How many Holla Forumsypes do you know irl ?

how many Holla Forumsypes do you know irl ?
how do you deal with them? do you debate?
i personally don't know any irl, i only see them on interweb, so they're either very rare or they hide well.

i'm trying to make my post reach two hundred chars because the BO is a nutcase btw

I know one guy that is alt-lite Holla Forumsyp tier (although tbh I have never heard or seen him drop any Holla Forumsyp terminology so it may not actually use Holla Forums), I just used to get off by making him look like an idiot about history. For example, he got triggered over a Guardian opinion piece (tbh for the sake of sanity I keep as far away from those as possible) complaining about the lack of "muh minorities" in the film Dunkirk. Now I didn't even read the article, it was likely bollocks idpol virtue signalling, but his response that "no Indians or Africans fought in France let alone at Dunkirk" was just the ticket: since there were several divisions from the british Raj at Dunkirk and throughout France colonial troops & the Foreign legion fought. Stuff like that and making him look like a tit when he gets facts wrong about the middle east is mostly just having fun, I hope one day it will erode him into realising his entire ideological standpoint is based on feels > reals.

good one m8

you don't know any racist person irl?

I have a friend that is clearly confused generally. At one point he was a literal Jew, now he is an atheist. At one point he told me that all that matters is passing on your genetics, and that all morality is subordinate to this. He is very much a "based science" type, but I repeatedly sperg out about bitcoin, Elon, and whatever other topic that comes up. My hope is that by hating everything retarded he will just naturally become "more socialist"

My aunt and her whole family of 5 homeschooled children are Holla Forumsyps. They live really weird, detached lives. They're all extremely agoraphobic and essentially never leave the house, they buy into every conspiracy theory that passes their gaze, and they are, every one of them, hideously sickly and weak and skinny from lack of sunlight and exercise so they don't really pose a threat to anybody and are terrified of everyone around them.

Mainly I just leave them alone and vice versa. I don't know how you would reason with someone who never leaves their house and thus has no actual connection to the real world whatsoever. You can't rationalize with someone who has literally zero worldly understanding outside of what alex jones tells them it's like.

You maybe onto something here.
Holla Forumsype tendencies maybe a result of asocial tendencies.

Not all racist people browse Holla Forums

thats true but thats the core ideology of Holla Forums

No, but a lot of my old acquaintances are soft lolberts. Curiously enough half of them used to be anarkiddies on high school.

I grew up with a kid, who later on became a full on Turner diary believing “national socįalist”. There are two things that cause a young man to gain these beliefs in the 21st century, and those are social alienation, and the Internet (access to shit like Holla Forums). All one has to succumb to is the belief that those around him are somehow inferior, ie nobody invites them to parties, they end up bitterly rationalizing the rejection by claiming “well that’s just for degenerates anyway, who needs it”, even though internally they crave said interactions. At this point they’re already half way there, all that has to happen after such a state, is them coming in contact with Nazi literature, or online places like Holla Forums. I got to see this play out over the span of 6 years with a childhood friend. I don’t think there’s really anything you can do to stop it either.

Strip away the ideology from Holla Forums, and underneath you often find /r9k/.

every young republican in my school is a basic bitch libertarian Holla Forumsyp, like r/the_donald irl. They literally refuse to read, as soon as I go back to school I'm gonna print the #mybordersmychoice with North Korea and Iran and paste it all over the school, it'll be cathartic whether it works or not.


You will never meet us in real life because we hide our power level. If I were "PoC" I'd be deathly suspicious of all white people because our worldview is much more common than you think. All white people are inherently racist and implicit upholders of white supremacy. All white people acknowledge this in the established mainstream dialogue. The difference at Holla Forums is that we do not wish to punish ourselves for it. We do not wish to tear down racism or white supremacy or white privilege. We wish to uphold it and entrench it even more. Racism is good and natural and should be encouraged. Racism is the only way civilization as whole will continue, because the lower races are literally incapable of complex societies beyond mud huts and fishing villages.

Hail victory! May the holy white race and white privilege exist for as long as civilization does. It is quite literally a prerequisite.

You should. No more wars for ZOG Occupied Government.

My dad is into PJW, MGTOW youtube, Lauren Southern and all that crap, apparently he got there via the flat earth/ 9/11 was an inside job-osphere. Alt right content and conspiracy theories target people who feel alienated from an increasingly homogenous culture.

too many.
1 thinks America should be turned into a BASED ethnostate as decreed by george lincoln rockwell
1 is a pinochet-loving ""an""cap who thinks pedophilia is okay because it's a voluntary exchange between two consenting parties unironically
beyond Holla Forumsyps, two of my friends are redditors who go on /r/libertarianism and complain about Trump all the time
only one is a communist, but he hides his power level just like I do.

None because i'm not a burgermutt.

Man, it seems like 8/pol/ is banning more and more people just because they use memes from the daily shoah and other exiled podcasts. Did you get banned over there recently or have you just given up trying to reset your router every time you got sent to the gas chamber?

Anyone have their moments with Holla Forumsyps larping as whites irl?

