How do we drive ourselves to Communism?

I came to the realization that most of what I think how communism will be developed hasn't been articulated, and that concerns me. Specifically because we need to address the human question before we begin.

People psychologically have drives, and this means that we drive ourselves towards what we desire, or our Big Other wants us to desire. The Big Other in our society is that which causes its consistent reproduction, and here in Western Society, Capitalism is reproduced every time someone buys or sells something or some service, using money or other currency to obtain profit. Since we live in this system now, we use it because we must.

This thing that we must do, reproduce Capitalism, happens in manifold ways, which makes us not always free to make our own system, because of how thoroughly capitalism permeates our systems of enjoyment: even as children, we were taught to get good grades in school, to collect virtual coins in our video games, enjoy the getting of new toys, and later we learned to grab other kids' toys, and all other things like this.

Later we learned to desire each other, as sexual beings, and consume each other as such without any real thought as to how the other person feels, because our own desires are prime, and thus we learned to resent each other as our desires were mutually ignored, in a sort of mass autism, and the only time we escape this loneliness is in a sort of autism-for-two that comprises the modern nuclear family, because every man wants to be his own king of his house, and every woman wants to be the center of attention. No wonder kids are growing all fucked up, being relegated to being raised by themselves on games or the internet, or some nanny, who just puts the kids on the games or internet. This is the norm, if you don't collect any fucked up fetishes if you accidentally saw pornography on the internet on the way as you grew up.

How do we find enjoyment in building communism, when have all this Capitalist desire around us and even in us? I want to program, but I keep getting stuck looking at porn. We have all our other problems as well; what can we do about them?

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By debating polacks ofcourse!

Nigga just blow up the fucking state it ain't that fuggin hard

I mean enjoyment as something that drives us. We, eat, we sleep, we have sex, and we desire that which helps us attain enjoyment to do those things. How do we build it in our own daily lives?

That shit gets tiring m8. We need to do something that shows that it is a viable IRL alternative to just memeposting, that will get them basic necessities and a gf.

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Christian Socialism makes more sense then
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Does it really though? Constantly going against all power sure sounds more in line with socialism than forcing everyone to worship an almighty authority figure.


"I'm too stupid to make my own decisions so I'm going to let a bunch of dipshit oligarchs do it for me!"


Such critique. very wow, much individualism

Dude, what do you have to offer besides hoods smashing windows and graffiti-ed up "art squats"? What are you making in them that isn't just more IRL pure memery for its own sake?

Christianity took what was effectively the dregs of the Roman Empire, like the slaves, poor, the widows, the real prostitutes who couldn't get out of it, not the "glamour models" of today, the baby girls that were thrown away because they were unwanted, and built a movement so strong that it supplanted the entire imperial bureaucracy when the barbarians came. It did that because it gave them a reason to live and mutual enjoyment that was socially reproductive. Christians had sex and had babies, when the Roman pagans had orgies that were barren.

We need to build a society, and that means figuring out how to survive from the ground up. We have a plethora of identities and ideology, but no real action plans. It used to be just "grow food and have kids, and have the kids help grow food, and have more kids later." Where did it get all fucking complicated?

Christianity isn't the answer to all the world's problems and your invented moral crisis.

Jesus Christ, dude, free yourself from the fucking spooks.

Christianity serves as a mechanism to give people some sort of false hope and restraint. No one should desire a society that falls under some superfluous boogeyman that can't be proven and only serves as a tool of the establishment.

You're no better than the fucking theocrats.


You have no actionable alternative that is compelling, unless you can lay one out for me, right now.

*tips fedora*

Had the supposed barbarians never come the roman empire would never have fallen, your words not mine.


Neither do you.

Anything that is based on actual reality would be a really good start, imo. You are stuck in non-materialist conceptions, which is worse than most materialist conceptions right off the bat, so I would personally give you a prescription of anything based in reality as a good start.

Nibba it wasn't just the barbarians that did the Romans in:

It was also how cheaply they valued human life: perfectly healthy baby girls were drowned and thrown into the sewer. If they were lucky, they would be abandoned in a grove dedicated to some goddess and the Christian widows would come and take them in and raise them. The Romans were so afraid of their individual bloodlines dying out, they inadvertently died out themselves as a society.

