New Declassified Footage Shows Raw Power of Atomic Tests, Classified out of Public Fear Backlash

These videos give a new look on what Atomic Detonations look like, that few men have ever sought eyes on. Earth simply lifted off the ground and turned into a radioactive tsunami of dust. A globe of pure light, exploding into an engine of devastation and death.

Most atomic tests (we are told) were declassified, but some remained classified. This is a glimpse into what may have been hidden. Angles that they felt, would shock the public into never backing Nuclear War.

The logic being, at a distance it looks small. Distant. Just like war should be, small and distant, an enemy dehumanized. But these angles were close. Too close. Close enough they feared, the public would reconsider firing a nuclear warhead at the Soviet Union, or vice versa, the public of the Soviet Union might not back a war with the United States; if they knew how horrifying the possibility such a mere instant sight was within the possibility of their own home.

Well, nearly 70 years later. Out of Los Alamos, tests ranging from the Pacific to restricted Nevada testing grounds; these shows of the ultimate power of destruction are declassified, laid bare, and shown.

When one thinks of a nuclear explosion, they often think of some distant thing because that is all we usually have to reference. This is what all of it would look like, were it you witnessing your final moments before everything you knew was gone.

The first of these declassified weapons tests recorded is one of Operation Dominic in a restricted zone in Kansas. At the height of Cold War tensions, Operation Dominic was something of a fireworks grand finale: A series of 31 tests conducted in 1962, done in rapid-fire succession. It was a response to the Soviet Union resuming their own tests once the 1958–1961 test moratorium ended. Some of the weapons were detonated mid-air over Christmas Island. It was not detonated under water, or on ground. This is a rare, eerie glimpse, at an explosion detonated in atmosphere.

A beautiful globe that would rain down deadly atomic radiation in waves on all below it, a fleeting second sun that would, unlike most nuclear explosions, not be the last thing you saw. Such a detonation would usually allow you the privilege to suffer.

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The second now declassified, Operation Teapot was a series of 14 test on the many restricted Nevada Test Sites in 1955. These tests were conducted with the specific purpose of developing ways to strategically deliver a hydrogen bomb in war.

It shows what I previously described, an up close vision of an atomic explosion, followed by a tsunami of Earth's surface, close, lifted as if it was nothing but water.

mother of god…

The third of the declassified recordings, was part of Operation Hardtack I, a series of 35 nuclear tests conducted in 1958 at the Pacific Proving Grounds. The “Nutmeg” test shows a bomb detonated on a barge in the ZUNI crater.

A blinding light, one that would certainly blind whoever looked at it, followed by the traditional detonation you associate with such a weapon.

This is actually pretty spooky. Nervouslaughter.gif

Another of the previously mentioned Operation Teacup
seen here

This declassified footage, shows one of the more visceral recordings of an atomic blast we now have on public record. A little more on the "Fiery" angle.

Khrushchev should've pushed the button

Trotsky would have done it.

This declassified footage is of Operation Hardtack. One of many test detonations over the Pacific.

Better get used to it, tiny son. Every weapon available during war was used at one point or another.

It took two world wars just to get rid of the monarchies, and it will take no less than two to get rid of liberal democracies. If you're lucky. And you're living during 1914 2.0

Another of Operation Teapot, detonated in the Nevada Desert.


The world will be communist, or it will be ashes.

Another close up of a detonation from Teapot.

A lot of these are going to be of Operation Teapot. Nevada was a hot spot for Atomic Testing.

Another Operation Teapot.

Operation Teapot

God I hope its the former. I really do.


this one is especially unnerving


I hope the nuke dropped in washing DC will just kill me instantly.

More Teapot.

Gee Nancy, do you think they irradiated the desert yet

Pray it's not in atmosphere. You would see a blinding second sun, all electronics would cease to function, and the last remaining time of you, your family, and life around you, would be a slow agonizing one. Your flesh would boil slowly as radiation ripped through your genetic code like a tsunami through a city, destroying who you are from the inside out. It really wouldn't be a pleasant experience.