Do hibernians count?

it depends
ask Holla Forums


I'm from Mexico and i know quite a lot of people, even relatively educated people, who praise hitler and believe the world is ruled by the big jew conspiracy

Here in burgerland we just think that the NWO and illuminati control the world

They're libertarians that don't like trump?

I have a grudging respect for libertarians that have a genuine dislike of the state and attack police brutality, the surveillance state and civil asset forfeiture. Unlike the crypto-fascists that make up a majority of libertarians they genuinely believe that humanity would be better off without governments, most coercive authority and public ownership of property. I think they're incredibly misguided, but they aren't malicious.

i have stormnigger in laws, no shit

deal? I don't deal with them, i don't even bother talking politics. they are too far gone because they always act like race is a critical issue, and end up forcing it into every discussion. it's totally unnatural too when it is brought up, so it really comes off as idpol for rightists. there's a lot of complaining about kap in the NFL and all the "culture war" stuff too, and i regularly tell these people and my parents idgaf about the stupid culture war and it's just not fucking important or relevant. most of the things they bring up, they just want to tell you something that you can be mad about, and be mad with them. so it's really just anger. like, it may not even be true, but as long as they can get you concerned and riled up about something from a rightist POV its a "mission accomplished" for them, as if you were on the cusp of going full 1488.

to anyone that sees what they're doing, though, it is obvious and soo fucking stupid to watch, but they think they're KGB agents or something planting "red pills" among hte masses. it's kind of a real world happening of the dunning-kruger effect.

also, from a communist perspective, i think history is made by masses of people acting in their collective self interest… or w/e, you know, the marxist interpretation of history. so, i don't freak out too much about them like i did a while back. i found this place and saw there's tons of people like me out there that hate these fucking nazis, and certainly don't think racism is "natural" at all.

it's just sad, though, when gullible conservatives and liberals take the bait of fascists and actually attempt to talk with them. at the end of it, all that ever happens, is you find out how "racist" that liberal or conservative really is, and just how much of an ally to a fascist they really are. that's what fascists are good at – weeding people out, who is radical, who isn't or who is at least picking a side.

i just hide my power level and remain apathetic, insisting the government and everything is shit and there is no solving it. i think it's a great way to shatter their idealism about "race" and "nation". it's also fun bringing up all the stupid shortcomings and general infighting among white people as a way to show how "white pride" is just a fake bullshit mantra they tell themselves to ignore the real problems in the world.

Several of my close friends are Holla Forumsypes, since I spent several years in alt-right orbits before drifting leftward. They generally are undersocialized and retain hallmarks of libertarian thinking, even those that espouse a more populist economics. By this I mean that they believe in a world divided between producers or ‘useful’ people and brainwashed, parasitical consumers (‘bugmen’, ‘soy boys’, etc). Naturally they consider themselves in the former group. One way to make inroads is to appeal to their self interest, given that they are generally alienated and disempowered (and many are relatively poor as well). MAGA hasn’t helped them in any material way, and they have a craving to belong to something that won’t get them turned down for dates or socially marginalized yet still allows them to feel edgy and contrarian (a bad tendency but one that can be dealt with later). Once they understand what leftism really is, many of them warm up to it.

i dunno if i would go that far mate. i'm realtively a shut in. i still go out, but when i do, i don't talk to people really or actively seek "connections" or some shit. even then, i'm a tried and true left winger, i want what is best for people, even if i'm not actively involved with their lives or w/e. i'm definitely a 'live and let live' type though too.

there's definitely a social element to /polyps/ that i think often goes under stated. the problem is, these people always associate based on politics/religion first, and almost nothing else. the Holla Forumsyps i know go to the gun range with their "bros" so they can whine about jews and blacks in good company. they go to sporting good stores looking for "SHTF" gear. they setup gaming/LAN parties to play games as nazis. there's definitely a social element for some of them that i think doesn't even exist among lefties, in some cases. i mean, i don't know any lefties in my area that talk about gun memberships, going to places together, or just generally hanging out. most of the time lefties just want you to come to some protest and shout with them or something. or sit and read books.

that was me before i started to really understand anarchism and communism as a real movement. i think these are really the only types worth saving from that movement… most of the others are just too afraid to go full nazi.

Why would I associate with people who have Holla Forums level retardation? Everyday would be a argument, we would grow to hate each other, literally no profit to be hand from such a relationship. Only crazy people set themselves up like that.


It's kind of a dog vs cat thing. Alt-right hanging out with liked minded people re-enforces their beliefs, they really crave groupthink in a religious way. It's a secret club where only the super special smart people hang out and it makes them feel powerful. Some random jackass trying to talk about da jooz alone will get punched or told to leave, but even just a few unintimidating neckbeards grouped up will mostly be left alone, especially if wherever they go is uncrowded and gives themselves the illusion of being the majority. You see this shit even online, they have to go to 4chan and here or their heavily moderated subreddits and complain about being raided whenever someone posts and opinion they don't like. When the board opinion starts to change it changes very quickly, I watched stormfront very closely during the 2016 election and the narrative of Trump being a jewish/clinton plant to being a useful idiot for the white cause came at a breakneck speed once it was clear he was the nominee. Now the majority of the board has drank the pro-trump koolaide and those that haven't keep pretty quiet lest they get accused of being a soros-shill. The alt-right (and even the moderate right) are excellent at keeping the herd together and of a similar mindset.