Women are the bottleneck for social reproduction, and a movement that won't have babies won't survive, simple as that.

It was a joke fam. Otoh, you need to read John Paul II's social teaching on workers' movements and justice in a society. Keeping a belief in God orients people not just morally but also ideologically, and to build communism, we need this to survive as a movement.

That's all I want to do m8, besides building machines and computers that would help me do this faster automatically, and find a gf to make her my wife, and find friends that will do this with me, and build a society that will defend me, and I will defend it. That's all I want.
If I can get the church to help do this for me, and for others as well, that's what I will stick to. Fundamentally, the church is about bringing people together and saving them, and give them hope and motivation for a better future, not merely chaining up their desires, but orienting them in a way that doesn't destroy them. This is not some autistic minecraft fantasy, but real life.

saving them from what?

Tbh, Ted Kacskynski's concept of the "surrogate activity", or activities we preoccupy yourselfs with now we have no real survival drive, might have something to do with this. So basically, read the Unabomber.

Themselves and desires that were implanted into them by Capitalism or other sources. Certain desires are oriented pathologically and are antagonistic to a society, and must be policed if a society is to thrive.

My plan operates on the principle that simply just "smashing the state" in a singular event is impossible, because it can reassemble itself if its desire-machines, the cultural programs it leaves behind, remain within the human mass consciousness. Artists routinely produce fictions where everything is destroyed but the mode of production for exchange, like in the Fallout series, or even in Star Wars, where high technology and civilization have spread out so widely that capitalist trade exists, with cities covering entire planets, but nobody has thought to alleviate any sort of the social ills that plague its citizens, like poverty or disease or hunger.

Desires are what we spend our energy on, and when we attain what we believe that we desire, we are either fulfilled or want more of it, and the role of the church, which is not merely the priests, but the entire body of those belonging to it, is to mend damaged people and orient their desires in such a way that honestly fulfills their needs as individuals AND as members of a community, and give them a role that fulfills their drives and desires, and help them shed such desires that harm them and other people around them.

Sorry, missed your post.
The building of this church will definitely help us as individuals, because it is a game of survival against capitalism.

This, I'm guessing it is from their own penises, as we can see from this guy's opinions in the art thread.

For one, materialistic conceptions of the world are not wanting things in reality. Idealist conceptions are incredibly spooky, and are consistently used to justify things when they have no actual factual consistence.
You can see this baseless "bad" in your postings in the art thread. You can see this every time a religious person opens their mouth. Yet whenever someone uses religion to justify evil, everyone is shocked, as if there was some reality chaining it to the good, when it is inherently separated from reality and thusly that mode of thinking justifies anything, because it has no factual character. It truly is representative of idealist subjectivity, where anything goes within the magical realm of the mind, if only you believe god wills it so, you have done no wrong.

That's fair. TBH I think your argument here, in this post is logically sound.
However what do you do with people like me? I don't believe in god at all.
Also in that light, a massive issue with religion is interpretation. Various Christian organizations cannot agree on some the most basic and mundane aspects of the religion. If you are basing a society on Christianity, and trying to generate unity using it as an engine, how do you reconcile differences in religious interpretation? Could this not lead to terrible rifts? I mean to this day the rift between the Orthodox Church and the Catholic church has yet to be mended, and this says nothing of the multitude of protestant sects of varying levels of fundamentalism that all think they are the "true" path. Does your solution require unity between these disparate sects, or simply the promotion of a certain groupthink?
Personally the reason I try to avoid religion and ethics is because there is too much gray area and too much subjectivity, which is why I like Marxism.

Dude, there are things that are bad not because I say so, but because they actively AND passively harm people. It harms them by damaging their ability to engage in tasks that don't immediately satisfy their enjoyment. It robs them of a sense of belonging. What looks like pointless spooks or neurochemical responses to you are real needs of an individual and the loneliness you feel is a pain response telling you to seek out the company of others.
Because that is exactly what is supposed to happen when you use something that is supposed to help people to hurt them.
Cultural variations exist but the point remains the same: not everyone is ready to accept certain ideas as readily, and not everyone will define themselves as clearly as you want them to.
Don't lump me in with Holla Forums. There is a difference between going on a crusade and care for social welfare that requires sometimes painful mending of pathological desire. Note that I said desire, not "individual." Turns out you can divide individuals after all :^)

