Political Alignment Test

Let's see what ya got, anons.

8Values and compass.

Ignore this: Words words words words words wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordssssssswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords

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You're a fucking centrist cuck.

What the fuck is libertarian communism

Fuck 8values, vote 1 is the shit


What fucking meme political compass test is that? Holy shit dude

A meme

whats the blue one


Looks like you’re a regressive little homophobe cunt, and you should fuck off this board.

I can't tell if you are being serious or not.

Isn’t Noam chomsky a libertarian socialist?

Also got democratic socialist, nearing De Leonism on vote1, and libertarian socialist on 8values.

am natzi

it's finally translated


decent test tbh

Have I become Macron?

I've never seen someone that is center top left.

How would you describe views?

These tests suck and aren't good indicators of beliefs but here's what it says I think

It's the same thing as Anarcho-Communism, I think.

Not left enough, you fucking libtard. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

What the fuck are you doing here centrist?

No surprises here.
I wish I could be even more revolutionary.

1 out of 4 walls required

I heard Hell is really big on traditional living my dude.

I'm just a pragmatist good sir.

I guess that's good?…

I'm another libsoc, though I wouldn't describe myself as such.


Holy shit this test sucks. Governments serve corporate interests.


You are fucking cancer.
people like you destroyed the USSR.
you should consider suicide.

You are fucking cancer.
People like you destroyed Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, Korea, China, and many others.
You should consider not being such an edgy cunt and stop clinging to dogmatic ideologies that create shitty conditions, stagnation, and starvation.

I am fully aware of all of capitalism's flaws but you will never get rid of them through insurrection. How many times do you need to try before it sinks in? For fucks sake, read some Foucault and Zizek. The moment in history that you are larping as has come and gone and will never return. We need to look to the future and try something different.


"try something different" doesn't mean do nothing what so ever to actually fight capitalism

Hahaha I'm sure a comrade will pass the money primary and get elected as the new dictator and act against their self interest any day now.

This is part of the problem. You are actually wanting a dictatorship. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep and maintain democracy? You want to just throw away the system we have worked so hard to build here in the west for some anti-empirical deviation of Marxist theory.

I never said do nothing. All I implied was that seizing the means of production has been tried and failed.


I want democracy, not choosing a dictator every 4 years tyvm

Well good luck establishing anything closer to direct democracy than the west currently has right now.

I can tell you what will happen if you get your revolution:
A. It will be a recreation of Catalonia and it will get crushed by outside forces
B. It will become a tyrannical stagnant shit-hole and millions of people will die.

Well gee thanks for your support and emphasis on defeatism "comrade". I sure am loving these bandaids on capitalism. So efficient, I can barely feel us sinking into feudalism at all.

Pick 1

RIP Army Group Centre

I'm sure your life isn't that bad.

The quality of life under capitalism has been increasing for a long time, even for the lowest class. Getting better every year.

Which is entirely due to scientific advances, which btw would be advancing much faster even under state capitalism as history has demonstrated. If you haven't noticed the gap between working and ruling class is constantly expanding even with your useless bandaids.

I swear I'm not a centrist

But how can you even make this claim?

Innovation and technological advancements in the USSR were nowhere near what we had in the USA.

Who made it to space first again?


You don't belong in this board.
Fucking garbage.



As if chronological order matters.

Who sent a man to the moon?
Who sent rovers to mars?
Who designed and built 3D printers that can print human organs?
Who designed and built Virtual Reality headsets so cheap that any proletariat can buy one?
Who made the internet and provided everyone access to it?

I don't give a shit if the soviet union struggled to pop out tetris or sacrificed a dog by sending it to space. 20th century socialism can not compare to the innovative power of capitalism. Central planning is a dead end.


You're right. You and everyone else on this board is so lost in dogmatism and ideology.

Lenin and Marx would honestly be disgusted in all of you for your inability to think critically and your cultish acceptance of 100 year old writings as fact.

