Contrapoints on Capitalism

I normally think eceleb bullshit should stick to /leftytrash, but someone already linked to this in that thread and nobody responded, so fuck it, it gets a thread.

We've had much debate on whether or not Contra is /ourgal/, and it looks like we finally have an answer. What that answer is, I'm sure, will garner plenty of debate and disagreement, but pic related from the comment section seems to show where she stands.

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This is pretty funny tbh.

How does some random comment on xir's channel prove xir's position?

this idiot has no idea what democratic socialism is, especially if he thinks bourgeoisie states are in anyway democratic.

Oh nvm she liked it. Sad.

fuck, this is unwatchable. whats the point of even talking about this feminigger again?


So basically she's a deluded pacifist utopian socialist at best and a liberal at worst, and unlike Jimmy dore allready has a solidified world view. She and her type are probally one of the worst parts of the the left and should be purged like the liberal revionist, lifestylists they are.

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critical theory, veganism, pacifism, "democracy", zionism and the like need to get out of the socialist movement

Thanks I needed that

4/10 made me reply

Contrapoints is the reason why angry white male goes for Swastika instead of Hammer and Sickle.

Xe supports the SJW hierarchy and associates Immortal science of Marxism-Leninism with the Neoliberal oppression hierarchy. It's unsurprising The Golden One likes xir a does virtsex

sounds like great achievments

I'm being serious.

I posted this in the other thread and I'll post it again here.

She butchered all the actual Marxism she put in there like alienation and commodity fetishism. Like I haven't read a ton of theory but even I know alienation and commodity fetishism are structural analysis and not spiritual critiques.

she's a neoliberal who's managed to convince herself she's not a neoliberal

i had many "marxist" profs like her in uni. one even claimed "communism is when the government owns everything and distributes it equally" and heralded chomsky and robert reich as the greatest minds alive

This. I bet she unironically likes the enlightenment and is against its negation. Red liberals are the worst.


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glad to see someone else is still living in 1974.


Lmao. Who is this guy?

He's pretty cute, but he should fix his eyebrows.

Absolute shit take, I take back the nice things I said about her production values.
never mind it was just a liked comment

Really? Tell me more.

what was negative about the enlightenment?

Why? The answer was obvious from presentation of Fascism. You might not know what Fascism is, but if you are 100% certain that Liberal definition is the correct one and that LGBT is Socialism, what else could you be other than regular Liberal?

Not Left. Never Left. Stop dragging in you liberal bullshit here.

When was ContraPoints ever /ourgal/? She's staggeringly overrated.

Oh fuck off. There are plenty of Marxists who like the Enlightenment. Red liberals are the ones who despise it unequivocally because it gave us whiteness or some shit.


She's only "left" if you broaden the definition of left to include utopian socialists.

Let's not. Otherwise voodoo will be science once you broaden the definition of science to include alchemy and spiritism.

>the revolution scares other countries

Chile didn't scare anyone!

OP's screenie has points about democratic socialism, but fails on revolution and explaining why it hasn't worked (actually, there's still Cuba…). I think they are right that demsoc isn't doomed to failure and the supposed failure of socdems, too, still have resulted in some pretty admirable countries - like at the end of the day, there's even some good to be said about the "Nordic model." It gets maligned all the time 'cuz it's capitalism, yeah, but it still seems a world away from the hardmode hellscape of neoliberal dogma… although, I still have to acknowledge that it could never really effectively combat said dogma.

This guy's trying to be Sam Hyde I see.

Contrapoints is part of a liberal conspiracy to demasculinize leftists with hormone therapy to neutralize whatever threat they pose to capitalism.



Oh look at that, people are posting material demonstrating Contrapoints is a liberal as though it's news.

That comment gave me cancer

This. Remember what happened to Allende. Social democracy doesn't work.

He does a better job

Is it bad that I want to fuck Contra?

My friend told me Engels wrote something to the effect of "if the bourgeoisie see their own State being used against them, it's just a matter of time until they fire the first shot".

She's hot. It's fine to want to fuck her. Just keep her and her liberal reformist clique as far away from the movement as possible.

