Spectre Rouge Update and PDF

This is probably a bit overdue. I had hoped to have the PDF completely done, but unfortunately one of the pictures is still bellow res for print and one of the article page designs I had done I was unable to get off the library computers before break.

So, here is what I have at the moment, by mid january you should have the rest of it. I would like your opinions on the graphic design, any input would be helpful.

I have set the date for the next issue at March 10th, pls send all articles and art you would like to submit to [email protected]

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It looks amazing but are you sure you should sign with your real name?

It's not my real name, its a pseudonym

nice work

Fuck man just take my money this looks dope

Not gonna lie, I think it's ugly as fuck. Here are my observations:
1. There's a white line on the left side of the otherwise cool cover.
2. The first page is a mess, don't overlap the pictures and try putting some order into the thing.
3. There's no table of contents and no page numbers on the pages!
4. Try to avoid dark backgrounds unless it's never meant to be printed, in which case you should avoid columns in the text which are fucking annoying on the screen and on ereaders.
5. Justify your text.
6. Format the endnotes consistently and don't make them stand out, they should draw less attention than the main text.
7. The text looks tiny, especially compared to headlines.
8. Every article looks completely different, have some consistency. Boring looks are better than distracting ones, especially when they are not even nice.

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Hope these help. When's the next issue?

1. I'll fix that
2. I'd like a second opinion on that one.
3. I was planning on adding that once i got the last article
4. With the color of black I've chosen it should be able to print just fine
5. No, that looks dumb and is not how you format a magazine.
6. It looks really shitty if I just leave it plain
7. That is the correct size for magazines
8. That is how design works in a magazine. Trust me, it would be much easier if I didn't but I wanted to do it right

The next issue is in March as the op indicates

Yeah maybe for women's magazines making every article look completely different like you just want to try out every function your overpriced software provides you with is the standard but I assumed you wanted it to be more serious. Of course the "abstract MSPaint art" thrown into the articles could have made me realize that your target audience is kindergarten aged children who are probably the only demographic that won't throw up seeing two columns without justification.

All the magazines I've read had a consistent look and only the secondary features change with the articles (colours mostly, but almost never the colours of the main text body) if anything even does. Maybe I come from some backwards country with outdated typesetting conventions but I've never seen multiple columns of unjustified text in print.

The point wasn't that it can be printed, the point was that white-on-black as a general design pattern of a thing you print takes too much ink. You can give the reader the impression that there is a big black void underneath everything without using much ink by having black borders suggesting that the black text is on a white layer that is on top of a bigger black layer. There was a navelgazey sort-of anarchist zine called Melbourne Black, its first issue did something like that: melbourneblack.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/melbourne-black-vol-1-no-1-march-2010-online-version/

Don't justify your text, that makes it more likely that the reader's eyeball moves to the wrong next line. The text size looks ok for print (I suspect the other person looks at a small screen).

There's not even that much variation between the pages I don't know what your problem is and I only used three colors throughout the whole thing it is incredibly consistent

Color pages cost the same no matter how much ink is used if I recall correctly. I don't plan to print this myself

Every article looks completely different, some has dark background some has white, some has coloured margins some has none, some boxes have borders some don't. It's a mess.

I've worked on award winning publications, which won only because of their design, that had far greater diversity in design than that

why take advise when you're going to be so defensive about everything?

Because your criticisms are garbage

It probably didn't look shit like this does though

OK, but when a random person prints that out with their own personal printer, black ink costs them more than no ink.

Fair enough, it's too late to change it all now but I'll remember this going forward

i haven't made any criticisms

bump I want to know if OP will fix this mess or chose to terrorize the readership with his questionable aesthetic choices

So what will the final thing be? Physical copies? I'm confused

Well, if I'm being honest, I don't know where to go from here. I do not have the patience to go back and redo this whole thing on my own, and if people don't like my style I don't see much of a point of producing a PDF.

I would still like to continue the website, if that's alright. I'd still appreciate what articles you guys might submit.

You can publish a PDF and correct the stylistic choices in subsequent issues. I'd be interested in contributing articles in the future and wouldn't want to see the magazine die on the operating room table, just because a few people didn't like how it wasn't justified or the art or whatever.

Go listen to the first few episodes of Chapo. They're garbage. They were produced by ripping Google Chat audio straight to soundcloud. People still liked the content and forgave them for their initial roughness, which is honestly to be expected for most new publications.

well, I appreciate the sentiment.

I also look forward to whatever you would have to send. What ideas do you have for topics?