Do what you can to self-actualize and help others. If you can be a good example to younger people, do so. Help people by listening to them, and being an interesting person they would want to be around and responsible enough to confide in.
By doing good works, and helping others to do so: wisdom is vindicated by her children.
A Catholic priest friend of mine used to work in Papua New Guinea as a missionary. A woman was bitten by a venomous snake and she had minutes to live, and was brought to his mission. He had no gas for his truck, so he went on a small boat to buy some from the Seventh Day Adventists down the river so he could get her to hospital. The minister of the Seventh Day Adventists was in the middle of preaching. He begged the man to buy some gas to get the woman to hospital, but the minister refused, saying that he had little faith, and that he had to keep preaching, or something like that. Needless to say, the woman died. (This is why the Protestants cut out parts of the bible that talks about good works; they cannot stand their sola fide and sola scriptura being contradicted IN the scriptura) Shit like this, where people die or are hurt for the sake of religion are why people don't like religion, and I am sorry that this happened. We need more and better people who can help each other survive the parts of our lives that trouble us.
In any case, helping people live well and prosper, and help them out when they are in trouble, that's what we do. The trouble is, most people don't think they are in trouble, so they live with pain they cannot explain, and they suffer. Our job is to help them out of it, again to mend these souls and police the desires.
When a real community establishes itself, things can look like groupthink to the outside. The outside can be either intrigued or scared of it, and it is the responsibility of the community to engage with the outside to dispel misconceptions about it and help those in need. The unity of purpose is provided by the work done and to be done, and the people build their lives around the community and each other, strengthening it.
Welcome to real life, man. There's plenty of it.

And this is the problem with religion. A pair of hands working is worth more than a thousand clasped in prayer. Anyone with a rational mind could see that helping the woman was more important than continuing his sermon. Faith in the immaterial destroys the rational mind and has no major place in a socialist society. I'm secular, idc if you're religious, but there will be no intertwining of religion and state, period.

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We find enjoyment not in building communism but what it will bring.

How do people drive themselves to their hobbies outside of their job?

_space stop using outdated meme please

Yeah, this gives away the fact that you are not at all serious about this. You have no idea how to get from the now, dominated by Capitalism, to then, where we have communism, and even then you have no plan on what it is supposed to do, how it will work, etc. Pol does what it does because it is easy to larp as a fascist; they think they can solve their problems by killing anyone they think is stealing their enjoyment, but it is trivial to show that they are wrong, for they hate themselves because for all their memeing, they are politically impotent. Trump is now an Israel supporter and destabilizing Iran for Israel. Regardless of spooks or anything like that, if you believe you are solving your problems through your own activity, that helps you self-actualize and enjoy yourself and get over your depression; you gain purpose.

There is always a religion, or at least a subconsciously held ideology, and it is what the common state of affairs creates and continually reproduces when people engage in their daily lives; that is their religion. Granted, Christianity was used in order to justify feudalism, but now economics as a social "science" is used to justify Capitalist modes of exchange and production, with all its attendant excesses and inefficiencies. A state can't not have a religion, or even a common goal to work towards, even anarchy. I am working towards one that I hope will guide people towards righteousness wihout hurting them, and I believe Christianity can help the most in this regard.

With this


shit's easier to envision than ever


You have a plan for stuff several years down the line, not immediately. What you have laid out does not solve the original problem of labor specialization, which by definition needs a market in which specialists can trade for goods they can't otherwise obtain with their own labor. Otherwise it will only be an easy return to capitalism. That server farm or housing coop needs its own garden, where food can be grown, like in a greenhouse on a rooftop, or a power generation and storage system running on vertical windmills. Later on there could be a microfactory that fabricates entire dwellings that vould be installed in the complex, with a tool/machine shop added within walking distance. We need industrial capacity returned to the local and reorganized for immediate use, not merely "self-owned" so that it can become just another piece of the market. That is ultimately the goal we should orient ourselves towards, in practice and in mentality, because the desire of convenience and ease of use has trumped important shit like freedom from wage labor and building a baseline capacity to save time for ourselves, to build out communism even more. The process needs to be produced and reproduced, but we can be free tobregulate it ourselves instead of some boss that captures all the market value instead of real value.

