Just realized how insane Holla Forums is


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The pizza parlor shit is possibly true tho
They say obama was a kenyan to delegitimize his presidency. Funnily enough, Trump asked about his birth certificate, if anything was wrong with it he would've told the public.

Its a cult of losers



I wasn't saging as downvote, I was saging cuz my reply isn't relevant to OP.


Malik would've been a better president than Barack.

8pol is a level of insanity beyond anything I've witnessed, the board is pure schizophrenia and neo-conservatism curated by the mods to prevent anything approaching decent discussion.

Is it because its a bourgie classist term to describe poor people?

Did you just exit a time capsule?

I'm from Holla Forums AMA

Why does pol consist of all caps headline rage fuel news threads and retarded speculation instead of actual discussion

It's only going to get worse as more normal people leave. The only reason it was tolerable this election was because of the corssboarders memeing about butthurt liberals and pizzagate/wikileaks. They diluted the "hurr durr jews racewar you're a shill day of the rope" mouthbreathers and left as soon as the fun dried up.

Are traps gay?

How are you gonna increase the white birth rate under capitalism?

Are you going to open up your borders and let the free market do its thing? The existence of states and not corporate conglomerates is socialist, not TRUE CAPITALISM


Why do people on 4pol insist on responding to threads that are clearly bot-generated when they have the means to easily identify them?

Realistically speaking you'll only ever be within the rungs of the 'middle class' and have varying levels of discretionary income. How would killing a handful of desert people or eastern europeans pretending to be desert people make that feel less oppressive? Why is it okay when other wasps manipulate you?

a Holla Forums nazi gang started up in texas and was marching around with another nazi group that splintered from vanguard america. it'd be concerning if it wasn't so pathetic.

I like how they shoved the white hispanics into the back.

what do you think of pic related?

That's kinda sad.. At least they go outside though.

Have your balls dropped yet?
What color is your skin? Be honest
What level of chess is Trump on these days? Last I checked he was still playing 4D.

They're able-bodied men, they can hold guns, they can do damage. Don't take it lightly.

Subcomandante Marcos on the left

They're mental cases. You have to be to be a capitalist or a fascist.

They are directionless virgins who are doomed to the void. Who cares? America won't ever go full fash because it doesn't need to. The whole RWDS thing is an impotent meme.

How many books have you read that weren't Mein Kampf or Evola or Milo Y - Dangerous

Hey! Don't insult my boi marcos!

They can easily join their local police forces and integrate as past fascist movements have. Or they can carry out their fascist training and organization with FBI integration, like the militia movement did. These groups are being groomed by the FBI and secret millionaire donors because they can fill a paramilitary role if they are developed far enough.

America is full fash, it just doesn't advertise it.

This. America still has ostensible """"freedom"""", but they're working at eroding that too.

i was also thinking, as much as they consider themselves to be a youth movement they've got some receding hairlines and thirty/forty-something beer guts in the bunch.

that was on nov. 4 when the RCP was doing its "refusefascism" nonsense which Holla Forums made out into an antifa civil war. basically the RCP trying to create a front group to recruit liberals upset at trump the "fascist" (as opposed to a liberal reality show celebrity, or basically, ed koch-style "law and order" democrat, which is what he is). well the RCP's effort flopped.

the fash wandered down to the protest, where nothing happened. then they popped up in front of an anarchist bookstore for 15 minutes until some people on the street cussed them out and they left.

they can be individually dangerous but are also dumbasses who have gotten jumped by actual militia dudes at right-wing rallies for living their lives so ironically they can't tell the difference between their wacky beliefs and their real ones. there's a reason they stick to huffing in puffing in front of coffee shops in the whitest major city in the state and won't get close to anywhere that has a black or hispanic majority.

Stop crying wolf on fascism. Trump is a retard and a neolib capitalist, not a fascist.

meanwhile there are high school demsuc chapters in the state that individually have as many members as that whole group on the rooftop.

no one thinks trump is an actual fascist, but his supporters sure are and he's a stepping stone

trump is a fascist you fucking retard.

oh yeah, do they own guns? do they have help from millionaires and the police?

Trump is a fascist. Read the dang books.

