Graphic Design And Infographic Templates Initiative

Holla Forums seriously needs to step up its game in creating informative content that can be used for reusable refutations of Holla Forums and other anticommunist propaganda. However, most people are not graphic designers and don't know how to make infographics that are attractive, readable, and well-organized (myself included). In order to make good graphic designs accessible to the wider Holla Forums population, I'm calling on all artists on Holla Forums to help contribute to a free and open source infographic tool kit and design guide. We should make it in the .xcf file format compatible with GIMP so that it is usable by the widest range of people for free, and doesn't phone home to Adobe.

Here is a starter file:

As well, I intend to use a custom CSS for this board. Our goals should be for it to be unobtrusive and simple, and for it to convey the same information that the default CSS does. People are welcome to suggest CSS rules for Holla Forums to make it look better.

Other urls found in this thread:

here's some good graphic design someone made for Holla Forums years ago

I made a thread on /freedu/ years ago where I wanted to collect materials for using Free Software graphics tools: >>>/freedu/870 It has some nice introductory materials but needs contributions.

Non-Designers Design Book is a pretty good introduction to the basic principles of design.

From the thread:
Digital Foundations ::
Practical introduction to digital art using free software (Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus, etc.).

GIMP Tutorials ::
Tutorials on the official site. It couldn't really find any free books or something comprehensive for GIMP, it seems like people prefer making tutorials that teach tricks.

Grokking the GIMP ::
Free book about GIMP, but a bit dated.

Inkscape Manual ::
Introduction to Inkscape, a free (as in freedom) vector graphics editor.

Anime Vectoring Tutorial ::
Quick introduction to vector tracing images using Inkscape. Not limited to anime!

Inkscape tutorials ::
Tutorials on the official site.

Inkscape Screencasts ::
Video demonstrations of some cool Inkscape tricks.

Scribus HOWTOs ::
Scribus is a free and open source desktop publishing program. You can make beautiful PDFs using it.

Scribus Video Tutorials ::
Collection of various video tutorials.

One suggestion for the CSS: make it so that I can really hide threads, having the stubs for 5 hidden stickies is annoying tbh. Refreshing the front page takes longer because it has to rehide those threads as well. Maybe I'm just retarded and this functionality already exists though.

Custom CSS is an awful idea, it will only make the board run slower.

We need a todo list of things to tackle with the infographics, like: liberal and fascist racialism, the myth of class mobility and that working hard makes you wealthy. Examples of anticommunist atrocities and accomplishments of socialist countries.

Just gonna say that everyone should source all their claims when making an infographic, we have to avoid Holla Forums tier bullshit jpgs that are either entirely made up or rely on blog posts and youtube videos.

That's not how CSS works, user.

This is a good idea, and once we have a good set of templates, we should start making stuff like this. In a new thread, even.

Yes, we should have a standard template set for citations, pull quotes, etc. as well.

We should also have a design guide on how to organize text on 8ch itself. Like when to use
==red text==,
when to use bold text, italics, etc.


forgot about the retarded regex rule for it

This is a great idea, thank you BO.

With that being said, I think we could make our work a lot easier on the infographic front by first identifying:
1) The most common Holla Forumsyp and anti-left arguments that people who post on Holla Forums encounter and have to refute. By identifying which arguments are the most popular among the opposition, we can ensure that what is produced is maximally effective in quickly refuting their talking points.
2) Existing infographics in the booru and elsewhere. There is no point in pouring time into making these graphics if someone already made them years ago and added them to leftybooru. For example, this infographic here lists a lot of refutations of common I.Q./race "science" arguments and has the sources to back them up.
3) Reputable information sources. It's going to look bad if our infographics link back to articles by Auntie Jane's Daiperfur Blog.
4) Effective templates. Others in this thread have already got the ball rolling on this, but I'm just emphasizing the need to have legible text and attractive thumbnails. I written a few tricks on how to do this in the trash thread and can repost them later if need be.

Yes, we should also reuse infographics and screencaps that have already been made. Important ones should be remade with the design guidelines if possible.
People can help by going through the booru and tagging all infographics that they see.




FOSS is better.

Stop derailing.

OP derailed the thread by not calling it free software to be fair.


Not an easy option for many people, and not very secure. Also, stay on topic.

don't be concerned about design guidelines, lets just make infographics

here is the CSS I use for leftypol.

let me know if you want it to fiddle with

The production of art, or "infographics that are attractive, readable, and well-organized" can't be easily contracted to this-or-that. If you want to know how to do any of that, you'll need to learn colour theory, formatting, layout, typesetting, composition and so on. There is no easy one-two-three to learn any of these things: it takes time.
Likewise, "templates" aren't enough. Good design is adaptive to its goals and letter. There is no 'one size fits all'. Educating users and encouraging to make content at all would be more worthwhile.

A while back I began collecting books and commenting them for the benefit of those interest in art. I had to abandon compiling for various reasons, but what I collected might be still be of use in its current state. Although unfinished, this archive contains most books I intended to recommend.
You can find it here:
Password is "Zizek". The link will expire in two days. You are free to do with it as you like.

Of course, the best way to get better content is to encourage content production. Put more effort into promoting Holla Forums originals, particularly contributors, and you will get better content and more artists with time.
Also, avoiding needless drama and maintaining a positive relationship with the userbase would keep motivation up.

No eye-scorching bright palettes, please.

Learn Inkscape isntead of gimp, it is better for everything besides photo editing.

contrast is good for ur eyes

Actually, extreme dark/light contrasts are harmful. Also I was referring to the overly washed colour palette, not the contrast.

