Ultraleft dickbaggery

Not even a copcuck, but the police didn't even do anything wrong, they were just directing traffic as the march went by.

Anyone else have experiences with ultraleft idiots like this?

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You need to go back.

Do you know what ultraleft means?

If not, it's you who needs to go back.


Are by any chance american?

Oh good the mods finally lifted my ban.

On the subject of "Ultra left." or "They're more leftist or not leftist enough." this is all I'm going to say.

Without proper co-operation the left as a whole will die, especially since we're conscious of being a spectrum of loosely related groups who in reality would kill each other without a common enemy, so here's all I have to say.

Yes liberals, sjw's, antifa, anfems, nazbols, black nationalists, and all the other groups may be bad but in the end they're still a part of us irregardless of whether you want them or not, infighting won't help us at all especially if you consider other leftists bigger threats to you than you do capitalists, centrists or other rightwingers.

I think this is pretty telling that they aren't

The only part that matters, stop being a pussy.



When I call them ultraleft, I'm not doing it out of some doctrinal dispute, but rather their piss poor praxis. They have an at-best tenuous understanding of our actual political reality and do things that ultimately hurt our cause.

Antifa is an adventurist honeypot.
OP is a copcuck.


anyone who says "the police didn't even do anything wrong" in any context is a copcuck.

I meant they didn't do anything wrong at the protest, dipshit, and we weren't protesting them either, so it was a completely needless provocation.

Well, we sort of already knew they wouldn't show up, they said they might do a rally elsewhere, but with a lack of specifics it became increasingly obvious that they were trying to save face.

Though my point is how they proceeded to antagonize the general populace and did their best to stir up needless, pointless trouble.

In my country there is saying
Rather daughter prostitute than son cop

So… pick a fight with them for no reason?

It's juvenile is what it is. I'll steelman the case of these anarkiddies for argument's sake:

Why do you claim there was no fascists only to contradict yourself later by admitting that the cops were there?

Yes, this is what I'm getting at.

The police are merely state enforcers. It's stupid to pick a fight with them just because.

It would be more effective to care equally about fighting reactionary rhetoric AND committing to strike in the work place, rather than focusing on one and not the other.

Organize in the work place, don't just fight fascism on the street. The latter might not be the best idea depending on your intentions, but it also may not matter much, and showing reactionaries they are largely outnumbered remains important.

But more dangerous than any fascist is the system they seek to protect, and you should fight that system twice as hard with twice as much effort.

your protest was pointless too.

Not necessarily, it isn't bad to show reactionaries that want violence against the working community that what they represent does not follow to the majority of people. It's an effective use of propaganda, slightly liberal, but propaganda nonetheless.

this my nigga
i will just add "if you see a socdem kick them in the balls".

Antifa activists aren't "ultra-left". This word doesn't mean "leftists, but disorderly".

Always good advice. With the caveat that the latter is not what was described in the OP.

I think shouting "GENOCIDE SLAVERY HATE AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT" at a bunch of normies eating dinner qualifies as ultraleft.

90% of this board already knows that. What took you so long?

I don't disagree with this.

Unless it's against a group of people, you know, who are saying that genocide, slavery, and American history was always on the right side.

That turns off normies eating dinner as well I would imagine, and they would probably go for the group saying the opposite of those things.

i am for this as a means of propaganda, that if fascists and nerdy reactionaries do plan to rally in your town, do not hesitate to outnumber them. If they outnumber the counter protest, it becomes propaganda for them, because they are fairly basic people. There will always be bad apples, but it is the appearance that's important.

I just told you this has nothing to do with the ultra-left. This word is used to refer to militant left-communists like autonomists.

Is this the official Holla Forums stance? Will disagreeing with it get people banned?

I'm using it in the sense of LWC, where the term evolved from, which is people with delusional politics and bad praxis.

I don't speak for the BO, however, it should be the stance of most Socialists in my honest opinion.


The entire point of anti fascist action is to be threatening. How do you expect to have a revolution is you can't even handle a rowdy crowd probably just jeering and shoving a little bit?


