Daily News Thread 1/2

Iran’s enemies ‘using money & weapons to undermine government’ – supreme leader Khamenei

So far, the five-day protests have claimed the lives of 22 people.

Mexico Enters Election Year With Spate of Political Killings

This year’s election in Mexico is already shaping up to be one of the bloodiest in decades after one mayor and two mayoral aspirants were murdered in less than a week.

U.S. warns North Korea against new missile test, plays down talks

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, warned North Korea on Tuesday against another missile test and said Washington would not take planned talks between North and South Korea seriously if Pyongyang did not take steps to give up its nuclear weapons.

Trump’s Strategy to Knock Out North Korean Missiles Carries Risk

The Trump administration’s national security strategy calls for a more aggressive approach toward stopping a North Korean missile strike on the U.S.: knocking the weapons out prior to launch.

Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment

The Israeli government has issued a notice for thousands of African migrants to leave the country or face imprisonment.

5,000 Displaced Indigenous Mexicans Return Home

The nearly 5,000 displaced residents of the Chalchihuitan municipality in southern Mexico agreed to return to their homes after a Dec. 21 accord was reached.

Honduras murder rate fell by more than 25 percent in 2017: government

Honduras’ murder rate fell by more than a quarter in 2017 to 42.8 killings per 100,000 people, the security ministry said on Tuesday, attributing the decline to a government onslaught against drug traffickers and gangs.

Germany starts enforcing hate speech law

Germany is set to start enforcing a law that demands social media sites move quickly to remove hate speech, fake news and illegal material.

Trump's Demand for a Border Wall Splits GOP Lawmakers

President Donald Trump is emphasizing his vow to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and additional conditions for an immigration deal, as congressional leaders and White House officials plan a meeting Wednesday that will set terms for a coming debate on the issue.

Man charged with Mumbai airport bomb threat 'said Bombay'

An Indian man charged with making an airport bomb threat says he was misheard when asking about his Bombay-to-Delhi flight.

Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO

Gaming addiction is to be listed as a mental health condition for the first time by the World Health Organisation.

Zero jet airliner deaths made 2017 the safest year in aviation history

2017 was the safest year in aviation on record, with no deaths from large passenger jet airliner accidents.

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no posts? for shame.

only democracy in the middle east strikes again
guarantee this will be enforced against the left in the future.

We're getting a government shut down this year.

comrade kim draws ever closer to expelling the US imperialists and forming a socialist korean union

>So far, the five-day protests have claimed the lives of 22 people.
Wow, what a democratic, popular, and totally-not-CIA uprising.

lmao literally impossible. they're grasping at straws for pure bluster.

nooooo, ya don't say?

Senator Orrin Hatch's exit opens door to Mitt Romney


There's two takeaways from this. The first is that is the start of the great GOP resignation wave everyone predicted was going to happen after passing the tax bill. Loot the treasury then run with the money. The second is that Trump is going to be even more salty. He was pushing Hatch hard to stay in the race, but it seems he'll be gaining another political enemy in November instead.

fun times

More good tech news.
Huge x86 security hole. Software fix being developed but could result in 30% performance decrease of CPU.

no fucking shit batman

Oh yeah. The Democrats have the advantage in this scenario and they want DACA in the budget bill. The GOP wants to kick it down the road since they're not in the best shape. The House Freedom Caucus are back to their old ways and will upset any attempt to fund the government if it doesn't halt immigration and cut spending. Trump, of course, wants his stupid wall built, which the Democrats will not support.

My prediction is that the Republicans won't be able to form a consensus on the budget bill, leading to a shut down they'll pitifully try to pin on the Dems despite their complete control of the government.

Intel CEO makes stock sell off 1 month prior to revelation of this security problem.

Lol. You deserve what you get.

do you use amd?
serious question

My whole life.

I always get shit for using them from my friends. :(

Paying half the price for almost as good of a single-core performance and better multi-core performance? And not have to deal with security holes and shady shit? Sign me the fuck up. I love my Ryzen 1700. OCed from 3GHz to 3,8GHZ no sweat. I tried 4GHz but the heat ain't letting it, so I'll stick to 3,8 until I can buy a decent cooler.

