So..I support anti racism and anti imperialism and all, but does anyone else feel like westerners are a little too rich?

so..I support anti racism and anti imperialism and all, but does anyone else feel like westerners are a little too rich?

they have too much stuff and live lavishly while minorities and third worlders live awfully. we don't need to infinitely consume more, we need to put an end to imperialism, racism, misogyny, etc. and learn to live with less shit.

i still consider myself a socialist but i don't agree with the idea that privileged folk need more spending power

All our stuff as "privileged" westerners amounts to trinkets. Once you take out the cost of housing, utilities, education and food there really isn't that much left over already. When people in the US ask for a $15/h minimum wage for example, it's not to be able to afford a new iphone every six months, but to cover all the above fixed costs without having to go into debt peonage. To berate them as privileged is misplaced.

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OP is right, let's be honest - you all have the basic needs readily available and have luxuries third world people could only dream of having. Marxism is OUTDATED, it is now third worldism. Capitalism has transposed the class relations from the nation to the globe.

Yeah but do we really OWN these luxuries? The issue is many people have to take on thousands in debt to afford necessities like education or housing.

You still get to enjoy them so who gives a shit, not everyone in the US goes into debt like a moron.

This, basically.

Living conditions in the first world also vary - but even those who can accumulate a whole lot of shit still won't necessarily have money to find a place for it or pay for basic necessities in the long run. Like, you could save for a very long time working minimum wage and be able to buy a bunch of trinkets but never a house.

Actual scarcity isn't really the problem here - in housing, for instance, the situation is the result of real estate speculation. People buy up massive amounts of land/real property solely for the purpose of selling it later or renting it out. The results are a false "scarcity," rising home/property costs, poverty, and homelessness. And like here, capitalists buy up resources and then control them to such an extent that it nullifies (for the moment) the problem of people with too much stuff they actually use by comparison.

If you can't afford housing, and aren't lucky enough to already have some provided for you, then what would you suggest?

Let them live in a cake? An oven, perhaps?

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< relations of production in the first world do not cause problems
< look at all the clean ecology we are having
< look at all the honest politicians
< look at all the millennials getting jobs
< look at all the war we are not having