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Palestinian girl charged after slapping soldier on video

Israeli authorities have charged a Palestinian teenager with assault after a video of her hitting and pushing Israeli soldiers went viral.

Trump Calls for Change in ‘Failing’ Iran as Protests Turn Fatal

U.S. President Donald Trump said Iran is failing and called for a change there, as security forces clashed with demonstrators rallying in a rare show of displeasure with the country’s leaders.

Pence Postpones Mideast Trip Again, Israeli Official Says

Vice President Mike Pence, who postponed a Middle East trip after Arab leaders denounced the new U.S. policy on Jerusalem, isn’t scheduled to visit Israel in January, either, according to an Israeli official.

Israeli intel minister wishes Iranian rioters ‘success’ as violent unrest grips country

Israel’s intelligence minister has encouraged Iranian anti-government demonstrators, saying many threats to the Jewish state will disappear if they prevail. The remark came as violent unrest snowballs across the country.

Trump says U.S. has gotten 'nothing' from Pakistan aid

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday the United States has “foolishly” handed Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years while getting nothing in return and pledged to put a stop to it.

North Korea’s Olympics Peace Bid Tests U.S.-South Korea Alliance

After a year filled with nuclear provocations that raised fears of a devastating war in Northeast Asia, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un started 2018 on an optimistic note.

Ex-Sheriff Clarke plans to ‘make media bleed’ with a ‘bitch slap’ after reports of FBI warrant

Former Milwaukee Sheriff and pro-Trump conservative firebrand David Clarke has fired back at media reports regarding an FBI warrant executed against him for alleged abuse of power.

Military Explosive Used by The Pentagon Poisoning US Soil

The Pentagon continues to shrug off all responsibility for the explosive’s damaging effect on humans or the environment.

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US is going to war again, isn't it



Is humanity eating itself into an early grave?

Despite advancements in science and medicine working to prolong our lives, our lifestyles offset their effects. In the past infectious diseases caused millions of premature deaths, now an obesity pandemic threatens to do the same.

Women, Nature, and Capital in the Industrial Revolution

Examining the historical specificity of women’s lives and labor in England during the Industrial Revolution allows us to better analyze the assumptions regarding gender, family, and work that informed the writings of Marx and Engels—and ultimately to understand how capital as a system threatens the social and ecological bases of human life.

Fracking Boom Further Spurs Plastics Crisis

The usual suspects behind climate change are fuelling the plastics crisis and investing to create more waste rather than clean up the mess.



rei is good

Can any Italanons tell me if Potere al Popolo are any good? I saw Momentum twitter shilling for them.

Haha, M-M-MAGA am I right?

Iran will be the American Empire's demise.

god i hope so. Hopefully we can build socialism from the ashes

TYBNewsAnon2.0, happy new year.

Only 14 days go by in the US without police brutality, yet Iran is the one that's failing

Blaming others instead of taking responsibility to own the libs

A spooked family member of mine has been praising this, but I don't know what the implications are. Will this matter at all in the grand scheme of things?

this but unironically. at least, there might be legitimate material reasons for discontent, but they're obviously being cynically exploited by the agents of capital

gonna have to go beat off now, bye Holla Forums

There are some parts of board culture I will never be able to relate to.

If you think that's bad, just wait until the mid-terms. Every GOP loser will bitch and moan about "rigged elections" and "biased media".

I don't actually beat off to cartoons. I just found that image stimulating enough to get some real porn to jerk off to

only Lenin will save us now, wake him up

Pakistan nuking Israel?

Said family member worships Israel, so that could develop into something funny.

Goatse got turned into a cryptocoin, go to goatse.cx to find out

I'm not joking.

wtf are you talking about. not a single day in the USA goes without cops killing and beating people.

Even if it's because of spooks it's not exactly a bad idea. To bad it's intended to weaken Pakistan so that they cannot help their Sunni neighbor in when America invades.

There are some parts of normie culture I will never be able to relate to.

Only 14 days last year


Why don't you just have sex.

Everyone's doing it


I think he means that in 2017 there were a cumulative total of 17 days in the USofA where a cop did not murder or beat someone into submission

when everyone's doing it it's not cool anymore


Th-thanks comrade

Metaphorically, maybe. But by the time our great-grandchildren are born, it will be literal.

Socialists thought they had it in the bag when the Shah fell, then were all "what the fuck happened" when the Koran thumpers won.

Fun fact: Not only is his body the best preserved one in the world, but his brain is one of the best preserved too. Cut into circa 31000 slices, apparently it's not bigger than a baby's fist, as a living human brain is no less than 95% water.


Volcel will soon be the new hipster thing, won't it?

I hope not.

t. volcel

It's kind of hard for becoming a hermit by free choice to be the next cool thing though

Are you kidding me, comr8? It's easier thn ever, thanks to the internet. All you need is to lock yourself in your apartment with a livestreaming camera, and you'll be the hippest hipster in Hipstown.

It does not matter

They will never be able to match my power

I knew this was coming. Hatch is just the first of many.

The Hillary hags need to be purged.

Not really. Pakistan has been drawing the card of China pretty explicitly for a while now. All the reasons for the US supporting Pakistan have faded recently: the Russians are out of Afghanistan, the Indians are no longer oriented towards the Soviet Union, and OBL is dead. Seems pointless for the US to keep spending money on Pakistan. The worst that can happen is that they increase their support for the Taliban and collapse the US supported Afghan government, which would look bad for the US, but not really be a game changer at this point.

damn normies

That only happens on The Brink.

Masturbation is so much more convenient. Quoth Diogenes, I wish it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing my belly.


Daily reminder that Hillary has actually become more unpopular since the election.

Litterally the good got meme in real life. Too bad Holla Forumsans will ignore it because they are secretly Zionist and love Daddy Drump in the ass.