Utah art teacher fired for showing kids classical nude paintings

Educational cards depicting Impressionist and Rococo nudes were accidentally shown to 6th graders, and now a Utah art teacher is fighting for his job back. A pornography complaint lodged against him was rejected by prosecutors.
Mateo Rueda plans to appeal his firing, claiming defamation of character over how Lincoln Elementary School handled it. The school, however, reportedly didn’t fire Rueda strictly over the nude paintings, but for how Rueda reacted once students were upset by them, according to the Herald Journal.

The incident occurred on December 4, when students were instructed to study art postcards from the Cache County school’s library. ‘The Art Box’ collection had been a part of the library for years, before Rueda began teaching there, and he says he was unaware that several of the 100 cards contained nudity.

Two of the controversial art pieces were Italian painter Amadeo Modigliani’s ‘Iris Tree’ (1916) and French artist Francois Boucher’s ‘Odalisque’ (1749).

“I immediately took back from students the postcards I felt could make students feel uncomfortable,” he told the Herald Journal. “Then I explained to the whole class that art can sometimes show images that are not always comfortable to all, that art is better understood when placed in its proper context, that the human body is often portrayed in art, and that the images in the school collection are icons of art history and a patrimony of humanity.”

That isn’t how parent Venessa Rose Pixton’s 11-year-old son relayed the event to her. Pixton told the newspaper that it wasn’t the paintings themselves so much that offended her, but how Rueda responded in the situation.

“My son felt that Mr. Mateo belittled them,” Pixton told the newspaper. “He said Mr. Mateo even told the class ‘There’s nothing wrong with female nipples. You guys need to grow up and be mature about this.’”


Sorry but he's right

Fuck soccer moms


Hypocrisy at work.

The absolute state of American culture.

If the human body is so terrifying to these people, why do they continue to have kids?

Fucking BASED. Classical art is reactionary and should be eliminated.


Good, as someone who is training to be a teacher it would never be a appropriate to show children things like this. It would get you barred from the profession and quite rightly.

Why is America still so puritan?



It's fucking Utah they're basically run by Mormons

Children are not developed enough to understand pictures like that. All you are doing is messing with their heads.

Hopefully you're only pretending to be retarded by acting like the genuinely retarded puritanical parents.

11 year olds are not old enough to understand naked pictures. That is just a reality. They struggle with understanding their own bodies, never mind anyone else's. Most teenagers are not even mature enough to deal with adult human bodies.

Please don't.

That's bullshit, parents projecting their idealized image of innocent little kids on their children who probably understand naked bodies better than their ultra-spooked parents.

You realize humans for most of their history didn't wear clothes, and there's still groups and tribes that don't now?
Cite your peer-reviewed study.
Indeed, I remember when I took showers as a kid and I looked down it was like I was gazing into the 4th dimension.
What the fuck does "deal" me? Are you implying seeing naked bodies cause some inner psychological turmoil?

It's a lot easier to understand the human body when you don't fetishize or pathologize it like puritan ideology does. There's nothing sacred or special about the human body or of sex, nor will seeing titty traumatize them.

My ass. I'm betting half the kids in the class have already watched porn and are just pretending to be shocked so their Puritan soccer mom can still believe they're all pure and innocent.
The absolute state of burger sex ed…

opposition to artistic nudity isn't "disagreeing with liberalism" it's fucking retarded

There is nothing artistic about nude people.

What the fuck does showing artistic nude in class have to with liberalism…?

Then there's nothing artistic about anything ever

It is like you never seen classical art.


It's been part of art since the Paleolithic pal, I'm sorry

This tbh. Fuck mormon puritans

because art that isnt of large empty fields with cows or some fucking building is liberal fun

I saw my first live pussy at 10, I'm not that fucked up

please show us examples of true artistry you fucking plebeian, you realize that all great portrait artists started with nudes right?

There isn't when american bodies are involved, I agree.

Go back to Holla Forums

This poor guy was trapped in mormon land, I feel sorry for him

there is nothing artistic about apples

Sluts are like the opposite of soccer moms.