Operation Teapot - Tesla 28604

Jesus christ. hopefully it wont come to a nuclear detonation at all

Operation Teapot - Tesla 28603

I actually feel sad now for all the the Americans that will be incinerated.

Operation Teapot - Tesla 28602

Operation Teapot - Tesla 28601

Operation Teapot Tesla 28600

Note, Nuclear Weapons are probably over 100 more destructive now than they are in these new declassified recordings, and these show hundreds of tons of the Earth being ripped forward on a path of destruction as if it was the ocean during an earthquake.

I remember when people were saying that hillary was going to start WW3

As a change of pase, more of Operation Dominick

The series of in atmosphere tests, that produced less mushroom cloud, more hyper deadly second sun that killed slowly, not quickly.

Operation Dominick - Swanee 105018

Operation Dominick - Swanee 105006

Operation Dominic - Androscoggin 116259

This is more of a distant view of an atomic detonation in atmosphere. Where you can more clearly see the "second sun" like effect slowly grow. It is beautiful looking.

But it would still cause more suffering than anything that hit the ground.

In-atmosphere Operation Dominic - Housatonic 120251

Note the ring that appears over it in this particular detonation.

In-Atmosphere Operation Dominick - Muskegon 104018

In-Atmosphere Operation Dominic - Harlem 108507

In-Atmosphere Operation Dominic - Bluestone 111504

In-Atmosphere Operation Dominic - Bighorn 110763

Operation Hardtack-1 - Fig 53246

Operation Teapot - Tesla 28612

She was.


You have distance in low Earth orbit, for example the ISS is 400KM above the sea level. This is why it expected anyone in Earth's orbit during a nuclear exchange would survive as they have 400KM of atmosphere to protect them (they would have a problem of having no resupply).
Also the Starfish Prime test in 1962 did detonate a nuclear explosion in low Earth orbit.

Jesus this shit is disturbing. Why would we ever need this much firepower?

pretty cool tbh

In case you wanted to blow up the world 14 times over I guess.


Just in case Independence Day becomes real.

I'm gonna be honest: these don't scare me more than a drone strike, or a rocket launcher, or a hand grenade, or a pistol.

Yeah, it can kill me. So can a lot of other things. I'm still fuckin' dead and being hit by a goddamn nuke scares me less than being shot and bleeding to death over several days.

Well, now you know how terrifying nuclear exchange would look like for all parties involved. Nobody would survive, the tectonic plates would shake, the skies would burn, the Earth and everything on it would be thrown upwards and forwards like a tidal wave of ground, and everything would be irradiated. Those with the luxury of surviving might not make the right choices in the ruins afterwards, and there might be smaller wars over beliefs and remaining resources. There would be nobody to alert the ISS that they could come home, and they would die in a space coffin. Your only place of safety would probably be with the polar bears or the penguins.

All the ICBMs we collectively have on Earth are at over, at least 100 times the destructive capability of anything these declassified videos show. And we're trusting people in charge of nuclear nations to play fair once deterrence policy is out the window and pandora's box is open.

The only barrier preventing such a scenario of civilization self harm is the man who went bankrupt 9 times, was abused by his father who supported the Klu Klux Klan, ran a pedophile plane with Jeffery Epstein, is constantly red, hot, nude, has the business success rate of Ed Wood, and now probably has dementia, playing chicken with a nuclear power worse than any president we've had in decades. The clock is closer to midnight than it's been since the Cold War, closer to midnight during most times during the cold war.

2018 baby. awooooooooo

What's scary isn't that you'll die. Of course you will. The scary part is knowing if more than five happen, allies of each party nation by policy are allowed to launch ten. It's not that you die, it's the destructive potential to turn the world's clock back 2 billion years in terms of the success of life.

No, what's scary is, you have been beaten so low by capital and war that you are apathetic to the concept. Millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of lives are at stake in such a scenario, and we've been so beaten low that we are able to shrug it off as "Eh, at least I'll die fast."

That's more scary than any detonation or launch, because it is what allows detonations and launches to happen, it's the feelings that make the public not care if nuclear war happens or not.

It is truly dread.