The CIA was literally going to plan to start World War III and ending the Cold War if the Mercury launch failed, with rumors they sabatoged it enough so it may happen, so it could blame Cuba enough to invade it risking all out nuclear war

Over what you think is some apolitical space race

Is bullshit. The US Government was humiliated the Soviets were beating them faster and faster at space exploration, and making the US look obsolete in comparison when it came to science. This infuriated the American Government so badly, the CIA would literally risk the the launch of Mercury by sabotaging it just enough so it could end in failure by chance; just so they could blame the Cubans that they received Soviet technology that jammed systems onboard the Mercury.

As said before, causing an excuse to declare War on Cuba, and more than likely cause World War III. We were that fucking close.

Jut because America was butthurt even with Project Paperclip nazi scientists, the Soviets were excelling at producing satellites and pushed the first man to space.

There's an entire fucking history to the space race that's America's shady practices and scheming, industrial espionage, planned self sabotage, just to end the Cold War Space Race. Not to beat the Russians, but to stop the space race altogether, because they believed they couldn't match the Soviets rapid development in space exploration and satellite development

America's Intelligence Agencies were willing to risk Mercury in order fucking go to war with Cuba'. What does that say about America's benevolent interest in the space race? They were so frustrated with their initial failures they wanted to end it with war out of fury and fear.

WEW, I just invented fire, who cares if someone did it before, chronology doesn't matter! :^)
The USSR won so many different races to space that landing on the moon is the US' only claim to fame and they exaggerate it to hell and back.
I didn't know the USSR was still around during your other achievements, which parallel universe are you from so I can leap through the portal to it?

Nobody, there are plenty of proles who can't afford it rich kid.
Again, nobody, there are plenty who don't have access to the internet, rich kid.

Anyone working in the first world working a minimum wage job can afford a smartphone (internet access) and can pay $10 for a cheap plastic VR headset to attach it to (VR access).

As for the third world, capitalism and free trade are lifting these regions out of poverty. It's only a matter of time before they can afford these kinds of technologies themselves. The entire global community has an invested interest in ensuring that these countries develop.

The rich are getting richer (which sucks, I know) but the poor are getting richer at the same time.

I never said that the US was innocent. There are a lot of things that I hate about the US government.

But holy shit dude, we have so many things that the Soviet Union would never have been able to make. Where was this miraculous innovation you speak of in the 80's in USSR?

I don't have time to keep chasing your goalposts, apply some of your beloved critical thinking you masturbated over in this post and get back to me when you have your stories straight.

Why are you so dogmatic?

Do you honestly think it will work this time?

Son you are a liberal. GTFO this board.
You repeat liberal bullshit, such as:
Which is demonstratably false.
It lifts some NATIONS out of poverty, but likewise creates large wealth gaps. See Vietnam, which after adopting numerous liberalizations of their economy, experienced an increase in wealth and a simultaneous increase in wealth disparity.

And FFS read Marx

My political compass was near yours, but the file fucked off and I don't want to retake it.

National Focus "Unholy Alliance" completed!

Lol your autistic liberal spastic attack keeps going.
leave now before you ridicule yourself further.
The working class shall never compromise freedom.
Social Democrats and Liberals get in bed with the rich only to scatter a few leftovers to keep the masses complacent to the bourgeois.
get the fuck out of here.
I would pull your teeth out with out anesthesia if I had you in near proximity.
fuck you reactionary piece of shit.


I would put the Unabomber as chaotic evil.
Trotsky is more of a lawful evil imo

Unabomber was not as serious as any of persons from the set, also he comes from different historical period and conditions. He could be placed next to other people among whom Murray Bookchin would be lawfully good.

I never know how to answer these things properly with how vaguely they can be worded, but I guess it still gets me mostly correct.

all the compasses i could find, pretty consistent although i previously got "anarchist" on the russian revolution quiz so idk what changed

Can u link the Russian revolution quiz?

Hot praxis comrade.

sorry this took me so long i was new years drinking arzamas.academy/materials/1269

Here’s mine

It's funny how liberals and SocDems seem to piss off leftypol more than the NazBols and Nazis who frequently use this board.

Yeah your right. China would have TOTALLY developed to the point it has without the US as a trading partner. (sarcasm)

Yes, and millions of people can exist within "some nations".

Your article said: "Those nations (China etc.) that have thrived in this era, and have lifted millions out of poverty, haven’t done it by embracing free trade. They’ve done it by taking the free trade of other nations"

lol that's still free trade?

