Daily News Thread 12/30

Trump Rolls Back Offshore Safety Rules Born From BP Oil Spill

The Trump administration is rolling back offshore drilling rules put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster killed 11 workers and spewed millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Eric Garner's daughter and Black Lives Matter campaigner Erica dies after heart attack aged just 27

The eldest daughter of the late Eric Garner, who was killed by a police officer while pleading "I can't breathe", has died aged just 27 after suffering a heart attack.

Marco Rubio says GOP tax bill 'probably went too far' to help corporations

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio put his spinelessness on full display Friday after he admitted the GOP tax bill "probably went too far" on helping corporations.

Police shoot dead man after alleged Call of Duty 'swatting' hoax

A man has been arrested after an alleged "swatting" prank call led to police shooting dead a 28-year-old man.

Wichita police release 911 call, bodycam footage from ‘swatting’ shooting

Wichita police have released both the prank 911 call that led to an officer shooting an unarmed man and the body cam footage of the shooting. The mother of the victim blames police for murdering her son.

Justine Damond: US prosecutor delays decision on charges

A US prosecutor says more work needs to be done before deciding on whether to charge a policeman who shot dead an unarmed Australian woman.

Nationalist leader Zhirinovsky becomes 1st fully pledged candidate in Russian presidential race

The Russian Central Election Commission has fully cleared the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as the first candidate in the 2018 presidential election.

Utah art teacher fired for showing kids classical nude paintings

Educational cards depicting Impressionist and Rococo nudes were accidentally shown to 6th graders, and now a Utah art teacher is fighting for his job back. A pornography complaint lodged against him was rejected by prosecutors.

Street protests hit Iran for third straight day as pro-government rallies held

Anti-government protests broke out in Iran for the third day running on Saturday as separate state-sponsored rallies were staged to mark the end of unrest that shook the country in 2009, according to Iranian news agencies and state media.

Milo Yiannopoulos slams editor over withering book notes

Writer Milo Yiannopoulos has hit back after his former editor's comments on his unpublished memoir emerged online.

Israel Kills a Palestinian, Injures 56 in 4th 'Day of Rage'

Thousands of Palestinians protested the U.S. Jerusalem move in Gaza and the West Bank as Israel responded with live bullets, tank fire and airstrikes.

Syria: Two Mass Graves Found in Raqqa, Ex-IS Group Capital

Officials said recovery operations were expected to last several days due to the huge area of the two mass graves.

China's Eco-Crackdown a Success: 20% Decrease in Beijing Smog in 2017

The Communist Party of China under Xi Jinping has increasingly enforced stringent environmental regulations.

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Another victim of Simon Says; the most dangerous game on Earth.



Facebook Says it is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments

In September of last year, we noted that Facebook representatives were meeting with the Israeli Government to determine which Facebook accounts of Palestinians should be deleted on the ground that they constitute “incitement.”

‘Whataboutism’ Runs Amok as Jake Tapper Rattles Off Trump Talking Points

For over a year, US media have insisted that the tactic of deflecting criticism by pointing to others’ flaws was the devious Soviet tool of “whataboutism,” and anyone using it was practicing “one of Russia’s favorite propaganda tactics.” If so, when it came time for CNN’s Jake Tapper (12/21/17) to spin for the Trump administration’s provocative and deeply unpopular move of the US embassy in Israel, the most trusted name in news was peak Pravda.

What Sounds Better To You – Guaranteed Basic Income Or Federal Job Guarantee?

Even though a basic income sounds appealing, a job guarantee will do more to restructure power relations in society.






it's way harder to pull off a Lee Harvey Oswald when satellites can read your shirt.


That's why a gunman managed to shot up some senators last year.

Come on, sure he had bad aim, but someone shot Reagan at point blank. It's harder now, but with the amount of pointless rallies Trump pulls? Just fucking shoot him already, he's gone from socially negligent dumb ass to actually malicious dumbass fairly quickly.

Somebody just needs to be Sarah Connor, and do the job, before the future is changed for the worse. He's rolling back rules that protect our planet's ecosystem that's already in terrible fucking balance. He's basically guaranteeing an ecological disaster.

Before that happens, before he lets porky get away with ANYMORE of this shit, someone needs to just fire a gun in his gut. It'll explode fucking McDonald's and Diet Coke like a beached whale, he's obese and unhealthy, a gunshot anywhere in his torso would probably be lethal.