How so?


Simple: none of those points, however good, get at the root of the problem, which is alienation of people from means of production and the faith that the goods they receive are truly wholesome, which is something you can't really say for anything that is for consumer sale nowadays, and even more importantly, helping people not need to work for a wage in the first place. That right there is key to establishing communism. You need to enable these people to form communities to be able to grow the food they need themselves, in a healthy, non-poisonous manner, to build sustainable dwellings that provide modern comforts, yet be able to repair it themselves while needing to buy the matetials sparingly, if at all, as well as providing effectively free power with things like windmills and solar panels.
The key sale point of communism is to be able to claw your life back from needing to be working as a pawn of a capitalist, by not needing his money for the things you need down the road. It's living like a gypsy, but without the abject squalor; you can build tools and machinery to speed up or automate your tasks of your daily survival, eventually becoming free enough to raid the capitalist economy at your leisure. It may sound like a retarded, autismcraft pirate utopia, but it is better, because it can work to cushion people's setbacks in the political conflicts that will arise if you try to effect your plans. You have to do more than just legislate communism into existence.

Kind of related, have you read Baidou?

Sorry, Badiou

I have meant to, for a while. Zizek, Marx and Agamben have been getting in my way. Agamben was very helpful in showing me how Catholic theology helps shape and is also driven by the enjoyment of the faithful adherents, who wish to discover more about the nature of God. I realized that building a specific understanding, and thus freedom, depends on the enjoyment we receive from doing so; as we absorb who God is, piecemeal, we want to know more and more. Ideas like who the Homo Sacer symbolized, combined with who the outlaw becomes and who has to suffer being excluded from the rest of humanity, as well as how the Franciscans tried to escape the law of property by institutionalizing begging and by letting their following the gospel be their monastic rule, are what inspired me to build my "pirate utopia." In it, insofar as I can escape the institutions that seek to enslave me, I can build my own, draw people to it, and thus secure our freedoms against the state, by regusing to participate in it; if they wish to force us to participate, that is a problem that can be easier solved, the more participants we get.

What do you like about Badiou?

Mostly his take on Paul and some of his Lacanian analysis. I just started with the book, was just wondering if you had a take on it.

I will check it out, thanks. I am trying to build an unironic synthesis of Kaczynski's "back to the land" ideology with the tradition of the old catholic monks who were able to build sustainable communities and rebuild civilization by recovering and spreading tecnology among the people, where people can free themselves and others from the necessity of participating in capitalism, shrug off the need to participate in market relations, and escape with their time. Even planting a garden could work, if cleverly planned.

different user, but his theory of being as event was a huge part of engaging me with philosophy as a whole, such that I picked up his works in French and English and started reading and writing again after so long.

True freedom will only come about through capitalism. Communism is for control fags.

You honestly think spending your waking hours working for a paltry wage to buy a mediocre lifestyle is freedom? Seriously fuck that. Also,
There is control embedded into capitalism also, where people are forced to need to work for money. That is real control. I would rather sidestep the entire rigamarole and provide my goods directly myself, from the raw state, which is totally possible with the right equipment. You have greater freedom and peace of mind when you know the entirety of what you just made will truly serve your interests and won't spy on you or kill you or maim you.

That is a really interesting take on the whole project, since the fact that we exist is an event in itself, which, if properly set up, can be the catalyst for a real social revolution in a way that helps people. Even silly homesteader projects on youtube could have revolutionary perspective if doneproperly, like Codys Lab or Open Source Ecology.
Here is a good source on permaculture food forests, a real life garden of you can actually plant:

We don't. We aim to change the material conditions that generate capitalism, and that takes a revolution. Lifestylism leads us nowhere.

gummunism is not about "control" you unbelievable subhuman. go to and read at least one thing there and report back.

Reactionary trash

Ecological catastrophe is the only thing that will bring capitalism to its' end.

Pretty much this, either a crisis causes industry to demand nationalization/collectivization to protect themselves (as was the case in America during the Dust Bowl) or a lot of people die, most of those people being urban socialites/bourgeoisie who don't have the space to make their own food. Ultimately communism occurs even if it's through a back door.

Damn this is going to get biblical.

It already got biblical, see the Dust Bowl (which caused America to actively manager it's agriculture industry) and the Chinese famine.

