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Anyway I'm kind of new here, have been mostly on 4chans Holla Forums for some time, but was never a far-right extremist or right anything really. Mostly went there larp and troll. Anyway I'm here to learn, I voted for Bernie during the primaries and then Jill Stein in the election. I don't really understand leftist theory so well, but I do love Noam Chomsky and Cornell West along with others but they are my mains. I always figured it to be natural for people to help each other for the betterment of the species to advance scientifically so we can answer bigger questions, but what I thought was normal ended up being a fallacy sadly.
I do have certain beliefs that some SJWs might consider racist, but I hold these base off of my own experiences I've had in life. Anyway I guess I'm rambling, if there are any LA anons maybe you peeps can point me in the directions of true leftist parties that operate in the area or groups. I'm kind of a loner/misanthrope at the moment. I own certain Marx works and a couple books by Chomsky but never really had the chance to crack all of them open due to school. So like I said here to learn.

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Crack those books open and feel the ideology pour out of you
Marx's Wage labour and capital is a good starting point.

seriously, read Marx and Lenin.

I have the Great Books of the Western world from the fifties haha and Marx's Capital and Communist Manifesto are together in one book but I don't know if there is any difference from the newer prints.

The thing I never liked was that people like Lenin killed millions, I don't see how he's very enlightened. But I figure that to be my opinion.


I'm afraid you've been lied to.

that's made up my dude.

How so? If not him then Stalin for sure I could've gotten them mixed up.
It's just hard for me to see certain "people" as inspiration when mass genocides take place. When I watch Chomsky and read up on ethics along with having my personal morality, I can't really see the "dream" of a stateless society where we work together and love one another being built on death.

the capital is impossible to read unless you have an in depth knowledge of classical economics and the manifesto is a polemic not a serious work.

Still most of that slaughter was out of incompetence and has been distorted by liberal historians to make communism seem bad but that same people has no problem with anti communist atrocities like the genocide of leftists in indonesia

Stalin killed at MOST 3 million people. Now let me ask you something: if a bunch of slaves rise up and kill their slave masters, is it justified? What if it's a few million slave masters and their supporters? Well that's what happened in Russia. The kulaks got rich off the backs of serf laborers, and then burned their crops when the Soviet government tired to seize their land. They deserved to die.

By contrast, capitalist countries like the USA kill millions as a matter of routine. Right after WWII, the USA murdered 4 million Koreans. Then 4 million Vietnamese. Then millions of Indonesians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians… All for the sake of profit.

Capitalism cannot be simply done away with (god I wish it could), the bourgeoisie won't let that happen.
The changing of the foundations of society is bound to come with bloodshed, no mass social changes have come without violence.

Stop this shit, the Communist Manifesto is a perfectly valid intro to historical materialism.

Google Bookchin

Well everything will always be distorted based on who's in power.

I understand what you're saying but I feel like there could have been a better way. To kill millions for revenge is wrong, I personally think so. Again that's my own morality that I've developed, I haven't been tested to such a extreme hopefully I never will but I do truly believe that a eye for a eye makes the whole world blind.

Sorry, there isn't.

It's not for revenge, it's to prevent them from violently fighting back and putting their Tsarist system back in place.


I don't know, I just believe that we can do better that's all I'll say.

By the way I'm not very big on economics so I wouldn't know where to start. I wouldn't mind learning about right wing economics as well. Certain leftist folk tend to know about both.

You can't do better than killing slave masters en masse. That's one of the best things you can possibly do.

There are modern books that have been written to explain socialism in a simple way, like ABC of Socialism by Jacobin and Capitalism must die by Stephanie McMillan. Check out Michael Parenti too, he's very good at writing clear, concise stuff.

I guess.


Okay that's fair

Hard to say, lets hope and ecnomics user comes by
but on the meanwhile wage labor and capital is good

I figure there would have to be one on here, he/she is just hiding.

He didn't but he's still shit absolute shit and paved the way for a long march of communists.

Wordfilter got me. Remember this is a T@ankie board now.

You make it sound like an insidious coup. Most of us just grew up as we read more theory.


Theory doesn't make a ☭TANKIE☭. A desire for theory to be put into practice does.

Kill yourself ☭TANKIE☭

t. ideologically opposed to praxis

t. ideologically opposed to learning from his faults

I wish

Hows the shining path or the Vietnamese communist project?
Oh both are failures like your ideology lmao nig

If Stalin committed "mass genocide", how could it be that he remains the most popular historical figure in the former Soviet Union, seen by overwhelming majorities of the population as a hero?

Guess what a number of Chileans like their Pinochet as well, the love for a dictator isn't a new thing you mongoloid
I mean see Yugoslavia as well.

This argument of yours falls flatter than the frickin earth

This pic seems to be referring to demsocs as socdems

not sound

nice try

the argument is rather why there was no drop in population, but raising birth rate and longer life expectancy as well as no impact on industrial development, even considering the development out of revolution and interventionist wars and a world war etc.

not sound.

just a coincidence then that he was murdered after stepping down from his "allmighty post" as general secretary and the party purged of his comrades, huh.

read this

fixed ;)

I'm OP, this is dumb. Neo-Nazis love Hitler even though he killed more white people then anybody else. Among other examples stated but other people replying to you.

there is no difference

Only about 9%

Care to explain why 80-90% of Soviet nations love Stalin, but only 9% of Chileans love Pinochet? How do you account for this massive discrepancy?

If 80-90% of Germans were Neo Nazis, it would make sense to question the anti-Nazi narrative you've been taught in school.

If 80-90% of former Soviet nations love Stalin, it likewise makes sense to question the anti-communist narrative you've been taught in school.

nuoh my god

Best advice I can give OP, skip Das Kapital for now. Instead read simpler works, such as Wage Labor and Capital:
Also Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844:
As well as some other, perhaps Engels' Socialism: Scientific and Utopian:

The reason I am suggesting these 3 works specifically is because they are the absolute basics, but provide way more information that the Manifesto. Das Kapital is dry as fuck, absolutely loaded with information that will probably mostly go over your head. You will be bored as hell and likely won't finish reading it. I am not saying not to read it, I am saying wait until you are more invested in Leftist theory before reading it. The works I listed here will give you a good outline of some important themes and concepts without overwhelming you and are available for free online.

As for other works, anything by Pannekoek is good, despite the hate Bookchin is good and has useful information in it in relation to our current bourgeois representative republics and why they fail democracy, as well as good solutions to ecological problems. Kropotkin is good, especially Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution, Lenin is good for his practical experience in revolution building.

Sounds like a lot but you can read these books in a few months. Trust me, it is absolutely worth it to do so, politics will make much more sense after reading these.
And to conclude, welcome. Please feel free to argue in earnest, ask questions, do not let people's salt get the best of you. We deal with a lot of "alt-right" people trolling here so you may get people freaking out at you, but its simply because we deal with a lot of shit. I'll lurk if you have any questions and can do my best to answer.

delete this post

Alexandre Dugin said that the Russian people like Stalin and the USSR because Russia was strong, big and ruled over the rest of nations.

As any aspiring socialist state should. Not really seeing how this means that he was also a "genocidal dictator" or whatever.


Except Stalin wasn't even Russian, so I'm not sure how "Russia ruled over the rest of nations".


Who that?



you gotta watch this m8

That's such a over simplification, maybe at the time it made sense for people to do the things they did because of self preservation but that doesn't mean it was benevolent. People are products of their time as well, numbers on paper mean nothing without discussing motive.

wrong again, kiddo

Here's some reading material:

Read this and you're ready.