You can only think this if you grew up an insanely pathologically repressed kid



Tired: There is nothing wrong with drawing the human body for what it is, it is a beautiful thing, it is a disgusting thing, it is an evocative thing. We are, the only of our kind in our universe, paintings of the human form are a glimpse into the past. Of humans that temporarily lived on this Earth, in all their imperfection and frailty, beauty and grace
Wired: This, but nobody should wear clothes too

He's 100% correct though

heating and air conditioning pretty much make clothes obsolete, at least when you're hanging out inside

I bet the 6th graders were just saying how fat and hairy the girls are so the teacher got upset at their lack of refinement.

He'd still be justified, the pics in the OP are hawt

wtf is wrong with those legs, she looks like a Minotaur

Why did women back then have such flat asses?

If my teacher showed me an ass that flabby I'd be mad as hell too

It's illegal to own porn in Utah, people have to use proxies just to watch porn there.

What kind of hellish dystopia is this?



Because sex before marriage is degenerate and you should not expose yourself except to your lawfully wedded mate (after you have paid the government $50 for a marriage license, and indicated that you are married on your taxes for at least one year prior). These are the same people who ban guns and weed, fuck them.

It's not illegal to possess porn, only purchase it. Also in Utah all alcohol must be bought from your local Alcohol Beverage Control (A.B.C) store, whose hours are usually 10-2 in my experience and they only sell Napa valley wine coolers and bud light.

Meanwhile, Utah does not recognize federal gun control so you can (sort of) legally possess fully automatic firearms, suppressors, and explosives without going to jail as the state will not prosecute them. Likewise Utah has Constitutional carry, both concealed and open.

Those two guys look like asshats

Who else would live in fucking Utah?

I know this sounds increadibly liberal, but can we have radical christian conservative Apartheid and just ship them out into Utah and watch the denominations destroy themselves over who has the most money and who can create the largest cult of child sex slaves.

The two major players would be Mormonism and the Catholic Church, Protestantism would be crushed as per usual

Utah was originally designed to be a Momon death camp, but instead they survived because the Civil War had begun and the Union found themselves allied with them against the slavers. Then during WW2 the US government built a bunch of concentration camps there to house all the "evacuated" Japanese-Americans, which is why there are so many hapas in Utah. It's 90% sterile wasteland and 10% salt water. Utah residents spend most of their time bitching about catholics and the romans (who crucified jesus and are trying to undermine Israel because they hate Jews), a direct result of them being located adjacent New Mexico.

That said it's better than Arizona and New Mexico. Utah is one of the few Republican-dominated states that invests in mass transit, and UTA will probably electrify within the next two decades because they're in the process of building an electric train factory owned by Stadler.

The US government tried that in the 40s and it didn't work. All it did was make Mormons more aggressive in their beliefs that the US government isn't trustworthy and that catholics are backstabbers who let the government ship their neighbors away.


The best part is when you realize that every one of the kids in that classroom regularly shoots with their family at least once a week.

Dear comrade Kim Jong Un,

please fire the nukes.

rest of the world.

America's rocket fuel factories are all in Utah, so they'd only benefit massively.

just to clarify, that dumb bitch is the mother who quotes this and says that the man handled it poorly.
the only thing he did wrong is take the cards back rather than punch that little bitch for being triggered over a fucking painting containing nudity in the least offensive fucking way possible.

Mormons, the trust worthy simple folk who have had the most child sex pregnancy breeding cults in the entirety of the United States history.

sounds like a good target tbh

To play devil's advocate, that's probably not true. Catholics don't do abortions and Mexicans/Central Americans have a financial reason to dump out a kid in America as soon as they can get pregnant. By comparison, Mormons demand no sex before marriage and don't drink so accidental pregnancies don't happen, underage births are all planned (which probably makes it grosser, when one considers that most of those girls are put into arranged marriages).

When your main point of reference is Mexico (whose age of consent is 13), and New Mexico (a state that does not enforce immigration laws and even has road signs in metric), a lot of this makes more sense. That's not to defend it per se though. It's a cultural phenomenon that only makes sense in the inland US west. The weird shit Mormonism does is done as a reaction to the ancap situation immiedately south of them. Mormonism is very leftist, it's the pure communism to the Vatican's state socialism.