I'd recommend having a discussion on "mostly finished" infographics, with alpha/beta-version being posted with "work-in-progress" stamp all over (that way unchecked version will not be reposted by anons) - to work out all the kinks.

We can make the best looking infographs in the world, but they won't do much outside of the extremely narrow world of chans and reddit. Working on something like DebunkngStormfags, that old compilation of "race realism" refutations, would be a better use of time if we want thorough and more convincing refutations to present to normies outside of chans, in addition to not requiring artfags sympathetic and talented enough to produce stuff that doesn't look like dogshit. You could also stick links to that in the FAQ less obtrusively than you can sticky a thread of Holla Forums infographs.
/anarcho/ and old /marx/ had terrible color schemes, don't do a black or red background that makes posts difficult to read just because it fits with leftist color schemes. Take a page from /leftpol/ and remove the text about attention-hungry games and link to retarded boards, we get more normies and the last thing we'd want is to expose them to other Holla Forums boards filled with reactionaries and bizarre fetishes.

here is an example of inkscape. inkscape is free software and much better for working with text than GIMP is.

This is good. Inkscape is perfect for these things.

Its easy af man. I'll even attach the file if you reply and say you want it

This is a good idea BO and I'm down. Unfortunately I can't do it on my home computer but when I have down time at work I can get started.
I'm very good with photoshop, but I'm a little autistic when it comes to design (as I am a scientist and we typically make things very clean). So I may need help with the artist end of things.

So, what kinds of graphics are we working on first? Straight agit-prop? Refutations of aut-right arguments? Raiding tools of some sort?


No its not.

here u go

That's great! One quibble - avoid blank spaces where they aren't needed, such as the one at the bottom of this. I've cropped it to make it tighter


theres a typo, you said "lienear"


its not a serious img

It's a feature, not a bug

sounds like a LIEnear


So we should look for a topic now, what do have in mind?

Holla Forums has graphs with no info or sources. We on the other hand could use some infographs.

We should find a specific topic that motivates enough people here enough to get us to work on it and then test it out on Holla Forumsyps
These are meant to refute common arguments. It means that when some Holla Forumsyp wanders into a comment thread and spouts bullshit on racial Autism Levels or people not having jobs because they're lazy, we don't have to manually type out the same argument over and over, we can just reply with a prefab infographic that has the rebuttal in it

Ok, updated OP to mention inkscape.
Keep in mind we are trying to make reusable templates and guides so people without any skills can make good looking graphics. So it would be great if you could upload the file in the Inkscape file format, or even upload a broader template in that format.

can you change "free and open source" into "Free as in freedom" when talking about the GNU Image Manipulation Program?

I could but that's silly, I don't think Stallman has ever said he's against calling free software "free and open source."

He did.

Okay, though we have to recognize that some people here may just be good at compiling information, or good at writing ad copy, or good at graphic work. This thread could be a good conduit for comrades getting together with their own specific skills to produce infographics in teams of two, three, etc.

Can I just make you a thread about this, so you can discuss it there and not in the infographic organizing thread?

Whoops, forgot about that. Still think it's silly though, and the tripfriend is right that we shouldn't get derailed ITT.

Once we get some good designs and templates together, I'll edit this thread to make it focus on actually creating the content, or make a new thread.

I just noticed, the template you posted in /file/ is returning a 404 error message.

weird, is /file/ broken now?

Either we defend old socialist experiments or we massively shit on capitalism and at the same time, provide an alternative..
The first will help to remove the stigma behind socialism and the other will help people realise the other option.

I have no idea.
While we're waiting, I might as well toss out a few ideas for people who are less graphically-minded and tend towards the research or writing ends of this. We can sketch out infographics and drawfriends can spruce them up later on.

I'm down with this. There's loads of opportunities for propaganda.

well, you could upload a .zip file there to see if it works.

Gotta find what people are most proud about then target that.
Personally I think we should target bourgeois liberal "democracy" and disillusion people with the politics of capitalism. Attack their conceptions about how free they are.

I don't have any templates and wouldn't know how to fix it anyway.
If BO still has the template .zip, he should consider uploading it to mega or mediafire as a backup.

Do you have a specific example of how bourgeois democracy fails workers? These graphics work best when they have a concrete example or target to refer to.

Electoral college.
Broken campaign promises.
Outright lies. (Dubya em dees)
Disregarding people in favour of helping zee upper classes.
And scho on and scho on

OK, what argument should we take with it?
Also House of Lords in the UK and the Senate in Canada if there's room.
Combine these three to find instances where liberal politicians promised pro-worker action and then broke their promises when in power. Include both instances where Tories/Labour, Repubs/Democrats, Liberal-National/Labor, or Parti socialiste/Gaullistes do this to avoid making the infographic appear as a partisan product of the party not being attacked.
I also think there's a study out there where representatives and the legislation they pass are completely unresponsive to popular desire, but much more responsive to the desires of the top 1%.
Contrast this with instances where street action, mass action, strikes, etc. forced governments to concede reforms/program creation/environmental protection, or to step back from austerity. That's the narrative we want to write here, after all: bourgeois politics typically does little but radical action can bring change.

I like dumping on capitalism, many have problems caused by capitalism but they don't realise that. We need to give their problems a name.

Do you think that an infographic with all that information could be made to look attractive to the eye so that they could be printed off and posted somewhere? I reckon Flinders street stations would look good with some anti-gov propaganda around.

