How do american leftists here feel about the New Black Panther Party?

How do american leftists here feel about the New Black Panther Party?

I usually assume they're a shittier version of the old BPP, but I've recently found out about a prison organizer called Rashid and he seems to have some support from leftists and some left-wing credentials:

What are your thoughts?

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Fuck, this means they're objectively doing something right. Mind linking to the quote, OP?

I found it in this website about him. It's probably from his book.

Literally cops and FBI.

Bobby Seale denunciation

NBP are the reactionary black supremacists that stupid right wingers think the original black panthers were. There's a reason why the surviving panthers want nothing to do with them.

Most leftists/liberals have never heard of them. Those that do are deathly afraid of them and want the government to ban both guns and islam because it's scary to them.

For context, remember that the vast majority of people who remember who the black panthers were actually REMEMBER it. As in, they're old enough to remember the 1960s and 70s when they were active. They're crusty old boomers who left the Republican party in the 90s due to their "unreasonable" turn against gun control, which is still a thing they support and promote within the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile black panthers are generally well known and liked on the right due to their support for open carry, pics related from the infamous Sacramento protest that caused California Governor Ronald Reagan to ban open carrying of firearms in 1967.

Did you even read the thread? Stop posting without doing an ounce of reading.

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pure ideology

The fact that leftist even tolerate this shit lmao. Even we get to the point of a revolution white and blacks will segregate because niggas like that run wild.

they suck, old Panthers rocked my socks though

This isn't the New Black Panther Party. This is the New Afrikan Black Panther Party which isn't affiliated with the NBPP and is definitely more in line with the original party's mission statement.

The new black panther party is still shit no matter which way you cut it. I'm sure this Rashid bloke is well read but I can guarantee you that the rest of the party is not.

They're two separate organizations.

That's the original Panthers; the remaining ones of them pretty much universally hate NBPP.

NBPP is poo.

But apparently this is a different, possibly less shit group.


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I would like to add that the NBPP had a huge leadership change back in 2013, and the group isnt very tightly organized. I still see a lot of potential in them along with the NABPP.

How is being described as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center a badge of honor? Are you retarded?

theyre not socialist theyre pure idpol. its richard spencer in blackface

You are so wrong about the right liking the BPP. I've never seen any praise. They always call them terrorists/communists and demand they be jailed. There is a complete double standard right wingers hold. They only like it when 3%'ers and NSM larpers come out with AR's. Anything else is bad to them.

Yeah, the problem i have with "well read" people is they are usually either enemies or allies, usually no in between.

I'm always suspicious of people who "love history" because it means they're usually some crypto fascist and love revising it to fit their own personal bigotry.

To any right winger, a nigger carrying a gun is a criminal and a terrorist.

to reiterate, OP is actually talking about the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, made out of the prison chapters of the original party, a different party to the New Black Panther Party

^this is so true

Watered down CIA honeypot and racist black folk.

Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss

to everyone, an autist carrying a gun is illegal but nogs can still carry weapons?

Of course. They're not autistic, retard.

Why is Bell Hooks in lowercase?

It’s how she styles her nome de plume

Autist with guns? Well, they do let nazis and cuckservatives have them.

She's trapped in the 90s like the rest of the post-modern idpol left.

Just a bunch of brainlet racists with guns with connections to a bullshit racist religion Nation of Islam.

New one is shit. Old one was pretty based.

Why is everybody ignoring the fact that the NABPP isn't the NBPP and is an anticapitalist organization trying to promote class solidarity in prisons?

My mistake. Similarities in name like that are terrible for outsiders like me.

Do you guy have any opinion about the NABPP then? Is it good, and is it in the same spirit of the original BPP?