I know this board is dedicated to pretending like we're all revolutionaries and all but I just wanted to break...

I know this board is dedicated to pretending like we're all revolutionaries and all but I just wanted to break character for a second and have a thread about how grateful I am, and you probably are too, that we all live under communism and that the cold war is over.

I mean it's fun to pretend like the United States still exists and that there is still starvation and poverty in a resource rich economy but I'm just super happy that none of that is still going on today.

I mean could you imagine getting up five days a week in the dark to work for eight hours for a WAGE!?! It honestly blows my mind every time I think about the fact that people used to have their surplus labor value extracted by some asshole who got to sit pretty on other people's work. I only go to work 20 hours a week and I have a higher quality of life than my grandfather who worked twice as long for less.

I would hear horror stories of way back when you had to PAY ACTUAL MONEY for medical care, of all things, medical care. It's truly insane.

I'm just so glad that all of that is over now and the revolution finally won out.

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yea, I make succ dem memes but living under it here in america isnt that bad outside of the cities

The fuck you are talking about mate.

Y-you too

I have to pay back my bank loans, without a job and I am an alcoholic and a Finn i Sweden, my battlecry!! youtube.com/watch?v=wKHwP2Kl460

one day

Thank you!! The walls are creeping in!

Air thanks and sorry!! For my behaviours, thank you!!!

I thought Finns had free university?

I still remember the night they declared the creation of the Transitional Government. Comrade Sanders was there onstage, along with all the generals who'd led the military coup. In retrospect the entire affair must've been hastily arranged; save our new President, everyone had arrived in thick greatcoats marred with mud, sweat, soot, and maybe even a bit of blood. It was hard to tell on the old CRT.

I'd heard stories about Comrade Thompson. They said her expertise as a strategist was second to none, and that she'd personally forged the alliance between us and the Quebecois when Canada attempted to intervene on behalf of the loyalists. As she spoke, I'd like to imagine we all felt a tremendous calm wash over us, as if her voice had caressed our very souls and transported us a realm of utmost security. There was still much work to be done - a new constitution to be drafted, countless enemies encroaching from all sides - but in that moment, it dawned upon us that the worst was finally over.

I'd never slept so soundly in my life. Not since my mother passed away one year prior.

Fuck you all

It wasn't supposed to be like this

Turns out we didn't need bread after all. Fulfilling our production quotas is far more important. The vanguard originally said they would withdraw their regional commissions and allow syndicalization, but I, I mean we, prefer it much better this way .

Also, the Amish deserved it.

I know this is a shitpost and slide thread but why would they, perchance? Ethno-centric self sustaining communal living.

University is not the only thing requiring a loan.

Reading this post was a roller-coaster of emotions.

I couldn't agree more OP. I actually ran into some old comrades at the distribution center today and we were reminiscing about the good old days, back before the transitional government, when we were still in hiding. Of course, it's much easier to remember that time fondly now that we live under communism. Your descriptions of wage-labor seriously sent me back! What an absolute nightmare, capitalism was.

Why must we live in this timeline

The true revolution will be realized when we return to communal theocracy, bengel.

why are people treating this like a larp thread?

Because it is.

please explain

The OP was meta and some decided to run along with it.
Also I think OP is vaguely trying to make fun of leftists who think socialism is possible without a violent revolution

current thread theme

oh shit, it didnt occur to me that OP was sarcastic, because I live under democratic socialism and can live with no wages because of it, and from where I america as it was before the cold war dosnt exist anymore, because they lost.