New year

New year thread!

How will you be spending new year, comrades?
Currently enjoying the national holidays in Beijing with my parents. Cold as fuck, hopefully we can see some fireworks from our hotel room.

What did you do this year? What do you want to do next year? Any wishes for the new year? Lets blogpost a bit. Posting on leftypol has been tough due to no privacy in my dormatories, so if someone could fill me in on the big shit from the last 5 months, thatd be great.

Just 3:30 hours left.

Why are the Chinese lighting fireworks for the Western new year?

I dunno if they will but they also sorta celebrate christmas. They do use the international calandar.

With my parents, drinking wine probably. Better than being alone I guess.

New Year is a bourgeois concept

Under my warm bedsheets. It's cold as fuck here these days, and I have a deep hatred for parties, end year type in particular.

Hopefully RIPing.

I guess I've come to terms with it - I probably won't find enough stuff to kick it by the end of tonight. So I'll have to look a while longer. In the meanwhile, may help with some stuff here, finish some shitty projects I was already working on - that is, in January. But it pisses me off to no end seeing another fucking ball drop.

So, tonight, I might go out. Walk around a while. See the city exactly the way I've seen it many times before. Might look over some files before, just to make sure I don't have enough. If it turns out I do, I'm going to kick it tonight, maybe somewhere that'll fuck with their heads. Fuck these cunts. Maybe if I do it in the right place in the right way, one of the talking heads will newsread with a really nice concerny face the next week.

But that's a pipe dream - I don't even know if I have the numbers down where I'd find them. Which would suck. Will find out, though.

Really wish I had someone to take along.

Get the fuck off of my board.

I didn't plan anything for this year and didn't really care as my depression keeps getting stronger but I got invited to some friends where we'll be doing raclette. 9 hours left until midnight.

Happy New Year, Holla Forums.

Going to a house party, then maybe another one.
I quit my course. I started going to the gym regularly and read some theory, because I had loads of spare time due to only having a part time job, and it felt pretty good. When I started a new course at the end of summer I had nowhere near as much spare time or energy to do that shit. I hope I can pick up where I left off at some point, and find some balance between studying, working out, reading theory, having a job and maintaining friendships outside of school (and also shitposting). Shit's hard, fam.

Happy new year in advance, comrades.

Eating with friends, maybe we'll go out for a party afterwards. Same thing as last year, and likely next year.


Don't kill yourself.

la bonne raclette.

Are you a friend of my friend who also invited me to drink wine and eat raclette tonight ? Are you me ?

Stop feeding me. Like, I'm serious, but come the fuck on. You could easily have just activated my trap card and been on the receiving end of a long "But why liiiiiiiiive" livejournal and the entire board would be worse for it you silly boy.

Don't overestimate yourself my dude. Besides, if you want to blogpost, that's what /leftytrash is for, go nuts .


I highly doubt it as we're only going to be around 7 people and I know them all. In any case, have fun.

I'm sick so I'll be alone and in bed by 9, as opposed to every other NYE where I'm alone and in bed by 9 but drunk and depressed instead of sick.

Seeing as Holla Forums is like 8 people rn, I suspect the entire board would be worse. I don't wanna blogpost, I'm just saying you kinda invited that sort of thing. Step carefully.

Stop being an attention seeking little shit if you hate attention seeking little shits.

I dont think it is bad if we dont want our comrades to die a meaningless death.

What, did we lose so many people over the last few months?

Kill me, Pete

I can't help it, when I see someone saying they want to off themselves, I gotta say something. I'm a responsible citizen gosh darn it.


Theres no fucking fireworks.

Sounds nice. These constant explosions in the background are getting really annoying.

I'm going to become twice the alcoholic I was before.

Kill me, Pete

Please don't comrade.

Goshdamn, I wish I had money on me for the clubzzzzz tonight. Apparently some clubzzzzz are buzzzzzzing.

Alone at home angry at rainbow six siege servers

You tell me

Imma do it! Imma do it!


i'm reorganizing my porn collection & cleaning my distro.

We are at 736 active ISPs right now and before the whole body odor drama most of the time we had 1000+ IPs.

Reading, I guess.

Posting this from the other thread.

I'm drinking realizing all the times I told my long distance lover for a year we would meet were me lying to myself we ever would. We are two souls who connected with very, very different political views, but very, very similar emotional understandings of one another; and despite our chemistry, what matters is always one last thing


She lives too far away on the opposite end of the United States for me to afford in any reasonable time frame to get to her. Even then, I don't see us stopping talking even if we break up eventually because besides the fact we're so far away, we just get each other too well and have too many problems that are understandable to both of us for us to split. There would be a void for either party that's too far gone.