Fucking how?
He's just another neoliberal that makes other neoliberals panic because he's not subtle about it.

'apartheid liberal' might be an accurate descriptor for trump. but i think he's basically ed koch circa late-70s new york.

this paul nehlen guy is an actual fascist and really a test case for having an IRL alt-right candidate, and a whole bunch of them are throwing their support behind him. i think they are so ideologically up their own asses they have no idea how to operate in the real world.

He's nationalist and imperialist and would go full fash if he had the power

This is the U.S. we're talking about.
Most of their presidents have been nationalist and imperialist.

All US presidents are imperialists and globalists

Paul Nehlen isn't going to win shit. I've seen that. I remember he ran last year too and Trump even endorsed him on twitter and he only got 15% of the vote.

This. Trump's base is comprised of petite porkies (historically the most significant source of fascism in capitalism societies) and their failson spawn. They have been radicalised by Trump's election and will continue to go further right as their economic situation deteriorates. This is only the beginning.

and that was before he revealed his power level, as they say

christcucks are the core of trump's base, christcuck

what is inaccurate?
jews use muslims and christians as fodder against each other?

exactly the USA is fascist and has been since WW1.

Yeah these people think their future was stolen from them by "libruls" and leftists brainwashing society through academia/media. We're one economic collapse away from some far right ideologue gaining power, and they will be far far more competent and cognizant of what they're doing than Trump.

That always was pol thats always what their ideology attracts

Neoliberalism doesn't exist, idiot. It's just plain old capitalism. Fascism is just imperialism turned inward. Trump is overtly turning the imperialist propaganda apparatus inward to go along with the already inward-oriented police paramilitiaries and prison industrial complex.
Guess what else: both Clintons are fascist, Obama is fascist, the Bushes are fascist, Reagan was fascist.

Theres different types of fascism, it doesnt always mean nazi.

Stop calling everything fascism, the conditions that gave rise to fascism in the 20th century can't just be recreated.


The conditions that gave rise to fascism in the 20th century gave rise to it in the USA.


it's happening right now, user

i wonder how many people here remember george w. bush and the immediate post-9/11 environment when the country was gripped in in insane war fever, the radio was censored of music that could be deemed too rebellious (which, believe it or not, is how nickelback and creed emerged and became popular! patriotic christian music) and soldiers were guarding the airports, or if they're just too young.

and obama deported more people in his first year than trump has.

Fucking wut?

The entierety of post-Fordism says "hi", retard.

What the fuck are you babbling about?

Name a time in history where propaganda for imperialism didn't exist

choose one

Which isn't unique to fascism.

And this is why no one should take you seriously or ever will.
















The imperialism is occurring within the state through one group subjugating another, like whites vs minorities. Trump supports this imposing of the old social order, rather than conquering other foreign nations. It is a form of inward imperialism.

and before you even go there, the PPUs aren't the same as fascist paramilitary the blackshirts were.

Maybe not that type

Oh shit is that why that one station played nothing but creed and stone temple pilots? I was born in 89.

Ford was a fascist who paid for 500,000 copies of the Elder Protocols to be printed.

Fascism is the use of the entire imperialist repressive apparatus, not on external targets, but internal targets, by a capitalist state.

I am saying that Trump is overtly turning the imperialist propaganda apparatus at inward targets (Mexicans, blacks, commies, etc) to a greater degree than Obama. Actually, the entire USA "political spectrum" is fashifying right now, with Democrats hyping up internal threats (Russian spies, etc) that don't even exist.

The police are paramilitaries.

It's not "unique to fascism," it IS fascism.

Go listen to your podcasts, brainlet.

well, i should clarify it wasn't a direct "ban" on certain music but … it pretty much was. there's a reason rage against the machine and such evaporated on the radio. look up the 2001 clear channel memorandum. creed was growing in popularity before 9/11 but afterwards they pretty much ruled the radio for … god, it seemed like forever.

What a toothless, nothing-burger, definition.
I guess every Superbowl is inward imperialism, because one group versus another. Tax dollars even go to pay for it, so the state is involved on some level. Economic imperialism isn't predicated on pitting one group against another. It's the state itself taking direct control of resources of another country and extending its influence into that region. The class conflicts you're talking about predates any form of fascism, and are a result of capitalist mechanizations. Fascism need not apply.