Burgerland is beyond saving

fuck off

lmao that's nothing
I remember when we went on a class trip to a big city when I was 11 and we went to some museum. They had a giant sex section you had to pass through to make it to the exit. They had a giant lifelike spread open pussy on the wall complete with pubic hairs and everything. There might have been a giant dick there as well for the girls to look at. My friend started gagging and I'm sure everyone felt a little traumatized

Also teacher didn't get into any trouble as far as I know.

I work at a GameStop in the US, and if there's even just a little bit of suggestive themes, or god forbid, nudity, parents won't touch it. But if it's just, you know, blood and gore, or you just kill a bunch of people, that's fine. An 8 year old should be seeing that stuff, right? Fuck this country

Weed is important when you're a low income prole who would otherwise have to waste much more money to get the same euthoria out of alcohol.

Screw your reactionary attitude.

Nibba this is high school material, not for 6th graders. I doubt these kids even had real sex ed, and they are made to look at this. This crosses the line my d00d.

This is in the curriculum of the elementary school of every state, except Utah.

You get fucking sex ed in sixth grade. Thinking a sixth grader can't handle looking at the human body without clothes is more immature than a sixth grader actually is.

I first attended sex ed at 6 and I live in an historically Catholic country.

Good, classical art is a product of capitalism, stop defending it.

Your understanding of art history is less than a sixth grader, feel bad

Your understanding of basic history is less than a newborns, read into art after the Renaissance and it's all a market made to suck off religions or bourgeois cock.

Well... at least it's not the paintings I mentioned beforehand.

If they weren't Mormons I'd love them. That's how the entire West should be structured, but with Catholicism instead.

Most of classical art was produced before the generalization of capitalist social relations.


Utah is the America of America

Catholic theology is pretty good but their structure is extremely archaic and reactionary.

Really? Definine "classical art to me", this is coming from an user, myself, who enjoys basically all art and its history and development. I just think you're another guy who isn't well read in art history and feels strong opinions about it because there needs to be a right or wrong about any given creative subject.

Are you fucking dense.
Google the Rococo movement, and how sociopathic Baroque artists were, then come back and tell me the art industry isn't capitalism pre capitalism.

I directly said "post Renaissance" art.
After 1400.
Then you're a brainless fool who listens to what he is told.

No offense but if you can't reflect on the times and meanings of art you can't think for yourself.

Ideology does not "progress" in the same way that technology does. The core doctrine is immortal.

And you aren't? I see this line of reasoning too much on image boards, it's reactionary. Art is a reflection of the times.

Yes mixed with the meanings and intentions of the paintings.
Look into it before you speak. You hate it when someone doesn't read leftists theory and insults us right?

That's what you're doing, right now, that's what you're doing.

I don't disagree with the idea that art isn't political, it is. But I can seperate myself from it enough where I realize learning from the past, from reflections of it, is just as important as learning it from reading. You can read Mein Kamf for its historical purpose, but still disagree with essentially everything in it.

Art is in flux, and the more our world and our fiction meld, the more interesting it becomes.

The despise of art and art history on this board troubles me.

I don't despise art I love it so much that I call out the superficial ones as what they are, bad.

First, Baroque isnn't part of Classical art.
Second, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it was 'capitalist".
Third, there is no such thing as "pre-capitalist capitalism". It's a contradiction in terms.

I'm eager to hear how would could describe the Ecstasy of Saint-Theresa as capitalist.

I don't agree with this user, but there totally was Capitalism before Capitalism, as in there were Capitalist industries/relations before Capitalism became the general mode of production. I don't see however, how the art industry(?) is Capitalism when, to my knowledge, artists are entitled to their art outside of monetary needs, which everyone has been exploited by since basically the dawn of civilization, so I definitely don't see how that is Capitalism.

First I refer to classical art as anything before modernism, even if it's not the correct term, I mean, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo.

Second, I don't like it BECAUSE it's capitalism.

Third, I'm mean pre industrial capitalism, capitalism as the free market was always around. Worse so, class had before even it had.