Now it's looking like intel's performance advantage was achieved at the cost of shittier security. The capitalists have a choice of accepting a performance decrease, renting more compute resources to cover the short fall, or ignoring the security fix to keep legacy performance levels. Any bets on which path they'll take?

Hardcore gaming in general (during adulthood at least) is basically a neurosis.

oh man could you imagine if they leave him without infrastructure getting passed? holy fuck his twitter will be lit

spent time in highschool on 4/v/, if that isn't neurosis I don't know what is.


How long until Chapo commits virgil

nah. It's an election year, they'll hem and haw about respectability and the discourse and fiscal prudence and then just vote for it anyway because they don't want to get primaried by a breitbart puppet

After such a huge tax cut, the government has no money to pay for a big infrastructure push.

Not that Trump was going to actually pay for it, mind you. His solution is for states to raise taxes and for privatization, which I feel is a giant "fuck you" to everyone.

If they appear soft on immigration, they will get primaried.

Mexican politics were already a bad joke before the narcos became so powerful, now they're downright farcical. Part of the whole point of a liberal, representative democracy is to stop an administration from rocking the boat too much, but the Mexican "changes" in government are so insignificant, I don't think even a dog could smell the difference between past presidents.

Surely this power won't be misused in the future by either the government or the tech megacorporations, right?

Not to mention the thing about fake news, which is particularly worrying to me. It gives the government and megacorporations the mandate to say what's objectively true and what isn't.


First loneliness, now gaming. I'm retarded twice over.

The following pics are either hilarious or despair-inducing, depending on your outlook: imgur.com/gallery/drXLE

‘Mine is bigger’: Trump dares Kim Jong-un to compare nuclear buttons
The absolute state of Trump.

Ayo he a goodboy trump dindu nuffin
- Holla Forums and accelerationists, probably

Meanwhile Kim is trying to work with Worst Korea to decrease tensions. Really makes you think.

Pakistan Replaces Dollar With Yuan for Bilateral Trade With China
The empire continues to crumble as Trump cries helplessly into the void.

lol, lmao



Based newsanon, when are you going to migrate to >>>/leftpol/? It's not the same without you.

Based af.


Steve Bannon predicts Mueller is ‘going to crack Don Junior like an egg’ in Russia probe


I normally ignore Bannon's bullshit, but this caught my attention. Is this the indicator of a major split?

It is merely the split between the post-fascist and national populist elements of the Trumpist movement: the same thing is happening in Germany and France.

The Mid-terms are going to be a free for all.

The moment newsanon gets banned for imperialism will be the day Holla Forums is dead.
This is unrelated and off topic, in just voicing my opinion.

Eh the Trumpist and bannonist dynamic is happening all over the world with the far right rise; an unholy alliance of national populist elements and post-fascist workerist movements. In America this is not different;bannon is your workerist type, someone like Roger Stone your hypercap national populist type.

The same exists within the AfD: With the westerns tending to be basically radical CDU/CSU members, while the Ossies take a far more workerist view (kinda pandering to the "GDR did nothing wrong" crowd). In France it is separated between the Northern New Guard of Marine Le Pen (The post fash) and Southern Old Guard of Jean-Marine le Pen (the nat pop).

So, Trump is having to deal with both these factions, and being the classic porky he is he has gone for the National Populist cohort; your Tillerson, Trump Dynasty lot as opposed to bannon, Spencer and his motley crew. The Trumpist movement, just like most hard and far right movements in Europe, will collapse soon.

I'm no conspiracy theorist or alarmist but this don't seem right.

Friendly neighborhood nuke-phobic user here with some NK updates

Kim Jong Un's Complete New Years Address

"The whole of its mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is on my office desk all the time; the United States needs to be clearly aware that this is not merely a threat but a reality."

