Leftist Political Parties of America

So I'm making this thread to discuss who is worth voting for, last year I voted for Jill Stein. The coming election I want to feel like I'm voting on principle. Here are some parties that caught my eye and want Holla Forumss opinions on.



Because I saw one user mention it here.^

Any other suggestions would be nice.

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Thanks for brining in the red liberals, aka the CPCIA.

Eh PSL seem decent (as an outsider); tbh the best hope the US has is building a broad front (even if its socdem) coalition to erode the basis of power. That and militant unionism ==I BELONG TO THE EYE-DUbYAH DUbYAH EYE-DUbYAH DUbYAH EYE-DUbYAH DUbYAH ==

What do these parties even do in America? The "wasted vote" mentality seems to be well set in although to be honest it's true, but voting for either of them is also a waste of time so how do they get funding, do they actually do anything?

voting for either of the big two*

Lol, suggests about better alternatives is welcome as well. Didn't even know America had a Communist party until I Googled it.

Im sorry OP, but CPUSA is literally COINTELPRO.
Also, I think the Socialist Labor Party is fantastic but i think its sadly defunct

The SLP still exists: and I still argue that leftypol members should join it just to revitalise it.

That would make sense seeing how the website is so well done. When other parties like Greenies actually get votes but have shit websites.

I posit that Green Party is not Left and cannot be made Left. Problems of ecology are simply impossible to solve under Capitalism. However, claiming otherwise is easy and is also nigh impossible to disprove in a way that is accessible for non-Marxists (who already support Communists). Additionally, Green problems can be easily used for propaganda purposes - to quell resistance of population to additional squeeze-outs (without ecology it is really hard to explain where all the money from immensely increased productivity go; financial crises are getting real stale).

Consequently, there is no reason to support any non-Marxist Green movement, while Marxist Green movement will inevitably be part of actual Marxist movement and will not exist as a separate entity. I.e. there is no reason to support any Green party.

In the absence of real candidates, voting for the most nominally radical (CIA honeypot in our case) seems to be the best choice. There is no difference between the Bourgeois politicians, but:
1) it shifts the Overton window to the Left
2) if elected, candidate will be have to pretend that it supports Left
3) it attracts attention of general public to the Communism

Is it? I'm pretty sure its defunct, unless they're still active in local levels.

This is the website apparently lol

Their national office is shut but they are still legally a party and have members.

website design isnt so great but its content is pretty good and informative

I wish they had a local chapter down here in texas

Tbh join and start it: it would be funny at least.

Or maybe Holla Forums members should get together and start our own party?

You know whats funny? If the democrats ran a really shitty person again and trump continues to fall in addition to an economic collapse, we could actually pull something like that off

Maybe, but Holla Forums has what five hundred members? We can have a small party based on better ideals then most others if people are willing to try.

I wouldnt mind doing that tbh.

We would have to make threads about it and decide what the formate would be to get to the normies. And we would need to decide a founding area.


but yeah, let's say 200-300 people here are burgers, say 70% actually get on board, you have enough for /something/ at least, even if it is a caucus in a group or some side party (like Labour affiliates). If you were to join the SLP, you could do something with a party with a proud history; and with the People's party coalition or whatever bollocks going on you could at-least have a marxist voice in the movement,.

should we also have a youth-wing? \
also i think we should establish a party in a state in the rust belt, and we should emphasize how the dems and repubs have both fucked over the rust belt.

This is true and a good idea.

History of integrity does matter.

I'm in the rust belt and I agree, people would jump at anything that addresses the economic malaise here. It's no coincidence the states that put Trump in office are rust belters, people have fucking had it with mainstream politicians.

Tbh y'all should check out that US agitpop thread that was made, there was some good shit in that.

I'm considering joining the Greens despite being a commie. I think they're the best shot at any form of left unity in the United States at the moment.


This is a Hillbot tier slandering of the Greens. Fuck off.

Does the American Party of Labour (they have talks with Grover Furr) run in elections? Not a burger.

Haha, I have contact with a chapter.
They do not, but they do take an active role in improving the lives of homeless people in their communities through direct action.