No, it is a definition based on the actual material relations.

Podcast brainlet detected.

Your reading comprehension is pitiful.

Ah, i remember the lead singer of drowning pool getting grilled by some prime time news anchor about on of his songs.

I think furries are disgusting

I haven't read any of the books you mentioned. Last book I read was Animal Farm. I don't read many books on politics.

White. I'm a fingolian
I think the 4d chess thing is just a meme


That's not exactly a personal goal for me.

Our borders are already pretty open as far as I'm concerned.

Simply not true. There's all caps rage fuel news threads and retarded speculation on Holla Forums for sure but not exclusively so. I'd wager most of the people who make retarded posts are retards.

No shit.
I'm not describing Ford himself, I'm talking about what happened after the economic system that capitalism organized itself around called "Fordism", numb nuts. Post-Fordism is what came after, You're out of you're depth and it's obvious now.

The blackshirts weren't part of the imperialist apparatus at all. Most of them were from volunteer militias that operated outside of the capitalist state. You don't know what you're talking about.

Prove it, then. The prison industrial complex has existed in one form another since the founding of the U.S. Again, this pre-dates fascism.

You don't even know what Post-Fordism is.
You sound like a tumblr sperg.

Maybe you should read a few books before you discuss politics

True. I don't post very often. I mostly lurk. Same as I do here

Show how, then.

Why, or are you just triggered I used a term you don't like?

Then show me how, you whinging mong

So are you admitting that America was fascist during Fordism? Did it magically stop being fascist?

Mussolini was an agent of British imperialism.

The USA was not always a full-fledged capitalist state. Fascism is a phenomenon of capitalism. I would mark the beginning of fascism in the USA at the very beginning of Jim Crow and the rise of the KKK. The prison system was fascist that entire time. However, you are ignoring the fact that the USA has mass incarceration, which is a really extreme expression of that fascism.

Porky pedophilia? Yes. Pizzagate? Hell to the fuck no.

Holla Forums is a public forum we don’t need AMAs for anything when you are on full display.

The thing is that Holla Forums mixed a shitload of false stuff together with a handful of really suspicious things. Podesta alone is really incriminating.
Give those links a serious look before dismissing. They don't require much conjecture.

Can anyone adequately debunk this video?


I need to stop falling for blatant clickbait.

I'm from Holla Forums but I don't go there anymore because it's shit now. It's been full of reddit since the election.


That's not the problem

Well the second part is right, you need regulations to prevent monopolies.

Because humans like you are in them.

It's pretty funny and I'm saving it. I don't completely agree with Trump and I didn't vote.

Yes, have yours?
White, what a surprise.
Nice meme. He's obviously better than Hillary or Bernie but nobody should actually trust him.

How am I even supposed to remember? The last one I read was either 1984 or Masters of Doom.

The digging in those threads spiraled out of control and let to all kinds of /x/ tier bullshit, but a lot of people that were involved in secret pedo shit are getting arrested now. It's a mixed bag but they were on to something.

Obama's birth certificate was released officially online, as an Adobe project file. When you open it up you see layers where the background patterns were moved around and such. Somebody even found that letters were copied and pasted from a scan found online of a real birth certificate by finding that the exact pixels match. If you've made memes in mspaint you probably understand this. But normalfags will ignore and forget anything they find hard or inconvenient to believe, no matter how convincing it is. It's that "demoralization" Yuri Bezmenov talks about. Watch the video linked in , he beat me to it


Fordism has nothing to do with what Ford himself believed, but the industrial model of mass production that formed because of him. Are you really going to say that industrial mass production is fascism now, or will you admit that you don't know what you're talking about, finally?

So? What's your point? That the British were in charge fascism in Italy?

There was a period of mercantilism, but I'm not seeing how this helps your point. If anything, it shows that the prison industry didn't even start with capitalism.

I don't disagree, but that's beside the point.


Why? You're just making statements, but not explaining your reasoning.

