This is the place for all the lonely people who are too cool to go outside tonight.

I'm sitting in the centre of a European capital listening to fire works and feeling apathic. And you?

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I'm eating fried 200chars for dinner
I mean, I'm eating fried chicken for dinner

which capital sir

Eating fucking Ice Cream, listening to old cumtown podcasts. Probably gonna drink later on and watch Trigun.

Why is Assad so slender?

This year is going to be horrible, won't it?

he's pretty tall

Of course! Can't wait!

As always!

I don't know if 2018 will be another 1914, or one of those crisis racked periods immediately before the Great War.

Im in Helsinki

feels pathetic :/

also thanks for the unban jannies, much like Stalin you are not all bad :)

you going to uni?

p-please stop doxxing me

in other words yes

what you studying?
pretty girls

history and literature

you enjoy it friend?

Sounds cool

its alright thanks

they go well together

favorite book?
currently reading?


I actually am going out tonight. Haha.
And playing guitar under a bridge

Happy new year everyone!
I wish you all the best for the next year, stay safe!
I appreciate spending another year with you all, although user count has plummeted and ##BO became a Schizophrenic and paranoid ☭TANKIE☭.
but any way!
take care.
Los quiero mucho!

Aldous Huxley's "The Island" or maybe the Strugatsky's "Roadside picnic"

Also Homage to Catalonia, it sorta radicalized me. Dostoyevsky is also one of my favourite writers. Must be pretty cool to read C&P, for the first time, presumably? How far in are you?

Currently reading Che Guevara's diaries. Starting to understand why they put him on t-shirts

however, there is a new chapo, so all is well and we can pretend we have friends :)

Why did you delete your post

I'm drinking realizing all the times I told my long distance lover for a year we would meet were me lying to myself we ever would. We are two souls who connected with very, very different political views, but very, very similar emotional understandings of one another; and despite our chemistry, what matters is always one last thing


She lives too far away on the opposite end of the United States for me to afford in any reasonable time frame to get to her. Even then, I don't see us stopping talking even if we break up eventually because besides the fact we're so far away, we just get each other too well and have too many problems that are understandable to both of us for us to split. There would be a void for either party that's too far gone.

And despite how close we are, we're just so far away through space, but not through time. It's a dizzying mess to be so separated and close to someone at the same time. The only feeling I can connect this to is the feeling you get watching "Her", where Joaquin Phoenix dates an AI that's in his computer or phone.

Except it's a lot more personal since we ended up in similar emotional places. And we spar over what we think the future will lead to. And we're both women, with both families that would rather not see either of us come out of the closet.

So in 2018 we'll probably love each other in this vague space of the internet, with the rules of the battlefield being 1) we can never meet in the near future because we're too busy and broke 2) we're too nervous to do it 3) we can't officially commit because both our families wouldn't approve of our sexuality and emotional commitment to the same sex

It just feels like a rigged game. You meet someone so close to you, you want to reach out and touch, but simultaneously it was never meant to be.

With that in mind, I think I will find myself further committed to my substance abuse problems this year, shortening my life maybe. Taking so many prescriptions marked "Do not use with alcohol", taking them down each night with a shot. Being inebriated is the only feeling that makes this very inebriated world make any sort of emotional sense.

They tell you that drinking and drugs are a national problem that can effect anyone, but then they explain you can 'Just say no'. Then they leave you on your own to come to your own conclusions in a very confused world where everything is contradictory, and expect you just to make the right choices by constantly saying "Yes" and "No" like some sort of machine, when reality always has more nuance, and you quickly find yourself falling into the mix of what authority figures told you was always wrong, but is the only thing that makes logical sense. There aren't enough shots in the world, to make you feel fine these days, and there isn't enough pain killers to make your health problems not ravage your adult life.

We were promised the future was going to be easier and easier, but none of it happened, and now we're stuck dealing with questions with no answers with attractive alternatives that never seemed wise, but are the only way out; simultaneously they're your own demise.

None of it makes any sense. All of it is just madness. The mania of authority no longer has consistency, it just seems like hollow depressed men pretending to be confident while knowing all of us are basically fucked to be broke and confused our whole lives. Fiction and fantasy have never been so interwoven.

And 2018 will just lead us all further down the rabbit hole. What is truth, what is right, and what are the answers? It's all at the bottom of a bottle and an orgasm. I'm talking to myself

to add the pointless gif.

It's a pretty good gif


that's a very neat post

what r ur drugs of choice? for me, tramadol, oxyconting are my regular opiates

I get my hands on benzos like xanax and clonazepam (k-pins), my favourite ever is valium

gabapentin is also good

the most relaxed I ever am is when I eat a small amount of oxies and go for a walk in the darkness of my city at night, although I rarely go outside, I still love this place, the smells and the familiarity

the best feeling I have ever had is around 300mg tramadol + 300mg gabapentin + 1mg xanax, just complete mental and physical relaxation

Alcohol. Xanax. I'm prescribed 3 a day 1mg Xanax and that and liquor does me good.

alcohol + benzos is very good

this summer I had a large supply of whiskey and k-pins, I watched tennis + shitposted + played a Sherlock Holmes video game while drinking hot toddys and popping k-pins for two weeks

the most anxious free Ive been in my life lol

What's your favorite alcohol of choice to mix with your happy pills? Mine is usually wine.