IRL posters are a different breed than online infographics, since you have to deal with lower attention spans. Go with common language, illustrative pictures, one or two sentences to give context, and appeals to national myths. I'm not Australian, but perhaps you could contrast the Eureka Stockade with the various shenanigans of the current government and the previous labor govt.? You'd probably know more about it than I do
Maybe an outline like this would work? You'd need a slogan at the bottom to tie things together, about 10 words or less

Exactly. Or better yet, a face. Like how greed in big pharma got a face with that skhreli fuckboy

I guess it would be something like "Australians don't need parties to work together" or something.

If you want to educate people on the specifics, you could possibly add some more words, but avoid sticking an entire blogpost onto a poster. No one is going to stand outside a transit station to read a poster for a whole minute (except for bus stops, possibly)

Might as well post this here as well.

I'm not exactly an expert in graphic design, but I know my way around enough to put stuff like this together. Having access to indesign really helps, but gimp can get a lot done if you can't get the high end software.

I really like it

doesn't look very communist themed

I'm no good at anything graphic design related, best I've got is this anti-nazi "infograph"

also, if it seems like it's made from a nazi viewpoint, that's intentional
you can't use actual socialist or even liberal arguments against these people, you gotta hit them where it hurts

Inkscape cannot be used for image manipulation. You really should use both to do different parts of an image.

This guy has compiled a bunch of refutations from a bunch of different sources,I figured it'd help to streamline the process

I reiterate my offer of one (1) free LoL skin for whomever comes up with a new leftist logo better than the hammer & sickle.


Found this one on google. Is this the kind of infographics we should make?

Now that I think about it, I'm kind surprised no one made a tool for drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG infographs. I think such a tool could even work online.

So dated it 404ed.

This is no time for ideological purity. FOSS is good but pirate Photoshop as well. Learn industry software. After effects has a large library of pirateable plugins to choose from. Sign up to for ddl links and shit. Creativity belongs to the left. Half of art is stealing, and that includes tools to learn. Fight with all tools available to you.

can I post a .ddl photoshop crack here or is that a bannable offense?

it's not ideological, it's practical. also user already mentioned inkscape is better.

They serve different purposes


There are good anti-nutsacc infographics that attack hitler and the nutsaccs from a socialist perspective (his fake appeals to workers, his alliance with porkies, breaking promised social reform agenda)

How about the torch and flame?

These are great, but whenever possible find a higher resolution copy

The red star.

tbh these are way too vague.

Gear and fist is better because it correctly relates the themes of technological determinism and the base superstructure relation


So Trotsky didn't invent racism?

You might wanna listen to the 2 hour long agonized screams of Ryan Falk AKA "The Alternative Hypothesis" from back when he was still "FringeElements" getting raped by a golden era skeptic who used to go by the channel name "TheSkepticalheretic". I see a lotta info used to BTFO him back in 2011 in that jpg.


Does this come in a larger size? You really have to squint with this infographic and a lotta the typing's blurry.

There are various websites that have infographic makers. Why not just use that? It would save a lot of effort.

here u go

links plz (no impact font memes though)

and soon, we will have mobile suits

like think about it, Holla Forums
who gets the high ground is assured to win :^)
if you get a big fucking nuke, whats the whole "we are more than you" going to do against a nuke?

See if any of these work. I am having computer issues so I can't try right now.

More nukes?

Legit just a fucking fist

I know it's such a small part of the entire info-graphic, but that "how our tax dollars are spent" graph is terrible.
Discretionary spending is less than a third of the US budget. The majority of US spending is in "mandatory spending" which is mostly social welfare programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, and unemployment compensation, among other things. Considering that "our", the US's tax dollars are spent on both mandatory and discretionary spending, leaving out the part of the budget where most of that money is spent seems dishonest.

Well, it makes more sense if you add "whose taxes are spent" graph

There's probably better graphics in leftybooru
look under the "infographic" tag

Made this a while ago, not my best work (couldn't think of a witty caption) but thought I'd at least share for some holiday spirit



all I want for christmas is your fucking toothbrush, porky

Do you mind sharing it? Looks really nice

it is ok but i dont like the font

I agree but we have to stick to normie color palletes if we really want to redpill the normies and smuggle it into their feeds full of corporate and entertainment shit. Orange, blue, and white colors are high contrast opposite sides of the color wheel type things. Or red and green

Those color schemes are just pastel vomit. We don't have to use bold colors all the time, but we should use red, black, yellow, and all those revolutionary sorts of colors.


This looks promising, thanks

like the golden hammer and sickle?

I just started calling it Libre, it's a much needed loan word anyway.

Anyone down to speculate on a graphic that describes the cancer of neoliberalism and how it actually blocks the goals that SJWs are trying to accomplish?

Yeah I hate pastel too, but remember, these aren't for us, they're for normies. The graphics are supposed to blend into the feed. and be instantly recognizable and sharable.

I recall that I forgot to save the previous thread we had about flags and symbols and stuff because my retarded browser kept crashing, but I grabbed this little screencap of a design inspired by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pics. They're designs I found somewhere in /r/vexillology, and I thought the idea was flat-out brilliant, even if the execution fell short: circuitry represents the workers of new, more advanced industries, and chemical structure would point towards similarly advanced biological sciences to represent the farmworkers. People said that indeed the author's designs were too busy and difficult to replicate, not to mention didn't seem to have any socialist connotations, and someone made this simplification. I thought it was clever but too abstract, as you couldn't tell either the circuitry, chemical structure or the communist motif. Still, a step in the right direction, I think.

