Daily News Thread 12/31

Intoxicated man found with small arsenal on top floor of Hyatt Regency downtown, police say

A man has been arrested on multiple charges after police located a small arsenal of guns on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency on Louisiana Street downtown, Houston police said.

May Plans Cabinet Shake-Up With Five Ministers Going, Times Says

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to make major changes to her cabinet in the new year, possibly sacking as many as five ministers, according to the Sunday Times.

South Korea seizes second ship carrying oil to North Korea and its crew are Chinese

South Korea has seized a second vessel suspected of carrying oil to the impoverished North Korean regime and most of its crew members are thought to be nationals of China and Myanmar.

Congo orders internet and SMS cut ahead of anti-government demonstrations

Democratic Republic of Congo’s government on Saturday ordered telecommunications providers to cut internet and SMS services across the country ahead of planned anti-government demonstrations.

Iran protests: Telegram and Instagram restricted

Iran has moved to restrict social media networks that have been used to organise four days of anti-establishment protests.

Israel conducts air strikes and warns Iran against proxy war via Hamas

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out air strikes for two consecutive days against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli pipeline, once a link to Iran, will remain a mystery

An oil pipeline company established decades ago by Israel and Iran, and a new Israeli company that is meant to replace it, can continue to operate secretly, an Israeli parliamentary committee ruled on Sunday.

Iran's Rouhani Backs People's Right to Protest in First Remarks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country’s people have the right to protest and criticize but that such actions must be for the good – and rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s backing of demonstrators.

Trump Insists Border Wall Money Must Be Part of DACA Deal

President Donald Trump said he would insist legislation extending deportation protection to those brought to the U.S. illegally as children include funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Officer Involved 2017

For the third year in a row, police officers in the United States have killed more than 1,000 people.

It’s the most exhausting time of the year: Amazon, UPS workers denounce grueling holiday conditions

Amid reports of deaths at Amazon and UPS, workers at Amazon, UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, and other logistics and delivery companies have been under immense pressure to meet increased demand during the Christmas holiday.

NYT Trumpwashes 70 Years of US Crimes


we're really gonna get that war with Iran huh?

Yeah. Probably in 2018 or 2019.

We're getting a government shut down in 2018.

Thank you NewsAnon 2.0, have a happy new year!

I swear to fuck if we destroy Iran more than it's already been destroyed, and turn it into Iraq and Afghanistan 2.0, and there are going to be probably millions of war refugees which American conservative megaminds say "Nuhhhhhh we can't have that, we dindu nuthin, we can't house them, we just made this war! Let em die! Let em die! Let em die! Let em die!"

Then there will be no civilized country left around Israel and America and Europe have completely annihilated everything with a hope of having negotiation with, and Israel's only defense against a complete onslaught will be fucking Saudi Arabia.

Sure, we have the West, and they can war until the end of time for that good defense market money that makes the blood machine of Capital work, engine of destruction

But I really think in the coming decades all this purposefully caused instability around the entire region is going to fuck Israel over. America can't last forever there in such an extreme capacity, and they're banking on the idea that it can.

She's done

They just didn't get Jeb!

Just reminds me of around the time Obama was elected John "#TheResistance™" McCain said we would be in the Middle East until the 2070's or some shit, but I here absolutely nobody bring this up. When I heard it originally I thought it was a damning confession people would cite for years, but it's been shunted under the rug and nobody speaks of it.

They weren't done with any strategic intent in mind, I don't think. They were done because of the industry for defense being the primary peg leg of Capital once the Cold War generated so much money for the West.

With the big baddy gone, they needed war. Perhaps this was part of the plan, but I really don''t think it was thought out beyond the interests of capital.

Do demoralized, fanatic, nationless cavepeople actually pose that much of a military threat to Israel, though? Reducing surrounding Muslim and Arab civilizations to rubble may be very appealing to them.

"Brain bugs?! I find the very notion of a bug that can think insulting!"

The US military security complex (and its current manifestation as NATO) basically hijacked western governments a while ago. I'm not sure when exactly, maybe the national security act of 1947. But we just don't mention the soft coup and total subservience to the military profit machine, as well as the state apparatuses that maintain military dominance like the CIA.

