Thoughts on the Free Software movement? Do you use GNU/Linux?

Thoughts on the Free Software movement? Do you use GNU/Linux?

I see it as a very solid example of motivation to invent and innovate despite the absence of monetary incentives (not that you can't make money off of it), i.e. taking pride in your work, contributing to humanity, enjoying the craft (programming, in this case) for its own sake. The open source development model also allows for more rapid progress, a more diverse ecosystem of software, and a sturdier codebase.

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Very noble but very full of ideology
Plus most of them are nerds who don't understand normal people
Also distro wars and the lack of standrization is why linux can't be adopted by the masses
React OS is a better why to go anyway

my grandmother uses Linux

Linux makes my old computer run smooth, letting me keep it longer and cutting down on waste and consumerism. Love it.

I use Debian Testing as my desktop OS, it's pretty comfy.
Free software is communism IMO, and its only problem is that despite being great as a foundation to build secure and highly customizable software, proprietary software is still better when it comes to user-friendliness as well as games, multimedia creation software and so on.

I plan on getting on to the linux bandwagon within the month. Thinking of using Kubuntu. Any tips for a komputor babby?

I would recommend Mint (with Cinnamon DE) as an entry level distro. Very reminiscent of Win 7 if you're into that.

Agreed, also there's a severe lack of documentation and maintenance on old software. It's fun to make new software, but boring to maintain and document it.

Read some of his essays:

It goes without saying Stallman is autistic, his ideology is somewhat equivalent to that of old utopian socialists like Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier. He had a good, practical idea with the GPL, and he created the basic framework for the free software movement with the GNU system. AFAIK he hasn't done anything noteworthy in years. Socialists should learn from the GNU experiment and the larger free software movement while criticizing it heavily.


I assume you're replying to me?
If so, thanks. I've heard mint recommended before, I just took some quiz online as to what distro I should choose and Kubuntu seemed to hit all the nails. I'm not exactly a computer baby, I'm just looking for an alternative to windows, but I'm typically able to solve my computer issues alone.

Don't use mint. Its pretty insecure. As long as you don't need propietary drivers try debian.

Debian is not a good beginner's distro.

In what way? Documentation is good and it has a pretty good GUI.

Won't users be forced to go into CLI if they want proprietary codecs for instance?

You're right. I forgot about that because I've never installed it on anything but thinkpads.

Most people need proprietary drives for desktop computing unless they don't mind shitty video quality.

So how's my original plan to go Kubuntu then? I don't plan on going full non-proprietary autismo, but I do want to go free software when I can, have solid security, and not worry about getting lost in a labyrinthine setup for the OS.

Pretty good choice.

Kubuntu *should* be fine, though for KDE, KDE Neon might be superior.

Looks like Kubuntu has KDE Plasma 5.11 which is very recent. Should be fine.


That's good. So, as far as muh vidya games go. What's to know about running a less than official copy of windows in a virtual machine? Are there any do's and don't's, and would I be just as susceptible to corporate fuckery as I am right now? Sorry for requesting to be spoon fed.

You lose a lot of preformance from running stuff in a virtual machine. Just dual boot.

this. virtual hardware sucks for gaming, unless you're playing REALLY (pre 2001) OLD games. Anything from the last 10 years and you should just dual boot it.

Any guide for tech illiterates such as me to start using linux?

How to tech illiterate? can you install windows?

No :

Well I would first learn how to boot from a USB then try to install ubuntu. Basically just download the disk image from the ubuntu website put it on a usb flash drive ( there is a program called Rufus that is pretty easy to use for this ) then boot from the usb flash drive and follow the instructions to install.

Thanks fam.

Just wanna thank yall linux fags. You're a helpful friendly bunch.

Free software won't make your skills worthless by obsolescence. If there is a useful piece of software and a userbase interested in keeping it around it will always be there for you.

There's nothing harder about running xubuntu than windows. Quite the opposite.

Is there a way to use linux on the same computer without dual booting? I don't want to restart every time I want to play games.

You can boot off a key fob. Eg tails.

That still requires restart.

Only other option is virtualization. If you do PCI passthrough on a GPU, you can virtualize Windows with basically no performance hit.

Nah, it's free market capitalism.

Anyway games are boring except porn games which tend to run fine on Linux or at least wine.

mint is fine

fiddling with wine can be quite frustrating, though older games work fine for the most part. IMO it's better to buy few quality games from Steam/GOG and foster the budding Linux gaming industry (Feral and Valve actively support Linux graphics driver development) while using your free time to learn some useful skill like programming or systems administration.


nearly 90% of all commits done to Linux kernel are by corporations you dingus

this but unironically

>implying you have to use a corporate infested kernel:


rampant shitposting won't help free software. hurd is not usable for most applications.

Hurd is a meme.

i like free shit
it's kinda hard to get into if you're a brainlet like me but it's not as hard as people make it out to be