Slavic Nazis

How the fuck did we end up in a timeline where Poland and Ukraine have more Nazis than Germany. The Nazis committed litteral act of genocide against the Ukranien and Polish peoples, yet this same ideology is pretty popular in those countries.

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The geographical region that is Poland has literally, through all of history, been home to reactionary cunts

Poland aren't "Nazis"

They could arguably be called fascists, but not 'nazis'.

Get your radlib le nazi boogeyman shit out of here pls

Look at a map of interwar Europe.
But le Jews xD
No shit

Remember that UIA killed more poles in 3 and a bit years than Stalin did in his entire rule. The UIA are real shitheads; but a pass because muh anti-stalinism.

Polish Nationalism is inherently anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet as a result from the repression from those regimes. Even though Polish fascism dislikes Nazi aesthetics, it still works in the same ideological framework.


Would that be completely good though?

In dialectical terms it would be good: the Polish bourgeoisie was in charge of the PLC: perhaps allowed for hte development of a fully fledged bourgeois dictatorship like the Netherlands or the UK.

PLC literally ran itself into the ground because the greedy szlachtas destroyed any trace of central authority. Prussians and Russians only picked up the pieces.

With all the due disrespect to radlibs, "Ukrainians are nazis" is an excuse of Putin apologists, whom the libs currently hate.

Poland actually had a sizable Catholic Fascist movement before WWII.

That flag strangely resembles the Stras,serist flag.

t. nazi

If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Decades of anticommunist propaganda.

I wasn't aware they caused the Holodomor or Katyn.

Nobody caused holodomor and the Nazi-puppet UIA (who are today revered as heroes) killed more poles in Ukraine than Stalin did during his entire rule.

but sure, the USSR are the bad guis here…

but they did.
katyn was just one of many crimes that went down at the same time in the same way, with german guns and shackles.
holodomor was their pulled out of their ass propaganda.
in every regard it was caused by nazis.

Yes, nazis did 9/11 too

Literally look up the first reference to Holodomor being a genocide: it is an article written by Goebbels.

Okay I'm a Pole and here's my rambling take.

I'm not too qualified to speak about the Ukraine but with Poland the prevalent political culture is nationalistic, but not necessarily nazi - the most apt comparison would be Franco's Spain. Nationalism in itself can't be viewed as nazi but I concede that there are genuine fascist overtones. There is jingoism but to say that Poles are fine with Nazis who burned down Warsaw is just stupid, too much basing your view from Holla Forums and not enough interaction in the real world.

What you should realize that PiS is supremely populist, they don't have any qualms or shame to get votes. So they appeal to the elderly catholic rural vote, to the nationalist vote and simultaneously they very clearly state out protectionist/benefits-oriented economic policy, generally maintaining what was left of the welfare state post-1989 - they claim to be anticommunist but they're lowkey economically left-wing. As such, PiS is almost national-socialist and so they have 30% of a guaranteed vote (the traditional agricultural parties, PSL, died away as did Samo-obrona a long time ago). The political sides right now in Poland can be described as free-market/liberal versus the traditionalist/protectionist. PiS has no real opposition right now, the only weakness is that all governments have an expiry date with regards to declining popularity. Keep in mind that around 50% of people never vote because all the parties are viewed as being equally shit. There are attempts at forming genuinely left-wing parties such as Razem but they're viewed as being limp-dick bourgeois urbanites.

A different theme is one of ethnic homogeneity, East Asian countries with a similar level of homogeneity also veer to a more nationalistic political culture (i.e. SK and Japan).

I'm Polish and I can't associate myself at all with the Western right because it is so germanophilic so I came to Holla Forums, any Pole who supports western conservatives is an uncle Tom - they hate us and look down on us openly. Westerners in general look down on Slavic people big time, when I go abroad I meet a lot of people who think I'm racist just because I'm Polish which is actually a really fucking racist mindset to have in its own way.


Yes, Goebbels was the perpetrator of Holodomor.

projecting your own faults into others is literally a principle of Goebbels' propaganda work

No you're right, Stalin caused it to not rain…

I mean honestly, even Richard Conquest: the arch anti-Stalin scholar, says Holodomor doesn't real.

