During the inevitable collapse of American society, how am I supposed to dissuade people on right-wing beliefs...

During the inevitable collapse of American society, how am I supposed to dissuade people on right-wing beliefs? I have spent a lot of time prepping, practicing survival techniques, and getting fit, for revolution and civil unrest scenarios to know that the majority of preppers are mostly right wing jackasses who are only just smart enough to understand how to clean a rifle properly but not how to fucking read a goddamn book (they think books are for fags anyways.)

I just don't see how I'll be presented with the opportunity to start spewing hippie garbage like "we should start to build communes at this point" or outright tell them that the collapse of society and lack of rule of law initiates the best possible circumstances for them to build socialism.

The only thing I can think will work is subtly getting them to do socialist-y things without actually calling it socialism, since they don't really know what socialism is anyways.

Well one way is to create soviet structures AS a means of survival. Doing socialisty things without calling it socialism does work in that context.

You people are over dramatic, america will probably look like India or Russia in the 90s not like fall out or stalker.


Know this: it is nearly impossible to defeat an ideology based on emotions with cold logic. You cannot appeal to a fascist by using rationality or better not immediately. You first need to understand and tackle their emotional attachment to the ideology. Only after penetrating their defenses you can proceed to show with logic how they are wrong.
For example you cannot argue with a nationalist that nationalism is objectively bad, you first need to show him that if he truly want to service the nation he has to drop the fascist crap.

No fun at all then.

So what you're saying is I need to become the top dog after societal collapse and break these people so they bend their knee.

Because you just that good at manipulating people?

"Russia in the 90s" had higher-tier criminals distracted with privatization. Moreover, society wasn't radicalized and population wasn't actually poor. It will look like Ukraine: mobs of Fascists openly murder people they don't like in the middle of the city.

God damn these vols are quick with their bans, should consider taking up quickdraw dueling

Do everything possible to show them the problems they think come from their chosen spooks (blacks, jews, whites) are an inevitable result of capitalism that will happen again

Everything will be just fine comrades, nothing ever changes and the US empire is eternal. Neoliberalism is eternal and the worse that can happen is the privatization of all our public services (literally happening right now).

If society collapses totally, it should be clear that capitalism was the culprit as it was the system in place that collapsed in the first place. Even the redneck peabrain Alex Jones preppers might be able to grasp that.

I really hope that you are right on this one.

Offer them food, shelter, medical care. Don't bombard them with political theories that are probably the furthest things from their minds during a national crisis. Your average gun nut might believe in Infowars shit on paper but that will disappear when the material reality of long term social unrest hits them. There really aren't that many people willing to take action from a "right wing" perspective.

By killing more right-wingers in the street than the other way around, like it was during Weimar Republic.

Lets think of another way.

You're reading that wrong. Left-wingers were punished more severely despite committing a fraction of the violence the right-wing did.

You realize that the picture you posted claims the complete opposite?

Sorry, I did not read your sentence correctly.

You're not thinking that line of thought through. Or, rather, maybe I should say you're thinking it through too much, far too much above the level of peabrains like Alex Jones.

Funnily enough, this appeals to reactionaries. I think your best bet for converting Holla Forumsshits is to promote this type of activity- supplemented with reading. Appeal to their false sense of intellectual superiority and highlight their need to understand the ideas of "the enemy" in order to defeat them. This will trick them into reading Marxist theory and the rest is history.

It'll be worse than that, the US is the biggest and most powerful empire in the world, when it falls it's gonna fall hard, no one will be unaffected.

You can just kill them instead

Well, duh. Honestly, in the event of a global communist revolution, America will be the last capitalist state to hold out. The amount of unwavering and unthinking hunks of meat that will defend their broken banking system is unreal.

Well if there was a societal collapse you can say it's best to remove the middle man. Money is just a middle man. Representative democracy is just a middle man.

Thus the American communists will be the strongest fighting force the world has ever, or will ever see