(it only gets worse from here)

Nigger you are salty because he knows what working people want, which is to be able to work in a safe and empowering way without being murdered by fascists or stalinists and their wannabes, and because he disregarded the pozzed helicoptero-sexuals.

So-called sexual minorities have no place in a healthy, self-reproducing society. They are unhealthy, psychologically speaking, and have desire-machines that have been falsely implanted into their symbolic inner universe that subvert a healthy organism's biological drives to reproduce.

This would be true if I were to advocate crimethinc-tier smashie activism or some foolish Unabomber retreat into the mountains, but I am not. I want to demonstrate that we can build a society right in the middle of civilization, that does not need capitalist modes of production to survive. Granted, we would need to use capitalist property protections to keep our MoP safe, but that is meaningless; hackerspaces already exist, and for practical purposes, they are nothing but tax shelters for capital goods like heavy machine tools and the buildings that house them. There is no reason we can't use capitalist state protections like these for land, to build commonwealth for the members.

It takes one acre of land to make enough food for a family of eight for a year, with leftovers. Permaculture techniques and raised beds/aquaponics can be used to multiply the fertility of the land. Link related, could be turned into a massive terrace project in a building, to live in:

Don't be so blackpilled.

Wrong, capitalism can keep reproducing itself as there are new privatization opportunities at every crisis.

This is exactly what I am getting at: capitalism thrives on crises because it has consistently been the engine that drives the crisis, and its operators, the capitalists, are highly practiced at discovering the times of preludes to crisis, and hedge themselves accordingly. If equity in private companies becomes less valuable due to market crash/recession and lack of general economic liquidity, they start short-selling the equity, or buying and holding title to commodity goods like gold, silver, wheat, oil, coal, steel, etc., and the crisis worsens, while the holders of the "safe" position hold on to their position in their short-sighted self-interest, making the situation worse.

The problem is not specifically due to technology itself, but to what purpose it is operated. In the US, during the Great Depression, one of the institutions that had been established, but since has been neglected or forgotten, mostly out of short-sightedness, but also closed out of misplaced thrift, was the county cannery. Across the US, in hundreds of rural and suburban counties, stood a building filled with boilers for pasteurization, autoclaves and industrial-size machines for labeling. Everyone around brought in their produce that they grew on their land, and would process it for storage or even sale, because the facilities were extremely clean: it was a government institution, after all. It allowed people access to a system that only the larger companies had, in order to make their lives better. Here is a list of those still in operation, mostly throughout the Southern US.

The point is, not only do people realize the value of things that they would take for granted only after losing them (which necessitates education about them) but they need to assume an attitude of defense of the goods they receive from the government like this AND NOT ACT ALL HELPLESS. If the Bundys can pull their antics over rights to a piece of land, we should be able to do the same if some rogue bureaucrat or politician decides to privatize it. Not only should we be able to mobilize in defense of institutions that help us in a timely manner, but we have to make sure that what we do is actually able to achieve our goals of defending them; we should be able to punish in an effective way those politicians AND parties AND EVEN PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS who try to privatize these public resources. We must not let it devolve into total warfare; the point is to be able to defend that part of the state we want against that which is mobilizing against us, because after all, we are our own part of the state as well, and we must be able to either paralyze the opposition, or be able to win the battle before they would be able to move against us at all.

In all, the point is to make sure that our control over the particular means of production that we need is complete. If we can survive the depredations of the capitalists upon our incomes with our own supply of stuff that we have accumulated when we strike or pull some other action, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Over time, we will be able to be our own political machine that survives to strike against the large corporations and capitalist initiatives as necessary, for the people responsible for this political machine, i.e. everyone enjoying its benefits, will be educated enough to defend it using whatever they need, wherever they are.

We will survive any crisis if we can stick together around our system, we just need to hold out.

Tbh, hes the only user among you brainlets that understands what a socialist revolution looks like. Make despair; provide hope. Reap what you sow. Although ya'll smart enough to know you are not smart, successful or lucky enough to succeed such an undertaking and once the silent majority sees the ice cream in the cake is shit; we be huntin. ;)

How to make a revolution happen worldwide :

At some point you'll have so many people living in such communities, away from capitalism, something will need to break, maybe the state will ban you from using hospitals or something but then you'll have 1+ million of angry, educated and politically aware people who will not tolerate something like that, things will eventually have to blow up and escalate, set up DoP in France, other countries get inspired, win.

