How will socialism help ugly betas and incels...

How will socialism help ugly betas and incels? You can get rid of economic classes but social classes will still exist based on looks and other measures and Chad will continue to control the means of reproduction. What hope is there for such men (or women) under socialism? If anything they'd still be miserable.

sex will be abolished and if you don't like that i'll abolish the linkage between your head and your body.

this is such a fucking adolescent point of view. When you're young (high school, college) "Chad" is based on looks, as an adult, "Chad" is based on MONEY. After a few years being wage slaves, girls realize it sucks and wish for a guy to sweep them off their feet and 'take them away from all this', this being wage slavery. After a certain age girls care about your looks way less than your income and what kind of lifestyle you can provide them, talking about chad being based on looks when in reality that only applies to teenagers and college age kids.from age 23+ but esp in mid to late 20s onwards, CHAD is fucking TRUMP - a guy with a fuck ton of money, horrible looks. Thats what you incel fuckers dont get cuz you are either young or extremely sheltered (basement dweller), money is what make you Chad in the capitalist world as an Adult. now under socialism you can get to know people based on your personality and shit. Now wait you say, won't that revert to a high school world based on looks and not property? no actually because once you're older than 25/30 nobody looks that pretty anymore in any case, and plus people have more maturity and don't go for looks alone, unless ofc your are SUPER FUCKING UGLY. btw the guy in OP's pic probably could get a girlfriend if he worked out and dressed a little better. Maybe not a super hot one but an average one

It won't. The biological dialectic will never be stopped.

For one I would have open sex clubs rather than prostitution that any adult can come to. You've seen dogging in amateur porn before, I guarantee you there are woman that would come to these clubs that would have no issue fucking these people.

Socially miserable is still better than socially and economically miserable. One step at a time user, let's first deal with stuff that kills people in the greatest magnitude.

with the means of production siezed and basic needs covered they can spend all their times building waifuu bots.

You don't offer any alternative to the reversion of attraction to the high school basis though. Without money or status the only thing left to decide between men would be physical attentiveness and personality. You yourself said that the only reason women change their standards is that they want to escape wage slavery.

that can't be changed, but like i said as adults this matters less because people are more mature and care more about
you can change this at any time. Just realize capitalism doesn't get rid of chad, it just changes who gets to be chad, wheras socialism everyone gets an equal chance to get a romantic partner. I mean, if you're asking will socialism make teenagers less shallow, vapid, look obsessed and retarded? fucking of course not. But IMO things that are status of wealth like fancy clothes, working out and dieting, etc. Are totally enabled by wealth in our society. When you think of chad do you think of a preppy douche, frat boy, or jock with a pink polo shirt, or the poor mexican kid? With wealth equality even clothes n shit will be more utilitarian and less of a focus on looks and stupid southern california vapid mentality which is associated with the uppermiddle to upper classes.

I legit believe that incel-dom is caused by applying market type logic and ethics to our relationships, especially since our sexual relations we have this mainstream moral code of being with one person. This results in people obsessing over finding the "best available partner", often leading treating these relationships as a market exchange- you get to have me, I get to have you- where choosing your partner is done with a profit-maximising mindset. Intrestingly this profit can take on many forms, from being with someone attractive, smart, socially accepted or rich, but it's still profit from the relationship rather than just enjoying the other persons.
This obviously multiplies the disadvantage of people who are less attractive, at a young age and poor at an older age, in their attempts to find mates and partners. In a fucked up way, the oppression of women here fucks up the less attractive males, because having multiple partners is looked down upon even more for females, thus they are quite unlikely to have sex with someone they might not find that attractive, while males will probably not care that much about their partner being ideal.
As for that- the ideal partner- I'm pretty sure it's bullshit and that the majority of incels have got it wrong, that is it's remnants of traditionalism in our culture is what's stopping them from getting laid, not the rise of sexual freedom. I was kinda incely myself but this really smart and beautiful grill was nice to me so I stopped being a fucking idiot and realised that extremely attractive people can like you even if you're a fuggly motherfucker, and if they haven't been brainwashed enough they'll be prefectly into having sex with you because guess what- sex is pretty great and actually not that big of deal.

Do you unironically believe this?

sage goes in the email field

"woman" should say "human" tbh

Are there any gay incels?

The comment's meaning was that people complaining about being virgins are such complete losers that they shouldn't talk to anybody, the comment was not not some attempt at Egalitarianism.

Also if you are really concerned about Incelhood just become a ☭TANKIE☭ and demand state mandated GFs.

Yeah I got that, I was just wondering.
I ain't. Although it's kind of sad seeing people basing their entire identity on their anger and resentment towards women for not having sex with them. It'd be nice if there was something that could fix these people's destructive way of looking at the world and other human beings.

This, although it has been written at least a thousand times before. It's depressing how this thread returns every week.

Incel is eternal, forget about the jewish question, or the capitalist question - the last question WILL be the incel question.

I wouldn't know cough

Group therapy is a good way around alienation, especially considering tons of Incels have depression and body dymorphia.

I wish people would stop assuming I'm a nazi woman-hater just because my autism, willpower depletion and people phobia has me caught in hikki hell.

If you'd stop calling every woman an evil idpol succubus maybe we wouldn't assume you're a nazi.

I don't, I only call western feminists idpol because they are.

There's truth to this but I think the 'incel' mentality is more a product of upbringing and conditioning, namely the setting of unrealistic expectations.

What kind of expectations are you talking about?
Can't say I expect more in my life than further misery.

The idea that you could have been mr. man with the big rim donk mercedes and multi-million dollar law practice if you 'tried harder'.
Infinitely more damaging than telling people nothing matters and "John Travolta gives good head" imo
envy is a coping mechanism

"Incel" is sich a cringe-worthy /r9k/ terminology, what's wrong with calling yourself a desperate virgin?

Its sounds cooler and is a shorter word

Not sure how this would cause me to become an incel, even if I believed it at some point.
I've never tried hard at anything in my life. From a normie perspective at least.

I wish Alunya was my gf.

Christianity seemed to be pretty good at stopping it with their anti promiscuity and anti polygamy rules.
I know socialist are loathe to admit this but some for of those old world laws may need to continue into socialism.
The majority of the world are betas (men that will not raise the social standing of a woman) and it's foolish to think socialism can function without reconciling this demand of beta men.

This is the only non autistic socialist critique of the incel problem.
This is just flat out wrong. The problem of hypergamy has been a problem since time immemorial. Which is why Christianity has a ban on polygamy and promiscuity for BOTH SEXES.
Many women can have babies from the same man. Woman can only have so many babies. Not being able to have your own child makes for unstable social fabrics.
I completely agree with this. Being able bodied, healthy and young are the only two real material reasons to be attracted to someone. Everything else is arbitrary and deeply rooted in class especially race! I'd go so far as to argue that even being able bodied is rooted in class, but to be fair bumping uglies good is tied to being able bodied to so….

You wouldn't like it, she's an iconoclast.

None of us are gonna pretend that dude ain't ugly but I find it fascinating that he's the go to pic in these arguments because, as ugly as he is, it's undeniable that his clothes and hair are fucking shit and making everything way worse