Richard Conquest said that Holodomor wasn't deliberate- he didn't say that there was no such thing as famine in Ukraine.

Nobody denies there was a famine in Ukraine: this whole time I have been mentioning the poor rains, but the concept that "STALIN STARVED THE UKRAINIANS!!!" is a Uko-nat lie designed to garner sympathy.

This article I read a few days ago seems to be an interesting take, at least on the Polish side:

It was an act of God.

To typowa postawa folwarczno-pańszczyźniana, Niemiec jest dumny i podbija, więc bądźmy jak Niemiec, to jest najwidoczniej poprawne myślenie. Podobnie z Islamem: Polscy pojechali na Zachód, zobaczyli że ich ukochane wartości moralne istnieją tylko w społeczeństwach muzułmańskich, to doszli do wniosku że "Zachód upada" i tylko szariat (katolicki) może nas uratować.
Efekt wielu lat kopania biednego narodu po twarzy, przemocy społecznej ze wszystkich stron.

It has no connection to Asserism, Polish ONR is extremely liberal in their economy, they hate socialism and want to implement "national capitalism" or some version of "national socialliberalism" at mose extreme left version. They're all fascinates and utopians of capitalism, they believe that nothing will do as much good for the morality of the nation as the economy according to the indications of Mises and Hayek.

Katyn was nothing im copmarison to German depopulation and public enslavement program called as Generalplan Ost.

< Holodomor
You need to go back.


Poland seems to keep getting shafted one way or another
Can you tell us how Poland was under gommie rule till the iron curtain fell?

Well, at least the source isn't literally Hitler

I'm not opening link and claiming instead that - no, Russia is not actually releasing documents.

And I was correct. Those are not documents, but scans of documents. Actual documents are still not accessible to specialists.

I was born in '89. My family considered the system a pain in the ass and just generally inefficient and mediocre for getting basic things. The culture was vastly superior, controlled by select intellectual urban circles and the propaganda was obvious enough that any intellectual person could disregard it (as one may, for example l, disregard the current PiS controlled news). Also employment security was much better and my uncle told me how he'd travel to the West a bit so it wasn't some sort of grey concentration camp as is pictured in some western media.

Surely the Poles are fucking retards for blaming it on the Soviets?

Nobody is holding anything. Russians declared that they have the documents, but - despite multiple requests over 7 years - never let specialists actually work with them. Nobody touched the documents, nobody checked is they are real. Only photos had been made available, and even those photos had been sufficient to question those documents.

Come back when actual specialists get to check those documents. Until this point (rabidly anti-Communist) government of Russia claims that it has documents.

Not the Poles, but Polish (rabidly anti-Communist) government.

It's news to me that Putin is a rabid anti-communist. What could Russia possibly gain for taking the blame for the massacre, if the teleporting ninja nazis were the perpetrators in Smolensk, 1940? Perhaps it's so obvious, that only the most well-trained mental gymnasts could still deny it, and taking the blame is the only reasonable solution.

It was "government", not "Putin". The trend goes back to Gorbachev.

It's quite a bad tone trying to refute things by distorting original statement. Doubly so, when you don't check facts and aren't aware that Putin is a bona fide Liberal and has little love for USSR or Communism (other than the acceptance of symbols).

And now the "government" had mutated into the entire "Russia". Can't you at least distort the statement only once?

< Goebbels cannot lie
Are you retarded?

You are retarded. Or a shill.

so your uncle was party member

Stop pulling things out of your ass, please.

It's literally Goebbels, you dumbfuck.

The date of 1940 was initially given by Reich's ministry of propaganda (run by Goebbels), when they "uncovered" Katyn in 1943. Post-war investigation put date at 1941.

Picking strawberries in Sweden isn't probably the done thing in apparatchik circles

Some 1.8 million non jewish poles were exterminated in the holocaust, and generalplan ost stated the nazis' intention to exterminate a full 80% of the Polish people, and "relocate" the rest to siberia (read: kill them)

Still pulling things out of your ass. Every credible states the date May 1940. Take your alternate history facts and go someplace else.

ONR is not political organisation
and never been liberal
Old ONR and RNR Falanga its classic fascism with elements of catholic theology

Felt like this was relevant.

