Any thoughts on this book?

Any thoughts on this book?
It claims:

Keep in mind this work was written by a Romanian priest who was jailed under Ceausescu.

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Hegel was obscenely christian though.

Was he?

PDF for those who want a good laugh.

up such a heap of reasons for comfort in misfortune … that we ought to be sorry in the end that we cannot lose a father or a mother once a week," while for the Greek
"misfortune was misfortune, pain was pain." Christianity had been satirized in Germany before Hegel. But he was the first to satirize Jesus Himself. He also wrote nice things about Christianity, the same "devilish muddle."


Ceausescu is /ourguy/, uphold National Communism

This is true to be honest.


It just keeps getting better and better.

Hegel was a passionate Protestant who supported the Prussian Monarchy pls stop.

nah, too fucking weird

Sensational, comical rubbish.

No he wasn't.

ban all religions


Marx was alt-right?

Including Shia? Pretty sure Shias are the only group of people unanimously fighting imperialism.

Shhhhh, don't make Anal Water come out of his hiding place to make a pseudish long drawn-out post about Hegel.

This bit is actually true. Young Marx wrote edgy romantic-inspired poetry, though I believe it was only ever formally published in French. See:

Checkmate, egoists.



why he do this

To trigger libtards epic style

Well he smashed streetlamps while drunk on beer and called Lassale a kike-nigger so why not Satanist poetry?


Also, laugh at the goyim who think our rituals are "satanic".

Honestly I want a Fresh Meat/The Inbetweeners show about young and drunk Marx and Engels.

So what if he was?
So what if he was?
Marx isn't all of communism, why does this priest have a hate boner for Marx, he was very lenient as opposed to other Communists before and during his time.
The fuck?
See my first response.

You really don't understand how the Christian right wing mentality works, gommunism/anarchism are the latest on a long series of plots against the Church, slightly more evil than liberalism but only barely so, their main representatives being satanists would confirm everything they already believe (that this is a battle of good vs. evil)

By a modern definition (see Voegelin for instance), a gnostic doctrine is any doctrine that promises to immanentize the Eschalon and bring Paradise to Earth, anarchism fills the bill.

There is literally nothing wrong with acknowledging theological elements embedded within "modern" political theories/narratives.

edgelord troll Marx is my favorite Marx

Of course not, but you can come to radically different conclusions depending on your Theology.

no they are fucking not

How can you be a "traditionalist Catholic" and say shit that's so ignorant of Catholic tradition…?

This is blatant hell bourgeois propaganda

Inferno was never meant to be an actual theological depiction of hell, it was a narrative device that gave the characters discussing theology and social conditions an interesting setting to be in. It was the Gotham City of epic poems.

He was a 33rd degree mason, or at least considered worthy of it by the masons of their time.
I remember reading about it a while back, but atm this is the only source I can find.