Is Trump deliberately trying to destroy the Earth?

Not just him, the whole boomer generation is going to destroy humanity by sheer force of Freudian death drive.

Given his intense persecution complex I wouldn't be surprised. He sees himself as a victim of the rest of the world and so it only makes sense to retaliate from that point of view. He doesn't have many years left anyways so he's trying to go out with a bang.

Apparently you can just call the police on him and they will murder him for you.

Now that'd be fucking poetic

I feel bad for the man that got shot and his family but Amerifats and their cops are hilarious.

Trump Fires Remaining Members of H.I.V. and AIDS Council


Oh boy.


Honest questions:
1) If Putin and UR didn't own Russia, would this guy be president?
2) Would he turn Russia into something from the fucking Turner Diaries?

FBI pls

Well, didn't Obama and Bush do it as well?

"Oh sorry we gave a ton of your cash to the rich. Us GOP are just stupid and desperate. Please don't vote us out"

user, what's wrong? Don't you want to see the fall of the American Empire?

It wasn't FBI, it was me. I geniunely want someone to shoot him. At this point in his presidency, not only is it the responsible tthing to do, but it's the only legitimate way for his term to end. I secretly think he actually wants someone to kill him, so history will remember him as a martyr or some shit.

I don't care, he's doing so much erasure of legislation built to protect human health and quality of life, and prevent an already oncoming ecological disaster, that he might as well in his third year in office, god help us, erase the regulations that prevented industrial acid rain events. He said he wanted to go back to the 60's, so he might as well legalize refucking DDT and crop dusting. Do you really think he wouldn't do that?

For the sake of anyone in the future dying of cancer from the man who if gone unchecked, will probably make all sorts of work place carcinogens legal again with our terrible healthcare system making people bankrupting people who just need help from their work place tumors; and with unionization out the window

Just for all those people, and our frail ecology, I think assassinating this president is a good idea. I do not represent total board consensus, but I think someone should just shoot him. Let him explode cheeseburgers as the pressure holding him together explodes like a beached whale. He's not like Reagan, he's too unhealthy for a random shot not to kill him. Not like Reagan was the model of health, but Trump is the model of everything about this country that is physically unhealthy. He wouldn't survive

And someone should do it


They have, but let's be honest, Trump won't be restaffing these positions any time soon.

Most of the government is still waiting for new staff because he's a lazy fuck.

I don't want this many people to die of cancer and I don't want ecological collapse that effects more than just America. To do otherwise at this point is tremendously irresponsible. But this is just imho


to think Holla Forums turned out to be controlled opposition all along


Unlikely, tbh the KPRF would win…

Eh Zhirinovsky is many things, including a genocidal maniac, but the thing is he is a maniac. Let me quote some ideas of his:
Finally someone worse than Mao, he just wanted the sparrows

Think Himmler with nukes… Also the best quote I have heard about him is "He is likke Putin if Putin had been a member of the Black Hundreds instead of the KGB".

user I have advice, don't watch the Dead Zone, you may have a hernia.

The thing is, it will happen anyways if ol' drumpfy dies. Because he doesnt have a personal vendetta against the environment, porkies want more profit. And in the united states, the best you can hope for is another porky paying lip service to environmentalism for 8 years before the next in line does the same thing trump is doing.
Youd be better off trying to find a way to glass washington dc.

I mean seriously, if not this, what about all the consequences of the coming war with Iran?

fuck off cointelpro

Porky is porky, but he hasn't been this blatant about his disregard for human life in decades

You want to protect the US state, how aren't you cointelpro?

I'm sorry, who is this vol?

Oh and for the record, his party; The Liberal Democratic Party, was the LARGEST in the Duma in 1993…


Nice Reddit spacing.

One space is reddit spacing, you are clearly grasping at straws.

The war with Iran isn't happening, there's no cassus belli and it would leave the US isolated diplomatically, if Europe decided to go its own way that's it for half the empire

user is right, anyone suggesting violence against the state that clearly doesn't care anymore for the state of the planet or if you live or die at the work place, should be met in equal part with labor violence. The hysteria of cointelpro at this point is hilarious. You will do anything to justify laziness in the face of catastrophe.

They said the same about War with Iraq.

Unless the entire chain of command is killed off you do realize that it gives the next guy full willpower to do what ever he wants because "mourning president" even liberals would be supportive of that shit.

God help us China, please

Snappy dumb liberals on Twitter will be purged as well.