There's been mass incarceration at various points in history, though. It's spiked today, but it's also what you would expect under neoliberalism due to lasseiz-faire economic policies.


Yes, and then later the Italian fascists achieved their own imperialism again. Actually the majority of fascist governments and movements are those by foreign imperialist governments or serve an outright occupation, rather than ones that carry out their own imperialism. Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Chile, etc.

It only took on a capitalist character in capitalism, and therefore was incapable of taking on a fascist character until then.

Because the USA became a fully-fledged capitalist, imperialist country at that moment, and Jim Crow was an imperialist occupation enforced on an internal threat. Moreover, why the hell should I have to explain why the KKK was fascist?

Son, the coincidence pile started with leaked Hillary emails making weird references to pizza, and then kept getting taller and never stopped.

that first pic has a lot of garbage in it, it really exemplifies how much work Holla Forums does for these pedo porkies to dilute investigations with nonsense.

Pic related.

Holla Forums confirmed for 13 year olds

what a cancerous thread


Would unironically have no problem with this

What is this? 2009?

The average Holla Forums user is either some edgy wanker, or a fucking delusional maniac, but I do think there is some perverse logic behind it all. It's pretty much an accepted fact that there is some serious astroturfing going on there, the real question is who? Is it just one group behind it, or is it many? Most importantly however, is what do they disagree on, and how can these differences be exploited?

I had to be remonded of those images. And really they just make it even dumber.

But I’m not trying to claim that Hillary’s close political associates and allies aren’t pedos. They could possibly be among the major porky ledos involved in organized rings. I’m just disputing the Comet Ping-Pong “this is all organized from/around a popular pizza shop” bullshit.

What a surprise

No argument detected. I'll take it you took the "L" on that. I will admit, it's hard prove that mass production is fascism.

What does British imperialism have to do with their "internal-imperialism", though. You're not explaining that leap in logic. If anything, Britain bolstering fascism in other countries shows how imperialism comes from the outside.

Why does this matter?
Structures that allowed people to acquire profit from the imprisonment of people still existed. Which means, it's not unique to fascism.Unless you're trying to say capitalism IS fascism, which is pretty fucking stupid. Fascism, like economic liberalism, is the particular form it takes.

U.S. imperialism goes further back than that that.
The country was basically founded because of imperialism due to the manifest destiny.
Also, Jim Crow and the beginning of the KKK occurred far before actual Fascism in Italy started, my dude. lel

Because not everything you don't like is fascist.

Is there not enough pics of kids on their instagrams that were shut down to raise alarm bells? On what grounds are you "disputing"? "Nuh-uh!" is not an argument.

i say drive a wedge between the neo-nazis and "civic nationalists" who worship every move trump makes regardless of what it is or how stupid it is. the nazis at least have something approaching a consistent ideology and are racially exclusive – which is another thing that can be exploited since a lot of them don't measure up to their own high standards.

like the fact that mike enoch, one of the nazi movement's celebrities, is jewish. also point out that richard spencer is an effete, possibly gay alcoholic and has plowed their movement into a ditch.

Maybe because a Satanic pedo ring involving the upper echelons of political power would try to keep it quiet, not, you know, post weird shit all over the internet for a bunch of NEETs to sperg over.

You do realize none of those images could be construed as pedophilic unless you were psychotically paranoid. Those “suspicious changes” were almost certainly because they were immediately harrased when the Holla Forumstards created and jumped on the train. The whole alternative performance artist is a satanist and Podesta is a satanist is an extra layer of stupid. It’s literally evangelical tier.

Why, exactly? Look at the Jeffrey Epstein ring. It's in plain sight, the dude even went on trial, and yet there is little to no press coverage. It all gets hushed up. If Bill Clinton, Trump, and other hugely influential people hung out with Epstein, it's not a stretch at all that other hotshots would have sloppy security with their pizza pedo rings or whatever.

All you're doing is shitflinging and insulting people. No critical thinking. You seem threatened by the idea that the porkies have human trafficking circles.