Also posting the fifth pic because lel

A nice, viable candidate. It avoids the temptation to go the old crossed-objects route, it borrows from the communist era without emulating it, and has a nice Promethean theme, bringing knowledge and freedom to mankind. On the other hand, referencing (intentionally or not) culture from before the revolution, especially mythology, is a big downside.

Thankfully the old red star hasn't been as strongly associated with the worst parts of socialism and it's still used by a lot of leftist groups around the world. Still, if we are to have a new socialist wave, it would be good to have new symbology, or at least new symbols, to help drive home the point that it's a different ideology.

Same thing as a red star. Not to mention I think it's too associated with the notion of rebellion as opposed to any ideology.

Now that has more potential than just the fist, both in terms of symbolism and aesthetics. The only complaint I can think of is that referencing the proletariat without referencing the peasantry too would be a big faux pas. implying the peasantry won't disappear as a class in the near future anyway

Nice one, saved.

That's ok, I just don't think that means we have to forsake traditional socialist colors.

Everything being a vibrant red makes for poor readability IMO. Could you provide/sketch an example of how you think colors should be used?

I just mean we could use light red instead, like the Japanese Communist Party flag or something.

Light red is in the second palette in

socdem gang wins again

Yeah those red shades are decent. The green is bad. Blue could have a place, like the Russian SR flag.

I'm not really into GIMP or Inkscape but I know my way around most of the Adobe suite. I do this kind of shit for my org.

I also have no idea what I should make into infographics, so perhaps we should get people to take care of that, to start. This is more a list of sources than actual material.

this might be a nice style, what fonts did you use?

That's ok as long as we get a good set of guidelines and templates.

Saw this on /marx/, might be good for finding sources

Yo I emailed you about contributing graphics

the vast majority of Italians war crime are related to the fascist era.

that era was a shame for my country. Period.

War crimes are a joke. The US nuked two civilian cities after Japan was trying to surrender yet neither was a crime. That jap from Unit 731 who did very ethical biological research on live (not for long) human subjects never committed any war crime, despite unfair Soviet accusations to the contrary, and by coincidence his papers found their way from his desk into Washington.


Flag thread here, get your LARP on and some nice designs:

fuck off

Right angles and basic shapes are fascist now?

Found this in a thread near the bottom of the catalog. Thank you, anonymous comr8.

Not exactly related I just thought I’d post this:

How do clueless anons like me make and/or compress webms?

If you're on Windows you can use a program called xmedia recode. It's a really good powerful front end for ffmpeg a popular open source encoder with support for all kinds of.

The website looks kind of shady but if use an ad blocker and download the portable version it works just fine maybe look it up on softpedia or something with a direct link but I use it all the time and it's pretty fucking good.

If you're on Mac just install ffmpeg through Brew and flying the command line for ffmpeg to encode a webm I'm not sure of any good front ends.

Why do you want to make webms anyway? It's a real shame that 4chan doesn't support audio because I'd be posting audiological webcams on Holla Forums constantly.

After work today

a few webm boards here had good ffmpeg guides a while back. IDK if they ever recovered from the hack though.

I download from youtube with youtube-dl:
Cut the video with Blender:
And compress with ffmpeg:

Here's an infographic that's economically based, that explains exploitation that the New England Workers' Party put on twitter, it's kind of jumbled, and inconcise, but it's got a good explanation even if it's pretty illegible.

Trotsky only coined the term, before trying to weaponize it.
The concept of racial superiority comes from jews, despite being themselves the runts of the litter in the middle-east.

the future is female you pig, so make curves.

Fascism is not a fashion.

And the last is not bad (other than the hideous colour scheme). Have some art deco.

if the flag to succeed the "old communist symbols" is a bunch of mysticist bullshit then I'd rather not, thank you

Oh. The SS signs. Now I see it.

Is "chaos star" also Fascist?

user is probably confusing it with the Black Sun (pic related) which was used by the Nazis. As far as I know the "chaos star" is not used by fascists (yet?).


Why must I be so weak to erotic jewelry?

its used by eurasianists

you're lame

here u go

I've seen it a couple of time but it's not popular, mostly since they just get confused for W40K fans

An user is trying to draft a response to some aut-righter on youtube. The reactionary got wind of some of the content in one of the infographics we use to debunk Holla Forumsyp I.Q. arguments and is trying to bury it in a bunch of cherry-picked charts. I've written all I can that my schedule permits, so if you can head on over to

and help him out with content and the like I would appreciate it. Remember to click on the hooktube link, not the youtube link if watching the video to avoid giving some aut-right retard more views.

Whatever content is produced over in that thread can be imported back over to here to be turned into another set of infographics.

let us embed videos when

I tried to make it better. Improved or ruined?

Dayum personally I like this graphic. May be too cerebral for Holla Forums types though

ive always felt like this point and pic were one of the strongest ways to get people to want to change

What the fuck does the triangle fucking the white circle even mean?


white circle represents the white army

red triangle represents trostky or something

unfinished marxism-lenninism-cockshottism emblem

suggestions pls

that guys name is cockshott, he deserves a more phallic symbol

this is so great

hnng it's so much better, thanks comrade.

tried using a second circle and a capital lambda to balance it out

looks good

rad af

This was my final project for first year print design. Since it was around October I tried to create a Soviet inspired theme. Everything but the text is my work. The text is just some Lenin-centric lorem ipsum from wsws.

The assignment was to create a cover, spread, and text pages of a real or invented magazine.