The thing is it possible to survive drones, rocket launchers, grenades and small arms, especially if you have resources. Nukes are different, as even professional armies can't do shit against them at best you can survive in the fallout with proper protection. Nukes in military theory is rift with contractions because you dealing with weapons the makes tactics and strategy pointless due to the chaotic and irrational logic of nuclear exchange, where a Pyrrhic victory is the most optimistic outcome.

That is, if the US Federal government doesn't survive in Mt. Weather, and declare itself sovereign. I doubt survivors would have much of a choice of revolt, even in such a scenario. I mean everything would be gone, and the Government comes out of Mt. Weather's mega bunker and says "HEY EVERYBODY, CAPITALISM IS BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER, WHO'S WITH ME!"

It's not like you can say nay. They have the military still, and nobody would want EVEN MORE VIOLENCE after nuclear war.

looks like the sun

Both the USSR and USA realized that fighting in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange would be a logistical nightmare. Units wouldn't even be able to communicate beyond their line of sight due radiation jamming radios (and only bunkers could communicate with each other through buried cables if telecom exchanges where not hit even though they have been prime targets since the 1960s').

nigga if you get hit with a nuke and you die, you die. if you manage to somehow survive, you survive.

It doesn't really change depending on what it is that's killing you. It's lethal but it's not going to make you deader than dead extra scary.

Part of the usefulness of nuclear weapons is their psychological factor. once you get past this you realize they're not significantly different from any of the other things that kill you.

Would you rather live in some sort of post apocalyptic world where basically everyone is dead but you will live a fairly long life or die painfully from radation poisoning over the course of maybe a day or two.

If you are being chased by a drone you can fight back especially if you are army unit. Yet even the US Pentagon couldn't do shit if there is a nuke is incoming but kiss their ass goodbye. This is what makes nukes scary in the military world, you can lose everything in mere minutes and there is nothing you can do to stop the losses.

WEW. I would probally just shoot myself.

There's honor and courage in old war of swords, spears, and muskets. Not to be romantic, but it's true that how we perceive war has changed. What is scary about nuclear war is it is pure cowardice, it is a "get out of jail free card" of destroying your enemy. Unfortunately now everyone has a get out of jail free card with all the cowardice in the world, perhaps rightfully so given current military strategy and the market for war surviving after the Cold War, that fear and flight overrides flight.

The only hope, ironically enough, is capitalism is intelligent enough to realize the money would be gone if EVERYTHING WAS GONE. But we know that capitalism and the market are not the all seeing eye capable of rational logic at all times. It constantly relies on reaction, not foresight. And our government is currently populated by the absolute worst in terms of this instant gut reaction and get out of jail free response that made them win at the market.

War in the past could motivate a nation because it involved some sense of honor or courage, mutual respect for either party, as it was a gamble and soldiers were soldiers. There are exceptions, but this is mainly war throughout history. War in the future after Vietnam and especially after 9/11, is all apathy.

Nobody cares. And that's what makes the clock even closer to midnight. Horror is so normalized and life is so deprived of joy or future prospects, that a nation might see nuclear war as anything but the largest negative in the history of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

We've went past the atomic age, and entered the information age, and everything that follows that information age is unpredictable, emotional, and apathetic. And it makes the fear that the atomic age felt about nuclear war, all but a science fiction movie to people bombarded by it in the information age.

This is leading towards rapid unpredictability that everyone should be fearful of.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is nuclear deterrence can last forever after the Cold War, and that anything after will rely on the same rules. Right now deterrence is stretched thin enough to snap.

It's not paranoia on my part. The nuclear clock is very close to midnight.


only accurate prediction of the future.

The Black Pill President

Threads is definitely one of the scariest movies of all time.
We need a modern equivalent of it now more than ever.

I've been thinking about it lately and I wonder at what point everything turned so horrifying. I recall earlier this century there was much more hope for the future.
People have gone from dreaming of flying cars and space travel (and other milestones), to fearing a black-mirror tier post-apocalyptic nightmare.
There are a lot of things at work here: Unmet expectations, technology progressing faster than we can keep up with, technological unemployment sending people into existential crisis, revolutions ending in genocide and civil war, the whole feeling we cannot "escape" modern society, climate change having it's first real impact, and much more.