In the eye of this storm, a great divide upon the land amidst the peoples. Some are asleep, other w.a.f., some are humans, some are bots, some are trolls, and some are galactic. We are witnessing a storm like no other, a storm that cleanses while it tears away at the known existence. if you are chasing this storm, following the breadcrumb trail, you will find yourself looking at the eye of the storm soon. if you are bugging out in your shelter, thinking your safe, think again, all the dried food and candles won't save you from your destiny. We are the calm, we are the oppressed, and we know we have been enslaved by the agendas of evil. That tears at our ego, yet we rise again to assist in the final chapters of our Roots. We have to open our hearts and minds wide, strengthen our discernment muscles, and seek the truth while wearing blindfolds on tightropes. No challenge is too great, not even threats of harm, or death. For we know this future belongs to our children's grandchildren and we make the greatest sacrifice being the boots on the ground in the storm.
Wouldn't it be just something, if the arguments of lives matter, the insults and ankle bracelets, the indictments and testimonies, the right vs wrong, all found out in the eye of this storm that all the fear was created to keep us enslaved, and now that we know, we don't have to pander to the master, we could all just be who we are without harm to one another. Yes, it really would be a different world.
But until we reach this day, we have resignations, and prisons, wars to wage, and places to conquer, secrets and lies, crimes, and evil. Intel to research, facts to vett, chatrooms to discuss, videos to watch, broadcasts to listen to, memes to diseminate what we discover. Its so dark, we are deep in the caverns, and many miners are choking on the air, but the canary sings, and the message is delivered.
So if your taking this all to heart, as your allegiance to bring down those veils, to bring truth to the eyes and ears of the masses, to choose life lived in peace without fear, then know you are the calm that sat with many bravehearts and we are in the eye of this storm.
Will you be there to assist the masses? Will you abandon ship if they threaten your family or livelihood? Will you trust your intuition or the breadcrumbs? Will you know when the storm passes? Will you be standing brave when it all goes down?
I will be there with you as I see this eye of the storm, and I commend all those who stood tall and gave their lives to bring this storm to its final pass. Thank you and Good Night.

Are you actually braindead? Reread my posts. I insulted no one and you are the one who can’t provide proof that Clinton’s crew has pedophiles and especially not that a well known local pizza joint is related to it. I provided clear rebuttels to the inane images.

Why do conspiracy theories attract the dumbest possible people. It only hurts legitimate conspiracy theorizing.

Bill Clinton is confirmed to have been on Jeffrey Epstein's pedo rape jets. Look it up. Not even part of the "pizzagate" cluster of theories. Next.

How does it feel to have betrayed the international proletariat and your own class interests to back bourgeois idealism? Does it bother you that you're working to preserve the spiral of war and crisis instead of fighting for a Socialist World Republic?

What the fuck are you even going on about now? Suddenly you're a porky pedo expert, yet you still want everyone to shut up about Clinton's fucked up friends.

So you simultaneously accept that Hillary is allies with pedos, but when those allies are found to pose with kids and making weird comments about them, suddenly we're psychotically paranoid?

Pretty sure Epstein did his molesting on a private island or something.

wew lad

Go back to Holla Forums you fucking amateur.

Holla Forums and Trump are my instruments of revenge. They will do exactly as I command and no less.

What are you even arguing? Totally incoherent. Weird that idiots come out of the woodwork trying to derail a simple discussion about Clinton's pedo friends. Either you're a few shills or you're extremely eager to be one of the "good leftists" who get in favor with libs.

Start arguing any time, shitkid.


Actually kill yourself, the only person who should be accused of shilling is you seeing as you willfully ignore what is written in front of you, a common tactic of shills. Nobody defended Clinton and nobody denied elite pedo rings.

So what is your point, retard?

I actually find it disturbing that when Pizzagate is brought up, most of the counter-"arguments" are either insults or appeals to incredulity. And that the newsmedia stories "debunking" Pizzagate, even Snopes, were just referencing each other, but eventually all leading to an interview with James Alefantis himself insisting it wasn't true, because Comet Ping Pong did not even have a basement, which was a lie. It really puts my cortex in a vortex, and I'd rather it didn't.

Yeah the absolutely insane amount of attention and overreaction it got from the MSM, while so many other conspiracy theories get no air, was really bizarre. As well as the inability to directly address even a few of the most common and strange points that people were bringing up. And then there was that guy who randomly showed up to the place with a gun and hasn't been heard of since.