[citation needed]

It's kind of just common knowledge man. China's growth has been because of production and exporting of goods to other countries (mainly US).


i honestly wonder what centrists get out of this board tbh

the Soviet Union with Stalin had planned economy and still traded with the US you moron

welp looks like I'm NAZBOL GANG now


why no links for the tests

Why don't you just go to Reddit?

That's all I have for now.

The last test I did said I was a Centre-SR but I forgot to save it


Ba'athism is likely the closest thing

Dominating politics

not surprised tbh, I bet you have a new waifu every season

I've previously identified as either a leftist, socialist or Marxist.



She is my newest waifu however

Harem-keeping should get three years gulag minimum




ayy wtf, Frenchies are such huge pussies. Those questions are so fucking liberal loaded that you can't earnestly agree.

Further evidence ☭TANKIE☭s should never be taken seriously


Gorbachev, c'mere, you piece of shit.

You're a centrist, why are you using the ☭TANKIE☭ flag

He's not a ☭TANKIE☭, he's Holla Forums who doesn't understand what the "tankie" flag means

He's not a centrist, he's Holla Forums


absolutely this, but then fighting amongst ourselves is a time-honoured soc/com/anar tradition.

to be fair, it was 4 in the morning and I had spent the last 2 hours reading


>you'd revolt revolution 52%, but you don't know what you'd revolt for communism 38-33 capitalism / regulationism 40%-31% laissez faire

< What do we want?
< When do we want it?
Revolution achieved

You Holla Forumslacks are on the wrong board using entirely the wrong flags


Stop using the ☭TANKIE☭ flag. Embrace your obvious Holla Forumsness

Please, no bully . . .

Absolutely disgusting tbh user


We should make our youtube e-celebs take it
in order to spread it around like the Sceptic Community did with the meme compass.
Bat'Ko is doing a Q&A I think.

Let him into your heart, Tovarish.

Shit's funny, comrade.

Particularly loved the 2nd's liberal-left meme-layers-of-irony and the four Trumps

Have the Georgians canonised St Joseph of the Moustache?!?!

I mean, if that means sexual impulse, then yes.
Well… yeah.

It's certainly one of the better alternatives, and the translation is quite the progress, though it stil does remain a bit vague at times.
Looking forward to seeing it develop further.

Go tip your fedora somewhere else you d&c faggot


Vote1 is an app, not sure if Apple devices have it though

I've been a 4th and I've been in the closet about it even to myself


yeah, thanks, I discovered this and then was sad


Political compass is pretty terrible


yeah the boys

These tests are biased towards the bottom-left of the compass because they tend to equate social and economical standpoints though, no? Saying, for example, "I think gay people should be allowed to adopt" seems to shunt you towards that corner no matter how you answer the economic questions on most of these tests.

bretty good

do i belong here?

I wonder what determines the word order and Flag shape? We got really similar results but a different flag.


Yes comrade.


I hate nazbols as much as I hate socdems, but at least nazis don't pretend to be left wing.

C-comrades, I think I did something wrong.

this, cuckdems are very much the left fig leaf of fascism.

Not a Nazbol
Just really tired of foreigners getting rich off the work of my compatriots

Why is Kropotkin there twice?

Wow these are shit


What are you talking about

r8 me, comrades






Pure Ideology


bls go

Why is Proudhon Neutral Evil?


You bunch of Godless wankers - go die in an inferno.
Oh right, you will
Gov't didn't serve Corp interests until secularism took over you Commie faggots.

When did secularism take over? When did government start serving corporate interests?

read a book you insufferable mongoloid. clean yourself up and stop watching fucking prageru and listening to your boomer relatives sub-humanly parrot american news and their childhood indoctrination to you.



Wrong it always has.

Who /centrist/ here?

If Christchan killed somebody would she go to heaven or hell?

Aren't there a few bible passages about righteous killings? Either way I imagine God would forgive you if you asked, especially if it was in self defense, ya know, since he knows literally everything, meaning what you did and didn't know/consider in the heat of the moment.