"As for the Winter Olympic Games to be held soon in south Korea, it will serve as a good occasion for demonstrating our nation’s prestige and we earnestly wish the Olympic Games a success. From this point of view we are willing to dispatch our delegation and adopt other necessary measures; with regard to this matter, the authorities of the north and the south may meet together soon. Since we are compatriots of the same blood as south Koreans, it is natural for us to share their pleasure over the auspicious event and help them."

1st contact in nearly 2 years: North Korea calls South via cross-border hotline

South and North Korea made their first contact at the border village of Panmunjom via a communication channel which Pyongyang ordered brought back online earlier on Wednesday, Yonhap reported. South Korea’s unification ministry said that “A North Korean official first contacted the South side via the channel.”

Nine Reasons Why Kim Jong Un’s South Korea Initiative is More Than Just a Tactic

The potential reopening of North-South dialogue is an important development prompting many pundits to speculate as to whether Kim Jong Un is serious or whether it is merely a tactic. Certainly, the North Koreans recognize the potential for driving a “wedge” between Washington and Seoul by launching such an initiative. But this isn’t just a tactic—a close examination of Pyongyang’s January 3 announcement on opening the inter-Korean communication channel makes it clear that this is the “gold standard” when it comes to North Korean initiatives. It is very serious.

US must be wary of Kim Jong-un’s ‘olive branch’ offer to South Korea and its Winter Games

While all this may appear to be an unexpected moment of rapprochement and goodwill, it will not come without costs and conditions. If inter-Korean talks do take place at any meaningful level in the coming days, the primary North Korean demand is likely to concern the regularly scheduled US-South Korea Foal Eagle and Key Resolve joint military exercises.

Kim Jong Un's Trap for South Korea

Both Moon and Trump have put a good face on the relationship despite their ideological and personality differences, but North Korea’s dialogue offer may attempt to exploit the tactical differences between them over how to handle North Korea.

Trump Is Bluffing About Attacking North Korea in 2018

We’re like hack screenwriters who have written ourselves into a corner. We don’t know how to write the happy ending, so we’re looking for a deus ex machina to appear and solve it for us. At the moment, that’s China. But that’s not a very plausible ending, not even for a fairy tale.

The United States Should Resolve to Avoid War With North Korea in 2018

Given the difficulty the United States would have in confidently finding and destroying North Korea’s nuclear weapons and mobile ballistic missile launchers, as well as the North’s ability to level Seoul with its formidable artillery and rocket arsenal, would the president actually risk starting a preventive war if Kim fails to cry uncle?

Trump just might.

We've Forgotten How To Fear

For a long time, there was a remove when you looked at this era. It was all a bit funny, really, how worried we were back then. There was nothing to be worried about it. Everything was fine. Bullet dodged. You felt smug relief in the distance. You knew something those filmmakers didn’t. You know how this turned out.

I will tell you: It is a very different experience to watch Testament right now, in December 2017, with Donald Trump as President and every little failsafe eroding a little bit more every day. It is a lot fucking different.

Oh, and there have been reports of NK preparing for a missile test in the coming days/weeks, NK analysts on twitter have been saying that's such claims are false. While activity is occurring at their missile facilities, they don't seem to imply an imminent test.

I was thinking of copping one of those shitty MIPS laptops

Bannon goes on to affirm what many people believe is the real focus of the probe: Trump's money laundering.

North Korea being a better diplomat than the US. What a weird time to be living.

Reading these, what's funny is the realization that a basic understanding of Marxism Leninism will actually make you more qualified to analyze and predict international events than these Standford grads who write for ForeignPolicy, TheAtlantic, etc. All you have to do is make basic, sensible remarks such as "DPRK won't strike first," and "nukes will prevent a US invasion," and suddenly you're on par with the highest and most sophisticated level of bourgeois analysis.

Those can be fine if you throw Linux on it, just for basic editing, browsing, etc.

KJU is actually a pretty incredible leader for someone his age.

It's already been enforced in the past.

I'll take notice when something like Kaesong opens again, until that time the rapprochement between North and South is cosmetic.

This is the kind of delusional thinking that gets people killed.

Makes you think the Cuban Communist Party is really onto something with their rules banning people over a certain age from maintaining positions.

Not so bad news today