The far left seems to get validation from works and introspection instead of groupthink, we tend to value (relatively) highly regarded books with niche opinions. It's hard to get together and talk about things when everyone has gone in different directions and are hostile to other points of view, even if they don't differ by all that much. There is also a major divide within the left, with the SJW-liberal types being the majority or at least having the majority of presence and power where the more anti-idpol types aren't. Most left subreddits and boards are filled with insane mods and even the BO here is getting pretty bold with the bans for minor ideological spats. We split so much that most of the left seems to take a more passive and observant role than an active one, as any opinions that seem uneducated or undeveloped are quickly shotdown and mocked. Compare the right youtubers to the left ones, the right will mainly pander and ride the waves of whatever trends and zeitgeists are manifesting picking up hundreds of thousands of subscribers while most left youtubers will post videos about specific ideologies (like maoism or anarcho-syndacalism) which are usually founded on century old works and to an outsider seems detached from the real world. The left will also tear apart these videos for even minor mistakes and it keeps the community afraid of joining in on the discourse. Look at Muke, he tried to become /ourguy/ but when it turns out he was very much still learning and not some sort of Marxist professor we tore into him and he just quit. We're quite hostile to newcomers attempting to form immature opinions based on limited reading while the alt-right embraces any new (insane) perspectives as long as it follows the group ideological goals.


There's an Australian guy who has been part of the same community as me for a while and has gone full kekistani. He added dozens of le smug pepes as discord emotes as well as a Sargon of akkad one, can't spell or type, and goes on long rants that no one asked for. I sent him a bat'ko video once to fuck with him and he said "this video has less than a few hundred views, it's probably a shill channel made by an algorithm trying to defame trump"

Thankfully the group is dying and soon I will be rid of him.

When you say Holla Forumsypes you are implying someone who browses pol.

After a year of browsing \pol\ I firmly believe that 99% of the threads are just shitposts done by bored individuals.
I don't want to talk about any of the thing I write on this board because it's just rubbish. Conspiracy theories (antartic ufos, fluor in water), making fun of ridiculous news articles, or dumb protesters is just a way of letting steam off.

tldr: most people on \pol\ are not being serious so you won't see them irl.

I don't know any Holla Forumsyps irl but I did meet a few oddballs. Some brit dude who was a literal ancap and wanted to go traveling in the romanian countryside, his kidneys were likely poached by gypsies by now. He was also sexually insecure (tho not a virgin), bitched about women and told me to watch Molyneux. Otherwise, never met anyone nearly as autistic as Holla Forums, maybe a "kekistani" here and there.

wow you guys are fucking cringe

I only know a few through my school's computer science department (I am not comp sci, but the math and comp sci departments are linked at the hip).

My partner however knows A LOT of them, she use to be in the drug community, specifically psychedelics, and these people are all in the community.

At some point the LARPing takes over your brain, you start believing (in part or in whole) meme ideologies you used to joke around with.

Or worse, people who genuinely believe those meme ideologies mistakenly think that the board is a welcome place for them, turning the board from "ironically racist" to actually racist.

My grandpa, he gets all his info and opinions from "alternative sources". If he knew any english he'd definitely hang on Holla Forums.
He'll be dead in some years though so I don't care much about trying to debate him, I'll rather let him rave and keep family peace. Also old dogs and whatnot.

Yup at some point I felt attracted to the memes at some point. In the end I just got fed up with shitposting there and now I'm exploring this board.

I pity people who are dumb enough to think that \pol\ is a safe heaven for any ideology. It's a meat grinder that chew any coherent thought and reduce into meme material.

ironically the only consistency this board has is nihilism.


I have a older brother who really hates black people and others. He'll call any town with a high ratio of minorities a ghetto, even tho its just like any normal town with whites. He's also a cop and a republican so that fits.

Welcome forever to Holla Forums

libertarians CATEGORICALLY dislike trump in fact
interestingly enough that is the exact definition of a libertarian

I know a Holla Forumsack trump supporter who didn't know where the cuck meme came from.


I don't. I know more "liberal fake communists" than anything approaching fascists let alone alt right

My little brother is alt-right, but I think it's just a phase…

i think you should gulag him.

in their own special way, yes.

It sounds like you are a moron because they would have been fighting in Africa then instead of on the Dunkirk…

5 French colonial divisions from Guinea were stationed at Verdun during the phoney war before the battle of France. Remember this bloke said absolutely no Africans fought in France during WWII because that would trigger his sensibilities.

Yeah that guy was a dumb twat. There is a reason it was called a world war to begin with.

I owe you one

Holla Forums stands with Iran and (mostly) North Korea tho

Sauce on this girl?


Ur sister


it's a dude


fuck off

Her name is Polina Belka

glad to hear there are ways to get out of the shithole that is \pol\

I started to take a step back from it while considering doing a nazi salute when a car full of ashkenazi jews was passing in front of me during hanuka.

Had no idea Everquest 2 was still a thing