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Anyone have that archive with their constitution and other internal documents that was posted here a while ago?

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Democratic Kampuchea was one of the few genuine attempts at implementing socialism (not counting Mao's China, Pre-Khruschev USSR, based Hoxha's Albania and Kim Il Sung's DPRK). I'd argue that they were more genuine than the revisionist Vietshits and their Soviet Social Imperialist masters.





I don't think it's fair to compare Democratic Kampuchea, a state which was born during the Vietnam war, under military aggression by U.S, Thai, Vietnamese and Soviets which inherited an artificially created famine and was toppled after three years by a Soviet sponsored invasion to the People's Republic of Kampuchea which was a client state of the revisionist USSR propped up by the booming 1980's Soviet economy.


I'm not disputing that between 1977-1979 the U.S (and allegedly other Western Powers) offered military aid to the Khmer Rouge against the ongoing tensions between themselves and the Vietnamese and Soviet. It's well documented and a known tactic used by the U.S (like in the Iran/Iraq war). However it is incorrect to assume that the Khmer Rouge was always U.S backed controlled opposition considering the history of the movement dating back to the Indochinese War and the fact that the movement was subject to U.S aggression and topp,ed the U.S backed Lon Nol regime.

I'm not saying that the Khmer Rouge was infallible and I agree that they were used during the end as a tool of imperialist meddling however I think the movement also had possitive and interesting elements largely unexplored due to the stigma associated with them.


good book on the true nature of the vietnamese

You have to be retarded to believe this. You can criticize Pol Pot without relying on bourgeois propaganda.

Pol Pot 'genociding' a million of his people is just as bullshit as Stalin orchestrating the Holodomor.

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any sources that prove killings under his regime where false?

Remind me when Pol Pot agreed to US military bases in Cambodia


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Pol Pot interview:

Nuon Chea interview:


Great Leader:

The majority of the musicians in this album either got killed or screwed by the Khmer Rouge.

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Is this thread real or ironic, because I’m starting to think brother number one really did very little wrong.

Did the CIA and Pol Pot have a common enemy that sought to enslave the region and create a fascist ethnostate?

Pol Pot with other communist leaders:
Pol Pot and Khieu Samphan with Nicolae Ceausescu and Elene Ceausescu, Pol Pot with Ho Chi Minh and Laotian Communist Leader (can someone help me identify him?), Pol Pot and Ieng Sary with Mao Tse-Tung.

Asking these people for sources is wasted time. They'll come up with some way to defend Ceaucescu or the Kim family if they want to.

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You do realise that Democratic Kampuchea did not have an actual functioning government?

Here’s an article from the Maoist International Movement debunking a lot of the alleged killings.


So Roo plagiarized this for his Pol Pot video? Colour me surprised.


Functioned just well enough to empty the cities, overthrow the previous regime, and force people to dig holes all day



Joke: Hitler did nothing wrong
Broke: Stalin did nothing wrong
Woke: Pol Pot did nothing wrong


How close are the Shining Path to the ideology of Kampuchea? I've heard they advocate a kind of Andean indigenous Year Zero.

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I watched a documentary this morning on Pol Pot and what struck me were the similarities between his thought and praxis and Bakuin(ism) (I acknowledge that a lot of contemporary anarchism owes more to council-communism and syndicalism than it does to Bakuin) in that the whole way that the core of the "organization" remained secret goes almost completely hand in hand with Bakuin's stuff about "Invisible dictatorship", and also would seem to flow out of what he wrote in "catechism of a revolutionist". Then there is seeing the peasants and the lumpens as more "pure" revolutionary material because of their being more "natural" than urban workers. Then there is the cultural nihilism and wanting to sweep everything away that belongs to the past culture as opposed to integrate from it what is truly human.

I also saw a lot of parallels between Brother Number One and Nestor Makhno for very much the same reason. Like Makhnovtchina the Khmer Rouge wasn't really a "state" in a traditional sense. Makhno also organized the peasants into a revolt that was very free-form and not tied down to a single set of moral principles, much like the Angkor. Am I wrong?


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Existence of cold war atrocity propaganda is enough to question all of it.

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How come you can see through anti-soviet CIA propaganda but not anti-brother #1 CIA propaganda?

Yes, they called it communism.