At this point we're talking hypothetical. No other president has removed this many safety regulations, so it could be a strategic choice to simply end him, for the purposes of slightly delaying it and giving porky pause. If the president's life is at jeopardy for pulling too much too fast, they could end up slowing down. At any rate, I'm for the assassination of any and all politicians at this point, so I say go nuts with the replacements too.

Trump is our Gorbachev, when they sort out the air quality, it migh not be so bad for American proles to learn Mandarin and go work for comrade Xi, the prospect looks more appealing for me every day. Frankly I'd be more than okay living with other white shitposting Maoists.

labor violence didn't achieve revolution back then, why would it now?

And what do we accomplish by standing around, scratching our asses? If the workplace was the deadliest since 2008, suicide rates are up, and drug over dose rates are up, how responsible are we, who stand to protect worker's rights; when our worker's are dying left and right? I agree with the vol, something should be done, I don't know what, but the government needs to be shown the public is not afraid of self defense in the face of a crisis of health

It prompted the FDR, however liberal and reactionary that man may have been, to enact the New Deal. Labor violence didn't start the revolution, but it paved the way for the state to tell porky, don't go as fast, which lead to the success of the fight for Civil Rights. What will standing for nothing, and accomplishing, do?

Just wait for someone else in the future to do it when the enviornment is already destroyed? This practice of acceleration is a flagrant act of worker self harm

dude's saying someone should kill the US president while posting as a board moderator. that means it is board policy. We can get our shit pushed in by the secret service because a mod is being retarded. he is either incredibly stupid or cointelpro.

Nothing is going to happen, Holla Forums says stupid shit all the time.

Hmm, let's see here. Every assassination has ended with
And if I recall correctly Pence is more of an asshat to labor than Donald is.

We talk about future revolution and they haven't shut us down. How the fuck will this be any different?

And then what's the problem, more acceleration? I thought that's what so many user's wanted? To make the state show it's true face?

Stop crying crocodile tears over the idea that violence against the state should always be on the table

talking about future revolution isn't directly saying we should kill a head of state. saying that shit online is incredibly dangerous because the FBI and other internal security forces have our ips if/when something happens.

It most certainly is.

Killing Trump is pointless, you'd be better off making a list of all the wealthiest individuals in the US, and start making house calls.

The revolution will be televised and bloodless.

It isn't pointless in the sense he's deregulating so much of the industry it's causing suicide rates to spike, drug overdoses to spike, workplace death to spike, and it just continues climbing. For the sake of the safety of myself, my family, and others, why shouldn't someone act in self defense?

That's not necessarily true - remember that anarchist who tried to assassinate some evil bastard boss in like the 1910s as propaganda of the deed? He failed because the guy was so fat that the bullets stopped like half way. Biggie Smalls was shot like 9 times, but only one of the bullets was actually fatal.

Anyway, yeah. Somebody should get him. And after that, take up the slack and basically terrorize the entirety of DC. Politicians, lobbyists, elites - all in one place, so convenient, why not do something about it? They work as a team, why can't the rest of us?

It just unnerves me that the board moderation here is this undisciplined. This is Japanese Red Army levels of incompetence mixed with violence advocacy

Is it?

Well the difference isn't just his weight, but his weight and his age.

You discuss plans for it on TOR where they can't get your IP

This is true, though, too.

"Let's kill him!" isn't exactly subtle - but then, are we fucking planning anything out anymore? What does leftypol actually have going right now?

Because he is a replaceable figurehead with a lot of security.

Agreed, it not very professional.

How many TOR Rs still even work on here?

They are really trying to force this
meme aren't they?

As for Trump and co, he lives a fairly bunkered existence with lots of armed protection

I disagree, he may be replaceable, and he may be a figurehead, but he is so hellbent on deregulating safety standards, health standards, and openly lusting for war; that while his replacement will be no saint and will be similar, it is not and act of futility to let the state know that the public and its workers do not approve.

He's thee figurehead, though. And unlike most thee figureheads in his position, he's deeply reviled by most of the country. And his bourgeoisie opposition is, too, and his party and theirs.

These people are under the delusion that they're the men in Plato's cave who have seen and the rest of us are ignorant and have to be under their enlightened bootheels.

To be fair none of that matters. We all speak of violence against the state and its leash, but we want it to accelerate to a point where it's justifiable

Well, in my opinion we are quickly reaching that point.