It is groźny sympatyk oeneru wykryty.

It's sad to destroy your illusions xD nor really
ONR is very close to Korwin and the New Right, it is the Młodzież Wszechpolska who are national "socialists".

Classic fascism is Catholic, at first, so your claim is redundant, and contemporary ONR is not at all classic, because it's a fusion of fascism and liberalism, something like franco-thatchero-pinochetism.

Slavs are mudpeople and unenlightened ideologies are an untermensch thing.
Also, literal is spelled with a single t.

For Poland with its Nazis(Nazis as in "muh white power" fucktards) might be explained by that modern day poland is old east Germany and western Russia, although any Germans residing there might have been raped, killed or both in 1945 so fuck if I know whats wrong with the pseudo-slavs that are Poles. As for Ukraine gotta remember the Kulaks or something. Crimea I guess? They are next door to Romania and their current ACTUAL fascist government with a self-proclaimed Nazis party as the opposition(yes a fascist party as the ruling and Nazis as the opposition). Really there is no real explanation other than that they are stupid as fuck.

Most modern rightist and neo-nazi people are from the poorest, eastern part of Poland, not from the West. Basicaly all prople living in the West are settlers after World War II who are far less conservative because resettlement broke old cultural and religious structures, causing that people from different parts of the country had to reintegrate.
There is nothing pseudo-Slavic in the inhabitants of Western Poland - all come from the areas of modern Ukraine and Belarus.

And there were basically no kulaks in Poland. Before World War II, the peasants didn't have private land in Poland even though they had the right to do so for a long time. The estates were in the hands of the former land aristocracy. The first who gave land in Poland to peasants were the communists. Then the collectivization took place but it didn't go very well, so the first large estates appeared only after 1989.


What's wrong with Katyn?

Nazi Germany junior? What the fuck are you smoking you retarded ☭TANKIE☭? Poland offered France to attack Germany together in a pre-emptive strike when Hitler was elected, but they refused. Which costed them much.

You do realise USSR attacked us in 1920 wanting to reintegrate Poland and Finland into former Russian territory, right? What's wrong with anti-communist policies if Communist Party of Poland was literally their satellite?

And I could say similarly what's wrong with that? We could say the same about USSR, you know that right?'_plot

Soviet union literally orchestrated genocide of the Polish people, they were no better towards us than the Nazis. It's not surprising we had policies against them.
The second even landed in the list.

Poland was a mistake.

bruv the Polish-Soviet war was a mutual affair, there had been border skirmishes for months and the first major push was made by the Poles into the RSFSR in an attempt to make the Ukrainian People's Republic, which by this time existed almost solely in Carpathia aka Austrian Ukraine. The Polish-Soviet war was not some Soviet attempt to invade Poland, stop with this nationalist wank revisionism.

Ah, a military coup (the May coup), leadership and opposition purges (brest trails), concentration camps (byaroza), military diktat, restricting the power of the sjem is fine because the Soviet Union existed, right…

o huj

o ja

Technically, there are three "classic" types of Fascism: Italian, German, and Spanish. Only Italian and Spanish were Catholic. But you are correct in pointing out that his definition is iffy.

All kinds of Fascism are "fused" with Liberalism. Any pretense at Socialism is just a front.

That's literally what wikipedia says though.

It doesn't, actually.

It took a Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to reverse the Polish imperialism back to the Curzon line, where their borders were supposed to be.

Giving Poland German territory was a mistake.

Look it was fucked up but to call it genocide is retarded in every way
It was literally all military personnel and mostly officers

Unironically, the fact that Poland a shit is the only thing that Hitler got right.

I love how polish nationalists hate the USSR despite the fact Poland would be a lot smaller and completely landlocked if it weren't for the evil commies expanding their borders and gifting them land they had no serious claim to before the war. Same with Ukraine


You realize that war started because Poland invaded Ukraine?

I agree.


