The board is dying and BO is killing it, but we don't have to die with it...

The board is dying and BO is killing it, but we don't have to die with it. Instead of going back to shitholes like reddit, twitter, or Holla Forums, just fucking migrate to >>>/leftpol/. It's no different than what Holla Forums was and should be. It's not an echochamber and this isn't a sectarian issue, there's plenty of MLs over there. The BO has made his intentions clear, this is no longer a politically incorrect non-sectarian Leftist forum, so if you came here for that, then stop deluding yourself otherwise.

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This goes beyond those banned. Everyone should jump ship, the sooner they do the less people we'll lose during the migration.

Honestly why can't the BO just abdicate to someone who will not sperg out all of the time? Then noone has to migrate and we don't have splinter our userbase.

because we need to be r/socialism duh. if we aren't constantly purging wrong think we aren't larping hard enough.

My second pic tells you why. There's also a pic of him posting on /marx/ saying the same thing.


I agree, BO should hand the board to a responsible member of the Nazbol Party

Honestly that was what I came for, but board quality increased so much after the purge. I'm torn. Halp.

We were all being played all along?

no it hasn't, I don't see the cybernetics-tier threads anymore that we once had. If anything, quality has gone down and discourse among the various left-wing groups on this board have all but disappeared having been replaced with shouting matches with no real substance.


This. Board quality is certainly worse. The fun and chill meme threads are gone and interesting and informative threads with debate that isn't autistic shitflinging have died off. Holla Forums seems to be turning into a chan version of r/socialism. This time last year we mocked them for banning wrong think and now our mods are doing the same.

They banned people over catgirls, whereas the bans passed out recently (whether or you agree with them or not) are actually about important questions of ideology and politics.

Make a fucking cybernetics thread then. Giving one example of your favorite type of discourse that went away, while having done nothing to see if there is still ground for it is pathetic. Stop the defeatism.

the catgirldrawfag ban was the straw that broke the camels back. the r/socialism shitshow was over retarded bans for everything from ableism to being an anarchist/wrong kind of marxist.

Reddit did the same ideological gymnastics for their bans too.
They didn't just say
and ban them
They justified the bans through an anti-sexism solidarity lens and the claim that that conflict is essential to class struggle and achieving socialism just as BO and ☭TANKIE☭s claim anti-imperialism is to achieve the same goal.

It wouldn't surprise me if /r/socialism is behind the no fun mod changes. Some well meaning fools that tried to establish a Reddit presence for us (for some godforsaken reason) had their boards forcibly taken over after the local liberals bitched at the site admins.
Reddit pseuds are some of the most obsessive people you will ever meet. They are ridiculously motivated by the fact that other people have opinions different from theirs. To them, online discussion is just an AR video game that makes them feel good about themselves while they go about their Western upper class normie lives.


What the fuck is he thinking? Does he actually think Holla Forums somehow managed to actually do their meme magic bullshit?

Yes. That is what he was implying. I tried to correct him, but he just disappeared.

I'm hoping they simply realized their retardation and not unironically endorsing that idea
Archive of the mod thread as is, so that people can make their own judgement on the BO rather than go by possibly biased screenshots. That being said, I don't see how anyone sane could support this shit.

They made a separate board, slowpoke: >>>/gnussr/

Ja, und?

BO doesn't even seem to enjoy being BO from what I've seen.
If that's the case just delete this entire board so everyone can move on to /leftpol/

There may be less shitposters simply due to the fact that there's less users in total, but a far greater portion of the effortposters have left too.
As a brainlet who mostly comes here to learn from other people's arguments and discussions, the board quality has massively declined, at least from my point of view. The bullshit drama about R0java and the 200 char nonsense and such have only served to piss off a large portion of the users so the BO can feel smug, even the Holla Forumsyps who would come here used to inspire discussion as people would refute their views, and that doesn't really happen any more now that they get instabanned.
It kind of reminds me of what happened to 4/tg/ years ago when a mod crackdown drove off a huge portion of the users and the board turned to shit. I really wish the BO would just swallow his pride and admit he fucked up.

I'm exactly in the same camp, I'm here mostly to learn, deb8, and also shitpost, but lately I can only do the later since most of the time one of the parties during arguments gets banned in medias res.

we have this thread every day, "comrade"

back to >>>Holla Forums with you

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