Even the aut-right can keep the lid on their desire to lynch every jew in America, I don't see why we need to be implicating ourselves for no goddamn reason
hmm maybe its because every tanky shitheel on this board shoots down all conventional methods of organizing as reformism or opportunism

They aren't Gods, they are terrified of every small threat against them. They're easily spooked.

Okay but don't do propaganda of the deed here, do it in a way that's safe and can't be easily thwarted by having the FBI monitor you specifically.

A leftist forum is was on got shut down because some retards made a thread about how someone should kill obama. Said retards also got a visit from the secret service when the site owner gave the SS their info.

This is true.

So how do we change that?

the site owner and the board owner will give your info away when it threatens them personally.

Around the rose, plug your nose

Yeah, that'd suck.

I wouldn't mind a visit from the FBI but it wouldn't be worth killing this board.

That's nice and all, but you shouldn't issue a call for assassination with your vol tag on.

Tor posting is banned on Holla Forums

This isn't happening because Trump is just a unique asshole, it's happening because the bourgeoisie want it to happen. Removing him from power would change absolutely nothing in the long run, just like Obama being in for 8 years didn't make America into the world's green leader.
It's really fucking stupid for you to say something like this. You're not anonymous on here and people have gotten visited by the feds for saying shit just like this. It's also just theoretically stupid for you to say this since you're basically engaging in Great Man theorizing.
Talking about a hypothetical revolution doesn't get you visited by law enforcement. Also assassinations and individual terrorism don't change shit.

When did that happen btw?
A friend of mine said it worked earlier this year.

I don't know. I recall trying to Tor post on Holla Forums once and it said the Board Owner had no given permission.

Users making stale jokes =/= vol making a serious point. And besides, of course they don't go after them - they don't threaten the regime itself.

If this was Japan circa 1972 you'd be lynching your comrades in self-crit sessions and claiming it wasn't murder but 敗北死

My favourite idea at the moment is to steal a page from the aut-right textbook and come up with minor exercises to keep anons here active, help with morale and train them in networking, mass action/cell tactics.

This could range from simple postering and social media campaigns, to self-improvement public service campaigns among other leftists here, to media agenda manipulation. It would set reachable, quantifiable goals that could be accomplished in the span of weeks or months, and would give most workers (let's face it, most people here only get a couple of hours a day between wage-slavery to shitpost) an opportunity to participate.

Holla Forums is an edgy young republican club and for all their bluster about RAHOWA they stand for supporting capital and the status quo.

No, they're not, and that doesn't change the fact they only do what the ruling class wants them to do.
And what, if you remove enough presidents finally you'll get a socialist in office?
I want it to happen now, but killing politicians won't suddenly create an uprising.
I'm so selfish I don't talk in terms that gets the SS to visit me and tell me to stop being retarded.
This is probably considered incitement at this point tbh
Obviously they're not jokes, but they're not credible threats either.

Holla Forums layers all of their shit with multiple levels of plausible deniability. The dumb frogposting, anime avataring, outlandish rhetoric without naming names or making specific calls for violence against named groups or individuals keep their hands clean while creating an environment where the mentally ill are turned into radicalized lone wolves.

It helps when you have a movement mostly filled with upper-middle class failsons with access to daddy's cash. Gives most of them a reason to step back from actually risky behaviour.

It wouldn't single-handedly fix everything. But people might start terrorizing politicians again - and that would be a plus. In this case, it would demonstrate that they do, indeed, bleed.

I like these ideas - how do we start? I'm actually down to get to work already, should I be giving more input?

. _,'f—-.._
|\ ,-'"/ | ,'
|,_ ,–. /
/,-. ,'`. (_
f o| o|__ "`-.
,-._.,–'_ `. _.,-`
`"' ___.,'` j,-'

Capitalism is a system, not a group of bad people.

But those serial killers aren't targeting those in power, they're targeting fellow workers. The ruling class has made it abundantly clear that they simply don't care how many workers die.

Yeah, but will a society which sees no one taking up arms against bad people - corrupt people, thieves, murderers, liars - will a society that tolerates them and never uses force when these elites step on their toes be able to use force to remove capitalism itself?

Where do you start?

You're advocating propaganda of the deed, and AFAIK, it has never worked once.