Yeah, I can dig it man. At this point living without this becomes impossibly stressful. There's too much shit going on at once to make sense of life without permanently fucking yourself. It seems to be the great contradiction that's been with humanity forever.

its always the cheapest whiskey as base for me

sometimes mixed with a little bit of ginger ale

sometimes mixed with honey, ginger, lemon and warm water for a hot toddy

sometimes just with a bit of water

I dont think pill addiction means you're permanently fucked.

personally I've always been to poor to get permanently addicted to any drug

I'm a pussy, literally, so I guess I'm not the hard liquor type. Cheap red wine and xanax is kind of a smooth descent into the high that doesn't feel like it's being rushed too fast. That and for some reason red wine is my personal aphrodisiac, and if I'm high I usually want to waste my time away in bed imagining being with the person I might never meet but probably will always be with in some form. Without the baggage of all the questions, just focusing on the fantasy. Sometimes you don't more external drugs than the two to get reach pinnacle high, sometimes your own body does things nicely for you anyways. I guess it depends on the plumbing, results may vary.

Xanax and alcohol is extremely dangerous. It's what killed Whitney Houston and I believe Philip Seymour Hoffman. It makes your breathing shallow but you don't notice it. One of these days maybe, you just go to sleep feeling fine. Then you die peacefully in your sleep because you were breathing too shallow.

It's a gamble. But then again, what part of life isn't a gamble on your own mortality.

Having a psychiatrist that's very open to giving extreme solutions since I've been clinically depressed since elementary school, and still being on my parent's insurance, is the out I need.

It's free real estate.

this is a very good disclaimer that I always forget to mention

I've eaten shitloads of xannies and drunk shitloads of alcohol and Im still alive though. So its not as easy to die on it as you say, although it is ofc extremely dangerous

It also makes you a reckless idiot with no judgement, However if you are experienced the combo can be done responsibly

I think Philip Seymour Hoffman died after using heroin with fentanyl in it

I might have forgotten about Philip. Poor guy. I know Whitney Houston died of Xanax and Alcohol. Regardless, of the 22,000 deaths per year in America, 33% are a xanax and alcohol prescription.

My justification for being such a moron? We're all fucked up. Every choice we make can lead down the road into an equally likely fatal outcome, or at least a life destroying one. People are scared and confused, it doesn't take drugs to kill a man, sometimes all it takes is a suicide. And those are on the rise too after so many people are struggling again.

I'd rather just make stupid mistakes anyone is bound to make, that benefit me in the short term. I don't expect, or want, to live long enough to see the world truly become as hellish as it seems it will be.


Rehab is fucking awful and it doesn't guarantee anything. Everyone is bound to make life changing mistakes, you, me everyone. It's hypocritical to judge when you're just as guilty as making conclusions that might lead to future as a suicide stat as anyone else. Especially the way things are going.

Nothing is simple, nothing is a fairy tale, it's time to grow up.

It's going to be interesting for sure.


It's new year here

Happy new year

Happy new year, Holla Forums!

I'm getting drunk, wishing I had a gf for emotional stuff, and eating pizza while watching movies.

I'll be your GF, let it all out user

I'm going to tell my whole family at midnight that Stalin did nothing wrong and the kulaks deserved worse

35 minutes to go boys

I'm not into femine penises fam.

Christmas was last week bucko.

bah humbug &c.

way too fucking cold to go out, like bar hopping or whatever. Not fucking worth it.
I'm am spending tonight just hanging out, helping the gf cook some tofu noodle shit (its bomb), maybe drinking a couple beers and watching the snow from inside.

Just trying to stay comfy af. Too exhausted from work to really go do anything nuts.


sign me up

Reading Fukuyama, probably will get to Illuminations soon.
Ever feel like you've been repeating existence?

Happy New Year Holla Forums and cheers!

>reaction wave has crested except in Canada haha kill me
Unless you're yemeni, a leaf or eastern euro you have ample opportunities to fight back or just burn it all down.
I'm hopeful.


Happy New Years from Ireland lads

Do not invoke.

Happy New Years from Newfoundland

Sorry guys I can’t hang out with you tonight.
I got a 4 week ban for talking about voluntary sterilization as a solution to overpopulation.

Happy new year from the flat frozen hell of western Canada.

You go lad! Time to let it all out and also maybe to get packing after your confession kek

Happy New Year to all.
My new year's resolution is to get on the dole so I can see a therapist while trying to finally lose my virginity (25).

What material reason do I have to say that I inspire awe in people? That image is not dialectical.

how else will I keep the minority spirit?

I still don't understand what that's supposed to mean. Sorry for being a newfag I guess

Touhou memes are the best.

Please post as many in /leftytrash/ as possible ``kudasai''. Polite sage
It was a golden age, lost to time…

Go to my twitter and take a peek. You already know it.



I'm posting that on mukes twitter.

I don't feel so good…

This post killed the thread, gj

who's on the right?

Thanks man, you are the only person keeping this board alive.

Drinking Cuban rum in Canada's frozen west. Happy New Year.

Pierre is streaming

lol, lmao its gone

The 2 kids were getting annoying so he stopped it,
But everyone wanted him to keep on going.

Drinking Canadian Whiskey in Canada’s frozen east. Happy new year!

hell yeah

Anything of more happen?