The charismatic figure/utopia is absolutely necessary till people are educated enough to figure out they belong to the same class and share the same interests. You can't educate people without material stability. The proletariat is the historical class that wins at the end simply due to how numerous we are.

It's fucking obvious.

By trying it of course!

I agree with everything in your post until
A communist society works if you have the material means to build and maintain it. A bunch of Holla Forumsyps scrounging around some ruins in southern France isn't going to accelerate the collapse of capitalism.

Just gulag yourself.

Spinoza is only relevant to Althusser because he half-assed the Monad and the Hegelian One are the same, which they are not. Moreover, Spinoza is a rationalist, which is completely antithetical to marxist dogmatism.

Pic related, 90% of theory is just mental masturbation with no connection to the real world; in other words, it's the antithesis of alethea.

Hurry up, the nominations for Attention-Hungry Games 24 has started:


It's funny people use this line considering the praying people are the ones doing community work .

and when they're doing that community work their hands aren't clasped in prayer, they're working
this is pretty much the definition of conservatism - short, pithy, snappy comebacks that turn out to be completely retarded after even a minute spent actually thinking about them critically (which nobody ever does)
but they make great soundbites and slogans

go the fuck away

Nice job having the point fly completely over your head retard.

The point, which you so clearly missed, is that many people pray and also do more community service work than those who are of a decidedly more atheistic bent. Clearly prayer is not a roadblock for the vast majority of Christians to getting stuff done.

Try ending your sad collectivist lives. That might work.

If you want my property, you're free to BUY it.

very interesting perspective…Christianity is strange in that it both views the impoverished as blessed and also advocates for relieving poverty.

As a Christian, I think God speaks to us through practicality most often. The Free Market is responsible for enormous material gain which has elevated the human condition to an unbelievable apogee…our individual wealth in e.g. the USA is far, far beyond what economists could have possibly imagined in a pre-industrial age or even a century ago. Productivity is key to wealth, the free market rewards productivity.

If we want to point to a bogeyman to string up on an oak tree, look at the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world. Literally taking a currency that used to be based in reality (precious metals) and by decree redefining it to be totally independent from any fixed value besides that which people hold for it in their mind. Pathetic way to dictate the lives of people, incessant inflation that leads to great disenfranchisement and favoring by government. nuff said

It just sounds to me you haven't really read Spinoza nor Lordon and handwavingly dismiss legitimate theory.
Anglos need to start reading Spinoza or we're all doomed.

People are people. Communism leaves a society too open to corruption, laziness, tyranny, greed, lack of imagination, actual progress, low moral, lowering standards of living, decay, and ability to help those who can no longer work. Freedom to express an opinion or deviate from the collective values.

In theory, it sounds nice. Everyone helps for the benfit of the group but it breaks down at a larger scale.

You would wind up creating a dictatorship at some point because some asshole realizes he can take charge and exploit the people for profit. It happens very often. People are the unknown variable that will ruin your perfect idea of a brave new world. It will only lead to broken people and collapse. Turn your attention to our country which is no longer a free market capitalist society. Fix real problems not a fantastic world where everyone thinks like you and blindly follows in your stead.

Commandment 1 and 2 to an extent.

Not the impoverished: the meek. The difference is that righteousness does not require one to suffer in poverty, but to see life as the worst do.

Regardless, consumerism is fundamentally against the teachings of jesus christ: his only recorded acts of violence were expelling the merchants from the temple.

By automatising communiusm.

The biggest problem that I see as far as implementing communism lie in the requirements fpr its implementation. There is not "activate communism switch".. In order to achieve an actual communist society that doesn't suffer the fate of previous attempts there are two major requirements.

Not only must it be 'turned off' but all links to that society, as well as the societies that lead to that society, must be done away with entirely. Its a very all or nothing equation. If remnants of the old remain people will inherently wind up "missing the old ways" and that leads to dissent and dissent leads to resource hording, work slow downs, and willful negligence/sabotage, all of which would snowball out of control.