He was charged with discharging a firearm in public. The media doesn’t focus on crime like that obsessively.

Nobody cited media or snopes debunking of it. The “weird stuff” doesn’t have a leg to stand on or is easily explained by Holla Forums harrasement. What point do you want disputed? Or are you going to be like the other guy and conpletely ignore what every opposing voice says?

They sure focused obsessively on his arrest.


just give up.


interesting. tell me, how does this image strike you?

No I won’t, until idiots like you sieze to exist in the conspiracy community. The reason the media focused on it so much was because Trump supporters were its primary peddlers, and liberals were looking for any excuse to scrutinize them.

And yes none of the “weird stuff” points to anything. If you want me to explain why looking at anything in the image and concluding “pedophile ring!” is psychotic just point out a particular bit of “evidence” and I’ll bite.

Seriously though, pizzagate bullshit will only make it harder to look into actual elite pedophilia like in Britain. Pizzagate is such a psychotic idealization of elite pedohilia it almost reeks of disinfo.

yeah there's totally nothing fucked up going on with Podesta or the kids in Haiti

another trope you idiots bring out. there is certainly just as much elite pedo shit going on in America as Britain.

because disinfo was deliberately dumped on it to send the Holla Forumstards on a wild goose chase and make it look stupid.

More manipulative bullshit from you. I’m not talking about Clinton or her crew, I’m talking about the restraunt. Get that through your empty skull.

Once again, never disputed you fucking moron.

Or maybe Holla Forums was stupid from the get go like they’ve always been. Can you even cute proof disinfo was thrown in or what in particular was disinfo and not Holla Forums‘s own stupidity?

Also, why are you ignoring my challenge to debunk the images?

Well, it's good to wake up eventually. Welcome.

just shut the fuck up, you are talking in circles.

How so? Please explain anything you’re trying to say, and actually read and address my points.

You’re coming off as genuinely mentally unhealthy btw.

no, fuck you.

And that’s all that that needs to said about your prescious pizzagate.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have actually suspicious possible elite pedophile rings like Britain’s, Belgium’s, and DC’s to look into; or other sexual deviance like that Soros associate who hardcore BDSM raped high end escorts in a room in one of his buildings.

Things like this are opportune teaching moments for class consciousness and yet it's always the quote unquote leftists tripping over themselves to defend the federal government's moral integrity when they do crop up. I find it a little bothersome.


nuthin personnel kid

Shit I know what building theyre on top off I've been in that exact spot


it is not rape if it is BDSM

8leftypol is a level of insanity beyond anything I've witnessed, the board is pure schizophrenia and self-loathing curated by mods to prevent anything approaching decent discussion

both boards are the same, the difference being that the people on pol want higher standards for humanity, whereas leftypol want there to be no standards at all.
both boards instantly censor anything that doesn't follow with the official status quo, and neither wants to actually DISCUSS anything. all either board wants is to push their own ideas further forward, without really accomplishing anything.
both are containment boards, both are filled with people who are on the low scale in society and generally unfulfilled and unsuccessful.
one has the reaction "I am not all I can be, I wish I could be more", and another has the reaction "people make me feel worthless, I wish all the successful people would be destroyed".


fuck off back to your safe space

yeah ur totes not talking 2 urself there bb


The real answer is all leaders are corrupt, and the more intertwined with the political system, at either end of the spectrum, the less trustworthy they are.
Clinton spent her whole life in that system, by choice, and was nothing apart from a politician. That is what makes her untrustworthy.
Trump at least was something else beforehand, but given what he was beforehand, he couldn't be described as trustworthy. Quite the opposite.
The only thing is, trump is more predictable, because his past motivations of accumulating money are clear.

I'd rather see politicians being the top in their fields for a long time, and being unwilling conscripts to serve in governance, not politics, for a period of time.
Anyone, anyone who seeks political power is already almost certainly corrupt from the outset.

People are making fun of you because it's clear that you're a political illiterate.

