This board is fucked

It's obvious at this point the BO doesn't even care about the rules anymore, and is just banning anyone who disagrees with his batshit insane twitter-tankié ideology. I know ban evading is trivially easy but it's just not worth it anymore, the discussion is fucked and BO intentionally wants to make this into an echochamber. This board is no longer for politically incorrect leftist discussion; we're literally being forced to comply with a politically correct stance. This board is dying and it's going to continue to die, there's no point in trying to linger here instead of just migrating to >>>/leftpol/
I don't want to split, I liked this board and I know splitting harms activity for everyone, but the BO has just gotten worse and worse and we know his motives are no longer a non-sectarian space for leftists, he has said and shown as much. I didn't even care much about /leftpol/ before the Iran thread, but now I realize there's no choice but to migrate. We're not all red liberals/anarkiddies over there, you won't be banned for being a ML. This isn't a sectarian issue right now, it's simply an issue of Holla Forums no longer being what it is supposed to be.

Of course this board isn't politically incorrect. is politically incorrect.

BTW, does /leftpol/ has an owner? "If" it does, than what's the difference?

Fuck off, I'm happy you got banned. 99.999% chance you think the Norks are evil and that US imperialism is based, I guarantee you got banned in the juche thread. The mods are fags but Nork haters are bigger fags.

He's not a batshit insane sectarian.

I didn't get banned, I just see all the other bans and realize the board's time is through.


Lets not think about it as a split but as a migration, a temporary one hopefully

You see all the Nork bans and want us to run away with you, as if. Supporting the Norks is a leftist stance, opposing them isnt. On the grounds of keeping this board leftist, the BO is 100% justified in banning people that advocate for U.S. imperialism of the Norks. Go enjoy /leftpol/, no one is keeping you here.

You're right. I was mainly referring to people thinking this is about splitting.

This is the politically correct shit I'm talking about. I personally do not want NK to be fucked with or invaded, but that shouldn't be an opinion everyone is required to have or be banned.

Let us seize the means of posting from the BOurgeois.

No Mods, No Masters

Chanarcho-communists unite!

Yeah shit Goyim let us bring back jew-posting too, there should be no official stance on Israel as well I suppose??? This is a LEFTIST board. Anarkiddies are leftists, Syndicalists are leftists, I don't agree with them, but they are leftists. People advocating against the Norks are NOT leftists. Get this through your head, or go to /leftpol/.
Seriously stop being a nigger.

every man a mod

You can post anything without any moderating agenda on 4chan. It isn't true for any boards here. 8ch is, effectively, Reddit clone more than 4chan clone.

…Which is subjective. Objectively, both (and any board owners) choose whom to ban arbitrarily.


And by what authority do you have to say this? Did some esteemed Leftist writer prove this position, did the board democratically declare this?
The term comes from Leftist dissidents of the CPSU.
That's true and is a problem, but the /leftpol/ BO has not shown willing to do that.

BO isn't going far enough, everyone who opposes the DPRK needs to get banned as well


Anyone who isn't a Korean citizen or a member of a Juche Study Group shouldn't post here.

Mayhaps, you're confusing 8ch and 4chan?

The Norks are socialists, who built nukes to deter U.S. imperialism. Opposing Socialists AND opposing deterrence of U.S. imperialism?? I don't have to resurrect Lenin to be certain about this.
The rest of your post doesn't apply to me as far as I can see, looks like you mixed up posters

Seriously wtf is he talking about, bet this dude never uses 4chan.


come on guys, let's go get BO!

If it looks like a Socialism, if it sounds like a Socialism, it's a Socialism.
I don't doubt people have been banned for nothing, the mods ARE fags.

Just to add on, it's bot like you are being banned for not supporting North Korea, you are being banned for advocating for US interference and saying "The Norks are all dying and Kim is killing all of his relatives/military"

People are literally being banned for saying NK is shit and they don't care what happens to them.

The gentle laborer shall no longer suffer from the noxious greed of Mr. Krabs! We will dismantle oppression board by board! We'll saw the foundation of big business in half, even if it takes an eternity! With your support, we will send the hammer of the people's will crashing through the windows of Mr. Krabs' house of servitude!

Sounds good to me. Does ANYONE have proof of North Korea being shit.

Moving the goalposts. Additionally, having a different perspective shouldn't be a bannable offense.