It states that Pilsudski wanted Ukraine for his intermarium project, Lenin saw Poland as a means to support central Europe.
It then states Pilsudski signed a pact with some Ukrainian Republic they had been fighting with to get Lwów and then restore that republic to its eastern lands.
All this time there have been skirmishes have been taking place.
Pilsudski launches an offensive towards Kiev after several months of steady advancement (in which they took Minsk), does decently, get stalled, the absolute madman Tukhachevsky launches a counterattack and almost takes Warsaw.
Then the two sides meat for peace after being repulsed from Warsaw, the bolshies propose a deal that is more of a white peace, which really surprised the polish team who saw themselves as 1) losing the war 2) anti-Pilsudski and didn't want to have him seen as winning the war 3) didn't want Kresley because it was full of Ukrainians and belarusians. However offered with a deal that would give them the Curzon line, they took it.

Years on, the Polish-Soviet war has become a national myth about the ebul sovigets attacking boor defenseless bolan, where it was actually an escalation started by the Polish side with the intent of founding a puppet Regime in the Ukraine.


How we end up in timeline where Russian Federation became almost same porkey authoritarian country like in Orwell's "1984" ?
%%all post socialist countries brainwashed pretty well%%

Anti-stalinist propaganda begun in 1956 and Communism was presented in SocDem light. In ~1988 begun openly anti-Communist propaganda.

62 years of Revisionist propaganda.
30 years of anti-Communist propaganda.

But why modern stalinist propaganda in Russia did not make from Russian Federation communist country again?

A what?

Also there's the uncomfortable fact of pre-war Polish communists getting purged by Stalin but the larping western bulldogs here will defend that too

On how many dozes of memes are you on?

I just only watch Russian TV. :D

Does anyone else reckon that Poland, Ukraine and maybe Hungary and Austria might end up forming some weird Axis 2.0 in the future?

Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

im a 'slavic nazi' i guess (pls dont ban, here in good spirit, being polite) and feel free to ask me whatever you want
ok lol, im a member (got a rank and my card) of a local political party here (preparing for 2 years to go public now) and i am involved in recruiting highschoolers and uni students, attending lectures, debating, putting hours into gym and physical exercises, and finally workshop, mostly wood workshop (basically we watch youtube videos on how to make wardrobes, desks, chairs, beds, etc and then we make them, been making them for quite some time now) which are later sold trough apolitical people, we also buy out businesses when we can, and put our own people there

my world beliefs are simple:
1) hierarchy/fascism is desirable
i believe all politics, and also all law/justice, all military, all economy, and all sociology works on strength, and individuals having unequal place in society is perfectly normal
take family for example, its a perfect everyday display of fascism: parents and children are unequal, and both parties are better for it
2) races not only exist, but are extremely important to the economy, military, law and justice and order, diplomacy, politics….
simply put, different geography -> different evolutionary pressures -> different humans
people cant be racially equal (as self evident by…. everything, nobel prizes, gdp, you name it) because some had alpine climate for example, had to develop better shelters, better tools, better clothing, better snares, had to hunt big game, therefore had to develop better group organization for hunting, and a lot of people couldnt pull this off, and a lot of people Darwined out during European ice age glaciations

dont know what's the post limit so i guess ill stop here
ending the democratic process but keeping the parliament, parliament ran by national corporations (such as, for example, corporation of all doctors, defense corporation, corporation of all priests, blah blah..) that will be appointed # of chairs in the parliament according to their strategic value to the party, who will vote for the chairs among themselves, and largely be left along to pass laws and deal with things internally, as long as the party interests are not compromised
another one i guess: family politics, getting rid of the biologically unproductive and undesirables, stimulating the family and native natality trough the party grants, since native birth rates are one of the party goals

anyway dont know the post limit, so ill stop here i guess

Kurwa mać, fucking hell, the absolute state of this supposedly progressive board. The convenient new bogeyman, the Slav. Always considered the untermensch by westerners (quite openly in this thread), too wh*te for special rights.

What would this fantastical coalition fight against? An unholy sci-fi alliance of Sharia EU and the Chechen Tsar?