Criticism requested

Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

I don't know what you guys are up to, but I hate to see that. Here, I vectorized it in inkscape, boldened and centered the lambda and added a cool shadow thingy. Looks best over black.

This also works because it is a way of typing the cyrillic letter for L.



Remove the shadow it sucks.

And why a lambda? What has it do with "cybernetics"?

Here's the template, put whatever you wish ^_^


Not much with cybernetics, but computer science in general:

is he screaming on his own ear?

No, pretty sure the chaos star was in one of the pictures. but the message behind it is just as mysticist as nazi runes. The hammer and sickle on other hand represented something very material: the workers and peasantry fighting their way to liberation. The symbols of today's revolution should aim to be as clear as that.

You really need to improve your choices of typography and color pairings mate, frankly there's very little consistency throughout and it looks pretty amateurish.

What I usually do is play with something like until I get colors I like, and if my system's fonts are shit for the job I look some free ones on (high variety but many shitty fonts) or Google fonts (high quality, up-to-date with current artsy trends, but it's Google).

I take it you're studying this in an institution so keep improving and good luck!

This is the kind of shit we need; people (even Holla Forumslacks) love graphs since they are very intuitive to understand, even if the concepts they explain are Marxian political economy.

Yeah, so I'm sure it's riddled with rookie mistakes. The professor didn't really give us much guidance, and because of schedule shit I wasn't able to take the design class, which I guess is supposed to teach us all that shit and apparently happens to be an unofficial prerequisite. So this is kind of the result of whatever the instructor deigned to teach us and lots of googling "how do X adobe indesign."

But thanks for the tips my man. I'm working hard to get better, so hopefully I'll have something better to show before too long.

the cappital looks ok but i do not like how the secondary circle looks.

0 it is thinner than the outer circ
1 it disrupts the wheat outline, creating inconsistent thickness and leaving little isolated red spots
2 i agree that the capital lambda looks better but it isnt as commonly associated with computer science.

here are some other versions.

let me know if u want the source file

use 2 or 3 fonts in total. you used too many and i didnt think it looked good because of that.

I know it's place in "computer science symbolism", that's why I object its use. Use something that is actually meaningful instead of just copying lisp weenies.

How do you guys feel about my vidya infographic? I feel like it definitely compares well to some of pol's shitty ones. I could try my hand at some non vidja ones if people thought it would be useful.

Dark souls should be on there because it's the oppressed class fighting and killing the last of his oppressors and what is revolution if not fighting against your oppressors?

Sounds like your institution is pretty awfully organized then, sorry about that man

Maybe you could take an online course on your own to learn what your profs won't teach you:

I believe I've told you this in other thread: it needs more spacing. The design needs breathing space, else it gives the impression of being very dense and your potential readers might be turned away. Pic related is a VERY quick and fugly edit I made to illustrate my point - even with relatively little blank space between each row (approx. +30px per row) it looks tidier and it's easier to read. If you could apply this change on your original files (since you seem to have used a background image) it would be wonderful.

oh and to add to the ratings:

Guerrilla is indeed a vertical scroller sh'em'up arcade game that is supposed to depict the Cuban guerrillas in la sierra, but there's pretty much no storyline to it and the gameplay gets kind of repetitive after a while.

Gesta Final is an actual Cuban-made FPS that depicts the main battles of the Revolution. It's meant as an educational tool so it is pretty historically accurate, but the engine used seems to be akin to something like the first CoD (which is pretty much what the average Cuban computer can run) so you go figure. I also don't know if you can actually download the game from somewhere. Here's a video featuring short gameplay clips:

I don't know why the fuck Dwarf Fortress is there

And finally: Cuba also has tons of games that don't necessarily have socialist undertones, and while most of them are of the normie kind there's also many interesting things such as Savior, which has a very artsy feel to it:

(they claim to be "the first Cuban indie game" but I believe that to be far from true. It's perhaps the first one to receive crowdfunding through Indiegogo, and thus a campaign that crosses the national borders.)

Heh. almost as illogical as "Leftist Politically Incorrect".
these are boards. of an image forum. just like over here. ever hear the saying 'never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity'?

I can't even parse what the hell you're trying to say

That Holla Forums is somehow not anti-communist and doesn't base their "facts" on cold war era propaganda. Such a smart bunch


For liberal use but still useful.


democrats must cease to exist

I know many of the things in this pic are true, but would anyone want to help me find sources for it and make a bigger, more clear version?

I wish I lived in the timeline where Japan was made into a Soviet Republic and the emperor was guillotined right in front of his huge fucking castle.

Yep, can't wait to wake up in a world where every shinto shrines are destroyed, every japs become prostitutes and niggers are everywhere.

That'll be good, real good.
in communism all party members would get those
now you have to buy one from ebay.

go fuck yourself you piece of trash holy fuck


To come back on the use of fire as Promethean knowledge, I found a couple of interesting designs around the internet.

First one was made by someone just putting Prometheus himself on the flag. Rather overkill I'd say, especially with referencing the past too much, as well as religion. Also it has laurel wreaths instead of the usual weath heads, thus further pointing towards imperialism and Western chauvinism. Still, a visually nice design.

Second one is the sixth symbol, the emblem with the phoenix rising from the fire. It hit me that the phoenix would tie together the fire motif
with the notion of immortality and eternal return of socialist rebellion while the old world persists, if you forgive the campy turn of phrase. Tho this drives the symbology further into Western, Ancient, religious ground. Fucking archetypes, man.

