Which industries would cease to exist in Socialism

The one that comes to mind is Advertising, but I can't seem to think of any others besides the obvious financial industry.

Any ideas?

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Around half of make believe office jobs would die. People would stop pretending to be busy and at least do something that benefits society; Even just sweeping the streets is better than playing salaryman on the desk for 8 hours a day.

Industry-wise, there wouldn't be a need for lawyers (the whole system, from corporate law to crime prosecution would have to be reworked entirely), bloated academic & health administrations, human resources, public relations, etc.

Estate agency
Most of the office jobs

Not familiar with white collar work, which ones are make believe?

Kill fossil fuels


Post more Earth-chan!

how exactly would prostitution work ?

brobably nod :DD

sure, there would be no monetary incentives to do it, but the demand will not vanish


People who demand prostitutes enter a lottery. 10 % of the people entering the lottery are forced to undergo a sex change and serve the other 90 %.

free "therapeutic sexual aid tools" such as dolls accompanied with VR avatars
i guess

what about the heterosexual majority ?

what about them?

It wouldn't.
It's just that leftypol has a high incel concentration who thinks there's going to be some kind of red joy division set up to attend to their needs.
Sex is a creative/recreational act. It is not work.

Neither will the "demand" for friendship, acceptance, whatever else. Yet nobody proposes conscripting people to handle those things because they recognize the absurdity of it. It's amazing how some leftists become flaming liberals when a man's God-given right to come on somebody's face enters the picture.

The culture industry, ofc.

Fuck off

I mean music as an industry, not as a whole.

soviet era music and animation was pretty dope

So every musician also has to be a sound engineer, graphic designer, lighting technician…


Watch Soviet Winnie The Pooh, it is good shit.

Why would that be?

sounds mostly like someone semi-randomly punching a piano

How else is an album going to get produced/show put on at a professional level?

Because the means of production would be publicly owned. Also amateur films exist…

If you had the equipment available for free and some friends to work on it with you could produce high quality films, as long as you know what you were doing ofcourse

I understand those things are required. However, how does the end of music as an industry mean the end of individual sound engineers or graphic designers?

If I plant some apple trees in my garden. Do I have the obligation to give away the fruits of my labor ?
pun intended

I think if someone is starving and weary and they ask, yea you absolutely have an obligation, yeah. At the very least morally.
Otherwise what stops you from becoming a kulak?

Human resources (they're basically anti-unions)
Anything that extracts fees from people for using public space
Check cashing and money transfer stores
Furniture rental places
Tax advance places
Strip malls would have to be demolished or converted into sex bot brothels.

What kind of Socialism are we talking about? You'll have to go full "muh state capitalism" to explain why it would cease to exist.

You'd be amazed.

You are aware that Socialist state has laws?

Kulaks were grain traders and loan sharks. Stop misusing the term.

Fair enough. I guess I'm just too used to weird shit at this point.


Every farmer with a little more land was called kulak by bolsheviks.

I don't think that's how that works comrade.

Do you have anything to persuade me with? Because it is unlikely I will change my opinion because of one statement.

All off them.

I just watched the first episode of Soviet Winnie the Pooh. Gotta say, pretty good.

Imagining even anday without advertising sounds like pure heaven

how people see the covering up of art on Alexanderplatz by commercial advertising as a win for the world I cannot fathom.

Honestly, this is why socialism will be infinitely better even if it's Stalinist, ads destroy your mind and need to be abolished or the sake of our collective psyche.

none, they all exist now

Real estate

Motivational speaking I would hope

Also the corporate lobbying industry.

I wouldn't call it advertising exactly but I think there would be a need for public campaigns in the future, like for example a poster/billboard campaign promoting unity between the workers, reinforcing the new paradigm where cleaners and doctors are both valued as essential parts of the economy. Well, maybe I just like socialist realism. Picture something like Soviet propaganda but with more truth behind it. We might say advertising should be gotten rid of but I think theres a place for posters and so on if only to liven up the place.

That's different, advertising is literally people bombarding you with messages that say GIMMIE YOUR MONEY and it rots your brain the more you're exposed to it.




Like social services.

Get me an oil rig with a massive drill bit. NAO.

There will be advertising, but not the invasive shilling we have today. More like informative public awareness campaigns.

There's a term for what you're describing: it's called "propaganda".
Are you such cowards that you won't even use the word?

Propaganda of services and products? Well, you can use this word, but I don't think most of the board will agree it fits.

I don't see why advertising would entirely end. Commercials sure but not in store informative advertising that tells you what something is and how it works and also still would be PSAs.

Ah, you meant that. Got so much into "the word "propaganda" is for propaganda that I don't like" arguments that I tense up even when just hearing of the word "advertisement".

Because the advertising industry revolves around commodity production, which doesn't exist in socialism.

Read Edward Bernays


The Animal product industry

Just like all other jobs. You apply to your local Ministry of Prostitution and men come there to have sex with you. The better your performance is, the more labor vouchers you get for luxuries.

yep. specialization is capitalist.

the sad part is most communists would actually think this was a good idea

If people have ability to choose what products they want and aren't fully aware of all the possibilities, then advertising has its place - commodity production or no.

Read Marx.

Sad part is your low-effort shilling.

Not industries per say, but what i'm wondering is how certain hobbies will be affected under socialism/communism, things like thrifting, collecting, restoration, etc… Technically thrift stores could still exist under Communism as community centers where people bring things they don't need anymore for people to take for free but then again, a few decades after capitalism collapsing and under a perfect system where everyone has everything provided to them, would these thrift stores really be needed? Also since consumerist mentality ideally wouldn't exist anymore, things will be made to last longer and be easier to fix, and ideally people wouldn't change their clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics and other things as frequently, would there be a need for such places? Wouldn't permanently broke or old items just be recycled?

As for collecting, since currency wouldn't exist anymore, how would collectors exchange valuable/sought after items and collectibles? Would they resort back to bartering? Would the mentality of people change after a few generations and people wouldn't care as much for material possessions and this wouldn't be an issue? Also, isn't collecting to some extent, at least in the modern age with modern consumer items, a byproduct of consumerism and capitalism? People like to collect electronics, games, cars, cards, figures, etc… because of rarity, manufacturing faults, technical feats between different models and brands, aesthetics, and other characteristics, things that may not exist anymore because things will be more unified, production will be less centered on consumption, new models and profits, and geared more towards providing. This is under the assumption that consumer items will all be the same and ubiquitous. I imagine that some communes could manufacture there own versions of items if they wanted.

I also wonder how this will affect car culture, seeing as people will more then likely be more environmentally conscious, and driving older cars that are less efficient will be frowned upon. Also since since industries built on providing performance parts, and spare parts for older models won't exist anymore, I would assume this will make it harder for hobbyist.

These are the questions that keep me awake at night. Sorry if I don't make any sense.

id fuck the earth


Are you saying that the automobile ought still be to the main mode of locomotion instead of an mass transport network of Maglev trains, trams, pedestrian walkways & maybe a Hyperloop which will replace all the roads we currently have for cars? Automobiles are disgusting and inefficient!

Legit question, if prostitution and porn and done away with, what will lonely men do to fill the void? Do you just expect these people to shut up and die?

They will be re-socialized and will learn behave like functioning adult males, which in turn will help them get friends and lovers.



What about maid cafés tho?

it's worth a skim brody

I would say I am normal, but my employment situation may not be becoming of my age either ever or not for a few years.

Pretty sure advertising would still exist, it's it like we will have a singular "commie phone" or what not. It will definitely exist differently than now.