That's not what I'm saying. What I'm imagining here is something more like so:

>US and Israel covertly or uncovertly fund other extremist militants who fight SA's radicals but are also destructive radicals

Look at what this guy got for Christmas, and posted on his fucking Instagram page.

This guy thought he was going to be the future George Zimmerman.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen, you were going to trip in front of a black man 40 feet away from you screaming "ASSAULT! ASSAULT! I'M BEING ASSAULTED!" so you can have the thrill of blasting apart a father of 4 to kingdom come because you're a dumbass who can't get any satisfaction in life without thinking your doing something from your community (even if that means human sacrifice).

Well you didn't get your wish. You ended up on the roof, setting off the fire alarm, and getting arrested because you're too much of a dumbass to even pull off notorious dumbass George Zimmerman's dumbass life ruining stunt

Just because a nation has been destroyed of its central government does not mean it's incapable of organization, I think ISIS proved this rather well.

I think history has proven this rather well also.

The idea that if you bomb enough people you demoralize them into doing nothing is old fucking stupid military theory that was put into practice in World War II. Bombing a location to bits only makes the region more fanatical, more patriotic, and more loyal to the cause of destroying the enemies they believe, rightful or not, are destroying them.

It's just naive.

Yes, but who did ISIS really fuck with?
Mostly Muslim countries. Did they ever meaningfully strike against Israel? I could be wrong here. They were working with old SA money and American weapons, and fighting groups funded by America and SA and killing people who would otherwise have been killed (*accidentally*) by American occupiers. And now they're pretty much dead, before they could even really finish organizing as a new state.

But that's not really all there is to it.
The US and SA fund these fanatics who come in to take up the cause.

Why does America have the money for retarded vanity projects like the useless border wall but funding childrens' healthcare "fiscally irresponsible"?


You're expecting this to be a commonality that will last once mostly every region around it has been decimated into perpetual fervor because they've been bombed, and as military history since World War II has shown, bombing with heavy civilian casualties does not lead to surrender and apathy; it leads to patriotic and nationalistic rage that so many people are dead.

I also said I doubt the US can go on authentically going to war there for as long as they expect to, without looking like the British Empire

If there is nobody left in and around Israel and Saudi Arabia, America or not, Israel will be the only successful nation. Surrounded by very envious eyes of people bombed and sanctioned into poverty, rage, and neglect by the rest of the world, made to be human sacrifices for the engine of capital after the Cold War required the global market to rely on defense so much.

They will see Israel and Saudi Arabia. That's all that will be left.

I doubt this ends well for Israel. This cannot go on without Israel being devastated for, let's say 9 decades. Eventually, something will happen if even Iran is gone.

Because our government puts its priorities right in front of our faces, because they can.

Literally trying to starve them to death. All ROK compradors must hang.

That's what I'm saying.
The US and SA and Israel fund the forces co-opting that rage, who then slaughter civilians because they're more religious extremists than national extremists, and then whoever's occupying the invaded territory (usually America) plays a "protective" role so the overall population remains permanently divided.

Do they not already?

I personally don't even know if the US can take Iran without fucking themselves over. Saddam's army was genuinely laughable (he could only invade Kuwait because Kuwait had basically no army) and the US hasn't even fucking finished fighting the Taliban yet. Iran has one of the best militaries in the region, and you can be sure they need it with the countries around them.

It's going to look even more so.

This is true.

When all is decimated except Israel and Saudi Arabia, they are going to see a lot more similarities than differences.


The commodity form wins again!

How we gonna pay for that? Maybe he shouldn't have cut taxes

They got all those weapons right? Make Mexico pay for it duh.


news user is good and cool imo.

Happy new year, NA.

But I thought they were I totalitarian theocracy, it's what all the liberals keep posting here…

It has worked well enough on the Palestinians so far. Israel's security establishment unironically believes that with the right technology and an occasional "mowing the lawn", they can insulate themselves from their wrecking of the region. So far, only Hezbollah has kinda sorta managed to prove them wrong, but not by much.