Third one is a fictional flag whose flame is the topmost part of that weird soyombo Mongolian symbol. Back in gommie days, it was further topped by a star, at least on their flag.

Don't remember where I got the last one from, tho it's too derivative anyway.

Pretty good, the capital letter really is far better, not to mention it doesn't immediately invoke Half-Life into our minds.

My gripes would be a) using a symbol of "old history" like I mentioned in a previous post about Promethean references, b) the shadow thing really strikes me as unfit for emblems, c) the asimmetry between the cogwheel and the wheat head is weird, and d) the what head touches the white line a bit, further throwing off the design. Maybe push the wheat head further outwards so that the red circle is completely untouched?

Part of the idea is adding an element of modern technology that could prove vital to socialism in the form of cybernetics, which are a continuation of industry after all.

I have found it really hard to find even basic socio-economical data on the USSR, because there isn't some sort of atlas for it in English. One history book will have gulag prison rates, some obscure academic paper will give numbers on healthcare etc etc. If you want to find any actual collection of these data, you'll have to delve into the Russian internet, or get a friend to do it. (While you're at it, do inform us if you find material on Soviet cybernetics.)



We have the entirety of mainstream news media, the university system, countless NGOs, social media, hordes of protesters and hollywood making billion dollar memes for us on a global scale 24/7.

The problem isn't that our message isn't reaching people. The problem is that none of it stands up in the face of scrutiny or is consistant with reason, facts and logic. The more we say anything the more they win because asserting false things only causes them to counter them with sound arguments that refute them. Our main meme now is pussyhats, it sure caught on, but all it does is destroy our chances at winning non-retards over.

Just what the fuck is this post?

This ignores everything bad Stalin did and everything good Khrushchev did. Khrushchev was one of the best Soviet leaders and removed the little dictators Stalin put into power and cleaned up the party. Meanwhile Stalin killed without restraint.


Stalin worship is for those who haven't studied Mao.


He's a gimp-armed bank robber with no morals. Mao is one of the most advanced and forward thinking communists of the 20th century.

mao was a moralist little faggot that tried to mimick Marxism and failed while a real G created an actually socialist stronghold in record time striking fear into the bourgeoise world rather than opening markets to their foreign investion

State mandated qt boyfriend please

This is a fucking cult deprogramming job guys. I mean really undermining them with propaganda. Tactically we need to take a page from how mass culture feeds us ideology. Public relations involves on some level influencing people unconsciously. Take your average Holla Forums reactionary as hypothetical target.
The puzzle is how to make something look ostensibly liberal/reactionary so the target Hell, half of them obviously aren't committed ideologues, let alone educated very well. They identify with content that alleviates their alienation and so forth.
It has to relate to them and making them feel good, there's a distinct and recurrent egocentric attitude, they are the real victims. Explaining alienation without using any marxist or even leftist terminology is a challenge.etc

Bypassing peoples defenses is a theme I've already noticed in this thread. I argue that there is more to this idea. The emergence of these paternal pseudo therapists on youtube should not be ignored. I mean alienation in young men is apparently a lucrative market. We should take note of the tactics employed by the people who manipulate this demographic full time.
That Jordan Peterson fuckwit is huge right now for providing some sort of obscene mass therapy/narrative for alienated western males. I mean watch his godawful videos. He's very aware that he's tapping into something primarily emotional.

At this point my running theory is "the left can't meme" thing actually is some sort of anger towards us for not communicating with them in terms they understand. There's fear there.

As a starting point I'd not even use any words related to marxist theory. Taking on individualist rhetoric probably has some appeal. Maybe taking on facebook as an example of something that is oppressing them. There's a time for systemic analysis but before that maybe it's content describing how shit the subjective experience is first.
And importantly I think finishing on a positive "way out" is important - Molyneux/peterson have a version of this which is becoming some sort of masculine man that isnt afraid to fascism and tell women to… stop making them feel bad? stop cucking them?

We are surely capable of slipping manipulative ideology under the radar?

Obviously women, masculinity and alienation are all central problems for them.

Rebellion needs to be subtly reassociated with like.. I don't know sex drugs and rock n roll.. it's important to position fascism as antithetical to rebellion.

'ambassador' of Holla Forums here
i have to say what you guys are doing here is fine.
you will only be able to reach the stupidest Holla Forums users with your current attitudes. you clearly do not understand the mindset of a Holla Forums user and so your attempt to manipulate them will not go over well.

im not here to argue, im just letting you know, all the worthwhile people on Holla Forums are only receptive to rationality and evidence.
interpret this as you will.

No. It's because the left can't meme. Just look at this and the other ebin meme threads. There is no sort of Darwinism to it. You guys just try to manufacture memes in gimp by copy-pasting walls of text. Everyone knows the result is shit, but for some reason Holla Forums pretends it isn't, and when it is posted to 4chan and gets laughed at, you come back here and type more inane, pseudo walls of text. Perhaps you think that, because some neet has put his 'labour' into it, it therefore has value as a meme? I suppose would also conveniently mean that you guys are not wasting your 'labour' time.

What you are doing is not effective. You are losing users and communism/socialism/whatever has never been as hated on 4chan as it is now. Holla Forums hasn't even been able to win arguments against Holla Forums, they just bring you down to their level and you both come out smelling like shit. Anyway, have fun in your meme threads, putting lambdas on to red circles and whatnot, whatever the fuck that's supposed to represent. Functional programmers for socialism?

Go back to slapping frogs on stolen memes faggot.