A psychopath "bourgeois" who tortured all of Rome with violence (Bernini) is paid by the Church to hold their grip against the general population, the content is clearly however sexual and even so the Church still surrounded it with wealth, showing greed betraying religion.
It's not as bad as per se the Renaissance or the Rococo but is still there.

I disagree. I think that they were not as aware of their ideology as we currently are, and all art has its own meaning and beauty to it. Learning from it, admiring it,

We should never get too close to Nazi Germany's purge of everything they considered "Degenerate Art", by piling it up and burning it, priceless. Imprisoning and/or killing artists outright or with neglect.

Art is history is culture, and culture is art is history. It's been that way since we could express ourselves

this, sage for not contributing

Then that's even worse, all other movements show that artists are not the problem as much as their industry is, but the Baroque clearly shows people like Caravaggio, or Bernini who would do things like attempt murder, wound others, get drunk, and act highly elitist, outright rape and show smug enjoyment of being exempt from consequence when doing such because they are friends with the rich, they are still the literal greedy image of "porkies."

We should never get too close to Nazi Germany's purge of everything they considered "Degenerate Art", by piling it up and burning it, priceless. Imprisoning and/or killing artists outright or with neglect.
I disagree highly, censorship was the one thing they did right.

Then we must erase history.

Before anyone says anything, you wouldn't allow militant symbols of Nazism to be paraded around your perfect society correct?

In that same way I consider all paintings from those periods to be direct capitalist products, each and everyone, they must all be destroyed and condemned, demonized for future generations. I unironically advocate for the burning of them and blowing up monuments to such horrible crimes.

How old are you mate?

So these are the Holla Forums 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(Dialectics🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) that are fucking up this board! Why are the shittiest posters the ones that draw on some "dialectical" enigma of history (which I assume this poster was trying to do) by citing some bad dudes(or whatever triggers them) and calling it a day. This guy is legitimately arguing for the erasure of history just so people stop liking old art made by people this guy doesn't like. You ever thought that art means different things to different people throughout time? The Swastika symbol means Nazism now, but to some it has different meanings, in India for example it is a peaceful symbol afiak. You can't treat these things the same because they aren't!
I'm not even going to provide examples of views of art changing over time, anyone who doesn't accept this is absolutely nuts. Seriously even if you somehow proved that this art was made in a "Decadent" fashion, that doesn't somehow make the present views of it decadent in the sam way, or the enjoyment of it decadent.

Trying to make kids feel ashamed or afraid of nudity is extremely bourgeois.

americans are the most geisted people on the planet mate

The glorious revolution will be Marxist-Leninist-Nudist.

Really? Sure, the teacher is in some trouble, but if this were Pakistan, they'd be executed.
Not to say Burgerland isn't spooked, for sure it is, but that's quite the hyperbole friendo

B-but what about body armor?

You can be naked and have body armor.

Killing artists and burning their art for arbitrary reasons that go from nudity to anatomy?

Yeah nah you're dumb

shiggy my diggy I didn't expect even a christcommie to be this spooked

Well, if it's not the correct term, don't use it. Refer simply to "pre-modern Western canon" instead.

You said you didn't like it because it was "capitalism before capitalism".

What is this ancap-tier ahistorical garbage? No, it wasn't. The very notion of a "free market" is a recent development. The further you can go back with this concept is the 16th century in England and the 18th century in mainland Europe.

Pre-capitalist classes yes, not the bourgeoisie ans the proletariat.

You're telling me about your moral gripe with the artist as a person, not what you think of the artwork itself. Besides, Bernini was not part of the bourgeoisie and capitalist relations were not generalized in 17th-century Naples.

It’s pronounced Ni🅱️🅱️a.



I'm with you Not because nudity is inappropriate for kids, but just because it isn't fair to expect 11 year olds to handle it maturely.

I fucking love Kill la Kill holy shit.

Pick one…

So's the rest of the west, unless we ditch abrahamism and go for the dharmitic-daoitic.





yeah we all have played doctor as well you snowflake

mormonism is bourgeois as fuck