I do both. The history of antifa in my country is that it was created by trade unions and far left parties. A tradition that continues. Brush up on your histoire


be realistic. is there a revolutionary situation? who is this crowd consiting of, workers or edgy students? acting like trash and be threatening in front of whom?
place and time, anarchists just never get it right.

Your weird use of "ultraleft" aside, yeah, this sounds fucking dumb. This is kind of just an issue with antifa in general - their reputation was actually worse before this election because there were no major figures retarded enough to go around quoting Mussolini and giving the Klan public winks.

Anyway, fuck cops, but a random demonstration with no real conflict probably isn't the place for it or for antagonism in general. I don't know. Some folks come out to things that are over bourgeois politics and corruption and they'll be like "fuck [x thing]" and then "fuck the police!" - and I wonder what exactly they think they're doing. Actually, demonstrations are a clusterfuck against them - at heart, I can't be opposed, because it absolutely beats sitting here talking shit with people with vaguely similar views. But, you know - so many selfies, so many giddy slogans, so much smiling with friends, so much "viva la revolucion!" bullshit from time to time… it doesn't have to be total downer, but I wonder sometimes if it's a bit too much of a party. Then again, if everyone looked like me it wouldn't look good either - "Join us in our righteous protest and become an uncomfortable giant at a funeral!" No, that's not very appealing.

antifa is designed to be impotent this is no suprise friend even real-smashies think they are gay/controlled opposition

disagree, this is being done too much and too openly recently, it feels very reddit

Okay, I've deleted my previous post. Reading through the entire thread it appears that OP might not be from a country where English is the native language. Perhaps "ultraleft" is a literal translation of something more common in French or Finnish or whatever.

Wearing a badge is doing something wrong copcuck.

Absolutely agree with this. Look at the idiots Holla Forums and /r/The_Donald/ are willing to use in order to steer America towards a white man's Erdogan/Milosevic type country. They have used Milo, Mitch McConnell, Trey Gowdy, school shooters, incels, Ann Coulter, Koch Brothers, RNC, Christians, Tucker, etc.

It's because they know these fools will sell the rope to hang themselves with.

Lefties stand no chance if they don't take advantage of utilizing useful idiots like Maddow, Zuckerberg, DemSocs, DNC, Michael Moore, Biden, Christians, etc.

If lefties don't somebody else will.
The trick is to steer them left, left and more left then use them like chess pieces.

Then I suggest you start using it in the way everyone else does in order to facilitate communication.

They said they are american:

I support them, with some reservations. At least, I'll take them. But the term "ultraleft" as I understand it is when you overestimate the militancy of the given situation – and that's something I think antifa does fall into the habit of doing.

Also black bloc doesn't work everywhere. Antifa in Charlottesville deliberately opted not to go in black bloc, as a tactical decision, in order to confuse and disorient the Nazis (who were expecting to get rushed by 1,000 anarchists in black). Instead the Nazis met a mixed crowd where some people were punching them, some were throwing at them, some were cussing at them and others were praying at them.

Nazis are actually not very flexible since they are often organize into top-down, hierarchical groups – and they don't have the same kind of training like the cops do. They can't adapt quickly and diverse counter-tactics make them think too hard. Although some groups like Trad Workers are pretty well drilled.

There's also a Maoist antifa group in Austin I would consider ultraleft – as they have a habit of escalating confrontations, but doing it without allies, and getting themselves into situations that backfire. Although they might've learned some lessons since May Day.

OP's usage is correct. This is ultraleft:

Comes from Lenin as a term to attack communists who refused to work with reformist socialists.

Clicked this expecting anarkiddies complaining about someone online making fun of them for smashing starbucks windows and rolling trashcans

Which is really not how the term tends to be used today. In any case antifa tend to be a bunch of fucking liberals anyway, it doesn't really make sense to call them ultraleft in either sense of the term.

i disagree that they're liberals – well at least the ones around here. and i'd say they go too far into ultraleftism. of course, they call the other socialists liberals when the socialists call them ultraleftists.

one more for ya

No liberal would ever punch a nazi

This is the way I've heard it being used by the vast majority of people.

Leftcoms don't really exist as a political force outside of a few internet shitposters, and the few there are don't self-identify as "ultraleft".

Is this a joke?