I don't think a whole lot about chan culture honestly.
Let me reiterate. Yeah I agree the left cannot successfully just attempt to do Holla Forums memes. My whole point was that you cannot be reasoned with and so we should focus our efforts on deprogramming you people.
I mean the people that manipulate you with success all use cult tier psychological methods and so forth. That says a fucking lot. I don't think half the fucking left has even realized.that you guys just need help. Re-education. I've spent more time on Holla Forums than here by a long shot.
Finally it says a lot that your entire ideology is just a collection of memes.

I hope you both had a gaze at that image. If you must know what real propaganda looks like then that's it. It might take a minute to see it. If you can't figure an obvious example out then god help us all, honestly.

Who, specifically, are you talking about?
Such as?
Re-educate how? Teach them Marxism? This deprogramming and re-education, whether it be correct or not, has already occurred. That is what is meant by "taking the red pill". A different form of ressentiment is not necessarily correct or even more attractive.
A meme ideology at the very least could actually spread, unlike alt-leftism.

You have to be more specific m8.

Which one?

Which one?

Yeah I'll finish working on some images. TLDR of what i'm saying is rather than using shitty tier memes we should read up a bit more about visual subversion. The first step is just getting them to have an uncomfortable level of cognitive dissonance.

And ah of the top of my head.. Subversion, sexuality and the virtual self. There's way better stuff though i'll try find it.

this is what im talking about my dude, you have no understanding of the mindset of most people on Holla Forums. just like most people on Holla Forums have no understanding of Holla Forums (and frankly, most dont care). its all just memes that are used to discredit the opposition.

you are a fool to believe the memes.


What's MFC and MPL, Mega Force Communism and Miles Per Lesbian? *squints, squints harder* So, the original graphic says Marginal Factor Costs and Marginal Product of Labor, the improved(?) version spells out Marginal Product of Labor, but not MFC.

So, the basic idea/criticism seems to be this: As more and more people are employed by the firm, the less productive the average employed person there is. (It's not made explicit, but I suppose the idea is not that the new hires are getting worse, rather that there are important and less important things to do, so even with cloned workers per-person productivity goes down as more people get hired.) The power that an individual worker has in negotiating the salary with the boss, just as an individual, is limited by what difference that individual quitting or being fired would make, all else equal. If the marginal product of labor is decreasing, it follows that the power of K workers negotiating as a group and threatening to quit together is bigger than K times the marginal product of the last hired worker.

We have talked about arguments similar to that on here, but I don't think newbies will get it without more text.


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lol rekt! The fellow centipedes back at /r/The_Donald is gonna love this ebin leftist pwn!




I know, right? How can one ever understand such deeply complex creatures?

I've been shilling Communism hardcore on 4chan Holla Forums for about a year now. I think there's been a lot of progress. Your typical Communism thread is much more positive towards Communism today than a year or 2 ago.

My strategy is simple: just point out, over and over again, that all the things they're complaining about are caused by capitalism. Combine this with the fact that the "turd position" is just another form of capitalism, and you lead them to the inevitable conclusion that capitalism had to be done away with.

Whereas most of Holla Forums was pro-capitalist a few years back, most of Holla Forums is anti-capitalist today.

lol i'm a multi-millionaire and i can tell you that this is not how it goes down at all.

you HIRE people to do marketing research for you, you HIRE people to manage the workers, you HIRE people to come up with the "ideas" you HIRE people build the machines and you hire people to train the workers.

You literally dont have to do anything if you are a multi millionaire, once you have money thanks to your parents rich class, you pay people to do literally everything for you, you don't even have to come up with business ideas if you have money. you can even hire lawyers and stockbrokers to make you money without even getting out of bed in the morning.

don't pretend like people like trump worked insanely hard training his employees and finding the right machines and whatnot to run his companies when you literally hire the people who hire the people to make you money.





Hello were is the proofs


This has never been more relevant

Ironically, it was a right wing edit to the first image which added a wall of text with the capitalist screeching.
is the response to that response

it's the latter ones we want to do away with.

It's spelled parasite. Spellcheck your propaganda. We are smarter than Holla Forums

Someone's beaten us to it

can somebody make a rar of all these? I don't use Facebook

I fixed it

Most of those empty homes are in rural areas. Most of the homeless are in urban areas. They are choosing to be homeless.

Why does that matter, exactly? If anything, it's better - smart people tend to be richer. We want smart people in government. Therefore, more rich people in government = good thing. Regardless, this means nothing unless you can proof that being richer somehow makes you less fit to govern.

Absolute, or relative? This is the age old problem with left wingers. Capitalism has liberated billions of people from absolute poverty, but because some kid can't get a XBone out in Chicago, he's classed as "poor" by you people.

Thatcher was right when she said that left wingers would rather see everyone far worse off if it meant the gap between the richest and poorest was smaller.

Stagnant only for American workers. The wages for everyone else in the developing world has increased dramatically. If workers in America weren't competing with anyone else, then that would rightly be an issue. But considering that they are, this isn't an issue.

Why? Would leftists like to see the American worker get paid more, at the expensive of 10 Chinese or Indian workers? Is that your goal?

That's what happens when you have a population in your society who are extremely prone to violence.

The first role of government is to protect the people from external threats, a fact so universal that even leftpol's fap material, the USSR, spent equivalent - if not more than - the same degree on military affairs than the USA.

Your whole ideology is not based on any reason at all, and can be summed up in one word - envy.

Wow look at all these citations

I don't even know where to begin with how wrong this is.


user why you being retarded?