Circumstances would be taken into account and then God would make a judgement. It's not for us to say. I would like to think though, that stuff like self defense wouldn't be counted against her.

I somehow forgot how shit political compass is. All these are annoying sometimes with how vague they are but that one is particularly shit.

The number of internationalists on here is disgusting

Am getting a bad vibe about this…

oh dog i am a gommie :DDDDDD


you might not be a communist

I am autocractic nationalist.

Step aside comies freedom is here!!!

So I wound up actually doing this
got bored, didn't do the french one

How did u make politiscales in English on mobile




that'll suffice, fuck the pol compass

this is literally the Holla Forums compass though. It used to be written "globalism" vs "nationalism" and "authority" was symbolysed by the worker's fist.
meanwhile the french test is from a site called "the commune".
It's almost like french people are politcally educated and nuanced while anglos are partisan autists who see the world in binary.



eh, not enough questions about decentralized free software and social enterprise and regional co-ops. still a pretty nice quiz for what it is.

this tbh fam


fugg, politiscales came out really bad in my MS paint edit

so the 8values quiz was more accurate, but there's still some stupid either/or answers

This board got a lot smaller since the election. Did everybody die from AIDS?

there is nothing "different" about social democracy.



I'm a succdem now
This is even after I made clear that I think that one should go against democracy multiple times.
Also they never asked me if my beliefs were predicated upon Nuclear Fusion energy being usable. You can't even start to argue for Capitalism once energy is that cheap.

I'm actually a Duginist. But whatever.

Nothing too surprising.


bretty good test imo


I don't even know what I am anymore

nice. gay. result

the same color as your non-existent father

I'm moving more toward the bottom-left every year.

Too much liberty means capitalism.

To much progrrssion is too fast progression. There can be consequences if we take too many chances without testing what we made.

Globalism cant work now because the world is still nationalist, and islamigs are too conservative for globalization.


Conservative Marxist-Leninist, probably.

my results

my results



this cant be right

at least you aren't a faggot like

or a kulaks

and @>>2334839 is probably to busy downloading shit to revolt honorary kulak

The test deliberately conflates social progressivism with authoritarianism.


How does one take this test?


8valuse.github.io (or something like that)
and lacommune.politiscales.com (ditto)



I get why liberals piss people off but why does everyone shit on soc dems so much when realistically, they're the only leftist ideology that can get the average joe to at least acknowledge that capitalism has inherent flaws within it's design?

How'd I do guys?

Is that yet another new test I can get left libertarian in?

As an actual kulak I spit upon these disgusting aspiring kulaks


I just picked a random political compass website after searching for one on Google.

My comrade


fuck off to halfchan

Would you also say that the US has 'recovered' from the 2007-2008 crisis because the finance sector is doing well?
Proles in America have nothing to complain about, they live in the richest country in the history of the planet, and look at how fast porky is accumulating money on Wall Street and awarding himself huge bonuses, everything must be just peachy!
I think this is about equivalent to saying that the people of the third world are being 'lifted from poverty' by free trade and capitalism. Most are being moved from rural poverty and subsistence farming to sweatshops, urban poverty, 50 to 100 hour work weeks and suicide nets.
Some will do well, but the growing inequality that always accompanies capitalism will destroy any effective gains for the majority of workers.





I have a feeling the only reason I got so low on traditional is all the questions about religion, so take that as you wish

Recent Holla Forums convert?

pragmatic mutualist gang reporting.

There are too many questions about the rabble. I don't care if the prols want to have a marrige between a gay transnigger woman and a gay transhelicopter fetus, as long as I have a son AND the money.


Is this the gayest flag ever?

I can tell who you are just by your flag and the way you write. You are the most intellectually dishonest person on the board who pretends to be a leftist. There's nothing to argue about there because you are toddler reaching for the high cabinets, at least on the OP subject

You don't have to speak authoritatively on subjects you don't spend hours rearching

Hell yeah

Thanks doc

eco-socialist coming through.

liberal technocrat, anti-idpol, anti-classpol, transhumanist/posthumanist


you're all little babies
this is the only real test

who are you even talking to?

I think you are lost

After the revolution, anyone with a societal axis more than 15% green will be shot.


Are you talking about gay revolution? Because you will have more than 15% if you don't support gay marriages etc.

