Why does the modern left have so few notable female figures...

Why does the modern left have so few notable female figures? Pretty much the entire female "leftist" sphere just seems to be liberal identity politics and nothing else.
Did the "Brocialism" smears chase away all the female leftists or what?

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Anything niche has few females in it.


We have female comrades.

Eh there are: first that comes to mind is Naomi Klein. I think a lot of women get scared off by radlibs screaming about reductionism, but tbh that is starting to break down.

The modern left has no notable figures in general. Everyone's dead and so are the women.

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Seriously this.

I imagine it is because our politics are niche and women are less active in politics than men? So thusly if 1 out of 100 people are socialists (lol) and if 40% of politically active people are female, then we would expect every 1000 people to have 4 socialist women. Now if you said that for every 100 socialists, 1 is a notable female….
You get what I'm saying, I'm sure. Even with bloated numbers you get pretty small amounts of expected Socialist women. We'd need more Socialists/detailed data to know if there is an actual problem with the amount of women. Personally I don't care what the distribution is, and I don't think anyone else should either.

half the people with the necessary inclinations to begin down the rabbit hole, ten times as many pointless ideological distractions.

Among other things its the same reason theres hardly any women on the far right, women tend to be more attracted to more moderate/centerist politics, men tend to be more likely to embrace "extremism".


here in Latin America we're pretty even

Who are you referring to?

Because two sexes have different inclinations, affinities and properties. Lack of female leaders in radical politics comes naturally.

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"Dialectical materialism is incompatible with the hysterical emotion based female mind"
-Karl Marx

What is tznius?


ITT: bourgeois intellectuals

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Sounds like men as much as it sounds like women

Yes. The left has nobody.

Gotta love Sahra "Stalin did nothing wrong" Wagenknecht.

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Optimism is bourgeois.

Optimism is only available to the property owners? Seems rather general to me, like you haven't read Marx.

Why is this an issue for you, leftism has no valid political strength either way so you're essentially just asking to compete with neoliberal feminist propaganda for the sake of image. Just like the Democratic Cops of America.

The left is doing just fine here in the UK.

Shame she has to hide her power level.
But yeah, based Sahra is based.

Social democracy isn't leftism.

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When compared to the right I don't think it's anywhere as near as you might think it is

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Do you have any evidence to back these very bold claims?

Women are reactionary

Radical politics of any stripe scares women away, which is just as well because women are cancer to any radical set of ideas. It's no different on the right, I assure you.


Happily married, but tell me more about how not hating women blindly means you have to pretend they're identical to men

When your ideology rewards someone for crying and playing victim, that's exactly the kind of person that will rise to the top in your organizations.
Obviously, they falter as soon as they have to operate in the real world.

tl;dr: idpol. It's always idpol.

There's plenty of women on the far right, though. Fuck, they're pretty much running it. LePen, Hanson, Petry…