Right-wing puppet media honors the Holodohox


So sad. Never forget Stalin paying the clouds not to rain in Ukraine. Why don't you let these guys know the truth about it, Holla Forums?

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Is Socialism really picking up in the U.S or something? Why would they do stuff like this otherwise? I mean they are literally making movies idealizing nobles and building bronze memorials to famines. Interesting times.

What would be the easiest way to deface this? Asking for a friend.

Problem is, only boomers and hippies are stupid enough to fall for this shit

tfw you're too far away to vandalize :(

Just plaster on a big cardboard cutout of May running through it.

Oh, ok. Cool. So, wheres the statue dedicated to the 60 million indians who starved under the british empire, THE worst regime in human history?

Uh-oh 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧we🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 have a bad native over here

Or the victims of the horrific military dictatorships that the United States propped up?
Or the victims of the united states shitty wars?


They won't accept the truth

Tell them to read Fraud, Famine and Fascism




Why is the might-is-right right-wing so eager to prove they are weak faggots that lost?

Are you clowns literally denying the famine now?

This is literally what the "holodomor" is in essence. It's not a genocide. It's just another example of the inhumanity of capitalism.


What hack did they get to design this? Imagery of wheat was used for the Comecon nations. Fields full of wheat is what the Communist Party of USSR wanted to project for rural Ukraine since that coneys abundance of food. You can easily change it into a monument for the USSR by just changing the text on the monument.

The funniest thing is that the US doesn't even recognize the Holodomor as a genocide.

The only reason Ukrainian nationalists obsess over it is because it helps to distract from the holocaust (an actual genocide) and also justifies their own cooperation with the nazis.


I'll check the first and last one, but I'm not gonna click a fucking google drive link.

Never mind, the first one is already farcical, tottle got his ass blown the fuck out, and never made any attempt at rebuking his critics. The entire piece is just pro-stalinist propaganda.

Why would anyone take them seriously when this is what they come up with. You can't have image of plenty to represent famine of what you show plenty of. It is like there person that designed the monument never heard of any art theories and just came up with it on the back of a napkin while high on cocaine.

I don't see Tottle getting btfo anywhere in that link, in fact it shows they couldn't prove it was a genocide

The logic I can imagine is


I never claimed it was, I pointed out that tottle was a fraud. Also in the 7th page he unironically cites Louis Fischer's report. The entire book is filled with bull shit.

What is the Holdomor? Give me a basic rundown since I've never heard of it…

Stalin did a famine to genocide the kulaks by collectivising agriculture because he really hates Ukrainians for some reason.

The Holodomor hoax refers to how Ukraine fascists claim it was a premeditated genocide against Ukraine. It's not denying that the famine happened but that the famine was not deliberate or man-made as the CIA and Ukraine Banderistas like to distort and falsify.

and who are the kulaks? I'm sorry I'm an absolute brainlet, the most history I know of is the dick measuring contest Sweden and Denmark had with each other for a century and how the US basically created modern Greenland (occupying us so Canada couldn't annex us and the Nazis use us as a launch point/base against Canada)

the kulaks were peasant landlords in Ukraine during the early days of the Soviet Union.

Did they exist before then? Different name? Were they basically leftover Green Army people?


To my knowledge to kulaks didn't really exist before the revolution. They ended up filling the void left by the noble landowners during the New Economic Program. Essentially they were successful peasants who bought out less successful peasants and became their landlords.

I'll probably get corrected by someone more knowledgable because I'm better versed the later Ussr and WW2.

versed on

This is wrong, Lenin refers to the Kulaks many times in pre-revolutionary writings and other sources comment on them as well. However, you're right that the destruction of the aristocracy and the NEP gave them room to grow in prominence in the immediate aftermath of the revolution.

I am happy i was right about part of it. Also, what book is that?

I'm half wondering if these were the type of people to demand "Am I being detained?" over and over to the police.

uh… literally every liberal country recognizes the holodomor. this isn't news

They are more like the customers that talk down to the servers/cashiers/receptionists, treat them like dirt, yell, belittle them, and generally act like they are owed something by those they consider beneath them.

If you were to survey the proles that work around the rich, it's always the "almost-haves" that treat them the worst. Not the ones swimming in money, or the ones that have enough to be comfortable, but the ones that just haven't made it yet. We know them as "petite bourgeoisie", the ones that truly hold the seed of fascism.

Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martens




Did you miss this, or are you intentionally being facile? Then again it's hard to tell on this ☭TANKIE☭ board.

The debate about Tottle is outdated, he's right about his conclusion so it doesn't matter whether or not he used one or two fallacious sources. The Soviet archives are open. We literally have the telegrams Stalin sent to local authorities. Everybody who STILL claims that the Holodomor was a genocide is nothing but a history-denying fascist sympathizer or a neoliberal anti-communist.

Literally an OUN-Banderaite mouthpiece and its no coincidence that it was convened in Canada, the Western country with the largest and most right-wing Ukrainian expat community. The location also is hardly coincidental when you consider that Canada's government is the Western government most committed to the Holodomor meme.

Let's take their word for it and pretend this is true…who cares? Even if it was written by the head of the KGB that wouldn't have any bearing on whether it was true or not.

This guy has it right. When Robert Conquest doesn't even believe in the Hololodomor then you seriously do have to consider the idea that it was all Cold War bullshit and fascist fairytales.

*most organized right-wing

boy those Ukes would sure be sore without their honey Holodmor



I've seen petite bourgeoisie thrown around a lot here, at this seems to appear to range from isolated gated communities to anyone who lives in the suburbs (even if the part of the suburbs they live in is shit). And the american line from where suburbs begin and end is very weird to me since a shitty part of a suburb is still a suburb even if it's more "appropriate for a city"

Petite bourgeoisie are the losers of the bourgeoisie. They are small scale capitalists who also work alongside their employees. Think small business owners.

Forgot to add that alot of posters here seem to use petite bourgeoisie as a synonym for middle class which is wrong.

Even fucking Solzhenitsyn said it wasn’t a “Ukrainian genocide”, although he still claimed it was orchestrated by the Soviet government.

Nobody informed denies a famine. There was a famine in the Soviet Union from 32-33. The holodomor distorts reality by painting it as intentional. A more "reasonable" formulation is that it was an unfortunate effect of collectivization.

The reality is there were cyclical famines in many areas for centuries, particularly in Ukraine. The Soviet government did use harsh measures to requisition grain at times, but only to feed the starving cities, and they sent more food aid to the Ukrainian SSR than any other SSR.

The genocide narrative is quite literally Nazi propaganda. If you think I'm kidding read this great long piece that delves into the subject in part, and relates it to a lot of the other anticommunist mythology.