realized, what if Trump is America's Batista?

Maybe because Halloween is an American thing thats been exported throughout the years?

Why not Fidel's Castro son or something? Are they no longer going to be social-monarchy like the DPRK?

it's the only good American holiday though, the downside to Halloween isn't even Halloween, it's Christmas trying to poke it's fucking nose further and further back into the year

Look it up 20% of Cubas economy is private
The government as early as the 90s began issuing private business lisences
And the government allows. A capitalist black market to exist on the island


Indeed but the embargo weighs a lot on the island..Would you rather see it go back to Batista times?


well let´s just see what happens in March now that Raul is retiring; and come on, 60 years now being a sovereign little Caribean island is no small feat

That's not how it works, child.
In a conflict between the most powerful empire in the world and a tiny island, staying "neutral" means de facto support for empire.

It was originally an Irish-Celtic holiday that was brought to Burgerland via Irish immigrants.

Yes, tons of sweets are eaten on that day, but it's just one fucking day a year, brighten up a little bit.

Cuba must become the first cybernetic cooperative socialist economy. How do we exert our Wolffist-Cockshottist influence? Do we just meme harder?

The Cubans aren't stupid enough for that.

no, go to Cuba or send them a public letter or spmething and convince the goverment to adobt cybersocialism

I now that the sending a letter option is not going to help/encourage them, adn is kinda larping.
But I could translate it if we redact something here.
Also I have the Spanish PDF verison of TANS so maybe attach also that.

Also my party has some pretty good relations with the Cuban goverment, they always send delegates to the Congresses
So maybe there is an option of the letter reaching someone relevant within the CCP

Just letting you guys know that outside Havana the term "capitalist" is used as a term of endearment for any guajiro that likes to do negotiations.


So what is up with cuba anways?

Are they considered state capitalists like china now? Or did they never sell out?

If there is one thing you can give fidel its that the CIA and america never got him and he died an old man.

The catholic church is actually very evil and was a big part of helping to destroy communism during the cold war.

They use to be a ☭TANKIE☭ Hereditary Monarchy like N.K but have decided to go full Deng Geng at this point

cuba sold out from its inception

Castro was a left-populist who sided with the revisionist krushcev soviet union after americans refused to help him.


50% of Great Britain and Bigger than Ireland.

Someone needs to post this on hispanachan.


You are more likely to establish cybersocialism like that in the DPRK, they are trying to computerize every enterprise now and generally still have a passionate vision, which I don't know whether or not Cuba still has it. They also seem to be way more interested in modern futuristic stuff. But TANS doesn't exist in Korean, does it?

Now why oh why would the catholic church be against communists? Really makes you think… 🤔

The church is not a monolith.

reactionary cesspool

Seems cool, but I'm not going to get my hopes up until there's talk of reinstating economic planning.

Oscar Romero was so spooked with christcuckoldry he actually believed in human rights and the other stuff his church preaches.

The Pope is the Vicar of Christ. The rest either falls in line, declares an antipope or shuts the fuck up.

They deserved worse.

fucking lmao, is adopting orphans kidnapping now?

doesn't matter, chan culture spreads like wildfire, no matter the country. At least get some autistic ancap to "debunk it", drop some quotes and get them to argue, all publicity is good publicity.


Idk if you realize this but churches were being burned and attacked before the war even started.


Really puts the cortex in a vortex.

I mean the kind of reactionary hole that gets you banned (and doxxed if dumb enough) if you're lefty. Not worth imo.


it is a documented fact about the spanish civil war that the falangists used officials from the catholic church as informants against the communists but nice reaction image anyways.

Oh I'm sure the Republicans made up all sorts of trumped up charges that they recorded all nice and neat into notebooks before they lined them up against the wall, just like Stalin did with the show trials.

dude the pope congratulated France after he won the war. Are you really denying the church was pro-fascist?


Theyre ebil dictators, right?

Are you denying that the militantly anti-church policies scared the church away from any semblance of support? The church is, like any sane group of people, concerned about not being lined against a wall and shot.

Look man, you know how everyone thinks Scientologists are evil and scheming. They have nothing on the fucking Catholic church.
Can you imagine if Scientology had its own country? The Vatican is literally its own sovereign nation.
Nuns and priests are basically spies for them.

Do…do you know what the Church is?

the c*tholic church has opposed communism/socialism since the 19th century, long before they got their comeuppance in spain

Do you? The Church is an organization that was born from, and has bled to, defend the rights of Christians and promote their salvation for two millennia, and will continue to do so for future millennia.

Ah yes, defending labour unions and the dignity of workers was the first shot against the working man. Not a certain phrase about opiates, or certain events during a previous revolution.

very nice. let's hope he is indeed a "hardliner".

proof you don't even know what that phrase was meant to mean in context
Are you referring to the russian revolution,where the Orthodox Church took the side of the whites and christian reactionaries let anti-jewish and anti-communist pogroms throughout the country?
The same church that fully supported the Tsar and was opposed to any left wing reforms that would have weakened the aristocracy and therefore taken away church privileges?

Lol nope, pre-state Christianity was decentralized. The Church as it has existed from the Holy Roman Empire has been the world’s largest landlord and sponsor of colonialism, imperialism, genocide.
Critical support for porky in his struggle against native prole aggression.

No, no. He’s talking about the Church which openly funneled arms to the Falange via Italy and Ireland, let Leopald II butcher millions of Africans, turned Poland into a fascist state, and to this day continues to destabilize Vietnam and the DPRK.

Imagine defending landlords and porkies THIS HARD


The tone of Díaz-Canel really reminds me of Maduro in these leaks, with the hawkish attitude toward dissent and all, so his "hardliner" attitude is to be owed to that aspect and not to any changes on the economy of the island as says.

On a slightly related note: the gusanos are much more irrelevant in Cuba than their Venezuelan counterparts, as unlike the latter, they have no national bourgeoisie to pay for them and most of their figures are offshore in Miami. There is practically no support for the dissidents in Cuba. Out of 27,221[1] candidates for the Municipal Assemblies only at most 175[2] were dissidents, and of course bourgeois press likes to make a big deal about it, as if there were a huge mass uprising incoming against the government.


The Spanish .pdf version of TANS is horrible, nearly unpresentable - poorly formatted overall, especially the tables which break between pages, and it even has some placeholders in place of images (pic related). Whoever did the design put in no effort at all. If you do send that file, send the original alongside as well.

Also rather than just contacting govt. officials you probably should also reach out the academia in some important Cuban universities, particularly the faculties that study economy, mathematics and industry management in general.

muh autism levels lol