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I honestly laughed out loud at this and was very pleased. Then I remembered that this is supposed to be serious and I became a little bit sad.



Another humanist "philosopher" who heard about Marx but never bothered to read anything properly Marxist. 1844 Manuscripts? Oh fucking please.


He's far funnier than Sam

While it's certainly an indicator I don't think that this necessarily means that she fully agrees with what the comment stated. Personally I wouldn't think of her as naive enough to believe that revolution can't work because revolutions are violent and therefore other nations are afraid resulting in "defense". Ignoring the entire layer of class interest behind interventionism and in general behind antagonism against socialist countries would suggest that she isn't acquainted with the most basic leftist literature. I mean that's something you're confronted with once you open a Chomsky book and for some one who has read Marx, Adorno, Althusser and beyond that just seems unlikely. In this case highlighting a comment probably amounts to elevating a perspective in order to start a discussion imo.

Wait are you trying to say that DemSoc is Fascism?

Woops sorry. Xir.

Figured I'd post this in leftytrash but seeing as this thread is already trash and on the topic…

What is up with specterofsandersism (in the top comment chain)? I'm reading his comments and it seems like he just takes the concept of whiteness and uses it to fucking justify everything bad that ever happened under capitalism. I don't understand this line of thinking, it seems honestly like he takes a very "American" view in separating the world into black vs white, good vs evil. Or in this case literally Poc (i.e. non-Europeans) vs White people. He even disparages the scientific method as being too white.

Afroplasm is a black nationalist, he never tried to hide that.

He's not even wrong.
But neither are you, imo this is an "Anglo-sphere" perspective, but then again this is what he's criticising.

Yeah. It's quite sad that so many posters here feel such shame about their homosexuality and feel the need to deny it in these terms.

terrible post. I can't think of a single non-retard who calls themselves an "anti-SJW". The closest you get are people like Nagle/Lain who don't use that sort of terminology and don't self-describe in such simplistic terms because they aren't cretins.

It really is that hard to get the Holla Forums out of people.

Wow good point


I literally said nothing about saying nigger or fag

This is because you are a retarded SJW brainlet.

calm down lol

Then name one

Milo Yanalonious

the only correct answer

Definition of whiteness:

We want to abolish the socioeconomic structures that prop up whiteness. Capitalism, for example. We also want to abolish white ways of thinking, i.e. the general entitlement white descendants of settler colonists feel towards indigenous land.

You're missing a >, son. Be careful copy pasting text with newlines.

Yea I read that and agree with many of his points its just when he goes and says that the scientific method itself is tainted my whiteness it makes me cringe. He makes good points most of the time then every so often he goes a bit too far. Also I understand and agree the concept of whiteness is entirely social.

Why though? I don't really understand the reasoning behind fighting "white mentality" as a means of advancing towards communism when the system that developed it over the centuries is still in place.

what an absolute waste of 20 minutes


She's a petty bourgeois "leftist" academic whose got a masters in philosophy. No wonder she hates violent revolution because it threatens her stable, privileged life.

It's weird that someone like Spencer can take a sober look at someone like Sargon and say that they're a great stepping stone for race realists, but leftists hate their stepping points and gateway people more than anything

you have a point but the thing is there is always that chance that they might stay generic socdems instead of revolutionizing

The left doesn't need more dysfunctional people.

Not only is there a chance that some people will but it's an inevitability, but if out of every person who is swayed by this argument just 10% move further afterwards when they otherwise wouldn't start down the path at all that's worth it IMO

You can't force people to be or not be in "the left". It isn't your personal club and there are plenty of people that constitute the "left of capital" that shouldn't be your allies anyway.

Thats not even edgy, thats just general board culture/talk

Sorry for that

It's a steaming pile of horseshit. The ideas both he and you are espousing support for are very obviously meant to transfer blame for material deprivation from the greed of a group of acquisitive ruling factions to simply the skin colour of the ethnicity who ended up playing that game best. The class collaboration and racialism of fascists doesn't become acceptable when their exponents are brown, redditor.