So it's scientific fact that Commies are the best looking of all political ideologies...

So it's scientific fact that Commies are the best looking of all political ideologies, but despite Commies being aesthetic as fuck, who is in fact the sexiest Communist that has ever lived and why is it Engels?

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I am

Anyone who disagrees is a Buddhist.

Zhou Enlai.


My nigga

Wouldn't the answer be Che?


Isnt this photo heavily edited anyway?
I heard Stalin had a pretty ugly face because of acne in the youth

he's not a teenager in that picture.


Acne scars can stay for the whole life


This lass looks hot

Really puts his suicide in context.


George Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (George Michael) 1963-2016

Former member of the Young Communist League of Britain

also Neil Tennant from the 80s = twink snack

>wrote an entire score for Sergei Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin:
>"Bolshy bolshy bolshy oh / where you lead, my heart will go"


He had smallpox and yes his face was absolutely fucked so they released this pic to make to seem like he was always charming and charismatic

Holy fucking shit uphold marxism-bennism-wham!ism.

It wasn't acne, it was pockmarks from smallpox. Also his right arm was noticably shorter and crippled.

More evidence of homosexuality's bizarre link with fascism.

I take it that Context is the name of the smallest model at the casket store.

Isn't it obvious?


The bunkerman obviously

wow so ÄÉsthèâtìcs


No, that would be Hn'aphaes ao Angya'osi. You're telling me that you would look at her ephantaletic folds between her three pairs of legs and not smash that?

The illiterate are not welcome here.

this thread is literally only about looks.

That doesn't change the fact that you couldn't even recognize who Mishima was.

I did and I don't give a shit. this thread is literally only about looks, so I targeted my comment accordingly. kill yourself retard.

Well, congratulations, you successfully pretended to be retarded.

Camilla Velejo, Communist Party of Chile.

I would be careful of comparing eastern right wing (or fascist) and western right wing (or fascist) thought, sure on first view they seem pretty much the same but on a closer inspection there are clear friction marks and points of disagreement that come from the widely different cultures of their respective areas.

Oh shit that's one qt 3.14

WOAH WOAH WOAH source on that communist league shit?