Poland and Ukraine have bad blood from the previous century. Making the Ukraine less of an absolute mess of a shithole is in Poland's interest but nationalisms on both sides prevent any meaningful proper Axis-style alliance.
Hungary's Orban already fucked over Poland's PiS when Tusk was voted in as EU Pres (27-1 vote against PiS), Orban is a supreme opportunist and will ditch Poland the moment it is in his interest and PiS in its pompous bashfulness is an excellent foil for the man who was previously the bad boy of the EU.
An axis between Poland/Ukraine and Austria is too outlandish to consider seriously. The only common thread between these countries is that there are some reactionary parties doing well at the moment but what you should realise is that these are populist opportunists who will twist and turn as is convenient.

Your entire post is bullshit and this board is full of retards but then again I expect too much from imageboards. I should really look for some curated traditional forum.

Hitler thought you were subhuman. That is all.

..and he lost

Poland is in the perpetual state of butthurt.

Nazi propaganda. No one intentionally starved people. Famines happened in Ukraine before USSR.

Another Nazi propaganda. Nazis executed Polish officers and blamed the Soviets.

Forged document. The guy who forged Stalin's signature admitted it.

That document is dog shit. Not authentic. Proven forged. Stalin never signed it.

Wanna tell us who is the guy behind the forgery? No reason to believe you otherwise.

Source me.

there is no source its lie
soviets did it and blamed germans


Nationalism, it's a disease.

t. deports everyone to siberia and forces them to speak russian


Perhaps because the bolshies were even worse. You have radical movements of disillusioned lower middle- and low-class people and at the same time you have no new unstained organizing force on the left (thanks to commie regimes that for a whole century crushed all independent left), this is what happens. And those ex-official Eastern bloc communists deserve every tiniest bit of hatred they receive right now, in fact they are being treated way too nicely.


t. grzegorz brzęczyszczykiewicz

God I hope this is a bait

There is nothing wrong with this healthy ethnic pride, especially not after all the shit that the Polish have been through and they still get shit on.

don't pretend you don't know that the party name is wrong as well as there have been found faked stamps and signatures?


I see no mistake, as the КПСС was known as the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) for quite a time. Also, can i get some proofs on that mass forging that doesn't amount to a random Duma representative claiming that some unknown man called him in a penitent stupor to damn the whole of the Russian-Soviet archive to suspicion on its veracity

tankies btfo

proof is in the video, there is none that verifies the documents to be real

furthermore all hard evidence from the scene proved it to be just one of many crimes of the nazi occupation in the whole area

From Paul Josef Goebbels, Diary, 8 May 1943:

“Unfortunately, German ammunition has been found in the graves at Katyn It is essential that this incident remains top secret. If it were to come to the knowledge of the enemy the whole Katyn affair would have to be dropped.”

no such thing

Actual documents never been seen by experts and never undergone any tests to prove their veracity. It had been almost a decade, but Moscow refuses to let anyone take a look at them. What we have is literally a few .jpeg files. This is not a serious evidence by any standards.

Didnt Slavs literally invent the theory of communism?

Polish inefficiency in commie times:
"What? I have to wait for a flat 5 years? This system sucks"
Polish efficiency now
"What? I have to take a mortage to buy some crappy flat and it will take more than half of my paycheck for next 40 years? Sign me up!. … What do you mean i cant get even that because my paycheck is too small?"

fugg off

Germany had the denazification which continued as a new liberal mindset. Poland and Ukraine just had a new regime swoop in and fall after a few decades. Germans were brainwashed, Slavs were oppressed at most.

goebbels' diary

proven to be fake. wrong political body, bearing the signatures of 2 people that were confirmed not to be in moscow on that day.

So liberals are allowed to promote literal nazi propaganda on Holla Forums?

Actually, here's the full entry from Goebbels' diary:

Stalin approved the Katyn massacre. Get over it.

Gotta show some source here, I belive you but still

the point is that he acknowledged the existence of these munitions
and that it indeed is a case do be dropped from the soviets and against the nazis, who committed this crime
the nazis did it, get over it Holla Forumsack

its really just a few knuckleheads

Nobody caused the bengal famine either

the bengal famine is not not regarded a genocide in the mainstream nor is there a mainstream movement to make it so

2nd world > any first world country

Oh wow a former USSR country rejecting communism


73 years and waiting for any serious investigation of these manifold hoaxed Nazi war crimes. It only took a few years of German occupation in the East and we had two major lexposays” of the kike communist atrocities.

Fuck off retard.