I hate to make this thread but

I hate to make this thread but
If you get banned go to >>>/leftpol/
Its aiming to be Holla Forums but without the awful mod and ideological chasms that create so much drama
Specially if you got banned for imperialism or similar shit

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nigga this gonna be anchored

it's just a safe space so bookshits have a forum to spread their imperialist Zionist ideology.

Fuck you spliters.

You sound like a left-wing Alex Jones

except there's no conspiracy here. over a dozen US military bases in Syria is directly allied with Israel and the United States.

Nah fam.

This thread is allowed. If, for instance, you are one of the people who got banned in the Iran thread, please go away.

'Please go away' is a little harsh
I want this to be solved without resentments.

you two should use this flag from now on

i just want to space.

Hey BO, what action did you take on Holla Forums following Michael Brown's death and the ensuing protests?

They said that their personal opinion was the official board stance on it. I don't remember the opinion itself but it was pretty agreeable but everyone made fun of the board having an official stance declared by the board owner.

delete this, let the BO answer for themselves.


I gotta ask, does this go deeper than just simply questioning imperialism?
Cuz I argued in that thread a bit, against uncritically supporting the Iranian state, and did not get banned.

I am just curious why. Was it because I asked/argued in earnest and have a post history to back up that I'm not a Holla Forumsyp?
I'm not trying to stir up the hornet's nest or be an ass or anything, nor am I trying to jinx myself or anything. I just don't understand what constitutes promoting imperialism and thus banworthy activity, vs genuinely questioning certain narratives.

Also not necessarily a question but is the hardline stance because you fear subversion, declining post quality from people immigrating without seriously reading theory, or some other issue?
Just asking all these questions because I really do love this board, it singlehandedly converted me to a communist a couple of years ago, pointed me to the proper theory to read, ect. Huge influence on me politically. I just don't want to see it die from squabbles.

Nah this thread needed to be made. Body Oder and the tankíe bunch are fucking this place to the point where even Holla Forums hates Holla Forums


Get out opportunist



I got a month ban from supporting kurdistan instead of fascist russian puppet assad. Maybe the moderation is less pro fascism there.

You should be purged as an anti communist traitor who supports fascist russia and its capitalist puppets.

Most of the bans in the Iran thread were reasonless; no one was even supporting the protests or regime change. BO will just ban you at this point for saying shit he doesn't like.

t. People's Front of Judea

vintage image, nice

Remember kids, it's not imperialism if it's against US interests

They won't because they are a spineless coward

Oh sorry, I didn't know this was a Safe Space™, I was under the false impression this was a board for learning and debating left politics.

this is "you're golden" tier shit, gorilla nazi posts are a-okay but you better not disagree with BO on iran

didnt you liberals already have a split board that never took off? or was it so shit that you already forgot?

I have no words

why do we have to repeat this pattern over and over and fucking over again
why is it always some some faggot in the position of power that ruins everything because his feefees got hurt

I can *feel* your butthurt, it is almost palpable
you haven't had your way in april and so you throw a tantrum every now and then like a manchild you are, your dignity got hurt real bad when you got laughed out of the board in that migration thread

tell you what bitch, I'm gonna try and find who you really are, what you look like, where you live
and if I can get to you, I will
happy new year


Please remove yourself

The absolutely state of our board, what the fuck



Careful catposter this might get you banned


nazbols don't get banned but if you're a leftcom or an ultra and you so much as breathe you can get banned now.

Also I've been a regular poster since 2015, you're single handedly destroying this board even after we started gaining an upper hand against the nu/pol/ retards.

All I did was call out some guy for saying "CUCK SJW." and the mods banned me for a fucking month before I beat some sense into them and they redacted the ban, they'll willingly accept Holla Forums before accepting anyone else.

BO is essentially destroying everything good about this board. If you're anything other than some insane Nazbol Putinfag you get banned for having a different take. Might as well turn this place into /strasserpol/ BO.

No, because at least nazbols would be honest, everything here is just moderate discussion, anything more is a crime against humanity.

nazbols get banned though.



>>>Holla Forums

BO is a bipolar cuck but has never done permanent damage. I can deal with him banning """imperialism""" posts, and if you honestly got mad at wordfilters, you don't belong in an imageboard in the first place. I have been part of a few community exoduseseseses, and it took far, far more than this for any of them to happen, which makes this all the more suspicious. Case in point: all the dumb shit the BO did that you cited as the reasons to start a new board are gone by now. /leftpol/ is utterly unnecessary divisiveness over the smallest inconveniences of imageboard life, which, when added to the other factors mentioned, is why I'm convinced it's a polyp revenge for BO's involvement with /ggrevolt/.