Your welcome

/Im pretty sure the chaos star has been co-opted buy a far right group somewhere, Greek I think

we really need new symbols/flags for the left

i need ideas for a marxist & anarchist united flag

Holy shit, this is unreal.

Well we would make disinfographs if Holla Forums didn't already have that market cornered.

Or the FBI.

Does someone have the last edit?

Edit away. We can always change it in an effort to be accurate.

Nobody's gonna sit there and read all that shit.

Exactly why we're puttin no effort in lol


attach link pls i cant afford photoshop

This board have no memory, i share my CSS a some time ago (some user even help me to improve it) and nobody remember. Also, what do you guys think?

misinformation, a stylesheet for 8ch is typically at most 4 kb, and they are cached on people's computers.

overall worse than yotsuba b. but that mascot would b a nice addition to the current theme

i like it but would increase the contrast a bit.

Your wage growth graph is dated by 10 years. I got a bonus and a raise this year while being a hourly worker.


I like the text-only aesthetic

Are there any requests for infographics? Maybe enumerating them could reduce the barrier to actually making something good.

Some ideas for themes:
Explain how it would work, what the benefits are, and how it could revolutionize society.
You could add in explicit reference to Adorno to dispel cultural Marxism conspiracies.
Diplomas are aimed at producing jobs, not producing people. Our educational system as it is today was a product of early capitalism.
Obvious theme we can look into.
This is a theme we can hijack from libertarians. Why are entrepreneurs axiomatically capitalist? No good reason. Instead of aiming for a profit you can aim for providing real value to people. Build something common. Why don't we see this in our society? Capitalists by necessity produce things that can be appropriated, yet these aren't always the best solution. (maybe provide ideas how things could be improved by building collective alternatives)
You can do a lot on this. It's important to not be too high-minded though. We'll only look like idiot zealots.
Nationalism leads to war etc. We could use a good infographic on this.
Globalism erases local identities and provides no protections for normal people. Explain how leftist internationalism is better.
Helping the elderly, teaching people stuff, building something for your community… All stuff that makes your life more meaningful. In a way, this is what socialism is all about. We could sell this to frustrated kids with no direction in life. You find plenty of those on the internet.
"Let's help each other clean up our rooms." It is difficult to drag yourself out of a negative spiral, but it's much easier with a community at your side. Give some tips as to finding the right help, and importantly, foster a sense of dissatisfaction that society doesn't provide this readily.

We can also try to do some stuff dispelling socialist strawmen.

It would be great if we'd get started producing materials. I'm gonna try doing some of these myself. You can use them if you like though.

I'd say we avoid traditional socialist imagery, but do whatever you like.

Those are some pretty good ideas. Just made an infographic for wage theft for those getting into socialism/communism

any suggestions/criticisms are appreciated. There are some kerning issues, I'll fix up and will make some more infographics with these ideas in mind once I get some more time.

the left can't meme

looks beautiful. personally I think it looks better than the previous CSS posted here.


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damn the lefty reply to the capitalist wall of text is retarded, everything it says is already refuted by the text above it.
nothing the capitalist wall of text says is technically wrong.

the retard
is you

leftist "memes" is such an idiotic idea.
I doubt anybody on this planet has became an actual leftist without reading walls of text (long ago, we called those "books").
good luck trying to make a tagline that explains how surplus value is being misused in a way that will lead to society's collapse, because I don't think it's possible.
pic related does about as much good as any other leftist meme.

could you go be a brainlet somewhere else

how is my post remotely brainlet? you don't become a leftist by looking at half-assed jpegs on the internet. it just doesn't happen.

The idea is that infographics (and in the best cases, memes) can get people interested in reading in the first place, and show people rebuttals to some common ammunition they hear against socialism.

the anprim is right tho. porky's argument in the pic is exactly the reason why socdem a shit.

What a shame that you weren't there in 1917 to tell the Bolsheviks that agitation is pointless and they should have just given every worker a copy of the Capital and let them figure it out themselves

this thread was derailed to oblivion with the Holla Forumsposting

The chad Holla Forums natural order meme creation vs the Holla Forums stale ass meme creation as if you're running a factory

to be fair, Holla Forums's meme creation was indeed very natural at it's time and it would be foolish to not regard it as the organic phenomenon it is

it's just that our activity has been shit ever since the split

I want a dark one where the user text is still red


It's probably shit but I did a thing about surplus value and I've been terrified to post it in case I've made some fuck up with the info and not noticed. Tried to keep it somewhat simple; I feel like I might have toned it down a bit too much, but I dunno.

Graphical design isn't exactly my forte, but I enjoy doing this sort of thing. Pointers and criticism appreciated for sure.

Fuck me I really am retarded.


Why do infographics threads never work? Can someone please continue the work?


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Can you please upload the Photoshop/Gimp/Inkscape file? To translate it into other languages.


the left can't meme

extremely simplified chart of what orthodox economists actually mean when they talk about mpl

Please share the source file, I want to get a tattoo with your design with some minor alterations.

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as svg or ai would be cool

Added a background

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Haha you guys are fucking hilarious.

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Yeah, nice one Adolph.

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good info, the presentation need a bit more work though

Yeah I'm no graphic designer. I might retry this.

Thoughts on this one?

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fucking racist

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why do people hate him again?

I know this isn't directly related but what do you guys think of sam hydes edgy in your face editing? Is it worth co-opting and adapting for leftypol type videos?

I like it and hope that it's a trend that will catch on. It's a lot fresher than the stale minimalist editing style that's been standard for the last two decades.