But I think there is another realization that adds to the sense of horror: There no longer exists a future.
It's not just that the information age has forced us into an eternal present, but it's clear that with the way technology has been progressing, this is the future. We now live in a world where the concepts of science fiction either are reality, or on the verge of being commercialized. The cyberpunk age has arrived, after we were warned explicitly against it.

What this means is - that with everything going on - we can no longer hope for some undescript 'future' generation to save us. It's we who to have to fix this world somehow. And it's an intensely horrifying realization: If we don't, the story ends.
Existential threats have been a thing since the atomic age. But now it's nature and economics itself conspiring against us. It's no longer a mere matter of people fucking up: there is actually a clear time limit after which life on Earth will rapidly go from unpleasant to impossible.
And while the stakes are getting ever higher, those in charge are blundering from one crisis to the next - Even China is not immune to this.

It's unnerving to say the least.

Thank you, based Nuclear Testing user

We laugh. We laugh.

The Information Age, or, In Memory of The Truth

What did you expect nuclear fusion to look like? Raspberry jam?

Takes much longer than that to die of acute radiation syndrome in the majority of cases. Unless hit with a dose hefty enough to ruin your nervous system instantly (unlikely given that the pit has spread itself over a large area), it takes at least a week to start shitting your internal organs out and sloughing your skin off.

Extra strength landscaping.

but that's all for dickwaving, not actual function
there is a ceiling to how powerful a nuclear weapon can be before it just becomes a nuance to put into a trajectory towards the enemy or drop from a bomber. That's why MIRVs exist. why try to blow up a larger area when a series of smaller nukes could do?

Not all of it is dick waving.

Because you never know for SURE how good the enemy's missile defense system is, so if it comes down to it that next extra missile might be the one that actually manages to take out their command.

Building more weapons that are capable of calling off the deterrence and escalating into an event between alliances and all manner and flavor and shade of what may be considered, enemies that has kept the world safe since the beginning, risking all life on Earth so the other guy can't win, sure is as fool proof as Russian Roulette.

I know many posters may disagree with me on this, but I for one, think using nuclear weapons, might not be such a good idea. And those who propagate nuclear weapons, are engaging in something that does not harm capitalism, no, it strengthens it.

Do you know why it strengthens it? Because during the Cold War after World War II both the Soviet Union and the United States and its allies were in a game of chicken, we all know this. But what we don't often consider, is this post World War II game of chicken gave rise to the military industrial complex like we had never seen it before. More organized than colonialism, it made more money than colonialism, it was, for all purposes, the next colonialism. As long as there was an enemy, there was a massive economic boost, because the state would buy massive amounts of weapons from corporations profiting off those weapons until one and the other became so intertwined they might as well be part of the US Government.

And it gave birth to a new part of the free market, a new hot throbbing pustule that can never be undone for as long as capitalism is alive. Money for war. Blood for money. It isn't a new concept, but it never made as much money as it started when people were afraid. Afraid that the next day, the bombs could drop.

And that fear made elections, and those elections, made the coffers of politicians rich, and the coffers of weapons development rich. Do you think there would ever be an end to what device they can make as long as this keeps going on?

No, there won't. And what do these giant corporations, that can do whatever they want freely want, more than boring wars that make the public apathetic? Cold Wars. Wars that go on for as long as they can that don't keep the public apathetic, because you know what they just said, and he just said, and they all just said?

Donald Trump is posturing because once he made it into the oval office he knew what every president before him knew since the end of World War II. War makes people scared, not far off war, that makes plenty of money, but it doesn't build empire.

No, you need an actual threat, a continues threat, to make that much money.

And do you think these corporations care if there is an attack? Somewhere? Fuck no, they build death, they make money off death. As long as the president and all his pals can fuck off to Mt. Weather, the military industrial complex will be fine. Not just fine, it'll be fucking rich. Everyone who has ever predicted the post apocalypse got it wrong.

The military industrial complex would keep capitalism living, breathing, and thriving, as long as there is violence and the threat or action of nuclear war. It's parasitic to the human race.