Anyway, in the off-chance you're not a skinwalker from Holla Forums, you're being a useful idiot. I may be a political brainlet, but at least I know my way around internet slapfights.

I can't use those in a sentence. All because it makes some tankíes uncomfortable. Also they made their own word filter to make them feel ok lmao

if i were BO you would get banned for this


such as?

Friendly reminder

using third-world as an insult should be bannable

Good bait, Holla Forums. 6/10. Now fuck off.

lmao. Just a reminder that BO should fuck off.

it's a reminder that nobody cares about you liberal shitposting twats

Meanwhile on /marx/…


You accuse other people of being Trots when you yourself are single handily splitting this board into pieces. Fuck off you vermin.

Why are you banning people for pointing out that Iran is a far-right Islamist theocracy? I'm starting to wonder if this board is controlled by ex-Holla Forumsyps

why are you pointing it even out? do you think Holla Forums is not aware that iran is a theocratic shithole? this is not Holla Forums, the average Autism Level is a bit higher in here.
protipp: real leftists don't support imperialism and staging coups in order to take over power in order to seize foreign natural resources and wealth is imperialism. what's more, it's an aggression and against international law. it doesn't matter whether the victim is a theocracy or socialist democracy.
i would support regime-change in iran only when it is brought about by the iranians themselves.

Why he is making this statement is besides the point; the problem is B0 banning people for stating facts because it triggers her.

US sponsors iran’s nuclear program you inbred faggot.


it's not that people who support american imperialism, and the overthrow of Iran's government get banned because tbh it's fine if people like that fuck off. It's that anybody who's even critical of that islamist shithole gets banned for """""being a liberal""""".

i sponsor your mother, retard

no. he consequently bans imperialism enablers and makes it transparent in the ban reason. i'm fine with that. when i want to consume imperialist propaganda i can go anywhere else, the internet and real world are full of imperialist shills of all sorts. i'm very glad that at least Holla Forums doesn't tolerante warmongers and putschists.

i don't lurk much, but in the iran threads i've visited only obvious imperialism enablers got removed from premises. certainly some of them were indeed liberal redditors.

How the fuck are a bunch of no-name nobodies on a Cantonese woodchipping board supposed to enable imperialism? Do we have government agents posting here?

Are you serious? There are plenty of people banned for unclear reasons and people being banned for simply disagreeing with B0 but are labelled as imperialism enablers. Have you been living under a rock for the past few days?

how is the reasoning behind these "unclear"?
they are strawmanning like faggots implying that anyone would say that there cannot possibly be an opposition to the government.

nobody says that.
so why are they implying this?
to deligitamize the fact that the imperialists are instigating a color revolution in their interest.
they are dodging to adress this point they are actually trying to make backhandedly.
are you seriously so stupid or naive to not grasp this? it's so fucking obvious that it takes a special kind of retard to a) believe nobody would notice or b) actually not notice.

according to your claims i'd get banned because i dare to agree that there is an opposition to governments that are under imperialist threat that isn't entirely made up of foreign agents.
let's see what happens.

You are the one straw-manning me; I'm not talking about the specific bans on Iran that you are talking about. I brought up the screenshots as examples of bans for unclear reasons which you have not addressed. Everything you are complaining about is completely besides my point. Try to actually read my post before sperging out.

are you retarded and don't even read what you post you strawmanning dipshit full on liberal sperging faggot?


nice argument, faggot

take your brain meds

>>>/leftpol/ is more your pace, brainlet libshit
you are literally retarded, it's not even an insult. just go fuck off to your glorious DNC shilling board >>>/leftpol/ where you can go on about how the revolutionary US allies will bring true socialism.

where exactly did he shill for the DNC or US imperialism? It seems that your are flipping out about shit that isn't there.

he might as well, that's the point. read the bans he was refering to, what he posted, take the whole fucking context and reply to what i pointed out or just go on your libshit board to circlejerk about how we supposedly deny the existence of opposition to smokescreen the fact that we first want to know who this opposition is before jumping in like liberals in support of their "protests".

how the fuck can you after the last couple of very recent attacks still not get this scheme you fucking retard brainlet libshit? are you even serious?
honestly, fuck off and suck some DNC dick, cuck boy.

>>>Holla Forums
go back faggot

Calm down :^)

you've literally made no argument, you've only sperged out

this is why i shit on you, you got no arguments and as soon as you get btfo you shitpost all over to cover up your failure under a load of trash posts like every single one after my first reply to your "unclear bans" accusation that was shown to be utter retardation and nothing less on your part.
now fuck off back to reddit where you can cry about dem ebil gommies on leftypol along with your donald and hillary friends.


