Hello Fellow Burgers:

Hello Fellow Burgers:
Who did you vote for in 2016?


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Surprised to find that most people voted for Jill Stein.

Jill Stein because why not, I have that luxury.


Was a MAGApede

Pretty radical change in such a short time. Care to explain why?

why would you be? the greens are the only actual centrist party in the US, the rest are far right

Gloria La Riva


It actually started with my discovery of Philosophy. As a Physics student, I had dismissed philosophy in the way many STEMlords are wont to do as unverifiable, esoteric nonsense. However, eventually I decided to read Descartes, purely because I knew he was an important figure in the development of science. In reading DotM and MoFP I developed an interest in philosophy, began reading those his ideas had influenced, and became interested in the Empiricism/Rationalism divide in epistemology; reading Locke, Leibniz, and Berkeley. Hume, Kant, and Hegel followed soon after as I consumed more literature. Anyway, I began to read more widely, especially Political philosophy, starting with Hobbes, and then onto the classical liberals. I was then struck by something I hadn't imagined I would find; these texts were immensely idealistic in nature, and in many respects that which they supported appeared to oppose, or at least be impossible within, actually existing capitalism. At some point (around July), thoroughly disillusioned with Classical Liberalism, I decided to read Capital Vol. 1, and found the critique to be convincing and prescient. I began to read more Marx, and became convinced that class struggle was the root of societal conflict, and that the proletariat would not know freedom and prosperity until capitalism was overthrown. Wage-labour was intolerable, as were the social relations springing forth from private property.

Went on to read Lenin, and in October Kropotkin, Bakunin, and other anarchist texts.

Bear in mind here that my consumption of literature in the abstract hadn't increased massively, I had merely decided to forego the neoclassical economics, and scientific texts I used to read in exchange for philosophical and leftist texts.

The candidate from the Socialist Party of America, I believe.

No, she's from the Part of Socialism and Liberation: who are trots.

Is there anything that you would say to MAGApedes?

I wrote in Ralph Nader. Not just for president, but for every down-ballot election as well.

Approach inquiry in as non-dogmatic a way as possible; many are blinded by dogmas and biases that prevent them from learning from, or even reading, opponents.

Also, most of the "le rational" Trump supporters just don't read anything that isn't neoclassical or Austrian drivel, and your run-of-the-mill Trump supporter just doesn't read. I noticed the general ignorance of his supporters at the Trump rallies I went to. (I went to one in the primaries and one during the campaign.)

Wait holy fuck, most of us actually fell for the "Republic." meme?

Also that looks like a very impractical helmet op.

I did something similar. Wrote in Stefan Molyneux.

Sounds like a enlightening journey, I'm also a Physics student but actually started with philosophy first. Growing up as a kid without reading anything political works I came up with this idea that the world would be a cooler place if everybody would just share. Sounds simple but I remember explaining to my Dad about my car "policy" where there would be electric cars in charging posts and when people need to drive someplace they just walk over and take a car, returning it after. I said "wouldn't that be cool" and my Dad said it "would never work" and I said "why not", then the fatal "because that's Communism, and Communism doesn't work" spewed in. Mind you I was only ten at the time, later that day I looked up Communism on the computer and I've never been the same since.

I appreciate your insight, comrade.

I voted for Hillary. Hate me.
(Chomsky voted for her too.)

Skyrim belongs to the Nords

Because she’s the only left wing option. Granted she is a socdem, but still.

Yugoslavians shouldn't be voting in U.S. elections.

they made an exception for me because my praxis is so litty

swing state so I voted for clinton wasn't dedicated enough to accelerationism to vote for trump.
Hated myself for doing it tho

I wrote in Bernie Sanders in a swing state.

oh man i can only imagine the shit you must get from #resistance guys

Clinton was a vote for Tom Cotton in 4 years.