You cannot feed the parasite, you must destroy it. And unfortunately, no matter how many Americans you can kill, no matter how many Europeans you can kill, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, African, Australian, Russian,

None of it matters. Raytheon will survive, living, breathing, inhaling, and building, more powerful than it ever was before. Boeing will survive, living, breathing, inhaling, and building, more powerful than it ever was before. Northrop Grumman, will survive, living, breathing, inhaling, and building, more powerful than it ever was before. Lockheed Corporation and Lockheed Martin, will survive, living, breathing, inhaling, and building, more powerful than it ever was before. McDonnell Douglas, will survive, living, breathing, inhaling, and building, more powerful than it ever was before.

Bombing the US will not destroy capitalism like stomping on a giant trail of South American Army Ants that consume all in their path will stop the ants from ever fucking stopping what they do. They will only send you to a hospital. And they'll continue marching on.

Whatever happens to capitalism cannot be nuclear, it has to be done from the inside, not from the outside through provocation. The most effective way to destroy capitalism is acts of sabotage. War will make inflame the beast bigger than it was before, again and again. And what would anyone show for it but more death that Capitalism can lay claim to making money off of? The solution is to destroy it from the inside, you can't make it go away through war. We've tried and failed, you try again, you'll try and die. This isn't a game to these people, all your lives are worth the fortune made off war. All of it.

And it's why Donald Trump provokes North Korea.

All I know is, if this is 1914, I'll know the end is in sight if communist parties in the west side with the empire when war breaks out

Who Gorbachev gang now?

Suddenly the end of the cold war doesn't seem like such a bad loss considering what may have resulted in a nuclear hell scape

The only people who ever "cared" about war and that etiquette you're talking about are those who suffer the least from it. War has always been an apathetic, dismal affair. Stop romanticizing the past.

Yes, it was so honorable for knights to cleave through sack wearing peasants on the battlefield.

You are assuming you will get a regular nuke. Anyone with half-a-brain will detonate at least one high-altitude nuke, which will mess up electronics in a wide area.

To put things into perspective: high-altitude test in 60s shut down a third of satellites and caused things to short-circuit almost a thousand miles away. So you might not even have any direct problems with health. You might not even notice it. It's just there is no electricity and there is only one car working out of a few hundred. And millions of people who don't know what to do. Let the implications of imminent food spoilage and police going off-line sink in. Then add problems with logistics.

Exact same thoughts. I was fortunate enough that I did not live the majority of my adult life believing much different, I can't imagine what it is like for middle aged or older folk who once knew that vision for the future.


No. Launch the fuckers.


What's the terminus technicus for these bright spheres?

I can't believe this shitty OC of mine is still in circulation.

This is more true, and more uncomfortable, than a lot of leftists want to admit. It's easy to think the knight saves the day, but it just doesn't work out that way in this modern world.

so THIS is what Pynchon meant by 'white' in Gravity's Rainbow


Can't we just get over with it?


But what about all the cute boys that are in my leftist him club? They will also die and I will be a sad.



One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Sometimes you have to be willing to go to the end.

I was born in 91. the year the cold war ended. For some reason i was really obsessed with nuclear war when i was a kid. An odd nostalgia for the idea of nuclear death from the 80's i never felt. I would watch a lot of those movies the like the morning after or threads or whatever. My favorite where those fake documentaries where they pretend to be the news during a nuclear strike. I dont think a nuclear war is survivable. And even if you did somehow survive you would pray for death which would come. It would be like the road.

The older i get the more i think, you know what, maybe we do need to be nuked. Especially when im depressed with reality or politics or the state of the world. Or the endless global capitalistic future. I just go full unironic posadas

tumbling down tumbling down

Good thread OP


Skynet pls

If they just want raw, inorganic materials (or see us as more trouble than out organic resources and trinkets are worth, or see us or everything as a threat) we're fucked. All they'd have to do to cause an extinction-level impact is have one of their ships hit Earth at near-light or FTL speed. Which if they have the technology to get here, they probably (their FTL might be a wormhole drive or something) have the ability to do.

Well written.

The future is so bright I don't need my eyes to see it