What does it take for someone to think like this?

whatever you say centrist-chan


stop trying to "rationalize" Holla Forums
its not what its for

Plenty of people on Holla Forums do

Well, you're technically correct


What I enjoy the most about Holla Forums is they just recycle that one image of a queer red liberal weirdo, and don't have that many other pictures of leftists. And yet if you go on their social media where they like these facebook groups that are like, >KEKNOLOGY

they all look decidedly worse and less healthy than any socialist I've met in my entire life. They all look like fucking ogres. Which goes against the patently absurd idea "Holla Forums isn't a place that people who post on it take seriously", because maybe at one point years ago that could have possibly been correct.

It gets particularly bad when they start these small "Proud Boy" rallies everyone in their local community they seek to represent hate. Because you know, people have non white neighbors, coworkers, friends they grew up with. And they just march into town saying horrendous shit and when the local community starts throwing tomatoes at them, they think they've won by triggering the libs.

But as the old adage goes

Always seems to be correct

It's a personal hobby of mine to collect of many pictures of them as possible, because absolutely none of them live up to the marble statues they associate themselves with.

It's like in the old web when men used to message women saying "hey bb u wan some fuk, got 12 inch dick pls respond", nobody believes you have a 12 inch dick. And nobody believes that you are superior.

And yet, they do not desist.


now you see how capitalism pits one against all from experience

Yeah, and its a weird feeling being here. Never thought id end up here.

I used to think leftypol was responsible for spreading the gay and trapfaggotry on r9k, i was so high on ideology

pictures like this unironically will push people away from Holla Forums it's the best propaganda you can use

Believe me, I have plenty. They aren't hard to find.

Solid thread on this:

(Pic is my personal fav)


Trump already controls the chess board, and can control the pieces using his mind.

I've just now lost what little faith in Holla Forums I had. This video does a good job explaining a lot of things.

oh great, a 30 minute youtube video, cant wait to watch this

From Latin debillo, from debilis ('weak, frail, feeble').
''(offensive) a moron (disliked person), a dumb person
(dated, medicine) mentally ill person"''

Sometimes I love misreading excessively stylized text.

The Kenyan part was by Hillary though, it was on TV a lot here when Hillary during the 2008 nominations questioned him which was "ungentleman like"

Every time I post them the Holla Forumsshits respond with their own pics of feminist transsexual protesters. It's an unending battle. I honestly believe that the MSM specifically targets the worst looking protesters on the left to feature in their writings in order to induce dissociation in the onlooking prole.

ya think?

Last time I was on Holla Forums I got a bunch of people saying that Einstein was a complete fraud, who stole all his research and theories from some white men (who went unrecorded in history, of course). In fact, the idea that someone who is Jewish can even be intelligent is completely impossible.

Also, Jewish is a RACE. I can change my race by converting; it will even make my nose grow!

holy shit it's penn gillette

Wew lad. All these Holla Forumstard shills in this thread. Think about this """goyim""", if Obama wasn't born in America why hasn't Drumpf nailed him? Why hasn't anybody anywhere in muh not real crapitalist goberment nailed him yet? And think about this, if they know and don't nail him then Drumpf and everybody is under muh """joos""" spell and you already lost. Meaning the wall doesn't matter and everything Drumpf does doesn't matter, serious common sense here said day.

8/pol/ were trying to prove relativity wrong instead.

I now that feel comrade

Donald is an useful idiot
but a trump is controlling much more than they let on

Just now?

good, maybe we can steer people away from idpol altogether

please do


how is that fair?

Barron posting should be a thing here, but it needs to be commie-themed

Watch him be a marxist when he grows up or some shit: like Kropotkin or that Khumer guy.

It isn't that hard to watch. I watched it in full.

Nice 7s.

I don't have much faith in Holla Forums either but, that video is a bunch of bullshit. The only part that seemed to fit was the 14/fish. The rest was just him saying "nothing to see here folks" Its just more speculation and conspiracy.

Or you know the fact that most people are retards that didn't know how to read in context of emails. At most it just looks like maybe something more minor is going on but the only backing for that is the odd way peiple talk but all politicians talk weird because they are so far removed from the rest of the world being mostly bourgs. it has nothing to do with raping and murdering kids in a satanic ritual and then eating their brains to get high on the DMT.