I'm not seeing where you are getting the "again" from. Political terrorism was only ever a really big thing in late nineteenth century Russia, and all the anarchists there accomplished besides killing a Tsar was the creation of a very effective intelligence apparatus in the form of the Okhrana. And that's what you'll get when you start calling or organizing for violence today: spooks on your tail.

The workplace, the town hall, at your local party meeting. Building leftist organizations will do more good than calls for cathartic violence.

Random acts of violence against the state leads to a massive crackdown before the working class is conscious enough to fight for power. It is also is great propaganda material for capital because workers will inevitably get killed in the cross fire giving their claims that the left is a bunch of nihilitic terrorists some legitimacy.

Who are the IRA, Al-Qaeda, Shining Path, NPA, and Hezbollah?

IRA and Hezbollah are national liberation movements, Shining Path an insurgency, Al Qaeda an international terrorist network without a real political platform. I don't know what the NPA is.
Purely political domestic terrorism is a rarity, other example I suppose would be the RAF in Germany, who also accomplished nothing and were snuffed out. I hesitate to point to incidents in Italy and Belgium during the Cold War because the CIA was likely behind those.

I don't think this serves any purpose except to just scare more normies into the opposite camp out of a desire for protection and security. Outside of highly sectarian conflicts (IRA, Al-Qaeda, Hizbullah) or against weak capitalist governments that have zero legitimacy or ability to even enforce the law (Royalist Nepal) what Onan the Barbarian said is true, it's counterproductive and just invites attention.
At the moment we don't have dedicated threads for these campaigns like 8/pol/ does, so whatever we do often makes its way into /leftytrash/. Sometimes it's successful, and sometimes people just get bogged down in hair-splitting over theory. I'd like to see more of the former, less of the latter.

I'm willing to write up periodical updates on possible/ongoing training exercises for those who don't have the time for IRL organizing, such as what mentions.

If anyone in this thread is interested in doing this, please reply to this post - I'll start now with a quick informal survey to see how much capacity we're working.

NPA are New People's Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, active Maoist militants fighting the Duterte regime rn irl

If we want to go with propaganda of the dead examples there's shit like the wall street bombing and the various european royals who got assassinated. those alse resulted in massive crackdowns on the left and were supported in part by the not yet class concious working class.

They're barely communist at this point and have been reduced to hit-and-run tactics in the mountains for years like the FARC in Colombia.

Neat, though they probably also qualify as an insurgency more than underground terror cell.

Political violence is an interesting question to tackle. No leftist worth his salt will oppose it on principle, I'd hope, but the practical and psychological questions are almost innumerable. What do we hope to accomplish, how will the violence help accomplish it, what are the chances of success, might it shift the paradigm the security forces operate under, … Anyone who takes a clear eyed look at the current state of politics and of state power in the west can only come to the conclusion that right now, there isn't really much space for effective political violence from the left. These conditions might change over time, but this is where we are now. We should avoid getting lost in violent fantasies, lest we end up as antifa larpers or in a jail cell.

what happened here

volunteer lost his mind and called for trumps assassination and got yelled at

Aye - interested



[ ] Anti-capitalist
[ ] Anti-reactionary
[ ] Anti-imperialist
[ ] Anti-liberal/anti-reformist


Although I'm not that familiar with particular arguments.


If you live in a city with a half-decent socialist org (hell, even a D.S.A. local) your time would be better spent mostly on IRL organizing.

From your responses, though, if you would rather do online organizing, it sounds like you could be of help with an existing campaign that was just created today. It's been pinned to the front page and involves generating better infographics for us to use in refuting arguments. You've mentioned that you're more familiar with anti-reactionary arguments, so that would help in listing common arguments that need infographics to refute efficiently. It's at if you're interested.

Whether you choose IRL organizing/agitation or online activity is up to you. Choose what you think you will be more willing to stick with. And if you don't like IRL you can switch to online or vice-versa, so the choice isn't exactly permanent.

Hope that helps.

Retarded vol

What could Milo possibly say to the utter rinsing he got?

Absolutely despicable.


t. china

So basically he has gone back to flat out lying?

NIMBY retards that ruined the planet.
Good thing you don't have to stripmine to get resources to make renewables.
Also, do they consider Fusion also a nuclear technology?
Its ok because causing the greatest known mass extinction even is ok because we made sure there were no nuclear plant meltdowns.
Also if you wanted to move to 100% renewable anytime soon you would have to build dams as energy resevoirs, but thats ok because ruining every major body of water is better than nuclear power right?




Groovy, thanks!