Bourgeois decadence doesn't exi…

Stalin and Mao did a right thing for purging these deviants scum, you don't need to be religious person to agree with that and China knows that homosexuality is wrong, despite being majority atheists. If you support LGBTQAFKOKNFEOF+, you're supporting western bourgeois decadence!(I hate idpol, so, I will talk about idpol. Don't you hate when idpol happens?)


It's impossible to say if this guy is even gay or just a faggot male feminist beta

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It's almost like the PRC and USSR were formed out of undeveloped peasantry(You don't get away from the gulag either)


Christianity was a mistake. All religion was a mistake.
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No they didn't.


R e d f a s c i s t

I'm a fucking ☭TANKIE☭ but Stalin was fucking wrong on a lot of his muh decadence shit, it's not like he left whatever Lenin left behind since Stalin banned homosexuality literally reinstating tsarist tier laws where as Lenin made it legal. You should read up on some actual scientific studies on naturally occurring homosexuality and to say it's simply muh decadence is just repeating christian bullshit and retards from the 20th century trying to explain homosexuality because they had a disgustingly narrow idea of human psychology ie shook and lobotomies being pushed as cures because obviously everyone is naturally a good christian boy.

Also to imply decadence means you've to got to also imply a correct morality one which just so happened to agree with the current overwhelming religious morality of the Russian population (what luck).

What is more likely the social constructs of society due to some liberal (good) freedoms are breaking down and those who would either not come out in a repressive society or in a nation where the poor classes are mainly conservative and rural retards half the time with the increased education the hate against homosexuality has massively dropped off so the christian constructs of society are being stripped away leaving behind a non christian society's outlook on homosexuality. (Surprise surprise homosexuals were often more accepted in some society's and gender roles were also able to be crossed more).

Is the implication here that LGBT is pro-feminist?

It's well known that trans-ideology is an attack on the women's movement, whether you think they're right or wrong.

Geez, you think?

explain. how is it an attack?

you see, women's bathrooms are meant to be Safe Spaces

It's meant to call you a fucking retard lol

OP is 100% correct, LGBT shit is a liberal designed social class, leaving them alive is leaving the revolution unfinished.

No doubt but I'm still Christian

there's no Communism without gay butt sex. haven't you read marx?

this but unironically