Daughter of Eric Garner Likely Assassinated By NYPD

Erica Garner, the radical left activist daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed by NYPD, is now declared braindead.
Allegedly, she suffered a heart attack due to a health condition, but the people managing her official twitter account say the pigs were meddling with her even as she lay in her hospital bed.

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Here's a video she made during Bernie's campaign.

I could believe that but let's face it she is fat and prone to health problems. I would in no way defend pigs and meddling could be possible but we also have to entertain the mundane option too.

Yeah like her dad. Pic related, it's her dad having health problems.

It's possible, but it is less probable.

Original video of Eric Garner's death

NYPD is targeting the person who took the video, imprisoning, beating and torturing him.

Ferguson activists being assassinated. This can happen to you too if you pose a threat to capitalism and white supremacy in the USA.

It's possible, but I don't think we'll ever know.
I personally think it's possible MLK was killed by the CIA as well.


Why sage? You don't think domestic assassination programs of activists matter? You're not worried about the guns pointed at you? What about these deaths:

Stuff like this makes me genuinely paranoid. You would think that people protesting the police dying one by one would make national news but people willfully ignore it. Sometimes I think the US doesn't even need its propaganda machine since Americans are so willfully submissive to the police.


This is why serious Marxist-Leninist OPSEC is needed. See this thread:

the capitalists are fighting class warfare against a limp and impotent version of the left. its too easy for them, its fucking target practice. the fash are EVERYWHERE in police forces and the military, the capitalists and ruling class can kill ANYONE they want in the third world after about 1.6 seconds of lobbying the public for another war.

we need guns, we need militant organizations, we need to fight to take back our world. im an ancom but my ideal tactics are turning ☭TANKIE☭ day by day.

Before you're allowed to get any big kid stuff like that, you need serious and effective methods of secrecy.

good then read these


first read these to get a general idea of why and how
I actually need to get a lot of sources together on modern revolutionary secrecy (as well as historical tactics such as those of the Bolsheviks).


Please tell me this board hasn’t fallen this far already.

Good god, wait for more info.

Read Mahkno. if you weren't already planning on that you need to leave this board and read

read the fucking links you tard, it's her official twitter account.

And then what?

OPSEC is a very complex topic, much of it tends to be slowly acquired as a mindset. I would recommend looking for modern literature on the security measures and tactics of the IRA and Hezbollah, as well as historical literature on that of the Bolsheviks. That's what I think I'll do.

a sage isn't a down vote. I just don't think it's something you can prove.

I think MLK being assassinated by the gov't holds more water than Erica Garner being killed by the cops. But then again, it was suspect from the time it came out she'd died suddenly.

Makes one wonder. Something happened to a friend of mine after they were taking legal action against some cops, too.

Is anyone familiar with the timeline of what happened or what methods could have been used to kill her?

Here's what I've got:
1. Erica Garner has a heart attack
2. She is put in an induced coma by medical staff
3. NYPD forces everyone out of the ICU unit with flimsy excuses
4. Garner later suffers massive brain damage from a lack of oxygen

Could the pigs just have pulled off her oxygen mask for a couple of minutes?

Good night baboon! We do not require you! You will be buried in the zoo eek eek!


rip comrade :(

This is one good possibility. The other is that they actually also poisoned her somehow.

Wowie, it's like they have a mutually beneficial relationship or something.
Nah, if it weren't for the news and TV shows cranking out apologetics and distractions people might look out their windows and see shit's on fire. It's this way with younger generations who don't bother with dinosaur media. Capitalism is in the process of turning the internet into a propaganda machine. The alt-right and alt-lite are examples of this.

Generations of people whose only exposure to cops was cop propaganda on TV that runs for a fucking eternity aren't going to budge easy.

Why bother? None of these people have mattered since January of this year, murdering one now would serve no purpose.

Yeah none of them """""mattered""""" according to the MSM, weird how that happened.

This post smells of Reddit

She's proclaimed dead. Erica Garner was ASSASSINATED by the NYPD.

why are people like this

fuck those idiots. looks like COINTEL already has control of her account.



made another thread but was redirected here
A list of quotes emphasizing her anti-capitalism and its connection to racism:

Sauce: bennorton.com/erica-garner-revolutionary-neoliberal-democrats-whitewash/


It seems more like a history of heart disease rather than an assassination attempt…

yeah right dude.

She aint fat enough to die of a heart attack at 27

This is honestly a retarded conspiracy since she already had heart disease lined up in her genes. I don't care how many times I get banned for saying it but this is one seriously retarded conspiracy for a person who wasn't even a high profile target.

Saying with certainty that she was definitely assassinated at this point is probably going to far but people tend to overlook the fact that one of the best ways to assasinate someone is to make it look like an already existing health issue. Add on top of that that the American Security state has killed people for less and there are reasons to be suspicious.

She doesn't need to be a high profile target, cops are the most powerful gang in america and going after those who have "wronged" them is something they gladly do on their own initiative

They don't just willfully ignore it, to a great many people keeping blacks in a state of perpetual fear is the primary purpose of the cops, a black lady getting murdered by them is a good thing and even the occasional white guy murdered by cops is merely a Necessary Sacrifice

I'm really not buying it, there are crooked cops but she wasn't worth the effort for them. Btw, those pigs do an awfully good job protecting satanists so it's ironic to see that on a post complaining about corrupt cops. This is why I can never take lefty pol seriois because they get money from porkie and are protected by the cops.