ITT. Shit that disgusts you

ITT. Shit that disgusts you.

pisses me off beyond belief.
no matter what you do, people will find a way to make a buck off of it.

What the hell do you expect from a youtube gaming channel?

I have ads on my videos, sorry I don't want to work in a grocery store the rest of my life

even though my apathy towards other people is now at the level i'd probably do the same thing just to have more money to waste
is the kind of self righteous justification that feels like it's come from a digital kulak. would purge instantly.

ignore the lifestylist

unironically get a fucking job

That's not really "selling out" dude.

I have a job, but I'm not allowed to talk about it. :^)
It's not lifestylism to expect people not to be cunts. Politics aside, advertisers deserve the bullet for being annoying

shilling products is totally selling out. even if you want to defend ads (in which case, I'd like to defend S-21 for a minute.) there's no excuse for shilling merchandise/providers directly.

Oh no, advertising in entertainment videos on the internet.

this is the future you chose


an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
"an era of free-market capitalism"

poverty, people forced to live without dignity, flashy displays of affluence and beliefs of superiority that come with it, apologists of inequality, abuse of power, disregard of human life and ecological damage, etc.

There are a lot more important things to be disgusted with than some people wanting to receive part of the money that YouTube will inevitably make by hosting their content.

my recollection (which i don't care about enough to verify, or even google) is that you can disable advertising on your own videos, which means youtube won't make shit.

furthermore human beings aren't magical rational machines, it's LARP tier to pretend you're not disgusted by puke even though when you think about it rationally it's absolutely nothing compared to the holocaust.

Remember: When China does the same thing but with more transparency, it's being tyrannical.

Can you really blame the content creator for wanting to monetize his work?

Is there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, wouldn't this be a similar case?

The more I browse here the more I understand how necessary it is for leftists organizations to have more stringent security policies.

t. sellout whore

people gotta eat

Quite. To be clear, I have nothing against whores.

What we've got going on here is called tyranny with a human face.

Since this is an user board do you mind sharing about how much money you get per click and per advert? How economical is youtube nowdays, like do you need hundreds of thousands of subscribers to break even or can you supplement income by churning out a video a month that gets a few 10k views?

I don't make shit, I only one day hope to earn decent money off of it. I've made about $55 total in the last 10 months and $50 of that is from soundtracks I've uploaded. My leftist content makes essentially nothing from Youtube, presumably because viewers are more likely to have adblock, and a small amount on Patreon (something like $15 per video at my last checking - for context a video takes me 60-100 hours to create, I'm certainly not in it for the money).

The Roo has been saying for a long time that leftist content has been demonetized to a large degree on YT. Do you think that's true?

From what little I know absolutely, I have to try to present my content as gaming-related instead of politics related if I don't want it to be ad removed, yet somehow the huge reactionary channels have little problems making money, really makes you thonk. But of course there's no alternatives so what can you do? Guess I have a long and glorious future at the grocery store.

Of course there's always Patreon, but, something about it really rubs me the wrong way. Taking a 10% cut is in my view outrageous, and I just don't think there's a future in asking people to pay for your content with the internet the way it is. Who can afford $10/month just for one video? I mean, of course people like Sargon who shit rambling commentaries out 3 times a week will do well from it, but people who actually put effort in and not just pander to an audience of retards? Nah. Of course, that could just be sour grapes, but I don't see anything to be proud of in being a channel like that. There's more to life than a little money. Don't you know about that?

But I still wish I had a YT I could live off of, or failing that at least a real job.