Now we just need a volunteer to coup BO with outside help and dissolve the board against the userbase's wishes. And watch /leftpol/ membership plummet and become completely irrelevant. That would be max pottery. :^)

This board could've been really something, but of course sectarian autism always ruins it.

Sectarian autism was a problem here from the beginning. What’s really killing the board is the decline in quality content creators. I would help but I’m more of just an effortposting sperg than a mememaster.


There was a rule against misgendering "her" so I was trying not to be banned.

u r a fag

I have got banned for some fairly stupid shit so I wasn't taking any chances.

>>>Holla Forums

idpol faggot
>>>Holla Forums

You have single-handedly destroyed the largest online community of real leftists and ushered in a new wave of sectarianism unlike any we have seen before on this board.
Unironically kill yourself, BO. I take my ban not with any pride for what I have said, but for regret for what this board has become because of you.

Explain to me how calling the BO a girl is not idpol.

it's like you're literally retarded or something and should just go back to your donald reddit

So do you agree that defending the trans identity of a person is idpol?

that's not what idpol is. identity politics is basing your politics on identity.
respecting ones identity is not basing your politics on it. idpol on the left means reformism in favor of identity groups in order to "better society" and accept capitalism as it is, a distraction from class.
right wing idpol, yours, is division and attacks against identities to again disunite the working class.
not adressing it in politics and rejecting focus and disunity of identity is and has always been how socialism works and how we promote it on here. we don't attack people as niggers or jews just as we do not attack them for their transgender identity.
tl;dr: you're a faggot and should kill yourself

or to elaborate on this case here:
i do not say that making you adress her as female would change society, that'd be liberal idpol and i reject this. just as much as i reject attacks based on her identity. that's reactionary idpol.
now then, you may go ahead and kill yourself.

/leftpol/ is a lie tho. They have the very same mods as Holla Forums.

That's because most of the mods on leftypol are actually nice people. It is BO that is the problem and that is the core difference between leftypol and leftpol.

Most of the current Holla Forums mods are redditors.

he's apparently only a problem for liberal imperialist shills such as yourself. i'm glad that flattering mods won't get you far on Holla Forums and, hopefully, keep you and your ilk from infiltrating and assuming mod powers, because as soon as liberal imperialists assume power in any given setting they turn into actual fascists, censoring and banning everything that is not in line with bourgeois "neoliberal" narratives.

You sound like a caricature of a socialist.

The more days that go by, the more I'm starting to suspect this board's been subverted by COINTELPRO.

the best thing about this whole spiel is how these shitlib brainlets were crying for getting "tankies" banned just until very recently

go eat this back of dicks you ordered, bernie shilling faggots

i'm infact a real socialist and you are most likely a paid shill, working for a neoliberal think tank, neoliberal political party or neoliberal media outlet. over time i've seen you shits subverting several german leftist parties, neutering (greens) or destroying (piratenpartei) them in favour of neoliberalism/imperialism, i've seen liberal shills subverting german wikipedia (forcing neoliberal narratives and outright lies about the gdr and modern history and banning everything else), liberal shills in commentary sections on big newspapers such as spiegel, inside my favourite computer forums (fiercely competing with reactionary alt-right shills since a couple years) and last but non least on krautchan, where liberal shills are vastly outnumbered by reactionary/fascist shills though. i can detect a sleazy imperialist shill now even when it is hiding behind a red flag and i fucking hope you don't get your ways here ever, otherwise Holla Forums will become just another reservoir of useful idiots.

D'awh, it's angry at me!

fuck off

d'awh, he has no arguments and really is a libshit faggot

those were liberal to start with tho

yes, piratenpartei was liberal-left, but anti-imperialist when they started out. the greens started with the friedensbewegung, which was anti-imperialist too and they were still pretty lefty in the early 90s. they turned full neocon under fischer.
die linke is currently under threat as well.

dat divide and conquer

Frankly, I don't see the point in defending myself against jackasses who lob insults and assumptions at me on an anonymous imageboard. What would I have to prove, anyway?




90% sure that kid is from Holla Forums trying to exploit the chaos. he can't back up his arguements and keeps screaming about imaginary liberals


You seriously sound like Holla Forums

this is literally the worst thread

If Hitler doesn't like it that must mean it's good.



Now, to be exact, it does if they're Russian.

Can't link to someone reading old newspapers on /leftpol/, that's "holocaust denial", really makes you think.

What a shame. I will weep for you, my brave hero.

I know you fuckers are ban evading instead of just biting the bullet and migrating.

What thread was that in?

I wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 can be behind this post.

Daily reminder Hitler was right

Well you shouldn't have denied the holocaust then.

Daily reminder that anarcho-capitalism is the most oxymoronic ideology in existence

Is that Tsuruko?


Don't bump /polintelpro/ threads