And despite how close we are, we're just so far away through space, but not through time. It's a dizzying mess to be so separated and close to someone at the same time. The only feeling I can connect this to is the feeling you get watching "Her", where Joaquin Phoenix dates an AI that's in his computer or phone.

Except it's a lot more personal since we ended up in similar emotional places. And we spar over what we think the future will lead to. And we're both women, with both families that would rather not see either of us come out of the closet.

So in 2018 we'll probably love each other in this vague space of the internet, with the rules of the battlefield being 1) we can never meet in the near future because we're too busy and broke 2) we're too nervous to do it 3) we can't officially commit because both our families wouldn't approve of our sexuality and emotional commitment to the same sex

It just feels like a rigged game. You meet someone so close to you, you want to reach out and touch, but simultaneously it was never meant to be.

With that in mind, I think I will find myself further committed to my substance abuse problems this year, shortening my life maybe. Taking so many prescriptions marked "Do not use with alcohol", taking them down each night with a shot. Being inebriated is the only feeling that makes this very inebriated world make any sort of emotional sense.

They tell you that drinking and drugs are a national problem that can effect anyone, but then they explain you can 'Just say no'. Then they leave you on your own to come to your own conclusions in a very confused world where everything is contradictory, and expect you just to make the right choices by constantly saying "Yes" and "No" like some sort of machine, when reality always has more nuance, and you quickly find yourself falling into the mix of what authority figures told you was always wrong, but is the only thing that makes logical sense. There aren't enough shots in the world, to make you feel fine these days, and there isn't enough pain killers to make your health problems not ravage your adult life.

We were promised the future was going to be easier and easier, but none of it happened, and now we're stuck dealing with questions with no answers with attractive alternatives that never seemed wise, but are the only way out; simultaneously they're your own demise.

None of it makes any sense. All of it is just madness. The mania of authority no longer has consistency, it just seems like hollow depressed men pretending to be confident while knowing all of us are basically fucked to be broke and confused our whole lives. Fiction and fantasy have never been so interwoven.

And 2018 will just lead us all further down the rabbit hole. What is truth, what is right, and what are the answers? It's all at the bottom of a bottle and an orgasm. I'm talking to myself.

This year was okay. The first relationship I've had where I actually genuinely loved the girl ended back in June. I honestly thought I would marry her. I moved to a new city about three years ago, and she was pretty much the only friend I had, so I had plenty of free time. I started going to college again, started playing 40k again, made some new friends, and decided with my free time I'd become a more informed leftist instead of just a half-assed one. I also got promoted at my shitty job, but that's whatever. I'm looking forward to next year. I really need to start working out and playing hockey again. Hopefully find someone new too.

Happy New Years Comrades!

Im angry that Ela still exists.

As we enter the New Year, I offer my comrades one small inkling of comfort: No matter how much Porky may try, the average person will never, ever, despise a communist as much as a Nazi.

Crowd next to my house probably blew through $200 of fireworks half an hour ago. They were popping off high end roman candles for a straight 15 minutes

this year was pretty gud for myself, i turned a personal friend from a white nationalist into a hardcore leninist, who has invested more time into reading theory then even myself. A girl i genuinely loved broke my heart, but i came out of it for the better, by focusing on myself as a person, and then reaching out to other to help me get over her in turn making friends. For the first time since i moved to the US i'm not failing any of my courses. And i made an effort to connect with local socialist organizations again, even if they all kinda suck and i like none of the people there.

In terms of interest, i rediscovered how fucking good sf3 third strike is when i downloaded fightcade, the game is actually nearly perfect. i limit myself to watching only 6 animes a year, any more and i would consider myself a weeb, but this is the first year where all 6 were fucking fantastic. And finally i understand the NLSS and why everyone considers it the pinnacle of quality twitch content, took me three years but i finally get it.

for new years, i'm locked inside alone, all my close friends have gone back to visit family, and despite considering myself an extrovert i fucking hate parties and much prefer smaller group situations. Since i can't afford to visit my own family back in Australia i'm spending new years the same way i spent christmas, eating shit food and binging through 30 Rock for the fourth time

Happy new year comrades! May economic collapse of the capitalist system and militarization of the proletariat come to you, but only if you pose “Happy New Year Comrades!” in this thread!

Happy New Year Comrades!

Same, I'm stuck in a deserted college town and all my friends are back with their families. Oh well, I'll jack off to hentai.

Happy New Year Comrades!

Dude, I challenge you to find me a situation that is not improved with hentai. Try me.

happie nuyear
let's see how absurd it gets before kim starts throwing nukes

Happy new year comrades!

Just wish I had some weed.

The DPRK is not going to strike first, their nukes are a deterrent that guarantee peace. Stop spreading this imperialist nonsense.

just meme'n matey

Just awesome m8, Happy New Year lads