Fascism in Poland

How do we stop the rise of fascism in Poland?

PiS is in total control of the state and every day they seem to want more and more power over general life. It is a creeping totalitarianism, and yet people don't seem to care, they either support or are indifferent. Only a small minority seem to be awake to what they are doing.

So Holla Forums, how to we defeat fascism in Poland?

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You don't, Poland has always been a reactionary cesspool. Not a single refugee and they're still all nationalistic and WE WUZ BEATIN BACK THE MUZZIE HORDES PRAISE THE HUSSARS AND SHEIT.

I wonder who is behind this post…

Honestly, you are kinda fucked: this is the ultimate result of the polish migration within the EU:the intellectuals leave, fascism takes hold.

I am not sure if this is meant to be a shitpost or not…

Most of the PiS support seems to be anger at the shock capitalism that Poland, and much of the former Soviet bloc, went through, which has become heavily associated with the EU, so I think there is a silver lining there.

The party is right now pushing against the EU, because with Brexit going on, the EU is likely to placate them. That being said, if Poland did actually leave they would be in a far worse position than Britain, and the PiS knows this, so they're just trying to appease their fanbase with no intention of actually leaving.

Eventually people will tire of this, as their living standards decline or at the least stagnate, and the PiS will suffer from being the incumbent.

Meanwhile, don't be a fucking ☭TANKIE☭, avoid defending the People's Republic too uncritically, acknowledge its flaws (authoritarian, beholden to Moscow), ie "wasn't perfect but at least we had something", accuse the PiS of just offering socialism-lite, that kind of thing.

Ladies and gents, the great minds of Holla Forums.

I am Polish.

Poland has a pretty big Anti-Nazi movement. Bigger than the Anti-Communist ones in the country.


Their fanbase hates the EU but does not want to leave it because of all the funds we get, it is a weird situation.

Yes, but Polish Fascism is anti-Nazi as well, for obvious reason, but it is still Fascist in nature. PiS is perfect emboddiment of that.

First part of the sentence is your answer right there. One of the most important aspects of the current ruling party is their implementation of Catholic Social Teaching and protection of working people, things to which neoliberals only paid either lip service, or completely ignored entirely in pursuit of profits. Also, much of the old Communist party decided to do the Russian Oligarch thing and try to make Polish state enterprises run so badly as to render them insolvent and then privatize them. There were plenty of scandals about this, like Ambergold, which was a gold investment company that went under, and a bunch of privately controlled airlines, among whose board of directors sat the son of the previous prime minister, Donald Tusk.

I for one am glad that guy is almost our of his Presidency at the EU, he is definitely going to jail for the bullshit he caused.

2017 was the best year of economic growth in Poland since 1989. The woman in the wwebm was the PiS prime minister; she is saying that it's enough simply to not rule like a bandit neoliberal, out to privatize everything. That's it, really.

Fascism in Poland is a meme, fascism in America is a bigger threat if anything.


Exactly, these are the sorts of hypocrisies and contradictions that the left must exploit if it wants to get anywhere.

How selfish are you?

I would argue that Poland is much closer to Fascism than America is. Our urgency is much higher.

I highly doubt it is, it's just a meme pushed by like half of Holla Forums the other half as dumb as they are, are barely smart enough to understand that a few hundred thousand people rioting through the streets like their antifa boogey man does doesn't mean fascism.

But if you truly believe that by all means go start a communist anti fascist group and prepare for the worst, why else would you need out input if you're so sure?

Baboon peoples are not necessary, they may go to Germany or the UK!

< asks the one who started the exchange.

Are you even capable of identifying Fascism?

I'd say it's anti-Reich, not anti-Nazi.

You sure about that? Especially, if funds to Poland get drastically reduced due to coming "restructuring" of EU?

Literally the same thing
Better than nothing.

Can only imagine the discourse with them.


Fascism has never existed outside of Italy

Now THIS is tard-posting

There is no fascism in Poland
but there is definitely fascism in
Brussel/Berlin and Paris
If you want push Poland deeper that its now in to hands of german international corporations and capitalists there is free way, but people will dont give up that easy.



EU and NATO expansion was a mistake.

Redditor of the week

Do it bomb down again Germany

the neoliberalism is strong in this one