>2) once the society is dismantled the "leaders" general population will always look towards the most popular, educated, or well spoken for guidance need to be genuine and without selfish intentions

If the revolution happens and the society isn't fully dismantled and replaced then dissent will inherently brood and in the worst case scenario can lead to some of the problems experienced in the soviet bloc.

And if the "leaders" are selfish or greedy when they see the doe eye commoners looking to them for guidance, especially during the 'foundation years' it could also turn out pretty crappy.

And if either of those happens you got yourself another case of "See we told you communism doesnt work"

Compared to what we have now I think "rolling the dice" on it is entirely worth it, things cant get much worse than they are now, but what I mentioned above are definitely things that need to be discussed more.

I've brought this up before and usually I get called a fool, but it is foolish to not explore such topics, I mean.. if we want this to work shouldn't we be always "shit checking" everything to make sure it works flawlessly?

So much this! It truly is a bit of a problem, Any vestiges of current society, down to simple concepts like greed, remaining in the subconscious of the populace will lead to any revolutionary effort failing in the long run.

But to bring about the "erased society" you would need both a "major event" and for all the monuments, literature, possessions, of the previous society to be destroyed.

Im not sure how that can be achieved. The only realistic option I can think of is 'slow and steady attrition' but that would take for fucking ever. And with a 'cataclysmic event' fate would depend on whether or not the nazis are able to survive let alone regroup.

1) Give all your property to the government.
2) Ask the government to take care of you so long as you work. (Like you know, make yourself a slave.)

Sure, I could buy it, but depending on the political circumstances, I could just make you move off of it for an extremely nominal fee, which is technically me buying it. In the US, it happens all the time, where politically connected land developers try to muscle people out using eminent domain, like Trump used to do:

This is exactly the problem that I am talking about, where people just grasp as much as they can for themselves, and damn everyone else. This is perfectly illustrated by people such as the managers of power plants as this one here:
In other places, the fish kills are even worse, polluting entire rivers downstream of plants, rendering whole waterways poisoned, driving down the value of properties you love so much.

This is not slavery, this is removal of pointless risk and wasteful competition. In the system I propose, anyone could look up real costs of products and determine final retail price based on the costs and a mutually visible, totally transparent profit margin, which s practially mutualist communism with better-enforced rules and fairer markets. If you like capitalism so much, you can't afford profiteers undermining your system, in the prelude to every market crash. Also, corruption would be nonexistent due to being able to review the history of every transaction, not unlike any blockchain-based cryptocurrency today.

This is what I am getting at here. We need a community like this in its embryonic stage that can scale, and blockchain technology, where transfers can be noted and monitored and kept in perpetual record, can allow such transfers to become sustainable, since the info would be uploaded at every transfer. Shit would be easy asfuck to implement now that the APIs are littered all over github.

Baby steps, dubs. We will get there.

The point is to make sure that everyone has equal and open information to the same trade records on the mass inventory blockchain: the point is to not let misanthropic assholes put out the lights in our economy, and then we can have the fairness that keeps the economy open to participation: anyone would be able to participate because the cost to comply would be negligible. Anyone could post goods to trade, and the system culd automatically calculate the costs to transfer them to an individual who needs them; in order to post the goods, the individual would have to provide the same records for his prior materials to ensure a fair and open cost, tracing each piece of goods' history all the way back to the raw or recycled materials it was made out of. I would definitel want this kind of system instead of the deliberately unclear system we have now. Anyone and everyone would have everything they need to start whatever they needed to trade, and anyone could investigate the chain for irregularities if necessary, with no barriers or paywalls. Blockchain forks would have to be worked out though. We will see.

you first

not so difficult
unless it does not work


"How do we drive ourselves to communism"

You don't, ask mommy for a ride.

We're not the ones killing our parents over broken vidya shit. Goes to show how pathetic you Nazi larpers really are.

I have suggested something like this a few times and every time I did I was screeched at autistically "MUH YOU CAN'T HAVE LOCAL COMMUNISM BECAUSE GABBIDALISM WILL CRUSH IT MUH GLOBAL REVOLUTION MUH MARX' VISION"

I have no fucking clue how workers of vastly different countries are supposed to unite over the seas magically when "the revolution" comes. Is Capitalism supposed to somehow crumble in every country simultaneously or something, despite vastly different economic states?

made me chuckle though, i'll give you that