What to do when economic crash

Comrades how do we prepare for the coming econ collapse and what do we do after the collapse happens?
As a poor urban east coast american i have mostly been saving my money, bought a bat and have been trying to radicalize people to leftist causes. But i feel like i'm still missing some stuff.

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Honestly? Form community bonds: try to get some mutual aid socs going and such. When the crash does occur, being able to form dual states structures is the best thing to do in the US.

Oh also, train with guns.

Get a gun and make some friends. I recommend saving up for a pistol, rifle, and a shotgun, in 9mm, 5.56, and 12 gauge respectively.

I feel like I will be totally fucked when it happens.

Are you saving your money in banks? Hide at least some of it in your house.


Community part is easy we have tenant associations in my city.

Can't buy a gun in my city and it would cost too much to try and get one up state and have to pay tax on it.

Very good start, try and get yourself involved in other social orgs, perhaps even local sports teams (good for your health, fun and the comradery will be useful later). Also, and some people will wince and this, try and see if you at-least have a DSА chapter, if anything they are good with community work.

On the gun thing, one that is really fucking weird for America, two: if you need to go melee make yourself some form of shielding too: also investing in a gas mask is always a good idea.

Just make it from a lower 80
You most likely don't have the tools to do this so you could also join a local tool shop.
The most popular of these is "maker spaces" but it depends where you live how the people at it act. It is a great place to talk with people, but you have to really despook them beforehand.

You avoid the economic crash by not shilling for what causes it, you fucking kikes

But user the overproduction that is resultant of the inherent features of capitalism has, continues to do so and will do so ad infinitum is still in play and as such economic crashes are an inevitability.

How can you possibly argue that left leaning economics caused, say, the 2008 crash

Thomas Sowell wrote a long as book in which he blamed the government for making the poor banks do bad things. It's actually pretty interesting since it shows that reactionaries value the interests of capital over those of the actual workers.

DSA seems to be no where but we have ISO,SEP, PSL and MACC.

Eh the PSL are a good party but they aren't what you need in your case.

What kind of community pressure groups do you have?

community pressure groups ? what do you mean by that.

what are you going to do with a bat?

Read unruhe

Oh, great job, satan. You got a baseball bat! You're fully prepped and ready.

If you can afford the cost get a gun anyway. Melee weapons are worthless.

While it is a good idea it will do nothing if the currency collapses, going from the lessons of the fall of the USSR and Weimar Republic get connections inside warehouses and transport network. You'd want the workers to be be class conscious before they realize what they are sitting on when the markets go tits up.

I live in California, which is a state that actually makes more in taxes than it receives in federal welfare, and is largely independent on a global stage. So, I'm not really that worried. Worst happens, I'll go live with relatives in Europe until I can arrange permanent immigration.

Agitate, educate and organize. If you wait too late, you will fail.

The US is one of the easiest western countries to immigrate to. You aren't likely to get in anywhere else unless the US becomes a failed state (which would allow you to claim refugee status.)

This is actually really true. In order to enter most really desirable/safe/good welfare countries, you basically have to be some kind of middle class/petty booj professional with a college degree. That or be a refugee. The average lower-class American is totally stuck unless they think they can improve their life by actually moving to a poorer country (this can work in some cases).

My "worth" to the country doesn't really matter because I have relatives there. I just go to visit, and then don't leave. Sure, they can deport me, but first they have to find me. World economy going into the shitter, they'll be beating back the waves of people trying to jump across the border by land or boat and who don't have a pot to piss in. I came in by plane to see my uncle.

So you are in nyc? If SHTF I’d recommend escaping upstate man at least we have farms and shit up here and can get by for awhile. Big cities will be a starving shit show

Yo start telling people "hey shits gonna go down because crisises are inherent in the capitalist system prep yo asses."
Then fortify your shit and hoard MREs. Go full doomsday prepers and buy guns n shit maybe even build a fucking bunker.
When shit hits the fan be all like "told ya so niggas" and then use your house fort to start a protracted people's war.


But is it not a good idea to organize what we have in nyc to finish off capitalism by killing it at the hart?

And then someone shuts off the water.

Go mad max and build tarps that capture moisture from the air


No it is a good idea, but odds of survival could be low. I’m willing to bet if SHTF fully armed national guard squads will be roaming the streets enforcing curfews and the like. Complete lockdown. That is what you will be up against.
Another way is live to fight another day. Retreat, group up and start insurrection in less populated areas. Cut off state logistics, trucking lines, food sources, ect. Gain momentum then liberate large cities.
If you plan on staying in the city, you WILL need guns. You could join the ISO in NYC then link up with ISO in Syracuse. Make comrades, connections. I’m looking into syr iso as well. It’s a lot easier to buy rifles upstate.
And that’s about as much as I am going to say so as to not dox myself

Shilling for what exactly?