Politiscales: politiscales.la-commune.net/en_US/results/?s0=93&s1=7&m0=93&e0=36&e1=64&c0=36&c1=55&j0=76&j1=17&t1=14&t0=74&p1=7&p0=90&b1=17&b0=71&femi=52


Am I a kulak?



Rate me.

Libertarian idealist scum

I'm so confused

Man, this flag has ugly colors.

Gross tbh. Read more.

The badge at the very bottom is for veganism. Fuck meat consumption. Animals should not be commodities just so we can get a slightly better taste in our mouths. Anybody who eats meat in a first-world country is either a sociopath/psychopath or a hypocrite.

is anything about my score objectionable to you?

there can be ethical meat consumption, just not under capitalism

but user, your feels dont mean shit when it comes to determining whether something is a commodity or not


i just think that markets can be useful coordination mechanisms in societies much more free than our own

Did this other test recently

you're not socialists


Shit screenshot is shit, I know

It's not really even about emotions.

The basic foundation for my moral system is the golden rule (do to others what you want them to do to you.) And this should and does extend to all sentient beings, not just humans.

its not about morals or golden rules or any other spooky shit dumbass

its about profit and exploitation

youre confused as fuck

You are a fucking retard, you know that?

People like you are honestly more disgusting than fascists.

And the reason we care about profit and exploitation is because of morals


No, we care about it because it means we do not get full use of our labour


Right, and you care about not getting the full use of your labour because of morals.

I am not driven by the nonsense of 'rights' or 'wrongs' but of what I labour for and why I cannot fully benefit from it

And how can you explain why that matters without using rights or wrongs?

It's about pragmaticism, I don't want my labor exploited because it's inefficient, not because it's "wrong"

In terms of my health, safety, material well being?

Haha yeah, humans are emotional creatures. I can hardly say you are human though.

And your personal well-being matters to you well, because of morals! That's good and bad, right and wrong right there.

Awesome, Ill switch flags now, you've truly helped me see the light

Physical pain and failing health isn't a moral

Well, I don't think I relate and I'm honestly not sure you really believe in that omce you strip things down to your ultimate values; but still, you caring about efficiency _is_ a moral system, just with scary values.

I think you misunderstand me. (or maybe vice versa here, that wording was somewhat ambiguous) I'm as in favour of freeing people from pain and suffering as anyone. I care about human wellbeing, and that _is_ morality.


is this an admission of… defeat
or like do you want to actually explain where you think i've gone monumentally wrong

Please recommend books to start with, I can’t take the reading list sticky seriously when it’s just “GOMMUNISM GENERAL: THE STICKY”.

Come at me faggots

Your dreams are unrealistic.

Why is that?


I think you have good intentions and you are probably an amazing person, but I believe that humans are too selfish and power hungry to ever be able to live under anarchism or libertarianism.

I'm anti-capitalism but I would not call myself a Marxist. I don't believe that everything is due to historical materialism, there is probably some amount of brutality in our genetic coding.

R8 muh politiscales


It really doesn't look like you know what you want. Huge grey areas are an indicator you need to read more.

Spiritual imperialists, OUT!


You what m8



This. But unironically.

National Democratic Socialism is the ultimate real RED pill

What test?

lmao this thing labels you a centrist if you pick your choices through diamat thinking


politiscales has some dumb questions but I love how it actually leaves some empty space instead of the way 8values works

Not sure I agree with some of these results but close enough


What test is that where it shows your ideology?

Where is the last pic from?


It's Vote 1 you can download it on google play


Guys, how do i become more authoritarian? These quizzes probably downplay it because i always choose the "legalize weed" and "no mass surveillance" options.

Fashy bashy

easily the most annoying question in the test

how do i know vote1 isnt cia


Let children have their fun.



mother nature is disappointed, lads


bonus tokens i got

fuck, here they are

Okay, fine, I'll admit, am a fucking grain hoarder (kulak) who wishes he had been able to vote Trump

Hell, the reason I became left wing (rather than center-right which I was before) is because of his posture on international trade, that redpilled me

also worth noting: the scale doesn't properly represent my sympathies for civic nationalism